A Shoe Sunday Blog Not Worth Reading (and some of the stuff on my fridge, too)


So I wasn’t going to do a blog today . . . nothing new to say and feeling a bit blah, but it IS Shoe Sunday, so I felt I should make an effort (um, turned out to be a weak effort, though). The above pic is of my . . . yep, fuzzy slippers. You can see how worn they are around the heels, but I just love them. Well, to be honest, I’m pretty sick of them right now, but soon I’ll love them again. hehe, I just noticed they are covered in cat hair. Great.

So that’s it. The Shoe Sunday paragraph.


Well, there IS this pretty kool vid, too:

As I had the camera out, I thought I’d take some pics of stuff on my fridge. So I did. Here’s some of the stuff that’s on my fridge:

This is the pic that started the fridge thing; I just love the May tea kettle on my calendar and wanted to use it for something sometime, so I took a pic. Then I realized that Fanta’s drawing was in the pic, so I thought, hmmmm . . . I can post that. So. Here it is. Posted.

June’s tea pot just doesn’t do “it” for me:

I also have a happy making Spongebob gift bag on my fridge:

and another happy making freaky looking feather duster thing:

I never know what to do with those “I voted” stickers they give you, so I stuck one on my fridge:

This is my things I need and want (mostly want) from the supermarket list thingy.

And this is not on my fridge, but it was there, so . . . my dinner:

Yes, it’s frozen (and thawing as I type). Yes, I eat red meat. Yes, I am a carnivore. Yes, I will die a gruesome death blah blah blah. But hey! I don’t eat it that often (sticking mostly to chicken done all ways). I just had a need today for a steak. So I’m having one. Yay!!


31 thoughts on “A Shoe Sunday Blog Not Worth Reading (and some of the stuff on my fridge, too)

  1. Yay! Your slippers look warm and snugglesome, most perfect. And black too! I love them 😀
    I’m an utter carnivore too, and would it more red meat if it didn’t mean I’d die a horrible, painful death, apparently. I like it rare. Enjoy it 😀
    And thank you so much for everything today…huggggggggs. >:D<

    ((En route to my blog to explain Turkish Delight)

  2. Hei Fuzz.

    While I am parked here in your pad, I will write this comment as well, and
    while on a roll commenting, you see.

    BON APPETITE ME DEAR. Eat & enjoy the meat. Every now then the steak is what one needs and a glass of red Merlot of a good quality, naturally.

    Fuzzy slippers look so fuzzy. I like me indoor shoes – not do not like slippers, do not own either a single pair of them – must have a little heel. YUP, like me heels. I was walking all over the cobbled streets in Israel with me heels – very nice sandal type, btw. Then put on flats and hey, presto, the walking was a breeze and so much faster.

    Take care and NITEY NITE for am off to the Slumberland. Rii xx HUGZ

  3. Oh… you should see my slippers… I would be afraid to post them here.. come with a government health warning…. but they are so comfy. Thats a ‘busy’ fridge you have there…. I’m not sure mine even has a ‘magnet’ on it.. how sad is that!…. and nothing wrong with eating meat… like all things… good in balance and moderation.

  4. Yes, I love black, Tally, almost everything I own is black (well, not quite, but it seems so as that’s what I mostly wear). Yay! Steak and Spongebob, and anytime! Huge huggsss and love, TFT

    Heels in the house, Rii? Wow!! I thought I was a heel fiend, I love to wear them, but when I get home the shoes come OFF. Actually, so do my clothes (not in a I’m a big nudist way, just that I like to get straight into loungewear and socks/slippers). So cool to learn all these things about you!! Huggs and sweetest dreams, Rii xx

    lol, Treesparrow, yeah, it’s busy and tacky; I keep telling myself that when I grow up, I’ll have one of those sleek fab kitchens with all stainless steel appliances, and then I wouldn’t have stuff stuck all over the fridge. Maybe that’s true. I’ll have to see if I ever grow up! LOL., I have tons more stuff on there, too, a printed out card from Snuggles, the banana shoe pic from Fanta, magnets from the vet, pizza places, and God knows what all else!! And lol @ your slippers needing a health warning! Hehe off to enjoy my steak soon . . . Take care 😀

  5. Yay…fuzzy slippers for Fuzzy Slippers!!! I have fuzzy electric blue colored ones (well, sorta…I kinda tore them the other day & I need to fix them)

    Yay again for red meat. Yum, that steak looks good!! Now, all you need is some corn on the cob to go with it!

    Hahah @ stuff on your fridge….perfect!! I’m not sure about that fuzzy bird thing though…looks like something my son would guilt me into putting on my friedge :p

    Have a great evening….enjoy your meat! Hahah

  6. Did you make the Video, Fuzz?!??!?@?$??? I recognized the fuchsia shoes from an earlier blog of yours, but I don’t see no cat in the video itself. So, I’m puzzled. Please clarify!

    I am honoured to have met your real Fuzzy Slippers. They are gorgeous and comfy. I have a similar pair that I use in winters (when I happen to live at high altitude-hopefully this I will not have to endure another such winter) but dawn coloured and WAY too used to be shown in public. I mean way more than yours, believe me.

    As for the steaks, I am sooo envious. I could just roll that piece of meat in a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey and roughly minced black pepper corns and throw it on the real hot plate to cook it real nice…hmmm. Spinach goes real well with it. Wilted. AND garlic butter. It’s all full of iron and very good for your recovery, so don’t feel bad. Our bodies will always tell us what we need to eat. When you say “I’m in the mood for steak”…it’s not really you that’s making the decision, but the deficiencies in your stream. Does it sound weird? I hope not. (same applies to chocolate, of course)

    I really like the fact that you don’t defrost stuff in the nuke. That would be evil!.
    When I’m in a rush (if unexpected guests arrive and they are hungry for steaks), I drop them in lukewarm (never HOT) water for about an hour or so. Just so as you know, I will be using the same procedure when you arrive for your visit:))

    Oh, and my drawing is on your fridge????? I am utterly touched-I think it’s an English expression.
    It’s a pretty good quality of the print-out, even better than the original:)).

  7. I have my very favorite fuzzy slippers too that I especially love to wear when I am cold or not feeling well. They are the “Wicked Good Clog” slippers from L.L.Bean. They are the best.
    I loved the Kung Foo Fighting video. I am curious too about the fuchsia heels in the video. Did you shoes become famous??
    I would be eating steak with you. My dad was a meat cutter and I grew up with meals that centered around meat. I just can’t give it up completely.

  8. Too funny! I was cleaning out a closet and came across my own fuzzy slippers and sure enough COVERED in cat hair too. Cat hair will stick to just about anything, but mostly fuzzy slippers. 🙂 Love the stuff on your refrigerator!

  9. Hooray for Sponge Bob!!
    That May teapot is incredible…perfect for the tea lover who doesn’t drink a lot of tea.**Smiles** Actually I love the intricate design.
    **Humming Kung Foo Fighting****Big Grinns**

  10. i loved today’s post! our slippers almost match, as i now have fuzzy black slippers, too, but they have some streaks of cream in them, too.

    i love, love, love that may tea kettle! you ought to focus in on that and try taking another photo of it. it would make a most awesome background for your blog.

    i have to say that since the kids started watching spongebob on a regular basis, it’s really grown on me and now i probably enjoy it more than they do. seeing your spongebob gift bag reminds me that we have some spongebob wrapping paper. i might have to scan it.

    so, yay! what a fun blog today, just like always. 🙂 *hugs*

  11. I’m here….cool video..very clever!!!!! I am feeling very Monday BLAH today…I haven’t been on over the weekend and I am trying not tobe on too much cos I had a whole HEAP of dramas on here for a while…but things are good again….and I still luv ya…nothing funny today FuzzyT…blah blah

  12. Loved the silver sparkly shoes in that video….very funny, still singing the song…LOL
    Fuzzy Slippers’….Fuzzy Slippers…hahaha, I know already been said! They do look very comfy!
    Yumm steak, bbq-ed some steak, sausage and corn on the cob for dinner last night, I am so a carnivore! But like you I stick more to chicken these days.
    So glad you decided to blog for show Sunday!

  13. Hi Fuzz!
    Comfort footwear is important, too! Foot rubs are as well. My fridge has nothing on it by way of magnets but my office corkboard has tons of pushpins. Fanta’s pic looks wonderful, but it’s June now and you have to flip over the calendar page {!} Hey, I just realized something… chocolates in the background, steak above… {YUM!}… NOW I’m hungry, and it’s only quarter after nine in the morning, here… and rambling…

    @@@ hugs …the unfashionably late Gloria xo

  14. hehe, I don’t know what it is, Ang, but every time I see your avatar pic / comments I start smiling. 😀 Yay!! I have a neon green pair, too, but as I just said to Tal, I tend to favor wearing black. And omg, I haven’t had corn on the cob in YEARS! I used to love it when I was a kid, but it’s so . . . messy! Sigh. Thanks for your great comments (I was for the silver shoes, too!!) 😀

    Okay, Pilgrim, no problem. 😀

    Gosh no, I didn’t make that vid, Fanta! How long must it take to do that? Or do they have a computer fill in? I imagine sitting there rearranging shoes a frame at a time and want to pull my hair out at the idea of it! Yikes. Nope, just found it on Youtube; my favorite thing about it (well, apart from the shoes!) is the oh so cool retro dresses that are shown in there. Ooooh, your steak recipe sounds marvelous!! I just flopped it in the broiler, I’m afraid, but that’s why I need the Fantasy Cookbook, right? wink. Hehe, you’ll have time to thaw them out regularly (without water) when I come to visit! And yes, your drawingS are on my fridge, both of them. I’ll have to take a pic to show you. The front of my fridge is a mess, all higgeldy-piggeldy and stray things hanging down, but the side that is out in the room has my very nice tea kettle calendar, the two drawings you made for me, and a mirror. Very neat and nice, I’m sure you’d approve! 😀 With the steak, btw, I had a tiny salad and some mashed potato (not much because the steak was huge and very good, and I can’t fill up my stomach until I’m more healed, which is good, really!). Thanks for your FAB comments! 😀 Huggs xx

    That’s so weird, Nancy, I didn’t even notice them as being similar but now that you (and Fanta) have said, I can so see it. No, that’s a totally different (and probably far more expensive) shoe in the vid than mine. Cheers to you, too!

    It’s a curse, LO, that cat hair . . . I’ve got three cats, and they are all tabbies with both black and lighter hairs . . . the lighter ones are the only ones that seem to shed, however! Sigh. I’ve got a zillion lint brushes stashed all over the place because of it. 😀

    Yay!! So wonderful to see you, Rainy, and I just think Spongebob is so happy and fun; just seeing him makes me smile, so it’s a no brainer to put him here and there, you know? 😀 Yeah, I really was struck by that May teapot; I need to get a better pic of it. Thanks for your great commetns! 😀

    Isn’t it just, Bert. Thank you.

    That’s a GREAT idea, Kerry; I’m going to try that because it would make a fab background. See that glare, though? I don’t know how to not have that; any ideas? I think it’s from the flash because my kitchen is pretty dark and doesn’t have windows (UGH!). I think Spongebob is just so happy making, you know? I’m glad to find a fellow watcher/appreciator. 😀 Thanks for the compliments, too, I worried about posting something that was so nothing. *hugs*

    omg, Ali, had a flutter of drama over here, too! How odd. Must be a full moon or something. Don’t you wish people would just get a life and leave us to ours? Anyway, hope you cheer up soon. Not that you have to, I think you’re too wonderful for words just as you are! Huggs

    teehee, Maggie, you make me laugh!! 😀 Yay!!

    Hey GG!! 😀 I liked the May pic so very much better than the June one, which is that black and dotty one under the May one. It’s flipped, I promise (I have it in my head that it’s bad luck to leave a calendar on the wrong month). I’m totally starving right now, too, maybe it’s time to change my chocolate background to something less . . . yummy! You can be as late as you want, and you’ll still be GG!! xx

  15. Oh, I can relate, all my slippers are covered in cat hair. I have a long haired white Manx that loves to sleep on them in the closet and drool all over them. Needless to say, I have a few pairs….love the funky tea kettles too!

  16. hmmm….you might want to take it into another room that has better light, then. i’d try several different shots to make sure you get it centered and in focus and that you don’t get any glare. sometimes it’s hard to see when you take it.

    or…i notice there is writing at the bottom of the picture. what does it say?

  17. Yay good on you for having a steak, a little bit of what you fancy does you good thats what I think anyways. I loved the fuzzy slippers and I had a pink pair just like that until they got too dirty from the old house being done up and they had to go in the bin. I have a stripy pair wiht a hard bottom now instead and a pink knitted pair with boubles on. I quite liked the June kettle and thought it was funky.

    Hope you are taking care of yourself, well I don’t really need to ask sine you are having steak for dinner! Sorry I’m late on this one. x

  18. A good collage of pics there. Hmmm.. Fuzzy Slippers ehh? Black is beautiful.

    I love that feather duster thing. I think I’m in love with it. As for food I am a gourmand than a gourmet so I eat a lot of everything I can get my hands on.

    Meh, even sugars and red meats are perfectly ok in moderation. So, chow down!

  19. LOL on the lint brushes! Same here! One in practically every room. And, I bought leather furniture for the living room so I only have to dust the cat hair off of it. 😉 BTW – if you get cat hair on your lampshades, lint brushes are great for that and other furniture! You learn new tricks when you have 9 cats in your home. Two are barely a bother now. 🙂

  20. Yay! Thanks Rivergirl 😀

    V-8 head thunk, Kerry. Take the calendar into another room? What is this strange reasoning you use? lmao; I’m such a ditz! At the bottom it just has the title and artists (it’s untitled and somebody Russell-Poole, I think) from 1997.

    Scratching my head, Neil, eh? But it can’t be the weather because, after all, there is nothing wrong with the weather. lolol

    Never too late, Snuggles, as you know!! 😀 Thanks for your fab comments

    Yay, Elmo! I love that thing, too, it makes me happy to look at it. It’s some sort of plastic canvas crafts thing that one of my mom’s co-workers gave her for Christmas (she got two and gave me one; neither of us dusts much). Anyway, thanks for liking it or being in love with it. hehe

    Oh! Wouldn’t that be fun Princess? 😀

    Lint rollers on the lampshades, LO, that’s genius!! Thanks for the tip–you rock 😀

  21. Was just trying to sneak past this blog without you noticing…..then got distracted by those steaks!! Darn it! Ok, so I’m not allowed to drool on your cakes……can I at least salivate a little at the steak??? Please??
    The famous fuzzy slippers!! Yayy!! Can’t see cat hair. Either pic too dark, or cat hair right colour to blend in with the slippers.

  22. lol, Mitch, I supposed some controlled salivation is okay! hehe Well, if you click to enlarge, you’ll see plenty (now why’d I say that? Gah, now you’ll know that I have cat hair on my slippers!). 😀

    Hehe, I love a good steak now and then, Pinkie, though I must say that I prefer them cooked outside on the grill. 😀

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