(Not So) Tacky Virtual Gifts Tag Thing


Okay, I’m not a big bandwagon girl, but the occasional tag tickles me and makes me think “why not?” This being so with Maggie’s latest about tacky internet gift exchanges, here I go . . .

For Ang because she wants me to share (and though I don’t usually play well with others, I’ll make an exception in her case); the lovely crystal shoes that Maggie got for me:

I’ve already given Maggie her gift, but Lost fever begets Lost fever, so for Nancy:

Yes, it’s a mosaic Desmond just for you!

In case you were wondering, I got Maggie a hot and lovely figurine of Sawyer:

For Tally I got a couple of dolphins I saw at the seafood shop (you like sushi and all):

yeah, yeah, redundant. But hey, the sentiment.

AND your very own Concord jet, so you can get to the States in three hours any time you want (it comes with its own visa and clearance, so you’ll have no problems with butch security pervs, either):

For Pilgrim some Miracle Grow, not that he/you need it!:

For dear Snuggles (and because I couldn’t find Mr. Right on the web) a nice Ally McBeal bobblehead:

For Angel Kate, a poster of the original angels:

Though I think we three make a better team!

For Neil I got an air conditioner to fight that GW thing (it’s also ozone friendly):

For Princess Ceres, only a tiara would do:

For Gaby, who loves flying:

For Rainy, the whole planet that she may photoblog it with video:

Popsicles for Blackie:

and a trip to Wales to see her honey!

The “Trial By Fire” award goes to Mitch, who likes me anyway:

For Fabi, next female PM of Great Britain:

For Gorgeous Gloria, some musical wondermousness:

and of course you need a date for the concert:

For Kerry a map to my place and some yummy coffee:

and (because I know that’s ALL you care about! lmao)

For Dudge, just in case you forget to put away the Axe body spray again:

For Chris, a beautiful place for a beautiful soul:

Fanta, you may not like this at first, but I couldn’t think of the best art or cooking supply for you, so I thought you’d like to come to the U. S. so your hubby can see his family. And you can see ME, and I can see YOU!! YaY!

Some lint rollers and ntn trivia for me and LO:


For Shell, a Big Brother Tshirt (what else?):

For Rii, the crown that she rightly deserves as the Blogger Queen:

For Sarge, who studies brains:

For Michael, to lure you to Boston:

For Jenia, an entire shopping mall–shopping (yay!) and business all rolled into one:

Okay, my brain is fried and I suspect I’m getting carpal tunnel with all the surfing, so if I missed you, I’m SOooooo sorry. Here’re some chocolates for you:

Or if you’re more inclined (nudges Monty) some beer:

Okay, now for the “Rules” bit, which I didn’t follow, but feel I should include just the same:

  1. Post a blog about this game. Start with the picture of the gift you received.
  2. Give out at least 5 presents, including (hopefully) one for the person who sent you a Virtual Tacky Gift in the first place.
  3. Gifts can be something funny/ugly/silly you own��� but if that���s too much work, go ahead and ���shop��� on Google Images.
  4. Include these rules and links to your friends��� pages.
  5. Have fun!

The first pic is for Kerry’s SMILEY 360 campaign and not about the tag.


31 thoughts on “(Not So) Tacky Virtual Gifts Tag Thing

  1. Wooooo hooooo…gifts for all!! Haha..I’m like you ~ I’ve never participated in a tag before, but I really thought it was a cute idea! Thank you for sharing your oh-so-sparkly shoe with me! I have a Fergie song going through my head now “glamourous, oh so glamourous”! Haha. I’m digging Maggie’s figurine…hahahahah ;p

  2. Thank you, Fuzzy. Just what I need, although not today with all this global cooling and wetting that’s going on.

  3. Hehe, Ang, too funny (and now I have that Fergie song stuck in my head!). 😀

    Well, Neil, if I’d only read about your socks before selecting my giftie for you, I’d have been on much better footing. 😉

  4. Heee, Laurie!! I don’t know you well enough to come up with a virtual gift (except maybe a dictionary since you fixed the “gray” vs. “grey” thing for me), but I’m so glad you’re here! Yay. And totally borrow it, why not? It’s fun. (pssst, I like shoes and chocolate. lmao)

  5. Oh I see. It would be a huge waste to give me anything else since I like many other gifts already featured on here. I may just steal one. Coffee Cup looks alluring. Hope it is hot and STRONG.

    And I wonder and wonder, why this page hasn’t been set to ”mature” already. I mean you can’t have a sleazy picture of two dolphins making it out and then let the whole world see those naked, lusty, fiery Dolfonic passions that make the water boil.

  6. Thank you once again….now only if someone would give me three wishes….I could make my figurine come to life! LOL!
    Nancy’s is perfect too! She loves Desmond!
    See that was fun!!!

  7. perfect gift, fuzzy! thank you so much! 🙂 and i am getting some great ideas for when i eventually do this tag. *hugs*

  8. See? Elmo, how can you make something so sweet and nice into something so icky? Bad, Elmo, bad! 😀

    LOL, No, it wasn’t so bad, Maggie, but I did get a bit frustrated looking for “tacky” and just ended up grabbing whatever made me think of someone! But it was totally fun, so thanks for doing it and getting the ball rolling. hehe

    Yay, Kerry!! Are you on your way now? *hugs*

  9. ROFLMAOoooooo! What a great gift!
    But I already have three passports from various countries, do I really need a fourth one? It looks very cool, though. I have a blue, a red and a maroon one but never had a black one. Looks a bit like a bible, no? Is it really black, the real one?

    I’m loving my new gift, and I would so like to see you in person while hubby hugs his family. It’s going to big a long hug, you know. I will have the time to travel while they are doing it.
    Maybe I can take you to New York for sightseeing, since you wouldn’t go on your own…LOL

  10. Hei Fuzz.

    THANK YOU for me crown! WOW.
    Blogger Queen – sounds so very impressive…
    You are such a generous soul, so you are, Gal!
    I am honoured to be on your list of recipients.

    HUGE Royally Regal HUGZ pour toi. Rii xx

  11. Yay Fanta!! Clapping hands and jumping up and down; I’m SOOOO thrilled that you like your present!! It’s weird, though, because our passports are actually a navyish/royal blue color, so I don’t know why it shows black here. And ooooooh, would SO love to really meet you; we’d have a marvelous time and OF COURSE a big big hug!! And New York would be splendid; I’ve never been!! 😀 Yay!! Huggs and love, Fantastic One

    Sorry, Shell, I couldn’t think of any hot guys that I know you like (so tell me who you salivate after)! But I KNOW you like Big Brother . . . shoulda got you the BB house!! lolol

    You’re the best, Rii; I honestly don’t know how you do it, but when it comes to all the aspects of blogging, you just get it right (making us all feel special, no matter how many are on your list, keeping it interesting and fun, posting regularly, commenting back on comments, well, the list goes on . . . me? I always need a bit of time away and / or get behind on visiting or comments, but you never seem to!). Honest to goodness huggs from me to your regal and dignified self xx

    Ooooh, that would be fab, huh, Kerry? *hugs*

  12. I’ve never been either, but I have been keeping eyes and ears open, can’t be any worse that any other big city I’ve been to so far. I love BIG cities!!! With all the buzz and energy twirling around. Multicultural, therefore a very good choice of places to eat at, restaurants trying to give their only best in order to survive against such great competition, good art supply stores, good groceries, what else do we need? YAY!

  13. **Super Huggs**
    That is the best gift EVAR!!!
    What did we do to have such a wonderful person as a friend here in 360…

    Each of the gifts has been chosen with so much care…just like all your comments. You see and treat each person as a unique individual….maybe that is because you are a unique individual.

    Thank you Fuzzie for being YOU.

  14. Wow Fuzz! Thanks very much. 😀 I’ll start penning my manifesto now then, starting with a honourary knighthood for your goodself.

  15. OMG! This is sooooooooooooo cute! Thank you for the great flying Llama. Loved it…and for you, you get THE BEST 360 POST EVER! Hugs. This was so much fun reading everyone’s gifts.

  16. I would have responded earlier, but I was with my mosaic Desmond all week end (wink, wink). Thank you ever so much for the thoughtful virtual gift. You know your friends pretty well.
    I have to admit that the temptation to fall for Sawyer is even greater with that figurine (LOL)!!
    What a fun tag. :0)

  17. I felt sure that I had already commented on my pressie here but couldn’t find it. Maybe the computer was playing up again and didn’t post the comment. Yahoo is doing my head in lately and seems like my head is a bit like Alley’s as far as this Yahoo thing is concerned. The pressie is fab and love it to pieces so thanks you are a great friend. x

  18. hehe, well, I thought that would be great, Tally, then you can fly to Boston for a weekend, too!! Wooohooo!! Hugggs TFT

    Awww, Rainy, your comment so touched me; thank you very very much! I think you’re pretty darned special! 😀 Massive huggs to you xx

    hehe, Treesparrow, you live in such an idyllic place, I couldn’t think of anything for you, so I’m very glad you liked the chocolates (AND I’m glad you ate them all up). Huggs

    Ooooh, Fabi, what’s a lady knight called? Would I be a “dame” like Judy Dench? How grand would I be? And I’m looking forward to seeing that manifesto, as well; I just hope you have someone good to work with on this side of the Atlantic! 😀

    hehe, how could I not get you the flying llama, Gaby? It screamed you! 😀

    hehe, well, Nancy, I think they may just have a Desmond and/or Jack figurine at that site, so . . . Christmas is only six months away . . . hehe Huggs

    I’d have gotten you Mr. Right, Snuggles, but couldn’t find ‘im online; he must be on his way to Devon as we speak (or as I type). Glad you like your Ally McBeal bobblehead thing; it made me think of you right away!! Huggs to you my great friend!! 😀

  19. WOO HOO Fuzzy!
    Thank YOU so much!! Rock N Roll N Richard Dreyfuss… It just doesn’t get any better than that!! @@@ big hugs! G. xo xo

  20. Yay!! There she is!! Woohoo, GG, so happy you found your gifties, I thought I was going to have to wrap them up and send them to you, and you know how the postal service frowns on sending people through the mail these days. Hehe. Huggs xx

  21. hehe, Nancy, but the surprise is all gone . . . I’ll have to think of a fun stocking stuffer for you, too. 😀

    It’s a tacky or extraordinary gift exchange, Mitch! An ipod is neither. LOL

  22. You’re very welcome, Mitch!! :)) (If/When Jac comes back I’ll let her know you’re hankering for an ipod for Christmas. ;))

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