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I love blogging. I love blogging in the morning; I love blogging at suppertime. At first, blogging for me was about putting some thoughts “out there” for the world to see, and that was okay, but then slowly, blogging became more and more “about” social interaction in the form of comments. Now I’ve blogged on comments before, and I don’t think I’m in a minority when I say that comments (getting them, mainly, but also the dialogue that can be exchanged in comments) make blogging grand. I love to log on (though not really because yahoo! has that stay logged on for two weeks thing now) and find comments; even after a year and some change, it still thrills me. And it’s always fun when someone has found an early post and commented on that; it’s fun to reread old posts, and it’s marvelous to think anyone would care what I have to say enough to check out an old post. Gives me the warm fuzzies every single time.

Blogging is SO grand, in fact, that sometimes it seems to suck up all my time and energy. Time and energy I should be devoting to other things (oh, I don’t know, like paying bills, doing laundry, working). So I break (no, this isn’t an I’m taking another break, Gang post), and I’ve noticed that others take blogging breaks, too. That got me wondering about the addictiveness of this medium, what is it about blogging that becomes so consuming that we actually need to disentangle ourselves from time to time to attend to “life matters”? And am I alone in getting a growing sense that blogland isn’t really a strange and special place outside of “reality” but an actual part of my reality, a part that I cherish more and more as time goes by and in no small part due to the very real and very special people I’ve met here? That’s a verbose way of saying that some of the friendships I’ve made here seem to transcend the blogosphere and feel “real.”

That doesn’t change the fact, though, that for some people blogging is clearly a “hobby”, like stamp collecting or macrame. Pick it up when you feel like it, don’t touch it when you don’t. That’s okay, too, of course. And it’s also a place where people seem to reinvent themselves and their pages (sometimes in a scary near-psychotic fashion). Me? I decided pretty early on that I wanted my page to reflect my scary near-psychosis, that I wanted to talk about politics, fashion, social injustice, food, racism, shoes . . . just whatever struck me whenever it did. There are all sorts of specific page “types” out there (politics, photos, sports, art, funny sayings/comics, etc.), and they’re all fun and interesting to read, view, experience, but I sometimes wonder how much thought goes into the making of a themed or topic-specific page. And is it difficult to stay focused on only one theme or topic?

I’ve also noticed that there are clear blogging “seasons”; I mean summer seems to be a less busy blog space, as (I imagine) people are out in boats, at the beach, picnicking, skipping through fields, swimming in pools, and doing other seasonal outdoorsy stuff that I’ve read about in magazines or seen on tv. That makes sense, when it’s cold and icky and there’s nothing much else to do (winter), people tend to blog more. Summer seems to be when people take their family vacations, too, and that means (very often) a vacation from blogging, as well.

I don’t know what I’m saying here as I’ve jumped from comments to blogland vs. reality to blog breaks/seasonal blogging, but I guess what I’m curious about is how you all feel about blogging in general and the need for breaks in particular.


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  1. I’m nodding my head in agreement with everything here…and giggling at the image of people running through fields….isn’t that what everyone does in summer? 😛
    I couldn’t just blog on 1 theme…I mean, I know Alex crops up a lot, but there’s so many random things in my head that I need to get out there sometimes. It’s a place to vent, to share things that make me laugh in the hope that others will laugh too, a place to air my views, in keeping with what others think or not…it’s just a great place to exist, if that makes sense.

    I have taken breaks in the past, when I’ve had bloggers block, or my comp died, or I was just too busy…I always missed it, and I can’t imagine a point any time soon where I’d want to stop blogging for good. It makes me feel too good.

    I always have loved your blogs, they just do it for me…maybe cause we share a similar sense of humour (and cattiness at times)…whatever, I missed you plenty while you were gone…so stay put!
    Hugggs 😀

  2. Omg…I had actually jotted down “running through fields” on my post-it note pad…soooo, I wouldn’t forget to tell you that I totally snorted when I read it….and now I see that Tally enjoyed it too!! Hahahaha

    Great blog. My thoughts…hmmm. Well, maybe I’m pathetic…but, there are several of my online friends…that I do consider to be true friends…not just virtual pals. I haven’t been blogging for very long, but I’ve had online friends friends for a few years. I’ve met lots of people, but there are a handful that I’m probably closer to than people in my everyday “live” world. I’ve pondered this before. And this is what I’ve come up with. It’s all about the communication…seriously. IT’s what we crave most (well..almost most…haha). I read something about online friendships/romances/whatever….and they say that they tend to actually work…because people spent so much time communicating before meeting.

    I’ve only been on here for a few months…but, I can honestly say that it’s become a part of my life that I totally enjoy. I hope to meet several of you someday…(you included…top of the list Ms. bTot..haha)

    And lastly….I’ll be checking back later for your comments on my comment…hahahahah :p (See..I’m not totally taking off this week….just probably not typing my own :p )

  3. i LOVE blogging,.. i love being silly and letting my true colours show,.. i LOVE seeing the reactions of my friends, and i LOVE meeting new people. i am very fussy about my blog friend type people though,.. lol i have a standard… LOL does that sounds snobbish or what!!! LOL but i will not tolerate people on my list, that are just THERE not doin anything. I love blogging, I love reading blogs, and cant understand anyone that doesnt, and for those that just add me, and have me on their blogs so they can be nosey to see what i’m writing about, because i’ve got my settings on friends only, well,… when i suss them out, they are soon to go as well!!!!!! i am a strick blogger type person.

  4. I was just having a conversation with my husband about my blog and what it means to me. He seems to think I spend way to much time on the computer (which is true) but that I also take my blog too seriously!!! I kinda blew up at that one…lol
    I DO take my blog seriously as well as the wonderful people I have met as a result of my blogs, this is something I do for myself. Something that is all mine and I don’t have to share. My secret hideaway!
    I haven’t been blogging for that long so I haven’t felt I needed a break yet, but I have noticed other’s taking breaks or blogging less. I guess sometimes it becomes too much to come up with a brilliant blog everyday or to keep up with a huge friends list. I am just having a grand old time!
    I am am like you, it just makes me soooo happy to find comments or messages when I sign on, and it makes me feel really good when people actually read and like (and find interesting) what I have to say! And I love to check back on my friends blogs to see their response to my comments, so yes, blogging is addictive. And I admit, I am a goner!
    Great post…again! :o)

  5. you have echoed many, if not all, of my sentiments. i think one of the things i enjoy most about this is the interaction with other people. i’ve made some really great friends here. friends that i feel much closer to than the ones i’ve made in real life. and sometimes i feel like when i say that, there are people out there rolling their eyes and thinking how pathetic that is, but it’s true.

    i’ve noticed the seasonality, too, of blogging. it was at about this time last year that i was noticing the lull. lol @ running through fields. that conjures up in my mind those cliched romance scenes of two people running to each other, arms outstretched, everything in slow motion. *giggles* too funny. 🙂

  6. Yes, it’s fun. Yes, it’s addictive. Yes, She Who Checks the History Record to Make Sure I Haven’t Been on Too Many Porn Sites thinks I spend too long on the computer. Yes, I thought all my friends were real friends and that Blogland was only a plane ride away. Yes, I always comment or sometimes just smile on the top page. And, yes, I read all the comments and one of the reasons it’s such fun is that I keep coming across comments from Ang and she makes me laugh and feel good about the rest of the day. Oops, it’s coming up to midnight . . .

  7. Great post Fuzz, and so true too. The great boon of blogging is its interactivity; placing your thoughts, opinions, rants and stories out their for the input of others. I love comments, whether they be pithy one liners or more lengthy missives, from the affirming to the openly critical. It’s part of what makes 360 tick for me. I love how you can discover other interesting, passionate and funny people just by clicking around this place, or noting comments on other blogs. I found Neil through Charlie, and I think I saw you comments over on Simon’s [redhols1] page etc.

    It certainly can suck up alot of time. I have had to restrict myself to posting ‘fluff’ lately due to my other commitments. There is still something of a backlog of half formed ideas sat half written on my PC, some of which will never get finished. I like others have also taken a hiatus or two; you can get jaded and reach a burnout point, so sometimes it is beneficial to get away and come back to it after a few days/weeks.

    I think you are certainly right about the seasonality. My blog tends to shut down [or at least slow down] once the summer holidays are here, and I imagine it will be the same this year.It already seems quieter around here don’t you think? I noted Mitch’s blast today made the same point, so maybe that summer hols bug has already started to bite.

  8. Hei Fuzz.

    I was thinking of writing an entry along these lines, actually, but now I do need not… heheh
    Anyway, the folks in their comments and yourself have echoed the feelings and thoughts
    that I do also have on this dear pastime to me aka blogging!

    I do LUV to write, to read, and to communicate with the populace of the earth extremely well. I have been criticized at times (by some online), but I have taken it with me chin up and with a sad heart, and did not let it hinder me writing on…

    Criticism makes one take stock and that is a very good thing, I think.

    Everything that one REALLY wants to do, one TAKES the time to do, whatever it may be in my opinion and as I value the friends who are and have become so very dear to me, I take time to communicate through the blogs and by reading others people’s pages as well.

    Another factor that has not been mentioned on the beneficial effects of blogging is that I do find it awfully therapeutic! I do, you see and especially, when I began to write – while my page was closed to all and sundry par moi – it was so marvellous to have the space, pace and peace to write and communicate in peace and quiet without having to perform to an audience; it was also there and then that I found ‘my voice’, my own style that suited me to express my thoughts in a public forum.

    I must say that opening up the page, first to those who I knew personally and then to the public at large was so very unnerving. I am so glad now that I did open me ponderings and wonderings because it is such a marvellous way of communicating and interacting with the people from all over the globe.

    Ooops, rather lengthy comment, I see, and will put the finish with this:
    I am hugely honoured to be a member of Your circle on 360, Fuzz. Absolutely.
    HUGZ from Me Regal Self, Rii xx

  9. I was recovering from my Chatroom addiction when I wandered into blog land…now im hooked on this instead, but its much healthier lol. My musings are very simple compared to others but I guess thats me :)… I know some people who blog are on some kind of mission to have the most friends..that isnt what im here for…it about getting to know the friends you have already and the friends of friends and so on and so on.I LOVE BLOGGING xxx

  10. Yep. Uh huh! Yeah! OH ME TOO! LOL! In short, I pretty much feel the same way you do about blogging. I was hesitant to join this new online experience, but am ever so glad I did. One, it has me writing again and on a daily basis which is never a bad thing. Two, I find that in writing about some of the things I do, that it gets it off my mind/shoulders/back and I tend to feel more at peace and more balanced afterward! And, like you, I have found some friendships here that are just as real as those in the non-online world. It’s a very cool thing! Hugs!

  11. No outdoorsy stuff for you?

    I love blogging, and I never thought I would! I have met wonderful people (such as the Princess Fuzzy) and have read about fascinating things! However, blogging can be a real burden when it comes to taking up too much time. I agree that a break is needed sometimes, especially when you begin to dread doing something you formerly enjoyed doing. Too much of a good thing is bad, as they say!

  12. As always you are right on track! My abseence is amplified of cours by changes in my surroundings with the addition of my Sons fam and grandbaby! But after the weather changes up a bit more many folks will be back at their consoles beating out the stories of their experiences and hopefully I’ll have the time to craft a couple of new tales of my own. I have just got to do something about that raft!

  13. Hmmm. good one. You’re a lively, likable and agreeable person that’s why you get all the comments. And you take great care to comment on comments!

    I understand what you’re saying. Women are always on the forefront of blogland, I suppose they simply LOVE networking and chatting (about everything and nothing LOL! 😉 Besides it’s a great mental, emotional outlet isn’t it?? and a place to make pals FAR AND FAR away from your geographic location.

    I personally think that another great usage of blogging is to post views, thoughts that will not otherwise get aired in the mass media for commercial reasons (not ”newsworthy”) or just because of political correctness. I can give little example from you: like you have candidly spoken about/ against preferential treatment for ”minorities” in granting jobs of great responsibility, just becausesome individuals belong to ”minorities”. It’s a valid opinion but it’s also something that the world’s most powerful newspaper, The New York Times, wouldn’t even dream of saying. lol

    Other subject was vulture funds. Bloggers stoked that fire a lot when mainstream media weren’t all that excited about it.

    SO.. Blogging has two great purposes: 1.) Entertainment, socializing, chats, exchange of views. 2.) Freedom of expression and speech, spreading awareness.

  14. hehe, Tally, no worries, I’m not taking another break any time soon. I so get what you mean, too, about a place to vent; I know I do a lot of that on here! Heee!! Huggs and love to you, TFT

    You TAKE NOTES on things to comment on, Ang? I’m in awe of your bloggerly talent and dedication! Yay you!! I take notes on what to blog, but not (yet) on what to comment on. Sigh. You do keep raising the bar, don’t you? And yes, I can see that the last factor would be greater with people online, as long as both are being open and honest; when people are fake here, that always shows eventually in one way or another (as it does in life, I guess). And here’s my comment on your comment; do you plan to comment on my comment to your comment? rofl Huggs, Chica

    But that’s okay, Blackie, I mean I don’t really like the friends who never ever comment or let me know they’re there. Well, not that I don’t like them . . . I don’t know what to do with them. I feel silly commenting if it’s all one way, you know? Like being a pest or something. So I have no problem hitting that delete key when need be; heck, I do periodic clean outs just to keep me sane, as I can’t keep up half the time as it is! 😀

    Yay Maggie!! I’m so happy to have met you and to be on your list; your enthusiasm is contagious and plus it’s just like mine, too. Hope all’s well with the hubby! But I’m like you, this is serious and just as vital to my peace of mind as shopping or lunch with friends, you know? And I always go back to see if someone commented on comments I left on their blog. Well, not always, I mean if I know they don’t do that, I don’t bother (but then, I usually don’t bother to comment on those in the first place, it’s like talking to a wall, to me. Nothing comes back). Huggs Marvelous Maggie 😀

    I don’t think that’s at all pathetic, Kerry, and I feel the same way about some of my friends here being more important or “real” than some of my real life ones. Well, not more “important” but you know what I mean, closer. And lol @ you reading my mind, the specific scene I was picturing was Bridget Jones skipping toward the fabulously hot and super sexy Colin Firth at the beginning of Edge of Reason! Wooohooo!! *hugs*

    lmao @ She Who . . . (don’t tell her that you know how to delete those entries/clean that history, Neil!!). Hehe, yes, Ang is great, huh? Yay!! Sleep tight, then, before you turn into a pumpkin. 😀

    Hey Fabi, yes, I think it was over the vulture funds thing that we met; I know I was very impressed with your desire to get the whole and balanced story before jumping on either side. And I don’t think you’ve been blogging fluff at all (certainly not as obviously as I have!!), so no worries there. I sent Mitch a similar mail; I do think it’s seasonal, as it should be I guess. Thanks for your ever great comments. 😀

    Who on earth would criticise you, Rii? And for what? I’ve never heard anything so strange!! Well, screw ’em, I say, if they don’t recognize you for the grand and dignified blogger you are! I love reading back through your blog, though I’ve still got a ways to go; those early entries are wonderful! Thanks for your wonderful comments, you can write as much as you like here. Honest huggs to your regal self xx

  15. Shell, yes, I’ve noticed the friends list mission, too, and I just don’t get that at all. What’s the pleasure in that? What’s the POINT of it? I like my friends, and I like the interaction between and among us. It’s what makes this fun (and yes, addictive ;P).

    Hehe, LO, have you noticed we share a lot of the same thoughts and views? You and Rii have both mentioned the cathartic aspect of blogging, and I think that there really is something to that. I know that I can let off a lot of steam here, and actually feel physically and emotionally better for it. Yay for blogging!! 😀 Huggs

    Sometimes I like outdoorsy stuff, Princess Ceres, I was just trying to be funny there. But I’m not a big outdoorsy person; I like sightseeing (hard to do indoors), ice skating (outdoors, but not on random lakes, on city rinks), walking at the park, and even skipping through fields. Hehe. And I can definitely relate to that whole dread thing; when I get too far behind in my reading/commenting, I can sometimes dread it, too. And that’s no good; it needs to stay fun. Thanks for your balanced and good comments, Princess! 😀

    There you go, RiverRat!! 😀 Can’t wait to read your raft experiences of summer.

    Elmo!! I totally LOVE what you have to say here, and you are so right; we DO get to say things here that we aren’t exposed to in the mainstream media. And we can make a difference about things that spark our attention and interest. And the chance to make friends with other people on other continents is just MARVELOUS!! It’s so exciting to chat with someone in Africa or Vietnam or India . . . I just love that aspect, too. Wow! Fab comments, dear Elmo. Yay you!!

  16. that’s another thing i like about blogging. i’ve met people all over the world. i don’t know how that would be possible other than doing a lot of travelling, which isn’t possible for most of us. i sometimes wonder what kind of impact that could have on the world. the more people are exposed to different cultures, the more barriers could be torn down. the possibilities are amazing, if a little pie-in-the-sky. but i really do think it could bring about wonderful changes in the world.

  17. “I blog therefore I am”

    A phrase that I would never put down to me.
    Yes it’s true, I do try and blog each morning, but if I don’t manage it then I don’t worry about it. Too many people in Blogland take life WAY TO SERIOUSLY. Does it matter that I only have 30 odd people on my friends list? Does it make me any less of a blogger than someone who has over 1 or 2 hundred? I write what I like, WHEN I LIKE. I’ve never hidden the fact. I’ve even managed to make people on my friends list realise that this isnt a contest and if someone doesn’t contact you or write anything for a while then are they any less a friend? Don’t delete people off of a friends list, what kind of a FRIEND does that? Would you say an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a month would be out of your peer group? If thats the case then there are time when I have to say I have no friends left in the world. The mark of a friend is UNDERSTANDING. Not just that people sometimes need their own space, but also understanding what they are about.

    Damn, I’m blogging in response to ya blog…….grrrrrr fuzz, you always managed to get me going off on one!! lol

    Nose bleed break again

    HMMMMMmmmmmmmmm wonder if I have Hypertension lol

    speak later and anyone who reads this should step back and think about the last person they deleted from their list for not blogging. Were you really a friend?

  18. Blogging helps put thinks into perspective for me. When I blog I am writing about my days and family. It causes me to think about my worries and complaints. Having it written sometimes I realise that I am being foolish or that I am not. I also like to meet new people and read about their lives and experiences. Blogging also is relaxing to me and allows the days stress to ease out.
    As for taking breaks. I normally only blog on the days I work. My computer at home is so damn slow. I have dial up. Also in the summer I spend a lot of time with my son . Not a lot of time to sit and read and blog.
    I do not delete anyone for not blogging. As I do not always blog and do not comment on every blog I read.

  19. Oooooh, yes, Kerry!! That’s so true, too, I mean how would we all ever meet the range of people even just from right here in the U. S., but let alone around the world. And omg, gasp! What a wonderful thought that we could possibly make a difference in the world, make it a happier place or at least as you say break barriers and get to know and understand one another . . . pie in the sky? Maybe, but gorgeous!! I love this comment/idea!! Yay!!! *hugs*

    hehe, Monty, you are too cute when you get all inflamed and upset!! I think that what we are (certainly I am) talking about is the new 360 friends, the ones that have only just been accepted but then never comment or post blogs. I don’t see anything wrong with deleting them to keep one’s list manageable and focused on the people who do blog. And have pages. As to the distinction between a RL old friend and a blogger friend . . . well, the line does blur with SOME 360 friends, but that takes time and give and take, it’s not automatic because someone sends an invite (how many of your real life friends did you send out invitations to be your friend? Usually upon overhearing something they said to someone else? Or by poking your head in their house and snooping around? rofl). I just don’t see the comparison. Though I will say that if I was always the only one reaching out, a friendship in real life would certainly dwindle; it takes being a friend to have a friend, and to me, that makes it a two way street. Now, that said, there are plenty of people on my friends list who don’t comment pubically at all and who will not be deleted–these are either real life friends, relatives, people who mail me private responses, or people like yourself, whom I cherish and respect and know and accept how you blog. The last people I deleted were ALL brand new people who’d neither posted a blog nor commented on a blog since inviting me. I don’t have any idea who they are as they never blogged or interacted with me, and I wasn’t their friend except in the sense that I was on their list. Shrug. It takes more to being a friend than just being a smiley face on a page, no? Yay!!! This is FUN, Monty, I love it when you go all nose bleedy and we have these fun debates!! Wooohoooo!!

    Hiya Bert! I like reading your blogs because you life is so sweet and nice and totally different than my own (as I am single and have no kids, etc. it’s nice to read about your family and your role as a parent/great mom!!). I’d noticed that you seemed to blog only late late at night (I see you around sometimes when I can’t sleep) and didn’t realize you don’t blog at home, but that makes sense about the dial up and wanting to spend home time with your family. So sensible and balanced. 🙂 Well, you’re one of those friends I wouldn’t delete just because you don’t blog for a bit (though I might send you a note worrying about how you’re doing!!). Take care.

  20. i don’t delete people for not blogging, either, but i have deleted people. when i have, it’s been because i don’t feel that i’ve connected to that person. if im looking at my list of friends and favourites and i see a name but have no clue who they are, then why are they on my list? can i really consider them a friend if we’ve had no communication since they sent an invite? i only send out invites to people that i actually intend on keeping in contact with, whether it be through their blog or quick comments or messages. i have been known to accept invitations from people just because they are on another friend’s friends list, and 9 times out of 10, i’m sorry that i accepted them because i don’t make a connection with that person. but i never delete someone just because they don’t blog enough for my taste. i have more than one friend who just doesn’t have the time to blog right now. lives can become busy and complicated and sometimes blogging has to take a backseat. i understand that. and if they manage to post a quick entry, i try to rush on over and comment to let them know that i haven’t forgotten about them. or i’ll leave a quick comment to let them know i’m thinking about them when i realize i haven’t heard from them in a while.

  21. omg, Kerry, that’s EXACTLY what I was trying to say but couldn’t manage to get out in any coherent way!! Yes. That’s it. Thanks for putting it so well!

  22. i think you did an excellent job of saying the same thing. and i like how you said, “if I was always the only one reaching out, a friendship in real life would certainly dwindle; it takes being a friend to have a friend, and to me, that makes it a two way street.” it just sums up everything i was trying to say. *hugs*

  23. I enjoy blogging and I think it is a great way to get to know others and their surroundings. You find that many people either are suffering or feel the way you do about tons of subjects. Sometimes our words help another to get through a tough time because all they need is someone who will listen and show that they have compassion. I know when I first hit literati I enjoyed word games but soon found that there were other people who liked to talk and I was home a lot by myself after the kids were in bed. I found a few great friends online and I have met a few weirdos but I still come back. I do take breaks when I feel I have nothing to say or that no one is really interested in what I am saying. Those are usually times that I have a little self loathing thing going on or as my grandmother would say “I was sitting on my pity pot.” I enjoy hearing about others and the day they have had or their excitement about something coming up.

    My ex used to say to me “Do you really think these people are truly your friend?” I think if we had the resources and the powers we certainly would help those we have found to be dear to us we would. And maybe I am just gullible =D

  24. I blog because its fun! I’ve always been a bit of a journaler (is that a word?).. so I can now do that here.. and have all these people, who I probably would have never met.. come and share my ‘thoughts’ or ‘life’. But is not just a ‘one-way’ thing.. equally, I love reading others blogs and what other people do or think or feel… about there cultures and traditions… its like ‘arm chair travel’… fantastic.. its that ‘networking’ thing… reaching out beyond my own small world… and learning about others… and whats important to them… which gives me a better perspective in my own life.

  25. As someone relatively new to the blogosphere… I have to say its become extremely addicting. I was never much of a computer junkie before but I find this forum so engrossing. Its wonderful to meet new people from all over the world and see life from their perspective. It rather makes all the petty things going on at home fade away….I think my husband is positively jealous of the time I spend on here…(which sadly, is considerably more than most of you since I’m still stuck in dial up Hell here in Maine!)…I’m not quite sure he understands the allure of blogland…but thats okay…alot of my posts concern him so I don’t want him too interested….. Suffice it to say I’m hooked and let me say thank you to all you interesting bloggers out there… keep me coming back for more!!

  26. yeah.. I must admit, I spend a lot of time in the pool since the last two months. I do like blogging too, but sometimes it’s so nice to just spend an hour moving muscles you don’t normally move in front of the computer screen. You can’t beat soft water that makes you feel weightless. You know what I mean. But swimming has its downsides too. I hate the rings around my eyes formed by the goggles (NOT GOOGLE!)
    I don’t think I do blogging as a hobby. It is definitely more than that. It has grown to be a part of me and It’s a brilliant form of expression. AND I have met some amazing people out here, so I will never regret the moment I wrote my first blog.
    I now sound like a teenager talking about a first kiss. LOL!

  27. I’m having trouble actually writing anything here……because you’ve more or less exactly summed up my own thoughts on blogging, blogland, etc. Spooky!! LOL. I get that thrill when I log on and find comments, conversely, I feel real disappointment when I find few or no comments, particularly if it’s a blog I’ve really worked on or am proud of.
    This IS social networking, I agree. My friends here are, to me, as important as ones in the ‘so-called’ real world.
    Themed blogs I find difficult, as I like variety and lots of it. I guess it depends on how I key into the particular theme.
    I think taking regular blog-breaks is important. When I find I am forcing myself to write a blog, rather than wanting to, it’s time to take a step back, recharge the batteries. In a funny sort of way, it’s like having a vacation from work (not that I’m saying blogging is work LOL).

  28. I just wanted to leave you a comment on your comment to my comment! Hehehehe :p I don’t take extensive notes!! For instance, while reading yesterday I jotted down “skipping fields”. That’s all! Hahaha…I just laughed and didn’t want to forget to comment on it! Okay, okay, okay..whatever…I’ll admit, I’m a dork :p

  29. I have noticed we have very similar thoughts and views. It’s a little freaky sometimes when I read one of your past blogs and think OMG I thought the same thing. LOL! What a great conversation you’ve started here! I love it!

  30. i find blogging very relaxing and all in all its a great way for nice people to interact with each other, even if we all have pschyiatric problems. also it does save going out in the rain.

  31. FIRST of all…good blog on blogging and having written that–I just think that is such a funny statement–who would have thought people would be writing such things TEN years ago??

    WHAT will people be writing in ten years?? Hmmmmm? I think you can get a feel for someone’s personality from their blogs and it is not suprising that people who REALLY get into this blogging or Yahoo end up dating or getting together…that is wild but again–not suprising. I think people should REALLY take their time with it and not get too crazy too fast.

    I also want to add that I think Ang’s comments are cute and Fuzzy IS a warm and welcoming person–that is why so many people flock to her page…I just did not notice where she originally commented that WOMEN are “in the forefront of blogland” as Eskimo suggested? Or did I miss something?
    I think men are just as into blogging as women are. It is an equal opportunity passtime.

    Another great blog Fuzzy! Thank you! K

  32. For me, blogging has created this suck zone around the area of my computer. I can’t even do dishes without looking at the blank screen, feeling like I’m missing something important (you know those damn kids that just won’t go to bed when you have company because they think that you’re going to party without them) that is going on out in the blog-o-sphere. My 360 friends are very real to me. In fact, Xindi is coming out in September to see me (happy dance, happy dance!), and that’s about as real as it gets.

    I think about blogging all the time… am I boring, is this blog ‘over share,’ blog block, you name it. I log in to see if I’ve had a comment or a message, or to see if there’s anything happening on my friends’ pages.

    It’s community. It’s my neighborhood. It’s my coffee group. I love it. I wouldn’t trade it. Besides, who the crap is going to listen to me long enough for me to get all of THIS out?

  33. Blogging to me is two-fold and sometimes frustrating. I want to read other’s posts, more than write my own many times. I find myself unwilling to comment if I have nothing real to say. I see that many comments are just polite or “duty” … and that’s nice, but it isn’t my own style at all. I do read everyone’s comments on all the sites that I visit. Sometimes the subject sparks something and I jump in – other times, I just go on more tours!

    I love it when I go to someone’s site and they are communicating their love of their life, their career…their dreams, their works, or complaining or describing. Doesn’t have to be all pollyanna, but upbeat is nice. My favorites are the funny post bloggers. Also the talented or intelligently profound ones. There are many on here that give of themselves hugely. I like that. You do that and you seem to do it with humor and fun.

    I try to do that. I don’t know if I’m considered ‘fake’ because I have my Llama self up. I would hope not, but then there is not much I can do about that. In being a 4-legger, I’m able to try to speak sometimes what the 4-leggers do and think.

    I love blogging because people accept you for what you say and think and manifest…not what you look like, or all the superficial things. If you’re a freak or have a physical flaw, people tend to avoid you. If you’re famous, people completely act differently and then get weird, and you can’t trust their true friendship. If you’re ugly, they avoid you. If you’re too beautiful physically, they act either like they’re you’re best friend because they like being ‘seen’ and considered one of the “beautiful people”…or if you’re beautiful, they can take the opposite point of view and hate you and then get mean. If you’re poor…well they don’t like you and it closes all discussions. If you’re thoroughly rich they won’t act natural because of that! In my opinion, this world is a solid one. Those listen to you because you are you. Those share with you because they have something to share.

    Oh my I’m rambling and I’m due up early in the morning…

    I could ramble on much longer, but my eyes are at half mast. LOL.

    I love comments too…But I don’t mind lurkers.

    Sweet Dreams dear Fuzzy! Now I feel like I just went blah-blah-blah. Sorry.

  34. Hei again Fuzz.

    Re: critics of Da Blonde – Those that I do not add coz don’t want to add ’em and
    or those who are just meanies!! Have had some really vicious attacks, let me tell ye.

    Take care and do keep so well. Rii xx HUGZ

  35. Yay!
    I already put this on Maggie’s blog, but I’m a big fan of Hugo Boss scents, especially Pure Purple, and Intense. They’re pretty intense, and I feel they suit my personality, if that makes any scents (:P)
    When I was a teen I was crazy about Tommy Girl (Tommy Hilfiger), when I fell pregnant suddenly the smell of it gave me awful headaches and I couldn’t stand the aroma of it any more. SO I quit wearing perfume for a while…when I got back to it, I kinda felt I’d outgrown the gragrance, and I’m heading that way with Lacoste’s Touch Of Pink too…it’s just too young, somehow. Not that I want to smell like an old lady, but y’know…ok, I’m rambling here.

    I sometimes want to accost women and ask what perfume they’re wearing…but I’m too shy 😐

    I love a good scent on a man, there’s nothing hotter than someone that takes time to find something that smells good on them, rather than drowning themselves in Old Spice or Brut or some cheap body spray to cover up bad smells. Bleh!

  36. Hei Fuzz.

    Ooh such a beautifull scented entry!
    I like Armani’s ‘She’, actually.
    But a long time favourite scent of mine is Davidoff’s ‘Cool Water’ and now I got in Vienna Airport one kinda similar to it but stronger called, ‘Aquazur’ by Lancaster.

    I also like and have liked Estee Lauder’s ‘White Linen’ and ‘1881’ by Cerruti.
    Fun entry. HUGZ from me regal self scented with Aquazur!! HEEHE

  37. Sooooooo now I know why my husband puts on too much cologne….he can’t smell himself! hahahaha Seriously though….I have to keep reminding him to only use a lttle bit!
    And is he lying when he tells me that I don’t smel bad? LMAO!

    Hmmmm…my dad never wore cologne….and he never smelled so, I am not sure about being attracted to someone who smells like my dad! (EWWWW…lol)

    Ok….YAY! that you did a perfume blog! I have never smelled Portfolio, I will have to remember to sample that one….Red Door is the only one mentioned that I cannot stand, (on me) when I put it on me, it smells like urine! I am not even joking! But it smells so good in the bottle and on other people!

  38. I used to wear ‘White Linen’…
    My latest perfume is j’adore by Christian Dior….the perfume and not the cologne….the cologne smells terrible. It has a totally different scent than the perfume.

    Can you believe it…I also like Avon’s Night Magic evening musk.

    Hmmmm….been a long time since I have explored the scent department…think maybe it is worth checking out again…especially with all the descriptions in your posting.

    Thanks Fuzzy!!

  39. i always smell good. when i can be bothered to spray i use lynx but rare. as for perfume mich has one called ghost, and thankfully it doesnt disappear as its expensive.

  40. Yay, My first ever perfume that I bought out of my own wages was Beautiful, by Estee Lauder!!!
    Then I moved on to Issey Miyake’s summer version which is not produced anymore (it used to be in a blue bottle), and had to find a new favourite ending up with Women of Earth by Avon, which I wore for a few YEARS and still wear it on occasions. But then, six months ago or so, I absolutely fell in love with BVlgari’s “The blanc” (white tea thingie). I absolutely adore this latest one, and can’t wear the Avon one in the summer, because it attracts nasty bees when I’m outdoors.

    What I absolutely cannot stand, is women over-doing it. After a couple of decades, sure your nose becomes immune to the same perfume, so you are trying to put on more and more to be able to smell it just a little. But what about the normal people around stuck in an elevator with you!! I am keeping this very much in mind as I am sneakingly aging.
    And I am calling these ladies “marinating” ones, BTW.

    I used to love playing Rummy with my grandfather when he was around. This is not the game played with cards but with tiny ivory pieces that you had to organize on a tablet made out of Ebony covered in a very thin layer of leather (in those days we didn’t care about Ivory/leather items so much)
    The combination of these three smells are what the scent of my hubby is. I’d hate to say this was the reason I chose him to be my hubby, but it definitely played a big part in my decision.

    Is this song also forming in your head.. Ebony and Ivory, we’re together in perfect harmony…Oh God! I’m going to have this in my head for days now. Why did I have to go down that lane?
    All your fault Fuzzy.

    And yay! I can go without a shower!

    If I was a man I’d wear Fahrenheit. All the time. It’s delish!

  41. i don’t wear perfume too much anymore since having kids. now it’s maybe some scented body lotion. i used to love vanilla scented perfume. there was one that was scented with vanilla and mandarin oranges. i loved it! of course, i was about 15 years younger, too. 🙂 then a couple of years later i started wearing coco by chanel. i loved that, too, but i lost the bottle i had when i broke up with my boyfriend at the time. i never did buy anymore as it was expensive.

  42. my allergies just won’t allow me to wear perfume any more when i did i wore infinity by calvin klein . . .now its just eau d’ moi . .=)

  43. Signature scent in middle/high school — I did have one but had forgotten all about it, (thanks for the memories!): Avon’s Heaven Scent! My favorite now is Angel in the blue bottle…. Oh, Angel/Heaven Scent — seems like I’ve got some “higher-wordly” thing going????? I WISH!!!

  44. First of all, I’m going to complain about your page. A naked booby shot…oh, my virgin eyes!! Oh wait…I have a kiddo…that kinda shoots the whole virgin thing out of the water I suppose! Hahaha

    I haven’t read that book….I heard about it. I think. Or maybe I’m thinking about the CSI (I think that was the show) where the guy was killing girls to use their juices to make a signature scent. Hmmmm….ewwwww.

    Did you notice in Tally’s blog about her son designing a scratch and sniff computer??? We need that for your and Maggie’s blogs today!

    Hey..I think the room/floor blog sounds kinda fun….hahahah…I’m nosy that way :p

    Okay…the two perfumes I wear the most: Curve by Liz Claiborne, and Chic by Carolina Herrara. I’m a floral kinda of girl!

    Intersting research though…I’ll have to remember that. Hahaha…maybe Dudge didn’t mind the smell of all the excess Axe from the other day! :p

  45. hehe, next on mutual admiration society . . . *hugs* Kerry 😉

    Hi Laurie, we ALL feel that sometimes, so don’t you worry about “sitting on your pity pot” (that’s hysterical to me for some reason), and I hope you don’t mind my saying, but your ex sounds kind of mean. Obviously we are real and we are certainly real to each other; I know just what you mean about time and resources and all that. I’d so meet up with my 360 friends if only I could. 😀

    Treesparrow, I love that armchair travel aspect! That’s one of the reasons that I so love Rii’s, Mitch’s, and Rainy’s blogs because they post pics of parts of the world I’ve not yet and may never see. I just love that!! And that’s not to belittle anyone else’s blogs, either, I mean Tally posts some truly FAB pics of her area, for example. And I just love those, too. And it is good to hear others’ thoughts on issues, etc., too; I known I’ve refined or even changed my views based on blogging, that sharing of information and perspectives is a vital and enjoyable aspect of blogging for me, too. Yay!!

    hehe, you’ve beautifully summed up the hooked-ness of blogging, Rivergirl. Very cool. 😀

    Fanta, reading about the pool is making me nostalgic for one! I’m more of a floater on a raft thing than a swimmer, but you make it sound marvelous. I’ll never regret my first blog, either; I never dreamed it could turn out so wonderfully! (so much better than my first kiss did! LOL)

    Hey Mitch, we seem to be of the same mind of late, and that IS spooky!! I agree that a big red flag is feeling you HAVE to post something or (and I do this) just posting whatever to have a post. I know I need to step back, but I just can’t sometimes. Breaks are good for me in that way, though. 😀

    Oh no, Ang, don’t burst my bubble! I love that you take notes on your comments; your comments are ALWAYS thoughtful and fun and show that you’ve read the whole post, so I think yours are models for us all. I should take notes now and then; it’d save me popping up again and again with things I forgot to say! 😀

    Aw, thanks, LO; me, too. It seems all the posts about blogging get conversations going; it’s the one thing we all absolutely share an interest in, I guess. 😀

    Ever practical, Pilgrim, and yes, I think you’re right about psych issues. Yay us!! 😀

    Aw, thanks so much, Kate, and yeah, I kind of wondered where Elmo got that from, too, but he totally redeemed himself in the next para, so I forgave him (read: ignored that bit. LOL). I do see how people can connect, fall in love or make real friendships here, just as you say. It’s all quite marvelous (now you have me wondering what we’ll have/be doing in ten years!). 😀

    Pinkie, I thought I was the only one who glanced over at the computer wondering if I had a message or comment; so glad you do that, too!! 😀 And how marvelous about Xindi; lucky you two!!

    Gaby, this is so NOT blah blah blah, you make such marvelous points and bring up good topics of discussion, too. I love your four-leggedness and don’t think it’s at all phony! It’s good fun, besides, your warm heart and gentle nature ooze out when you’re not looking! 😀 And this does stop a lot of the visual judging that goes on (or it can enhance it; I’ve seen people with blog pics that are clearly not them but are gorgeous sexy girls (most often), sometimes even models, and they are inundated with friends of both sexes and romantic/sexual interests. It’s very interesting.). I love your comments!!

    Actually, EVERYONE has left such marvelous and insightful comments on this post; you all totally ROCK!! Yay!!

    And Rii; I’ve been attacked, too, and by silly people or silly mean people (more often). Mean people suck! But they get theirs, so no worries!! Many warm friendly hugs to stave off the haters. 😀

  46. Hey Tally!! I know just what you mean about some scents being too young or outgrowing them. I was a “Charlie girl” back when that was “the thing,” and I’m sure that if I smelled that now, I’d gag. And blush with embarrassment!! Hehe. I love a good scent on a man, too, though I’ve usually found that women are the ones who’ve done the hunt for the right scent, etc. I loved Polo (in the little blue bottle with gold lettering) on my ex. He turned out to be a jerk, but that scent . . . yummy!

    Oh, Rii, I LOVED Armani She in the bottle and on other people; it just turns rancid and old-smelling on me. Sigh. I wish it didn’t because it’s lovely otherwise. I’ll have to find some Aquazer on my next shopping travels, so I can have an idea of what it smells like! Honest hugs to your regal self xx

    Maggie, the dad thing was about their genetic makeup or some such, those scents we react to unawares (like pheremones), so no worries on that count; we can’t control it. But it IS icky, huh? Merry Christmas huggs to you from me!! 😀

    Oooh, Rainy, I ALMOST bought j’adore one time; it’s truly wonderful!! Yay!!

    I’ll have to check out both Lynx and Ghost, Pilgrim! 😀

    Booo to the bee attracting perfume, Fanta, that’s not good at all. But I bet it’s marvelous the rest of the year; I’ll have to give that white tea one a sniff, too, after this enthusiastic endorsement! 🙂 Oh, and I can’t stand it when women (or men, often European ones for some reason) walk around with an almost visible cloud of perfume around them; YUCK. And awww, love your granddaddy / hubby story; so warm and wonderful. 😀

    Kerry, vanilla and mandarin? Come to my kitchen, I can mix you a lovely new bottle of yummy perfume . . . oooh, we can toss in some cinnamon, too. It’s be to die for good. Teehee!! I know what you mean, I love the smell of vanilla and orange; Bath & Body Works has a fab shower gel / lotion that wouldn’t be as expensive as Chanel. 😀 *hugs*

    lol @ eau de moi, Laurie, that’s so wonderful! Wow, allergies to scents, huh? Does that extend to lotions and shower gels, too?

    JustMe, so that WAS a thing back in the day; I almost wrote that it was, but then I thought it could have just been me being self-absorbed and strange (like what else is new?). Yay!! And how funny about the Heaven and Angel (funny peculiar oooooh, not funny haha).

    Omg, Ang, the most comprehensive hit the topics comments!! Yay!! See? I JUST wrote about your commenting genius, and here you are proving me right again. 😀 And btw, Rabbit Girl, you’ve blown your innocent virgin cover for all time!! hehe And yuck at the CSI you mention; I swear I need to start watching that show! hehe See? I’m nosey that way, too, and am still waiting to see your office with its fab orange carpet, etc. Yeah, I found that research interesting, too; it also says that as we get older our sense of smell declines (in both genders). Huggs, you.

  47. Oh, I remember that book, I read it years ago and liked it alot….and another perfume blog…. I read Maggies the other day and was green with envy at her collection, now you make a list of all the scents I love. Well, not all, but some….I used to be a prefume junky and had more than I could ever wear. But now, living in Maine I seem to have cut back dramatically. Must be all that outdoor living! Or maybe I’m just getting old….. ):

  48. From the guy point of view…I think my sense of smell is pretty darn good. But ladies don’t over apply. It takes away from you. Perfume should be an accent to you own self, not the main course. Personally (if it matters, not I suppose) i’m a naturallist. You need only a very small amount if any, simply to enhance your already beautiful self. So to speak, in a virtual world.

  49. … humm I’ve heard of the book, but not read it… might have to add it to my ‘endless’ list of books to read. I love to wear purfume. like you, I go into shops and test ‘drive’ them. I love Addict by Dior, especially to be worn in winter as its quite ‘spicey’.. and Woman by Hugo… a lighter scent. And I love Issey Miyake any time…

  50. Oh! Mike and I saw a trailer for the movie of ‘Perfume’ a couple of weeks ago. It looked creepy, but good! I’ll have to look for the book now! I go through phases with my scents. Right now, it’s Vera Wang. Who knows what it will be next. 🙂

  51. Great blog Doc, this blog sums up well, what good blogging does for us. There are good and bad things, we will stay with the good and weed out the bad and have fun. Learnt a lot, glad to meet you Doc, Rii, Fanta, Ceres, Great people. Cheers 🙂

  52. I like CK One :), women have a better smell is it because of being a mother who needs to take care of her kids, I also heard women have a better hearing than men. If true, you guys are one up on us 🙂

  53. I have no problem with very light fragrances and seem to do better with fruity ones than floral. My allergies include every thing outdoors grasses, trees, weeds, molds, ect. Also, animals with fur but I have a dog anyway.

  54. when we used to have a body shop around here, i was always tempted to create my own perfume. i don’t know why i never did. there was another place that did that sort of thing, but i don’t go to that particular mall much anymore, so i don’t know if it’s still in business. i ought to do that, though. then i could get everything i want in one fragrance. that vanilla/orange/cinnamon sounds just about perfect. 🙂

  55. LOL – Old lady smells. Gack. I loved this post of yours. I had someone steal my smell at one time and it spoiled it for me. Reminded me of your stepmother’s theft! Smell is powerful for getting in touch with my memories. I actually have kept almost all the bottle of perfumes that I’ve used. White Shoulders is a sweet smell, lightly clean. An old one, Tabu is a nice athletic smell compliment.

    I had a German professor once that wore strong rose perfume. The entire room was permeated with rose scents and for some reason she always reminded me of a viewing…a funeral parlor. LOL No flowers smells for me, as a rule.

    Unfortunately I’m one of those Llama’s that can put on something that smells lovely at first whiff on me and then it begins to rot. Don’t know what that’s all about, but I’ve learned to ‘test’. “Beautiful” is truly lovely. I like it too. It’s delicious. I tend to like different scents for different moods and times. Orange and Lavender pleases me when I’m feeling light and airy meself. Lutece is a lovely smell. Clean and stays pure.

    I’m amazed at how the new smells tend to fade in very short order. You know, Britny Spears newest smellious product…or J-Lo’s. I’ll pass. I spoke to one of the salesladies about it. She said that she found this true, as well. Chanel, Este Lauder, are the tried and true.
    When I was younger I like one that was Golden Autumn by Prince Macchebelli, and they decided to stop making it. It was perfect and I would love to have it again. Alas.

    Now, for men, I enjoy soap smells. The only cologne on a man
    that really pleases me is Royal Copenhagen, but not gallons. Just a whiff is heavenly. Very clean smelling with an I’ll follow you anywhere scent.

    Now I’m up way too late…but I did sleep earlier, and found myself up again about an hour ago. I’m glad I decided to come in here. Your gift of writing is a pleasure.

    Pheromoned…hmmmmm. Hugs

    Some tidbits. Strong sense of smells are said to be indicative of some tendency toward insanity. Some DSM symptom or something. Can’t remember.

    Now I’m dozing off. Hugs for a smelly post! Grinz

  56. Oh, one more thing. You know how in giant department stores there’s always nice looking young girls around allowing you to try out the latest perfumes by spraying a little bit on your wrist?
    I can’t remember what brand this was, but it was definitely some super expensive latest product. I enthusiastically put my wrist out to be sprayed on and happily walked away with this amazingly expensive perfume on me.
    Later that day as I was having lunch with someone, I smelt some terrible cat urine, and wanted to move to another table, thinking that the scent comes from the bush which was right beside the table. I was shocked to discover that it was my wrist that smelt like that.
    So, I think sometimes we are being taken for a “ride” by the perfume manufacturers. LOL

  57. My apologies for the illiterate late night post. Good grief, there are so many mistakes that I can’t even begin to correct them all. Sheez. Apologies. It just stinks. (LOL)

  58. Oh, so it’s not just my hubby? I’ve been complaining for years that he can’t smell a thing. He readily admits it and occasionaly makes me sniff his shirts to see if they can be worn one more time… Uggg! I draw the line at smelling his underwear, though… not that he’d ever ask!!!
    I have a SUPER sense of smell, but stangely enough I cannot smell skunk. When we pass a squashed one on the road, everyone ducks for cover and I’ll be totally oblivious to it. I wonder why?

  59. Oh, so it’s not just my hubby? I’ve been complaining for years that he can’t smell a thing. He readily admits it and occasionaly makes me sniff his shirts to see if they can be worn one more time… Uggg! I draw the line at smelling his underwear, though… not that he’d ever ask!!!
    I have a SUPER sense of smell, but stangely enough I cannot smell skunk. When we pass a squashed one on the road, everyone ducks for cover and I’ll be totally oblivious to it. I wonder why?

  60. Ive been wearing the new Victoria Beckham perfume ‘intimately’..I smell posh!! lol…its actually very nice and inexpensive too

  61. Humans are creatures of habit, there is no denying it. We all have our own favoured scents and we tend to go “full circle” regardless of what happens in our lives.

    I always used to wear JPG’s ‘le male’ and stopped when my then “mates” told me i smelt like a raving woofter (slang for gay if you’re confused). So I spent time wearing Carolina Herrera from the same house name, Red for women, it just smelt better on me, Obsession by Klein, cos the then girlfriend loved it so much she married me lol but I was never happy until I went back to JPG’s Le Male. My other half is the same, she will only wear Karl Lagerfelds KL which is becoming increasingly rare in the UK, so much so I had to order it from some obscure shop in America for last Christmas (not many people I know would go to the lengths I did to get a bottle, trust me, I embarrassed myself at times trying to source some).

    By the way, it is true that men’s noses are less sensitive, I can’t smell flowers, but hen I do they smell like dirt, wierd huh. The only womens perfumes I can pick out very quickly are Anais Anais and Chloe, mainly due to the fact they are oil based and therefore stronger so i have been told.

    Still, nice to reply to one of your blogs without suffering from hyper tension lol

  62. Hmmmmm……this is a blog NOT to be sniffed at!! LOL. Was about to tiptoe past without stopping, muttering “another girlie blog” under my breath…..but of course, you always go and make it interesting, damn you!! LOL. I didn’t know about woman’s sense of smell being more sensitive than men’s Must be hell for you ladies. At least we are saved from our own honk!! LOL.
    By the way, I do believe that Suskind’s book has been made into a movie. Heaven knows how they are going to portray the olfactory passages on film!! The mind boggles!!

  63. I am fascinated by the olfactory thing myself. While I don’t think that Roger smells anything like my dad did, I did keep a t-shirt of my dad’s after he died (it was clean). Sometimes when I really missed him, I would take it out and smell it. (Hey, I am not proud and have no problem letting my weird secrets out.)
    I tried having a signature scent back in the day. I wore Halston for several years and then got tired of it. My new favorite became Eternity by Calvin Klein and I wore that for several years. I do have a bottle of Beautiful so I must have tried that for a short while. Today, I like to smell the Aveda products that I use in my hair. I also like to smell clean clothing and Dove soap. I wonder if a person’s smell intensifies as they age. My strongest choices were when I was younger.
    I like perfume on someone else if they don’t overdo it. (I wonder if guys sometimes put too much on because they can’t smell as well as we can? My sister told me that it was to cover up something nasty).
    Smells definitely trigger memories.

  64. Rivergirl, we’re going to have get you to the big city for a visit (no sassy shoes or perfumes for you in Maine? Waaaahhh!). Huggs 😀

    Thanks Heyman!!

    Treesparrow, yeah, I’m actually thinking of re-reading it now! (though I have to read the new Evanovich and Harry Potter first).

    LO, it would be creepy indeed, but as Mitch says at the bottom; I’m not at all sure what they’d do with all the olfactory significance of the book (and it IS significant in so many ways and on so many levels). Let me know if you watch it, though, I’m curious to hear if it’s any good.

    Oooh, I’ll have to look into that hearing one, Chris 😀

    Gosh, Laurie, that sounds pretty awful . . . I don’t know you well enough to make any “Bubble Boy” jokes, but you know I want to (LOL).

    Teehee, Kerry! I thought you’d like that. 😀 And I remember the Body Shop make your own perfume thing . . . I did it once, and the stuff burned my neck (not like a visible burn; it just stung my skin). I felt ripped off and never did it again. I do like their bath stuff, though, the milk bath in particular.

    Hey Gaby; I just love your long and thoughtful comments! (don’t you ever apologize for being entertaining, funny, and marvelous!!). Yeah, that really was odd on so many levels when she started wearing “my” perfume, just … wrong, you know? I bought a magnolia scented perfume when I was in France, and I really love it, but I don’t wear it because it’s so . . . floral. I’m not much for that either. So I use it in my bath!! 😀 And lavender is one of my all time favorites. Aw, and THANK YOU for your kind words about my writing; that makes me feel so good and happy. Huggs

    Hey Fanta, see? And I attributed that to my body chemistry; maybe it is a big perfume industry plot? hehe

    Hehe, Julie, I think that’s true. I mean it does explain why men’s restrooms are SO repugnant smelling (not that I’ve been in THAT many! LOL) and single guy’s places usually stink, too, unless they’ve been housebroken by marriage or a live-in. So it seems to me, anyway. Okay, on the skunk thing, I never smelled a skunk until I moved to New England, and I have to be honest, I’ve smelled MUCH worse smells than skunk, so I think they get a bad rap. Rotten eggs, bad ham, poop, BO . . . all smell worse than skunk.

    lol @ posh, Shell!

    Aw, Monty, that is so sweet of you to go to those lengths to get your wife a pressie! You’re so many sided and fabulous. Glad you are wearing what YOU like; I think that’s important. I used to love Obsession, too, but then every man in America started wearing it, and it became a bit overwhelming. And yay! @ no hypertension. Just don’t relax too much; you know me, I’ll be back with some inflaming this or that in a day or so. *wink*

    That’s great, Azad, what do you wear?

    LOL, Mitch, and thank you so much for the compliment; that makes me feel great that I can make even a “girly blog” interesting to you. Honestly, that’s high praise indeed. Yeah, it’s a movie, and I so agree that too much is likely lost in the scentfree film venue (I’ll not see it until I have it on good authority that it’s worth seeing). 😀

  65. Ah I adore perfume! I have always liked the designs of the little perfume bottles, and I have a small collection of those. I would wear perfume all of the time if it was not so expensive! 😀 My favorite perfume is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel! Their perfumes Chance, Chanel No. 5 (my mother’s favorite), and Allure are also lovely.

    Calvin Kline, Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren come out with some good scents sometimes too. Casual and Curve are two other favorites of mine.

    The book sounds interesting, and I also think there is going to be a movie of it!

    I also think that the best perfume is made in Italy and not in France. 🙂

  66. LOL @ your sister’s comment about the nasty. I do think that some people (in cultures where daily or even weekly bathing isn’t the norm) use perfume to cover their BO. And of course that just makes it perfumey BO. Ick. I don’t think it’s bad to smell your dad’s shirt, as you say at the end, our sense of smell and our memory are truly and deeply intertwined. Scents can throw me back in time just as quickly as a certain song or even a photo. Thanks for your comments, Nancy, it’s always grand to see you! 😀

  67. Hey Princess, how funny! I love Chanel no. 5, but MY mom wore that for years when I was young (and has started wearing it again lately), so I associate it with her. I’ll have to keep that in mind about the Italian fragrance thing. 😀

  68. Aw, Chris, and I’m so very glad to have met you!! You really make the whole blogging experience more fun. 😀

  69. Hey Fuzzy,

    I think I joined blog land to make new friends and just get my thoughts out there and see if people had the same views as me and whether or not there were people out there that want to listen to what I have to say and I have found some great friends along the way. Some that I would trust with my very close feelings, more so maybe than my real friends ( I know all friends are real, but you know what I mean). There is just something about you not facing and seeing the person that means that you can open up your true feelings and not hold back about anything and like they say its always good to talk so thanks guys for listening you make me feel like I am worth listening to well sometimes which is turn gives me some confidence in myself that I am worth listening to. Hope that made sense.

  70. Well, I for one couldn’t be more thrilled that you joined blogland, Snuggles; you really make it a better place by being here. And yes, I think it’s true that the anonymity of blogging makes it easier to open up in some areas, sort of get those feelings out there, you know? I feel that, too. And yes, you are both worth listening to (well worth it!) and making much sense. Huggs.

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