What to Wear, What to Wear? A Shoe Sunday Challenge


Another Shoe Sunday has arrived. Yay! The past few weeks I’ve made half-hearted attempts to amuse and entertain the boys during my shoe swooning, but this week . . . not so much. No 360 shortcuts to contemplate, no vid of sexy kitchen cows, and no promises of shrimp-centric posts . . . this is a blog for women or perhaps for men who want to know us better; you don’t have to want the shoe, you just have to understand that we do. Okay, that I do.

Last Sunday, I posted my pink ruched stilettos and got such fabulous matching suggestions that I decided to tap into your fashion expertise again this week. I bought the above pictured fabulous pair of brown cork platforms for weekend stuff . . . shopping, hanging out, grabbing drinks, lunch, dinner, whatever. Definitely not a work pump, but fun. So it gets here–I ordered it from zappos.com, quite possibly the best website on the entire internet. Seriously. I ordered it one day, and it showed up the next day (free shipping, both ways, easy returns … mmmm, lovely site.) Where was I? Oh yes, so it gets here–and is just the teensiest bit . . . well, satiny looking, shiny. But I’m so in love with the cork platform part and the cute little round toe that I think well, I’ll just try it on, if they don’t feel and look good, I’ll send them back. I slid my feet into them and was in total heaven. This shoe is sooooo comfortable I think I might have done a bit of a happy dance right there in the kitchen.

Sending it back was out of the question. But that satin shiny look gives me some problems; it’s bad enough the cork platform is (arguably) far too young for me, but that satiny shine . . . it’s so midlife crisis on the verge of reversion to adolescence. So, my challenge to you all . . . how do I wear this pump without looking like I think I’m clubbing around town without my panties ala Britney and her posse?

Here’s a better shot of the shoe, one that gives a sense of the color and texture of the upper:

(and yes, that’s my cat . . . come to see what all the excitement is about; I tried to crop her out, but her little feet were in the shot and uncroppable–is there a way to crop that isn’t straight lines?)

And now for your viewing pleasure, a fun and funny vid of crazy shoes found at zappos.com:

Oh, and Ang (inventor and inaugurator of Shoe Sunday) wanted to see my “hammer” from my previous post:

I used only one of them, of course. And yes, again with the cat feet. At least this is a different cat. Variety is the spice of life, after all.


35 thoughts on “What to Wear, What to Wear? A Shoe Sunday Challenge

  1. I don’t think I’m any the wiser. They’re shoes. Worse than that – they’re shoes covered in cat hair.

    Why the excitement?

  2. Hmmmm, Simon, good point, I didn’t really enlightened you menfolk, now did I? Is it okay that I’m not bothered? hehe

  3. Oh wow….the dilemma!!! But, I agree…toooo cute!! I’m boring…I’d just throw them on with jeans! (Did I ever mention that I practically live in jeans? Well, except for the heat of the summer…then it’s skirts & tanks.) Haha @ Simon….it’s okay…he can understand all the other parts of our psyche. I didn’t see any cat hair on them though!! :p

    As for the video…some crazy shoes on there! I was laughing at the newspaper ones….I actually have a pair of panties covered in newspaper clippings (TMI???? hahahah) I actually have a funny story about them…but, I’m too shy and American proper to do so! Prude Am I…lol!

  4. I love them! Very cute with the cork…. Are they too shiny for a nice pair of slim tailored black pants? If I hadn’t moved up to Maine I might have been tempted to buy a pair, but alas, my shoe closet is now filled with boots and sneakers….we’re a bit more outdoorsy here!!

  5. ohhhhhh…I totally forgot to comment about the “hammer”. Girlllll…those are much too fab to be used to pound things into a door or wall!!! :p

  6. Absolutely love the shape of your cork platforms! When I see shoes like this I have an urge to learn how to wear them. I should be practising, really.
    And what a cool video, great music to it.
    Cropping something that is not square is a bit tricky. But if you have Photoshop, you can paint over the area (of the cat’s foot) by picking up the texture from the white parts of the background that you do keep. Painting this way will make the picture soooo very natural, basically just continuing the existing texture. But who would want to paint over those cute pussycat feet with the shiniest fur ever?!?
    Other ways of cropping involve selecting the area that you don’t want with a lasso tool and converting it into an Alpha channel (make it transparent in other words). This will lead you to a non-square picture though…
    I say: keep is square and keep the cat’s feet.

  7. you know you have wonderful shoes when even i drool a little over them. i LOVE those shoes. who cares that they’re satiny. they’re gorgeous! and brown goes with so much, i’m sure jeans and a nice shirt would be fine. i’m going to have to check that site out, i think. you just might make me a shoe person, fuzzy.

  8. Hey you know they have some fab shoes at that place. I love the green ones with the funny heel half way along, they look like fun shoes to own. In fact I think they would have been great to have as a hammer don’t you think! Shame these people wont send to the UK! I love the fact that I think its Banbury in the last picture and not sure who’s paw the first one is could it be Cali?

    Those cork shoes look fab and i am sure you could get away with wearing them with your jeans at the weekend. Maybe not with pjs though. Althouh I always wear my new shoes around the house when I first buy them as I just have to wear them as they are new. By the way nice placing of the shoes for the photo has Ang given you lessons on the sly! Big big hugs to you. x

  9. …. ooooo more shoes… with heels (I cant wear those… as previously related to Ang… a)to tall b) to clumsy c) to tall again).. well I wear heels sometimes… but not for long…

    Now then… the satiny thing…. just forget it… you like em…step out and wear them with pride… don’t look too bad to me (but I’m a brit.. though not a britney). or….. wear em down town for a few days… soon to lose their shiney newness in no time….

    BTW… I love a song by amy winehouse about wearing shoes ‘too young for you’… words a bit risque… but I’ll see if I can find a link and post it for you… back in a mo

  10. I LOVE those shoes and think they would look grand with a pair of dark or even black jeans, they’re just so pretty, I want them.
    ANd I especially love how your cats clearly have the same shoe fixation that you do, clever kitty’s 😛

  11. I love the black boots, not the giant scary ones with a million buckles, the ones before that.
    Those weird green ones I don’t like but I have a friend who’d love them.
    Lovely vid 😀

  12. I think they look great for drinking champagne out of. Loved the video, Fuzzy.. So clever to be more than just a sales film.

  13. I get the impression you ladies are just trying to give me Sundays off.

    I own one pair of shoes. Which are getting a bit ratty. So I should buy another. Sooner or later.

    At least you let me off the hook in the first paragraph.

  14. First off….I love the picture of our guy Sawyer in the backround!!!
    Secondly those cork shoes are FABULOUS!!! and would look great with a well fitting pair of dark blue or black jeans and a sexy top! Do not return them I love them! I wish I could wear shoes like that but I am too tall and feel really awkward in shoes that high. (I am 5’11)
    I agree with Ang…the second pair are way too nice to be using them as hammers…take out that toolbox girl! LOL
    My new shoes are not nearly quite as fab as yours….they are just summer shoes…maybe I will post pics of them but they are snooze worthy compared to yours and Ang’s!

  15. Love the shot of Sayid and Sawyer. Hunk city. LOL – Shoes..er..yes shoes…There are skirts out there in the same material…short medium and long. They would look great with that…with a top the color of the corks…and then of course some bangles of cork or matching brown. Hit it with a pashmina of some loverly color and you’re right in the pocket. Great shoes.

    Not midlife…just very cool. I could never wear that height…I’m too tall already. Gonna check out the site for shoes. Thanks.

    I don’t know what programs you have…it is called a clone or stamp tool in Adobe Photo and Image Composer…you copy the background and then put it on the paws. Keep it up until it all is the way you like it. Use the transparency portion at 89%…so it blends. Any questions, write me. Hugs.

  16. lolol, Ang, yes I would definitely wear them with jeans, I was thinking it might be good to wear a top of some kind, too. Ya know? teehee. And no, there’s no cat hair on the shoes . . . I have three cats, yes, but about forty lint rollers! 😀 I thought those newspaper boots were cute (except for the pink hairiness of them), and you know that you now have to tell us the undie story!! lol

    Ooooh, RiverGirl, I love boots, and once we get to cooler weather, I’ll be doing boots on Shoe Sunday (hoping I don’t run out of shoes by then, of course). I only have three pairs of sneakers, though, alas. I just like heels, but not sneakers with heels. Ugh. Okay, I babble now. 😀

    lolol, they were just those teensy nails, Ang! I’d have gotten a more solid heeled shoe . . . or, oh, right, my hammer . . . if there’d been real nails to attend to. 😛

    You seem so graceful to me for some reason, Fanta, that I can’t see you not being able to wear heels. I think you can. You just have to believe it! 😀 She does have some shiny fur, huh? That’s my baby Cali that you liked over at Flickr. Yay!! And thanks for the tips, too, I really would like to get better with this whole pic thing now I’ve got the camera and all. 😀

    Oooh, oooh, Kerry! You were drooling? Really? Yay!! A convert. You get a free toaster or a digital clock, you know. lmao.

    Bahaha, Snuggles, you crack me up!! Yep, I think some of those shoes would make damn good hammers. It IS a great site, I must say; did you see about international? Maybe they have a euro site? Just a thought. And thanks so much for noticing my improved staging methods, no lessons from Ang, I’m just a really good copy cat! lol, she does a great job, so I try to follow suit and do what she does. Yay!! Huggs and love, You.

    Hey TreeSparrow, thanks for the GREAT link to that song; I loved it. And how tall are you? I’m 5’6″, so in these brown ones I’m suddenly like 5’10 or so . . . it’s awesome. I’ve always wished I were taller (guess that’s why I wear heels all the time). I think you can and should wear whatever shoes you want no matter how tall you are!! Hey, if I can wear these at 40, you can do what you like, as well!! Huggs to you, my new friend. 😀

    Yay Tally. You rock, tft. 😛

    Thanks Michael!! 😀

    I’ve never done that, Neil . . . seems a terrible thing to do to a good shoe. And to good champagne, come to think of it. But so exotic, too! 😀

    Thanks, Chris! 😀

    Hehe, well, Sean, I guess you could take Sundays off, or you could, upon seeing a shoe posting, scroll down to a posting that is non-shoe? Just a thought. One pair of shoes? I thought guys were supposed to have two pairs, one for running and one for working. No? Oh, and maybe a third for weddings and funerals?

    Hmmm, Maggie, your comment just so happens to be right by Sawyer’s face . . . coincidence? lolol. And as I was saying to Sparrow, you should so revel in being tall, Lucky Woman!! One of my good friends is 5’11” and she wears heels all the time and looks amazing!! But I guess it’s up to everyone, you know? And I can’t wait to see your shoes! I’ve never even worn these or the pair from last week, so they hardly count as my daily shoe wardrobe, you know? Teehee! Huggs to you, Marvelous Maggie

    WoooHoooo! Thanks, Blackie, I thought so, too!

    Hi Lovely Gaby, so wonderful to see you here. How tall are you, then? And as with Sparrow and Maggie, don’t let it stop you from wearing what you love. Look at me in my corky shiny kids shoes! Do you think I’m going to care? (well, maybe for a minute, but I love these shoes!!) I love your fashion advice, too!! Great ideas (now I have to go to TJ Maxx!!) Huggs xx

    lmao, Kerry, I found that two kidneys are really over rated. Shoes are responsible for my missing one, too, but you know, you hardly miss it. baahaahaa Just kidding of course. That site’s good, huh? I love all the search narrowing functions on it. Huggs.

  17. Ummmm.. Shoes ehh? Here are some evil suggestions to take the velvety gloss off:

    1.) Walk a lot in dirt. The fine dust will hide the gloss and the gloss would wear off anyway.

    2.) Gently sprinkle some water over the glossy surface and put the shoes in microwave for about 2 minutes, best done with microwave on ”medium”.

    3.) Spill some coffee on them and see if those spots look better. If yes, dunk them in your coffee kettle/jar.

    4.) Just don’t give a damn and wear them. Let’s call it, the midlife rebellion or neo-feminism.

  18. Cool Cork on the souls there! Cropping can be done in many ways besides the straight line depending on the image editor in use.

  19. fabulousss darlingggg lol..no seriously they are great shoes fuzzy… I think the guys need educating on shoe shopping…they just dont get it do they? Your puss cat is wantng to try them on by the look of it…if its a male id worry lol..tranvestie puss hmmmmmm

  20. Geez! you really love shoes. I thought i did until i came accross your blogs for a couple of weeks. Must confess, you beat my record Fuzzy.

    Guess you would look dashing in a gypsy skirt with a tank top then slipping ryt into these pair of shoes. *gigles* Afterall, variety is the spice of life.

  21. Shoe Sunday — how timely!! Took my daughter out yesterday, Sunday, for a fancy pair to wear with her pretty dress she got for her 8th grade graduation dinner dance (she’s a dark/goth/emo/pagan something-or-other and somehow her everyday black, shit-kicker combat boots just didn’t go with the dainty little thing she picked out.) We found a nice pair we agreed upon, and, of course, I had to pick up a little something for myself. But, I found a bargain!!! 4″ black peep toes for………. wait for it………. $3.98!

  22. I bought me a pair of wedge shoes and was so excited about them but they are kind of hard to walk in. Next on my list was a pair of cork shoes…I was wanting red, but that’s crazy, I don’t have anything to wear them with, I just want them. I think I will take a cue from you and do the black.

  23. Ahhhhhh… shoes. One can NEVER have too many. Love the cork platform! And those silly kitties! You’d think they were trying to show off their little tootsies!

  24. I thought mid life crisis involved convertables and much younger men. I didn’t realize that it involved going out with cork on your shoes, and your panties in the drawer at home!

  25. Hahahaha @ Sean’s comment! ANDDDD, I loved your response! (I had thought about suggesting that to him!! Since he’s a busy boy and pops in every few days…I always feel bad when it happens to be a shoe day..hahaha)

    Orrrrr…he could just become a shoe fan (and a fan of the stories that stem from them)…and learn to embrace Shoe Sundays!!

  26. Hei Fuzz.

    Such a great entry on these fabu pair of shoes!
    They sure are a great find, I say. I went to me holz with one pair of shoes but came back with 10 – yes, ten!(That is why only one pair went with me, if you know what I mean.)
    Take care and do keep well. Rii xx with HUGZ

  27. Elmo! Thanks for the ideas, that’s grand of you, truly. 😀

    And thanks to you, too, River!

    Hey Shell, yeah, these guys are just lost in the world of women and shoes, huh? Shrug. Teehee at my transvestite kitty; one of them is a boy now you mention it, but he’s in love with Snuggles’ Marm, so he’s straight! 😀

    lol @ Puss in Boots, Mercy, you’re too cute. And yes, I do have a shoe thing, but only on Sundays. Or um mostly on Sundays. 😉

    JustMe, NO! $3.98? Where? That’s a great price (unless they’re keychain shoes . . . hey, even then, great price!!) Hope you post a pic of your daughter in her girly dress and pretty shoes!! 😀

    Those wedge shoes, Pris, are FAB!! Thanks for posting ’em, too. Huggs and love xx

    Exactly, Goddess Girl, never have too many shoes. So simple, but so true. 😀

    Ceres, yay! I love the Princess advice, and I happened to nose into your comments on Chris’ page and understand that a certain Princess got straight A’s? YAY! So proud of you, Dear.

    Okay, Michael, this cracked me up. Truly. Thanks for the laughs. 😀

    I’m with you, Ang, the boys really need to EMBRACE the shoe. Love the shoe. FEEL the shoe. (teehee)

    Oh!! I’m so jealous, Rii, and I hope you pic them for us on your page (or at least in an album?). Shoes are good. And I def know what you mean about only packing one pair, knowing you’ll buy more. That’s the best plan ever. Honest huggs to your smart shoppin’ self xx

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