Pics, Purse, and Poker


There is so much going on in the world today what with the war and disease and the upcoming (um, okay, not for another year and a half) U. S. presidential elections. There’s a horrific blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants pending (how do you stop illegal immigration? Legalize the illegals. That’ll put a stop to it.), and there’s a a guy who slept through being shot in the head. It’s been cold in Massachusetts (yes, unseasonably so, Neil), and I’ve been bundled up in yummy fake velor loungewear reading Stephen King’s Bag of Bones and sipping delicious milky tomato soup. Okay, so that part’s not exactly news, but there’s a lot going on out there in the world.

And you know what I’m interested in just now? Well, here’re a few things (in no particular order):

–The Lost season finale tomorrow night. Ooooh, what’s going to happen? Will Charlie die? Beaten to death by the beautiful warrior women in The Looking Glass? Is Kate pregnant by Sawyer? In love with Jack? Is Evil Juliet truly evil? Will Bernard bite it? Is Walt really going to come and save Locke? Will we learn who Jacob is? Or what Jacob is? Will Sawyer have his shirt off at all? Will Claire find the ring? Will crazy French lady die saving them all from the Others’ raid? What happened to that Volkswagen van? And where’s that polar bear? Will they manage to get the sat phone working? Will Claire be swept away in a helicopter to rescue or by the Others? And just who was that woman in the alley who called Charlie a hero? No answers yet, so here’s a blooper vid from Season 2. Yay:

–The contents of my purse. Sarge said something funny about women’s purses on my blog about my toolbox, and it’s stuck with me for some reason. No, I don’t carry a Magnum 44 handgun, but I do carry a lot of . . . um, crap. Right now, the crap is minimized by the wee size of my current fave handbag:

(not shown in actual size. but close.)

Here’s the contents all tumped out (tumped, Ang, like that??):

(I don’t keep my cat in my handbag)

And here’s the stuff all spread out:

Yes, I’m so backward that my Nokia phone doesn’t even have a camera function, and I use the earliest possible model PDA. Okay, “use” isn’t strictly correct, but it has games. Very useful when I’m stuck in the doctor’s office. Waiting. There’s the most wonderful Clinique face lotion that instantly minimizes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (a must have for the over 40’s), the wonderful Tide pen that disappears those pesky coffee dribbles (and the occasional jelly donut mishap), the Cover Girl powder because it works and smells yummy, the pink lip gloss because it’s pink, the portable lint roller because I have cats (which I repeat, I do not carry in my handbag), the small bottle of Beautiful because you never know when you want to smell . . . beautiful, and the always useful Spongebob band aids in a handy carry case. There’s other stuff, too.

–pretty flora:


–No limit Texas hold ’em. Ooooh, I just love that game, and I love watching it on tv. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a wonderfully exciting poker game in which each player is dealt two cards, then there is a set of “community” cards that all players can use (with or without the cards in their hand) to make the best hand. The cards are eeked out: first comes the “flop,” which is the first three up turned community cards (then betting); then the “turn” (more betting); and finally, the “river” card (and the last bit of betting). I’ve been watching it on television for ages and have my very own “hold ’em” poker set (um, cards and chips and a pretty soft green cloth).

My favorite famous player is Gus Hansen:

He’s totally awesome; he mixes up his play and is so much fun to watch!

He’s the Great Dane, and he is grrrrrrreat. Hehe. Now I don’t live very far from Foxwoods, and the great Gus has been known to play tournaments there; maybe one day I’ll see him play. Me? I’m too chicken (and too broke) to try it myself, though there are some really good female players: Annie Duke (my fave), Jennifer Harman, and Clonie Gowen being but a few. I think it would be wonderful to play poker for a living, and maybe in my next life that’s what I’ll do.

52 thoughts on “Pics, Purse, and Poker

  1. lolol, I’m gleeful at the contents of your handbag, because they’re so much like mine.
    Except I don’t keep a cat in mine, and I absolutely know you do πŸ˜›
    I have band aids, lip gloss, vaseline, eyeliner, wallet, keys, old battered phone (if I can find it), random receipts and bits of paper, mints, glue (??), my camera, my iPod, change, *coughpantylinerscough*, and tissues.
    It’s been claimed I actually keep the gates of Hell in there…it’s not true!
    I suck at poker, and I’m lost with Lost…but I do watch it from time to time. Yeah really, where is that polar bear?

  2. Yesterday shoes, today handbags.

    Even the little bit about poker at the end doesn’t save it.

    I dread tomorrow. I have a horrible feeling that we’ll have a piece on shopping.

  3. Awesome!!! However, I’m soooo impressed by the amount of “stuff” that you fit into your bag! Snickers at the Spongebob bandaids…are you that klutzy that you need A WHOLE BOX??? I had to look twice at the lint roller…(my bad mind was at work..hehehe)! I had a pretty purple wallet once…it was sooooo new that the receipt for it was still in it…and a week later someone stole my purse…grrrrrr…keep the innards, just gimme back my purple wallet and lime green purse!!!

    Ohhhh…Gus is a cutie…maybe I need to be watchin’ me some Poker!

    Ohhhh, I can’t believe I almost forgot to comment…Lost!!!!! 31hours, 30 minutes and counting!! That outtake video was great!! I haven’t seen that before :o)

  4. Hei Fuzz.

    VERY INTERESTING to see the contents of your bag!
    The amount of stuff is surely so impressive that we are able to fit into our handbags – as we say or as ye say – purses!!
    Also, no wonder the back and the shoulders get sore, methinks.
    Take care and do keep warm in the cool temps over there. Rii xx with HUGZ

  5. I couldn’t help noticing that the black shoe you took a picture of for your last blog, was STILL on the table today as you took a picture of your bag contents.
    Talking of which, I don’t see “crap”. I couldn’t pick one single item from this picture that I could do without. I do like the colour of your wallet, it’s just so “happy”.
    I carry big bags, not Teeny-Fintsy ones (if there’s such expression), and that means carrying a LOT more stuff around than you. And, BTW, my mobile is a dinosaur too, sometimes I’m embarrassed answering it in public where people can see how dated it is. Especially the young ones, they spot it straight away, the little things with the eyes of a hawk!!!!
    But I am not a mobile freak, so it’s ok.
    A the bags are big and deep, I have to go by my tactile feelings to find stuff. So, I have a crocheted string attached to my phone with a big bead at it’s end, so when I find and pull the bead in the abyss of my bag, I know the string and the phone will follow.. pretty pathetic, right? LOL! In China, everyone has colourful beads and stuff attached to their phones. Even the guys. Yes.
    So… that’s where I got into the habit. Before you ask to see the contents of my bag, I just have to say one thing: My camera is broken. And it’s true too!

  6. Teehee, Tally! Waaah, I want an iPod. Definitely need to pick one up one of these days. Pour out your contents and let’s see!! πŸ˜€

    So I take it we won’t be seeing the contents of your man bag any time soon, Simon?

    Boo! Ang. I know what little ghosty critter you were talking about, but no, a lint roller, Silly. lol, it’s not a box o’ band aids, it’s a neat little travel case only slightly wider than a credit card calculator. And yes, Gus is a real cutie, so grab that tv guide and highlight the poker shows!!

    Rii, it IS amazing what all we can pack in there, huh? These are the stripped down necessities as I’ve switched to a teensy bag of late. It is FAB to have you back again; missed you, Diggy Rii xx

    rofl, Fanta! The kids DO notice those ancient cells/mobiles, don’t they? I feel your pain and share your embarrassment on that front (like you, when I can be bothered to notice or care. hehe). And I love the trick of tying beads to the phone to make finding it easier; when I carry a larger bag (ok, it’s a tote, really, but it’s sort of like a handbag. Only bigger), I’ll have to remember that because the grope and feel way of finding things does have its drawbacks. πŸ˜€ And OH NO, your camera? Your favorite best camera you’ve had for years is broken? Can it be fixed? Hope so, know how you loved that thing. Thanks for the fab comment! huggs xx

  7. great post today, fuzzy, but i couldn’t see the videos. this is the second blog i’ve visited that i couldn’t see the video posted. *sigh* i’ll just have to come back later, i guess.

    i wouldn’t never subject the masses to the scariness that is my purse. i’ve got all kinds of crap in there. scary!

    and i couldn’t help but lol @ simon’s comment. πŸ™‚

  8. OOOOOhhh…I was so going to post that bloopers video yesterday, but it looks much better on your page, with the backround and all…LOL
    I cannot wait til lost comes on tomorrow! The season fianle of 24 SUCKED!

    I read the article about the man sleeping through being shot in the head, says he had come home a few hours before from a night on the town, he musta been out cold with a hangover to not have felt that! Crazy!

    You are a very practical girl! The contents on my purse may scare you, although these days I rarely carry purses, usually diaper bags 😦
    Poor me, no fab shoes, no nice purses, I will live vicariously through you and Ang! hahahaha yYou don’t mind do you??? lol
    I like Mohegan Sun better than Foxwoods, I have more luck there, it’s only 2 hours from me, but I only play the slots….lol

  9. not sure why but finding this shoe and handbag theme interesting!….bizarre but interesting!
    Have to admit have always been intrigued about the seemingly bottomless girly handbag and its contents!
    i used to have a handbag too! lol….if you’re intrigued now..will put up a pic soon to prove it! LOL

  10. Please do not talk about your phone being so old; I kept my first phone for so long it simply ceased functioning one day! lol Really! It decided enough was enough, I guess. Anyway, you really don’t have to worry about how much you have in your purse until you have to use a vaccum to clean your purse…

    I want to attach colorful beads to my phone! It’s really not possible to tie anything on it that will stay on the phone (due to its design), but I can be resourceful. πŸ˜€

  11. lol, Kerry, I thought Simon was funny, too. Poor guy, think I should torture him with a shopping blog? I was thinking feminine hygiene products would really make his day. πŸ˜€ And I so want to see what’s in your scary purse . . . spiders? tall ladders? little madmen named Manson? (gaaahhh, yep, silly mood today, you nailed it!)

    Maggie, I meant to watch the season finale of 24, but after the disappointment that was the Supernatural finale, I just couldn’t bring myself to . . . I’ve only been in and out on 24 for weeks now, and figured it might suck. Hmmm … sounds like Foxwoods / Mohegan are the midpoint between us . . . could be dangerous!! I only play slots, too, and if I can find them I love the penny or nickel ones (el Cheapo Supremo); I do sometimes play the poker machines, that’s fun. πŸ˜€

    Yeah, it’s a bit bizarre, Rash, just can’t do the heavy thinking thing right now. I’m trying to work out what I can next tantalize you menfolk with. And you HAVE to post your manbag, so chic! wmd huggs

    Hehe, Princess, me, too; had my first phone for about seven years! It was (no surprise) a Nokia, too. I just keep getting the same phone, but they keep making it slightly fancier. Grrrr. AND they take away the ring tone choices. And my Snake game isn’t on anymore. 😦 But I did learn Backgammon, so that’s good. Oh, and I can make calls on it, too. πŸ˜€ Hehe at vacuuming the purse . . . that’s an idea, though, get all that blusher and those little bits of gum paper out.

  12. Oh dear! It seems you’ve let the cat out of the bag (so to speak). πŸ˜‰ I don’t know, it seems like a respectable amount of crap for a handbag. Man! I want to find one of those portable lint rollers!

    Well, you want to hear an embarrassing handbag story? I had my purse stolen in a grocery store one year on Christmas Eve, and it was found in a trash can by the exit missing only the cash. While I was thankful to still have all the important things, I was mortified to learn that I’d have to go back to the police station to have everything inventoried. I DO mean EVERYTHING! I had a TON of crap in that handbag. πŸ˜›

  13. How do you fit all this in one bag is hilarious, πŸ™‚ but I see on Palm pda, later e-mail me I will send you some favorite palm links you can download loads of software and games, also if you like to read books on your Palm let me know. Coolio, but I sure see some cat hair :), you just took it out and took this pic. πŸ™‚ Cheers Doc.

  14. Loved the bloopers of lost. I got a few chuckles. I can’t wait for tomorrow. I have my tv all set to record just in case I should miss anything. I have a cub scout meeting tomorrow night and I am usually tired from working overnight on Tuesday. I am not always awake to watch. SO I tape the show on my dvr. But maybe tomorrow I will make it my mission to stay awake.

  15. I just skipped all the girly stuff and went right to the poker.

    I’ve been playing for about three years now. I’ve won a tournament at the MGM Grand in Vegas. That paid me $1000. I won a smaller tournament at Bally’s in Reno, that paid me $200. I’ve won several online tournaments, that doesn’t pay nearly as much. Heh.

    I am actually playing in an online tournament right now.

    Over the last three years, I’ve lost about $1000 playing poker, which isn’t too bad considering that I’ve played probably 2 or 3 thousand hours.

    It’s a fun hobby, but expensive if you want to play in the casinos. VERY expensive if you want to even get near the celebrities.

    I like Phil Ivey and Jen Harman. Gus Hansen is very good too, but my favorite has to be Daniel Negreanu. He is very very good, and so polite and friendly. One thing I cannot stand at the table is people who trash talk.

    Sorry, I kind of hijacked your comments. Go on back to the girly talk now.

  16. This so . . . is it still OK to say cool, Fuzzy? (from one who hasn’t yet found a use for a PDA). I once had a man bag and it was stolen. Did you know there are man bag snatchers out there too? So I never made the mistake of putting all my things in the same container again. The chewing gum I might want to chew again is in my jacket breast pocket, the marble is in my left trousers pocket, the almost complete set of footballer cards is safely in my back pocket, oh it’ll take too long to get it all out to tell you about it. I really do thing it’s so amazing to find someone who carries a whole office around with her though, including pretty flore! Wow!

  17. Lo! @ all the girlie stuffs in your bag. Just like you my fone dosen’t have the camera feature (don’t even ask me to display it) cos it’s such a sight at the moment.

    As for the contents of my hand bag (you just cant imagine) pls dont even ask.

    Mayb next time you want to post anything on the girlie stuff, put a sign MEN KEEP OFF! *laughing hilariously* They just cant understand us women.

    *sighs* such fun being a woman.

  18. They took Lost off normal tv after the 2nd series ..grr..they put it on sky which I dont have…I was NOT impressed at all. Am I the only one who found Locke quite sexy? Now im intrigued, what exactly might Bernard bite?
    You are very well prepared with the handbag…though how you fit in the ‘pretty flora’ I dont know πŸ˜‰

  19. Well, some of the handsome mugs here on your page’s wallpaper have me second-guessing my lack of a TV. But, hey, I heard ridiculous amounts of news about Lost during the two times (total 5 weeks) I spent in Hawaii already this year. So have I missed out completely?

    I’m just utterly tickled that you find time to photograph the contents of your purse, then write about it! Envious, in fact. Your blog is one of only three I’ll take time to visit today. Now I’m off and running. Forget writing my own… But it’s lovely to have gotten to drop by your page and be entertained for this moment. I always leave satisfied. *sigh* Thanks!!

  20. Hi Fuzzy,
    I loved the Lost outtakes ~ funny stuff!
    Your purse doesn’t look so bad to me. My wallet currently resembles George Costanza’s because I shove all my receipts in there and haven’t taken the time to sort them out.
    I agree on the Tide pen (invaluable).
    My kids have taught me how to play hold’em. I actually don’t suck at it either. :0)

  21. This was very interesting to me so I blogged my purse and contents too. You almost caught me with extra undies..never hurts have an extra pair but thankfully I forgot them. πŸ™‚ I am gonna have to try the tide pen…does it not bleach your clothes? I love these “perk me up” posts you are doing!

  22. You’re a brave woman…exposing the purse contents like that! And I had to laugh at the lint roller…I cannot live without those. We have 3 cats whose main purpose in life is to leave as much cat hair on my furniture as humanly possible. Preferably when I’m wearing black…. ):

  23. And if your next blog is about feminine hygiene product could you please send me an email to my private address so I too am not tortured!

  24. Just a quick note aside to FrankiE: unfortunately, I had to delete your comment as I’m paranoid and weird about using my real name out here (lots of reasons); anyway, I was upset to see that you were leaving and then left us no way to contact you. Hope all goes well for you and I’ll certainly miss seeing you around here. Take care. πŸ˜€

  25. Everyone else, I’ll comment back as soon as Lost is over (well, that’ll be late, so it’ll most likely be tomorrow). Massive hugs all ’round. xx

  26. Having Six sister’s Fuzzy, I have come to know how protective a woman is of her purse…Funny though that they can never seem to find what ever it is that they are looking for…I love poker too! Daniel Negreanu also, for the same reason’s mention by Sean! Your purse seem’s so in order!..Michael

  27. Mercy, I never know what to expect here.. I loved the bloopers from Lost.. and the purse contents.. OMG! Really, it was a tidy presentation.. I wish my pockets were so organized!

  28. That has to be the neatest handbag and contents I have ever seen. Gasp! Even SpongeBob bandaids are there. You are quite stylish and neat Fuzzy. However even your purse cannot match a gal’s I saw about a year ago. She had every possible accessory in there- including her current boyfriend, neatly tucked away between the breath mints and lip gloss.

  29. Thank God for TIVO! Lost…okay. Who is in that coffin? Charlie just can’t be dead. Noooo! Faw.

    Some folks read the obituary on their 500ft. screen (well maybe not that big) and said it said J ..tham. It further read that the person had killed himself by hanging on a beam in NYC. The guy that Jack was crying about? He drove to the funeral home which was in an all black neighborhood..with a funeral director that was also African-American. I didn’t notice that at all the first time through it. The casket seemed small to me. Jeremy Bentham? It’s going to be a long time until Feb. 2008. argh. The season finale was great.

    You carry very few ,but essential, things. The men are reeling. Hope LOL you’re having a great weekend!

  30. I love the handbag contents. I used to have a pink wallet just like that but it looked slightly more like your glasses case. I had to chuck it out in the end as it ended up falling to pieces. Your band aids are fun. They do them here for kids! But you are a big kid and we love you for that! I love the paper soap is it? Haven’t seen that here I dont think and I have a lint roller, but then like you I have a cat! Big big hugs to you. x

  31. Ohh meant to say that i know how to play Texas Holdum poker and play it round my Uncles when we go round there occasionally and its great fun. I even managed to win some money last time I played. He he. LOL. Its all about bluffing it!

  32. And I meant to say that I was really honoured to get a mention in your blog, Fuzzy. So I mentioned you in mine. Tee hee!

  33. No tampons??? I always though women carried tampons…I bet you if you could find one of my handbags there would be some in there….but I hardly ever carry a handbag and that would be the ONLY practical thing in there….I am so disorganised!!!!! Hey and guess what? I LOVE milky tomato soup too…nothing quite like it really is there!! I also rather like fake velour “loungewear” (that has to evoke at LEAST an L3) but woldn’t be allowed to go out in it if the kids were going with me….having said that they DID look at pink fake velour trackies the other day so might be making a comeback who knows. I wanted to buy this pair of teal pants but they wouldn’t let me. SO I guess I just have to go shopping alone!! As to Poker…am becoming quite the dab hand at it although I still don’t get its recent popularity…..its a game of bluff and faking…who’s the best liar…one of my friends is in major competition with me at the moment, he came over one night and whilst plastered condescended to me all night about how women can’t play and what the rules “really” are but women just don’t get it…so I let him win the first round and then THRASHED his a*** at the second and the third – he still claims it to be beginners luck – and now he wants to whoop my a**** in a further round….MEN…they just don’t get it do they…and they certainly won’t take it…not from a blonde anyway *wink*

  34. Hmmmmmm……fairly typical woman’s handbag contents. No big surprises there. But you like to watch poker? On TV???????? What’s the attraction? It just sends me to sleep in ten seconds.

  35. crap? crap? we keep crap? and I always thought it was really useful stuff L3….damn..and how am I supposed to concentrate with this handsome face beside the comment box…oh he’s so HOTTTTT

  36. crap? crap? we keep crap? and I always thought it was really useful stuff L3….damn..and how am I supposed to concentrate with this handsome face beside the comment box…oh he’s so HOTTTTT

  37. Hey Fuzzy, in fact, I love the way u r writing blogs – u may blog bout shoes or bags but there’re still points between the lines and I do appreciate yr sense of humor. BTW fell in love with yr PDA πŸ™‚
    how’s everything going so far, dear? hope all is fine, it’s been a while now… hugssssssss!!!!!!!!

  38. Uhhh… fairly good amount of ammunition there in your handbag.

    As for solid spartan mobile phones I think it was the best thing that had happened to mankind before they corrupted the good old mobile phone with hundreds of jazzy functions that people rarely use anyway. Worst thing is it kills battery life.One battery charge for a typical good model of earlier mobile phones could easily last 1 week. Now we have Cameras, PDA’s,web broawsers, Blue Tooth (Ouch!), MP3 players etc. rolled into one. Since you mentioned Ipod, you may wanna look into the Apple’s Iphone! I won’t say more.

    I do look down on old PDA’s though. lol I think they need to be either very up to date like the ones that are FAST in processing and got Wi-Fi.. or else I am happy with the simple digital organizer plus a powerful dictionary, book reader like Franklin products. Ummmm… yeah I can be very nerdy if I get a chance.

  39. lolol OG, I just love a good pun (even not so good ones–hell, I’m guilty of downright bad ones. teehee). omg, you are SO lucky that you got all your stuff back; I had my wallet stolen one time and that was SUCH a pain. Wish they’d just take the cash and go, you know? But no, I had to replace everything, cancel all cards immediately, etc. So lucky you in that way. πŸ˜€

    Exactly my sense of it, Tito! LOL

    Ooooh, Chris, I certainly will once I get to feeling better and can download and play with stuff for the Palm. Woohoo!! See? You are so the rockingest best tech guy evah!! Huggs

    I loved and hated the finale, Bert, and I just can’t wait until next season now!! πŸ˜€

    Baahaahaa Kerry and Simon.

    omg, Sean, you’re my hero!! That’s so awesome. I wish that I had the guts (and money) to play, but I just chicken out and skulk around the slots when I go to the casino. Oh, I love Daniel Negraneu, too, he’s so NICE and good, too. Yes, Phil Ivey is great, but he kind of scares me with his blank stare (has to have the best poker face in the poker world, that one). Okay, I could talk poker forever, but I’ll spare you. And you can hijack my comments anytime, especially with poker talk! Yay!

    Oh, Neil! That’s horrible about your man bag, and yes, that is the downside of putting all our eggs in one basket (as it were). And how politically correct of purse snatchers to tag the men, too! Quite progressive really. Hehe Typos happen. πŸ˜€

    LOL, Mercy, thanks for your great comment, I’ll have to remember that sign thing to warn the men! Teehee

    lolol Shell (and Neil), no flora stuffed in the bag, just the stuff spilled on the table (sans cat). I guess Locke is sexy. I know I thought so at first before he went all weird, now it’s hard to remember! πŸ˜€ Hmmmm, not sure if you’re being droll or if I used an Americanism that’s lost on you (Tally does that to me all the time. Well, she uses Englishisms). So just in case, “bite it” means to die. If you knew that I am endlessly sorry and not trying to be in the least patronizing. There are all sorts of language problems amongst us English speakers, you know, so . . . okay, I’ll shut up now. πŸ˜€

    Aw, Jillene, you really made my day/week with your comment, and I’m just thrilled that you make the time to visit my blog. Gives me the warm fuzzies, that does. πŸ˜€ Huggs to you!!

    Okay, Gang, I’m pooping out now, but I’ll be back to finish comments tomorow. Or the next day. πŸ˜€

  40. Oooh, Nancy, we so need to have a poker game sometime; I don’t think I’d be as nervous if it was people I knew(ish). Receipts? I’m anal and keep them all in the zip part of my wallet, can’t have them fluttering around for some reason. πŸ˜€

    Thanks {deleted . . . aka Pris}; yours was good, too. Too bad about your yahoo account; come back soon!! πŸ˜€

    Me, too, Azad. πŸ˜€

    Ah, Rivergirl, I have three cats with an affinity for shedding on black (which is my main “color”), too. We’re like peas in a New England pod. Yay!! πŸ˜€

    And Michael, we SO need to day trip to the casino. You gonna give up a Sox game for that one? lolol @ idea of the look on your face at that one. And yes, definite heads up on the fem hyg blog (no worries, it won’t happen). Huggs to you my dearest friend.

    Hey Michael, I don’t really feel as protective of my purse as some women do (I mean I don’t want it snatched, but I don’t care if my friends and family or whomever go in there for whatever–I keep my real treasures somewhere else.). But I do know what you mean about that protectiveness; I think a LOT of women are (very understandably) like that. And yay! another poker fan. Cool beans. πŸ˜€

    Yo Riverrat, well, I like to keep you guys on your toes, what can I say? Grin. Yes, I tend to have a pretty neat handbag for some reason; I think because I cram so much crap in there’s no room left over for trash and whatall else. πŸ˜€

    lmao, Sarge, too funny!

    Huggs Gaby, my favorite llama in all the land πŸ˜€ xx

    LOL, Snuggles, yeah, I think those are actually for kids, but as you note, I’m really just a big kid at heart. Totally unwilling to stop using or watching or liking something just because I’m too old for it. πŸ˜€ And I didn’t know you played poker, Snuggles, how fab is that? well, get your practice on because if you ever come here to visit, I’ll drag you down to Foxwoods!! Hehe πŸ˜€

    You’re my fave, Neil!! And I found that mention and raised you two points. πŸ˜‰

    lmao, Ali, trust you to ask about tampons . . . no, I only carry those when I need them, they take up space I need for other stuff the rest of the month. πŸ˜€ Hope you’re still kicking Mr. Male Pig’s a** at the poker table, too. I totally get the popularity being that I am riveted by it and watch it on tv whenever I like the table (or in some cases the commenter, I like to hear Daniel N. discuss the hands that are going on). Yay!! FUN to talk to you (even if it’s just here; I’ll have to pop ’round soon to say hi and see what’s been going on in Oz). Huggs xx

    Hey Mitch, well, for me the attraction is the players, the game, the possibility, the skill, the people reading, the suspense. I really do love watching it; I think I’d love to play it, too, if I had the confidence to do so. πŸ˜€

    Well said, Pilgrim! πŸ˜€

    Yay! Hi Jenia, and thanks so much for the vote of confidece and support. You make me smile. πŸ˜€ I was mostly blogging that sort of thing because too much was going on in my real life to focus on current events or whatever bs to blog about; I was pretty self absorbed for a bit, and into what was going on with my family/health, but I didn’t want to say so, so I just talked shoes. And handbags. LOL Huggs to you, fab friend!! xx

    Oooh, more tech advice, awesome, Elmo; thanks so much!! πŸ˜€ As an aside, I’m going back to the old paper dayplanner; I can’t keep up with my PDA and outlook and whatever all, it’s a pain in the butt. SOOOOOO much easier just to write in what’s what when it is.

  41. I rarely ever carry a purse any more. I am forgetful and tend to leave them behind…duh! Yeah, right, you don’t keep a cat in your purse! LOL!
    I love Texas Hold ‘Em. I use to play it at my local bar for fake money when they still had ntn. I won $13,000 once by getting a royal flush. It took some effort to hang in there until the last card and I was bluffing until that point. πŸ˜€ Shame it wasn’t real money.

  42. omg, you must have been going crazy!! I’ve watched hours and hours and hours of poker on tv and never seen a royal flush once! How thrilling. And yes, if it’d been real money, it’d have been better, but STILL!! Woohoo!!

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