The Olympics, Elections, and Paris


Yawn, stretch. I feel like a fuzzy wuzzy bear coming out of hibernation; after too long blogging fluff and filler (though I must say: all hail Shoe Sunday), I can finally look beyond my immediate circumstances and peer back out into the world. And what a world it is. So much has been happening that I’d need ages to get caught up, so instead of backblogs of the backlog, I’m going to do a few bloglettes, instead.


The new logo the Brits have designed for the 2012 Olympics is . . . well, ridiculous and embarrassing—sorry, many of my favorite people in the world are English, and I myself am an avid Anglophile, but . . .


can you even tell what it is? ‘nuff said.

Dem dat can . . . and Dem dat can’t

Okay, the Democratic field . . . yes, I’ve watched the debates from my death-turned-sick-turned-recovery bed, and oh, what a mess that is. So far, to my mind at least, Hillary Clinton (sans “Rodham”, take that you feminists, me) is the front runner: she’s calm, funny (!), strong, and articulate. Try as they might, the wannabe contenders can’t ruffle her. The three main themes of each campaign thus far are socialized medicine (of a kind), getting out of Iraq, and overturning the tax cut for the rich. Uh-huh. Predictable enough. Obama, surprisingly, has already begun to lose his momentum; I didn’t expect that until late this year or early next, but something went awry over there. Must be his lack of experience, which is wildly apparent in all that he says these days. His wife can’t be helping him, either. John Edwards. He’s still in it for now (largely because of Obama’s falling off and Kerry’s “endorsement” by naming him his running mate last time around, I believe). The rest? Just good fun.

Wrangling the Wrepublicans

Mitt Romney looks like a presidential candidate: handsome, good hair, good bearing. The end. McCain … I like him, but he’s getting clobbered for his support of our current president. Giuliani is still basking in his 9/11 hero glow, as he should, but that will fade to nothing because of his inexperience, stance on abortion, and whatever all else that isn’t important (how many times he’s been married, I mean here, that inexperience is a problem to me. Despite New Yorkers’ insistence to the contrary, there’s a big dif between running that city and running this country/the world). Who do I like over here? McCain. I’d like to see (and sort of expect to see) a Clinton vs. McCain showdown.

Decision of Paris

Okay, so she’s not that Paris, the one deciding the fate of Troy, but she made a similar decision eschewing military glory and wisdom for romantic love (or whatever it is she’s looking for at all those parties and clubs). Wildly rich, very beautiful, and a bit of a flake (in her public personae, at least), Paris Hilton has legions of fans and legions upon legions of detractors.

Frankly, I’m appalled by the whole thing (and hope I don’t lose any of my 360 friends for this one). For this infraction (the driving on a suspended license), anyone else would not have received jail time or if given jail time would be out in a matter of days, especially as the only reason her license hadn’t been reinstated was that California traffic schools are so back-logged that she couldn’t get in for that. Otherwise, she was eligible. Obviously, she was driving illegally. BUT she was not drunk at that time, though she was still on parole. Do I love Paris and think she’s fabulous? Well, no, not so much. I actually think she’s spoiled, famous for being famous, and a bit mean spirited. But we don’t throw people in jail for that (yet).

Treating celebrities like everyone else in our court system is a good cause, one I whole heartedly applaud, but treating them worse because they are celebrities is just wrong. Just as wrong as giving them preferential treatment, in my mind. And can we please not hear about her every move? Breaking into coverage of the G-8 meeting to provide “news” of her release was unforgivable—that is not news. Even if she hung herself in her cell, that should not be considered “breaking news” that would supplant the meeting of the eight countries who “rule the world.”

The Colbear Repore

Just because he makes me smile:

The first pic is one
for the SMILEY 360 (Supply More International Looking Emoticons on Yahoo 360) campaign that the truly wonderful and oh so cherished funny friend of mine Kerry has begun. If she and we succeed, we’ll all have a plethora of quick comments from which to choose, and how great is that? I covet the “waving” of the Brits and the monkey of the Canadians most of all. Well, at this moment.


36 thoughts on “The Olympics, Elections, and Paris

  1. I just told you to put the laptop down! Ah well.
    I’ve got it, Fuzzy, why don’t we put a little face on the 2012 logo (my technical skills aren’ up to it) and submit it as a smiley? Thanks for the thoughts on the electoral process. I miss the day to day twists and turns (lucky me, diod I hear you say?), but Clinton v McCain looked a possibility when I last watched them on TV news. Don’t you Americans have any sense of dignity? A President called Mitt? Even with the hair!
    Thanks for the comment on Paris too. Is that true about her getting unfair treatment? I really thought it was the other way round – that she was being released because she was famous. I feel a little more sorry for her now. But I shan’t go around shouting about it. Can you stand a laugh? I sent this to Fabi too, since she is always mentioning Paris.

  2. the olympic logo: yuck! i hate the colours, i hate the design. and it took me several days to realize that it was supposed to be the numbers 2012. still, yuck.

    democrats & republicans: i’m afraid i haven’t really been paying that much attention yet. i know. bad, uninformed me.

    paris: i don’t know. i mean, i hate all things celebrity anymore. especially when it’s celebrity for being a celebrity. and i can truly say that i’m only half aware of what she’s in jail for, but the fact that she has a team, A TEAM! of lawyers for it is enough for me not to care what bad things happen to her. she’s got a lot more going for her than most people who would find themselves in the same sort of legal trouble. so, you know, boo hoo. i don’t care.

    SMILEY 360: thanks for the mention. i just hope it does something. 🙂

  3. waving from the UK

    ..yes.. it is totally horrid… I didn’t realise that this was the one they were seriously going to use. Sigh….

    I love the world smiley.. that would be a great addition.

    I’m totally confused by the Paris Hilton thing.. to be honest.. I think there are many more important things to make the headlines than her…. but yes, she should be treated fairly….

  4. Yes, I have to agree there, the Olympic symbol is beyond horrible, took me a few minutes to even realize it said 2012, at first I thought it was some atrocious abstract art.
    The election? I’m tired of it already and it hasn’t even started….
    Paris Hilton? Don’t get me started….I’m sorry, I can’t stand her. Famous for being a blonde bimbo heiress, I’m not impressed. I don’t think the judge was either, apparently he was quite mad that the sherrif let her go home. And I’m sorry, but I admit to taking perverse pleasure from the fact she had a screaming meemie fit and was crying for mommy as they dragged her off! Fair treatment? About time….isn’t anyone else tired of celebrities and politicians breaking the rules and getting away with it? Oops…sorry, didn’t mean to rant on your blog! Glad you’re back!!

  5. It is the first time ive seen our olympic logo, I did hear it was terrible but hadnt got round to checking it out, so thanx for posting it…it is bloody awful lolol…who on earth designed that?
    Paris Hilton now theres a girl. Im thinking publicity stunt gone wrong. Dont think she bargained on a return trip so soon. I dont have any opinion on her if im truthful. Besides the porn videos (which there was no need for) shes just a rich girl having fun…but being so famous doesnt mean she should be able to get away with murder (well not murder, but you know what I mean lol).

  6. I think the colors on the 2012 logo are awful, but other than that I think it’s brilliant. I know I am in a huge, huge minority when I say that. I don’t know why but I really like it.

    I really, really hope Clinton isn’t the Democratic nominee, because there’s nobody that would lose more easily than her. I’m not saying she will lose. I’m just saying she’s the least popular among the general public and the easiest for the Repbulicans to target. I still think Edwards is easily the best candidate, and I imagine he’d fare better than anyone against any Republican, but I doubt he’ll make the cut. If he does well in Iowa and NH, he might be able to pull it out, like McCain almost did in 2000.

    I’d like to see Bill Richardson, but of course there’s no chance of him this go-round. At least we’ll have someone to go up against the Republican when he’s up for reelection in 2012.

    Thanks for the O’Reilly/Colbert interview. I am surprised O’Reilly would do such a thing, as much as Colbert makes fun of him. He must be a very good sport… I wouldn’t see him having Al Franken on like that.

  7. The logo thing: I have no stated preference on it yet. I look at it once and think “hmmmmm, that’s not bad”….then I look again and think “what the hell were they smoking?”. The funniest remark I’ve heard about it so far was made by Jonathan Ross, one of the UK’s top chat-show hosts. He said it looked like “Lisa Simpson giving a blow-job”.
    Moving swiftly past US politics, about which I know nothing, or as close as dammit. On to Paris Hilton. I cannot stand this woman. She represents everything that is wrong with the cult of celebrity. Prison is too good. I say send her to the ISS, and send all the papparazzi with her.

  8. The 2012 logo some critics say, looks like the kind of thing you would see, and get, at a cheap motel in Vegas where “working girls” strut their stuff.. nuff said.. lol

    And it is expected that Hilary would be the front runner. She is well organized and well funded, a forminable prospect to beat. Obama was never really going anywhere. His job will be to secure her left flank, turning over the reins after the usual gushing “unity” rally. She needs to tack more to the center, especially on national security.

    As for paris.. let her do her time like everyone else and stop whining. The news reports today indicate that her special treatment will not come to pass. Excellent. Besides she still has access to the special celebrity cell so what is she kicking about? Martha Stewart had more class.

  9. The logo appears to have been inspired by a puzzle gone badly awry. lol I’d love to get paid a few million for coming up with that logo! Oh, and you would fill your page with chocolate, you evil woman! 😀

  10. chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… y ummie!!!!

    what was the blog about again? i got distracted by the CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lmao!!

    i dont know much about this whole paris thing, but … this is the price you pay for being a very rich, pretty girl in america. when something goes wrong in your life,( like things that “normal”human errors”…) People forget that celebrities are still HUMAN,.. well,… they pounce on ya like a dog in heat.*shrugs* is it worth it? i’ll stick to my massage therapy! 😀 xx

    did i mention i love your background???

  11. i forgot to say,… Pretty, rich and famous girl in america… hehe i was distracted by the CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEE!! LMAO!

  12. Hi Fuzz. You know, the Olympic logo reminds me of the guy who lives down the street from me who once painted his house the ugliest shade of blue you can imagine. It looked hideious. However, after time, it sort of began to soften and blend in, and eventually it just looked like it fit. Now it didn’t change its shade, everybody just got used to it. With the huge marketing that goes on with the Olympics, we will see that logo so much that we will get used to it.
    Now Paris Hilton is someone I could never get used to. Now you may be right about her getting a sentence because she is a celebrity who pissed off a Judge, but the fact remains that the Judge is within sentencing guidelines, and has the right to sentence her for the crime she did commit. Everytime anyone does something illegal, they run the risk of a maximum sentence for what ever it is that they did. The thing is, if she would just shut her mouth, serve her days, and get it over with, there would be no story here. She is just a spoiled brat who is not getting her way this time. Too bad.
    What does surprise me about the Democratic race is that Obama has been losing steam, and early too. I thought Oprah would see to it that he had enough exposure and money. Unfortunately, Hillary may be the best choice due to the lack of good choices.

  13. That is an awful logo for the 2012 Olympics!
    Two things we don’t agree on Fuzzy…Hillary Clinton and Paris Hilton. I feel that the only reason so many people are backing Hillary is because if she wins Bill Clinton will be president again…and I won’t say anymore on that…lol
    And Paris is getting exactly what she deserves, in my opinion.
    She was driving drunk, that’s what got her license suspended in the first place, that’s really serious, she could have killed someone! And I wonder how much money the Hilton’s paid that sheriff to let her out of jail. I am toally behind that judge making her serve out her sentence behind bars, this sets a precident, just because you are famous, doesn’t mean you get special treatment!
    But I do agree with you on Rudy…
    I love him, he took charge of my city after we were attacked on 9/11, he was our hero…but that doesn’t mean he will make a good president. But you never know…..
    Ok…I ranted a bit, am I still fab??? LOL

  14. oohhh Fuzzy just re-read my comment, and I wanted to add that it was a great blog. And I hope my opinion didn’t offend, it’s just the way I feel. And I am not all that polictical so I don’t debate with me cause I’ll lose…LOL

  15. Hey Fuzzy, I agree …I too feel the Olympic logo leaves a lot of room for improvement! I am confident that the Fanta’s and other artist on your friends list could come up with something really special! Everyone who I have met from across the pond are fantastic people.
    Hillary has stay focused and I think she can weather anything thrown at her, as mentioned she stays calm, blow in her feathers and she continues to shine! Obama is still a young and his time will come, I just don’t think he or for that matter any other Democrat’s will derail Hillary as the front runner! As for the Republicans….yawn….I think John Mc Cain is just to closely tied to the Bush Administration, that by itself is a death sentence for his Presidential ambitions!
    Paris, yes I do feel sorry for her, do I like her, no! I am glad that you pointed out that the special treatment that she is getting is not to her benefit! If she was anyone else, she would be free right now! Her punishment is excessive by California Law and I think that the Judge was looking for his 15 minutes of fame! A lot of mileage out of nothing! I have to mention something else that is giving me rash! Bush’s Immigration Plan, this in very unpopular with the American Public. This bill discriminates against those who have family ties in the United States! It also puts those trying to enter the United States legally on the back burner! This bill, gives preference to the 12 million illegal aliens who are already here! We are not going to give them Amnesty Bush says.! We are going to provide them a way to be here legally at several thousand dollars per person! Hope her is that the Democrat’s will stick with there plan’s to make this measure more Family friendly by allowing more immigration based on blood ties to U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents! Personally I am with the 3 out of 4 American’s who are against this Immigration bill…Michael

  16. Sorry Fuzzy, I forgot all about Steve Colbert, I saw that pieces when it first came out! He sure put himself out there, he does make me laugh!

  17. 🙂 Thanks, Pilgrim!

    It’s on the desk, Neil, and not at all lappy, alas. I can’t even lift it yet. Sigh. The rest of your comments had me smiling away, but I’ll have to come back to the link (laughing isn’t really wonderful just yet). But I will!! Huggs you.

    omg, Kerry, I thought I was the only one who looked at it and wondered what it was supposed to be saying! 😀 I admit I sort of cocked my head to the side like a dog. Sad, but true. I think it’s a great campaign, so happy to mention it. *hugs*

    waving back at Treesparrow. 😀 Yes, there are SO many more important things going on in the world. Hell, there are more important things going on in my neighborhood! teehee

    Hey there Rivergirl, I so know what you mean about the logo, I couldn’t figure it out at first, either. As to the judge, I think he was more angry that the sherrif let her go than AT her; I mean she couldn’t just get up and walk out on her own, after all. And I’m just a sad case, because I’ve got 20 years on Paris, and I can guarantee I’d be crying for my mommy if I was being hauled back to jail, too. LOL And you can rant here anytime!! Take care.

    lmao, Shell, well, OJ got away with murder, Paris just drove on a suspended licence. There are MILLIONS of illegals driving without any licence at all, but no one seems to care about that. I didn’t see her porn video, but have heard about it, and I agree, she’s just a rich pretty kid having fun with all her millions. Not the worst life to have, but it shouldn’t mean she’s the poster child for “we’re fair to our celebrities.” Huggs

    That’s true, Sean, Edwards could still pull ahead; I think my problem with him is still his inexperience. Didn’t he serve only one term in the Senate? And nothing else in public service? And Colbert just cracks me up, can’t explain it, but I think it’s his nerdy cuteness that does it for me. 😀

    So you have a strong opinion about Paris, eh, Mitch? LOL

    Well, Sarge, I happen to think that Martha Stewart shouldn’t have been in prison, either. If that had been a normal person, she wouldn’t have gone in. But Martha was also at some sort of Club Fed, wasn’t she? Didn’t she do crafts and bake the whole time she was there? I know she gave interviews from her “prison”; Paris is in a jail. Or something. I don’t really care that much, to be honest, but I do think she’s being treated unfairly here. And yes, I agree that Clinton needs to tack center, but on national security that will be a problem, because she has to walk a fine line as a woman and can’t appear to be too soft in that area. Yay! This is fun. Huggs

  18. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear…who’s hibernation caused her to watch Colbert…. :p (gimme a break…it’s midnight!)

    What’s wrong with filler and fluff? Huh? What? Yeah, yeah, yeah. HAhah…kidding!

    Okay, the logo…can I admit that until reading Kerry’s comment that I had noooooo idea what it was supposed to be??? (I’m slow these days)

    Politics….I read, I think, I listen…..but, I don’t know enough to add anything insightful. I loved reading your take though!!

    Paris…not a fan. Did she get more towards the max? I have no ideas what the normal sentencing guidelines were. But, she annoys me. And this “medical condition”??? Okay, I’ll stop. I’m sorry, but I can’t wrangle up much sympathy for her. And, I truly think she’s making an idiot (hmmm…more of an idiot??) out of herself…heck, she’d be 30% done now. Ohhhh…did you read the article about her getting all her cupcakes, and whatever else silly stuff delivered to her “home jail”. Did I say I would stop? Hahah. Why do we care???? Lol…and i was with you…irritated about the whole “breaking news”!!

    Colbert/O’Reilly clip….fun!


  19. Chocolates are good, Princess, and we all need them now and again! 😀

    You make a great point, Blackie, I’d sure hate to have my every error broadcast for the world (literally) to see. But then on the other side, she is famous and only for being famous. Ugh, it’s too hard . . . need CHOCOLATE!! lolol

    That’s a great point, Michael, and you’re probably right, we will get used to the logo (especially now that we know what it says!). And yeah, yeah, go with the whole using logic argument thing on Paris and the judge being within sentencing guidelines. That’s true. Damn you. LOL And yeah, I am totally surprised to see Obama fizzle this early. Think he’ll make a come back? Or is this it?

    roflmao @ still fab? OF COURSE you are still fab, Maggie May!! I’d have zero friends at all if I only was friends with people who thought just like me! (um, maybe I should rethink some of my positions, one might ask? Naw!) As to Paris, her original drunk driving sentence was plead down to a reckless driving, so she wasn’t charged with drunk driving; I’d be FAR more sympathetic if this outcry were about that (though DUI’s are often plead down by good lawyers). She was NOT drunk when she was caught this last time, so driving drunk, while reprehensible, is not the issue here. And I didn’t say I support Clinton, I just said of the field (at this moment in time) I like her chances. If I had to vote today . . . I have no idea what I’d do. Sad thing to say about the candidates on BOTH sides. Huggs.

    Ooooooh, Michael, I think Fanta would do the best logo ever!! What a great idea. 😀 And I just hate the Immigration Plan, too, and I’m not so into the family friendly aspects, either, they left their families to come here illegally, after all. As to the amnesty putting the people trying to enter legally on the backburner, well! You know that just makes my blood boil. Grrrr. Great comments, as always, Michael (um, so when you gonna blog that immigration thing?? hehe)

  20. Yay, Ang!! clapping hands and giggling at the fuzzy wuzzy bear watching Colbert . . . how fab are you?! Oh, I love filler and fluff, but I usually don’t do it endlessly; once in a blue I can come up with something edgy and controversial. I like to mix it up, keep it interesting (to me, anyway). I want a cupcake now!! But your cheese grits will be even yummier!! Huggs right back atcha, Girl 😀

  21. So glad to have you back! I just love your asides. They’re the most fun.

    The logo. Just sad. I’d love to have been in on that meeting. Imagine what got rejected? Glerk.

    If Bill was able to run, he’d win. He isn’t allowed to run, so she’s the next best thing, I guess. I’d rather have George Clooney. He’d trump the republican penchant for “B” Hollywood actors and now, worse yet, a TV actor! Just my take on it. The Republican’s use of fear mongering was outstanding and almost as good as Cheney and Bush!

    As for immigration: the same Corps that are sending all the jobs to 2nd and 3rd world countries so that they can get 20 cent per day labor are the same people that didn’t want to raise the minimum wage. Those same lobbying corporations are the ones that want that Amnesty bill passed. Wonder why?

    Paris? I’m almost speechless but the words shallow, inane, insipid and annoying come to mind. She is the poster child for everything I disrespect about the empty filthy thoroughly decadently rich. Hmmm.
    Jet lag. I’m cranky tonight.

    Glad you’re back girl!

  22. actually, now that i think about it, i probably could get used to the actual design of the olympic logo. i just really, really hate the colours they picked. pink? a sort of aquay blue? why weren’t they olypmic colours? or am i just too nitpicky?

  23. lol, Gaby, they’re the most fun to write, too! hehe, all that honesty and all. 🙂 George Clooney for president? Sigh. He’d sure look great on the dollar bill, think we can bump the other George off (the bill, I mean, I do know he’s been dead for centuries). My head spins with the Immigration thing, truly, and yours is such a good point, but what to do? Sigh. Ouch! I’ve never seen a llama spit (that’s right, like a camel, right?) before, but obviously Paris gets under your fur. I’m sorry!! Huggs xx

    I almost rethought the logo, too, Kerry, but then Fanta and Gaby (both excellent artists) said it sucks, so I think it must. Well, unless you like it, then it just sucks a little (yeah, right. hehe). No, not nitpicky, it really should make some sense, I think. 😀

    Thanks, Azad.

    Thanks for the op-ed article, Ang, I scanned it and it’s certainly got a strong viewpoint! 😀

  24. ooops, btw, Ang, I didn’t not read it fully because I didn’t agree with it, just have a bazillion blogs to catch up and all! Promise. 😀

  25. Hei Fuzz.

    I really like this Bit of This n Bit of That entry is so very interesting:

    The LOGO – I think that the designers of it are rather loco – a la Spanish meaning to the word first of all and then secondly, the colour of this yoke: shock and horror PINK – a truly genius way to connect the colour to the British culture known worldwide – not!

    They must have been a bunch of pansies that came up with this shade. I do like that pink but not in this and not in something that is supposed represent the nation of Britain to the rest of the world for the colours of the nation are: dark blue, white and bright red aka Union Jack! End of story.

    No matter who comes to power over there the SHOW will still go on as usual!! Not an iota different, I am afraid.


    Paris – well now then…
    Had a great chuckle at Mitch’s comment, btw. The girl is not even pretty never mind a beauty and as for the stuffing inside the attic – not much to write about! I know, rather b*** but the fact of the matter is thus.

    No idea whatsoever who he, who the programme, etc but I do know what the FOX channel is though!

    Great venting there now for the night. HUH. Feel so much BETTER with hay fever forgotten and all. Rii xx HUGZ

  26. Why do they need to have a logo for the Olympics this far in advance anyway? Maybe bright pink won’t look good four years from now (if anyone thinks it does now).
    I would really like to see Hillary be the next president. I don’t know if she would stand a chance or not but she seems just as likely to me at this point and I agree that she is hard to shake. I admire her strength and calmness. Bravo!!
    I don’t have much to say about the republican candidates as I would like to think that none of them stand a chance although I personally know some die hard Bush fans that still think that he is wonderful and will only vote republican because that is what they have been told to do since the day they were born. (argggg)
    I don’t know what to say about Paris either. I guess you would have to know her personally but if she is being treated worse because she is a celebrity, than that is a shame. I have to admit that I just don’t like that crowd of party goers. I think that their celebrity status is such a bad influence on young girls. I heard Paris say that she wanted to thank her “fans” for their support. Why does she have “fans” anyway? What has she done to deserve fans?? Now you know that if it were one of my Lost guys, I would be right in there with a very strong compassionate opinion. :0)

  27. Being from Atlanta area I’m not going to say anything about the 2012 logo. That thingy we had keeps coming to mind and I’ve tried really hard to forget it.

    Paris is right where she belongs. If her mother had made her be responsible for her behavior when she was young she probably wouldn’t be hearing her daughter still act like a two year old brat.
    Talk about the rich and powerful not having to obey the law..How about this black kid down here that going to jail for 10 years and being put on the child abuse list and he didn’t do any more than Bill Clinton. This guy ddin’t even lie about. He’s going to jail for a long time because he’s poor. The law was rewritten so if he were convicted today he wouldn’t be put on the child abuse list. Why, because he’s poor and there is no political advantage to anyone to come to his aid. I think he should be punished but fairly. Bill Clinton’s offense was worse because he was the President and he did lie to Congress and the American people, which was against the law. It was not nescessary to try and impeach him but he should have been reprimanded in public. Never mind old hash but please consider the point.

    Politicians… they are all crap! Should a President have some experience other than to be a lawyer. Some of these people have never served a full term in public office. They have no experience in dealing or managing people either in the public or private work sector. Have any of them ever filed out the heaps of government forms required for employees or medi care or social security. They are all incompetent in the basic requirments of any kind of managerial work. Most running are Congressional thieves. Each one breaks the laws that they voted to pass. They collect enormous amounts of money and are totally unaccountable and irresponsible. They have insured that their pockets are padded for life. Not one of them deserve to be President.

    How long are you (not you Fuzz) people going to accept being told to eat cake! If there was ever a time to speak of revolution it is now. A revolution to take us back to what the founding fathers meant for this country to be.

  28. Hi Diggy Rii, yes, I think I like the bit o’ this, bit o’ that format, too . . . have to do it again when there’s enough to cover. lol @ you on the logo; it’s so bad, huh? Ugh. Soo glad you feel better for your vent; feel free anytime!! And do take care of that hayfever! Huggs xx

    Hey Nancy, yeah, I admire Hillary Clinton’s strength and calmness, too; it’s also nice to see her have a sense of humor. lol @ having a strong opinion on the Lost guys . . . yeah, I think they should be confined to my apartment and the key thrown away! Hehe

    Oh, Heyman, I couldn’t agree with you more about the inequity in our judicial system, especially when it comes to the famous, wealthy, and / or white. But I don’t think that it’s fair to treat celebs worse or more harshly because other celebs throughout history have had it easy. And I don’t think that Paris deserves to be in jail for being spoiled or poorly raised; anyone else would be out, so she should be, too. And no, I’m not a Paris fan at all, though this whole thing is beginning to make me feel sorry for her. And you’ve really said your piece on the politicians, there’s nothing I can add!! Thanks for your thoughtful and thought provoking comments, dear. 😀

  29. The logo is just shockingly awful, an embarassment in fact. It has quite rightly been derided in the press, and many of the ‘amateur’ efforts that have been submitted since look decidedly better. £400k and a years work there – oh I so want to be a ‘brand consultant’ when I grow up! 😀

    I watched the presidential debates this morning, so I will post my own thoughts in more detail in the next couple of days, but I agree with you 100% on Clinton. She was streets ahead in terms of performance. I think Obama seems much more surefooted in the debates [no idea about what he has been like in the media aside from that though], as his initial outing was just awful and stuttering. Edwards reminds me of a Democratic Romney, smooth and assured, but without any -feeling- of anything behind it. I think he suffered from his attempts to highlight differences with opponents, and was bitchslapped effectively by both Obama and Clinton during the evening.

    The GOP debate. Agree on Romney; great poise and great hair. Giuliani has, like Obama, got much better though, even orchestrating a lightning strike for one of the nights few comedy moments. McCain continues to look the most solid out of the frontrunners to me though. He was under pressure alot of the night, but still managed to pull it out of the bag. I think his campaign might be turning into a bit of a mini disaster though. I am perhaps not as confident as you that he will make it through to face Clinton.

    Paris I have done to death, not literally, but on my own blog, so I will leave that to others to comment here.

  30. That logo looks ridiculous, I heard they heard some kind of animation and someone watching it fainted 🙂 It is just bizarre they will spend that much money to create a logo, kids will do much better than that for a Happy Meal :). Glad to see you back, hope Gore runs, the present class of contenders are scary. Paris is staying in a Hospital Cell, that looks more like a Hilton than a prison cell, it is just a joke what they are doing for her. For her acting she will win Razzies.

  31. I like the Romney – Edwards comparison, Fabi; I think it’s a good one. If Edwards had ever governed a state, though, he’d be the front runner now; Romney can’t get it going (I dislike him, but then, I’ve lived in Mass during his govern). Hehe, yeah, I’m pretty over Paris, too! Thanks so much for your ever great comments 😀

    I so agree, Chris, about the logo and Gore. What is or are the Razzies? Tell, tell

  32. I said on my own blog that I was disappointed with the presentation of the Olympics logo, Fuzzy, but I actually quite like it. I think people forget that it is a logo for London, not UK, therefore red white and blue, flags, etc won’t do. (Red white and blue is also France anyway). And it does, as someone above said, have to represent London in 5 years time, as well as over the next 5 years on T shirts, etc. So it has to be a bit outlandish to be futuristic. It also has to represent a vibrant, multicultural city. So old-fashioned red bus, centuries old building, especially a Christian cathedral, won’t do either. And London graffiti is currently much sought after as art. But then (as an old person) I also thought it might appeal to young people, but at leeast one above disagrees. Ah well! But I do think it will stay (provided Ken Livingston doesn’t interfere) and I also agree that we will accept it in time, even if we don’t grow to love it.

  33. Interesting comments, Neil; can’t say that I think of five years out as in need of something “futuristic,” nor that hot pink is particularly “London,” but I do get your point about the graffiti (I guess; I mean we wash that crap off, but if it’s art over there . . . okay . . . ). ‘Tis but a logo, and I can say that this is the most that I have ever or will ever talk about the Olympics!! 😀

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