Beating Blogger's Block


There’s a lot of it going around; on blog page after blog page, I read that someone is having trouble coming up with ideas, or I can see that someone is having trouble (I have a secret method for spotting this, one I won’t share here for fear it will incriminate me). And the other day, Ang and I were having a who’s the nerdiest nerd in all 360land contest, and I thought to myself that it would be good and fun to hear how everyone comes up with their blog post ideas and to trade ideas, even. I have no problem posting my ideas from my idea book (Ang and I both have one: Fuzzy 1/ Ang 1) because I know that my idea of a post on . . . say, utopian societies won’t be the same as someone else’s (and yes, that is an actual idea in my actual blog idea book).

Aside: one of the most difficult things to teach when teaching writing is the (thunderous echo about to commence, so cover your ears) thesis statement statement atement ment; one of my favorite colleagues (also a fab former office mate) once wondered aloud about the possibilities of assigning the same thesis statement to an entire class. I still ponder that idea from time to time.

My point being (in this post) that even if fifteen or twenty people were handed the same exact argument on which to write an essay, they would generate fifteen to twenty different papers. Likewise, we could all write about . . . oh, say . . . gender equality (not a topic on my list, but the theme of a few topics) and generate totally different posts. Even with a more specific topic idea . . . say, same sex classes in public schools, we’d all come up with something different, be it in terms of tone, style, references, organization, angle, extras (vids, links, quizzes, whatever). (okay, I’m droning on and on about this one little non-point. Stopping now).

So as I was telling Ang, I keep one of those little steno type pads by my bed and write down ideas for blogs that come to me as I’m watching tv or about to fall asleep (I get some great ideas when I’m only partly conscious, go figure). Other places I go for ideas are those “Strange but True” news sites; they’re always good for a giggle, too, by the way. I also am guilty of filching ideas from other people–did you know there’s a whole group of people out here who believe that’s a bad thing? How peculiar is that? I’m pleased when someone likes my post enough to “spin off”. I also have a bunch of sites favorited for later; for example, Chris sent me a neat link about shoes that I’ll blog one day, and there’s one on the Shipbreakers of Bangladesh (an interesting piece I saw on 20/20Dateline60Minutes; have you noticed how all those shows overlap and run together?). And when all else fails, I dump the contents of my purse on the table . . .

Some of my posts-to-be include the famous shrimp post (that will never happen; I just liked the sound of “shrimp and shoes”–quickly came to realize that unless I did a Bubba Gump list o’ ways to prepare shrimp, I’d not have much to say), the yet to materialize guardian angel post (I’m working on it, Princess Ceres), the post about women serving on the front lines in war (I’m saving that for Monty‘s next aneurism), and a Movie Night on The Hours (no, I’ve not forgotten, Blackie, just haven’t been in an Hours space).

So what goes on in your heads or on your own topic lists, if you have one? Where do you get your ideas? What are some of them? Or what kinds of blog topics do you most enjoy?


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  1. When I want to blog, I blog. It is true that sometimes it’s harder, specially if someone has gotten into a subject first, but normally I base my blogs around “observational humour” which translated into laymans terms means I see it, I speak it. People don’t have to like what I write, as long as they like the way I write it, I’m happy. And as for women on the front lines in battle ……….. You’re in for a shocker if ya do lmao

  2. well, i definitely have to say that for the last few months, i’ve been suffering from bloggers block. not that i’ve ever really put a lot of effort into my blogs in the first place. i’ve posted tons and tons of meaningless crapola just to have something posted. but i think that’s ok. most of the time, i guess, i probably use this forum to complain about something going on in my life, mostly to get it off my chest. once people starting reading it, i posted it in the hopes of getting feedback. it’s always nice to hear that someone knows and understands what you’re going through. but i also try to entertain. i love making people laugh, even if i’m hopeless at it. i know so many people who are so much funnier than me. and i totally borrow ideas from other people. it’s almost impossible not to sometimes when the idea is good. i hope i haven’t upset anyone doing that. i always try to give credit where credit is due. i’m not so into doing topical blogs because i really don’t know much about topical things to feel comfortable writing an opinion. i think about it every now and then, but it’s just not my thing.

    well, i think i managed to do quite a bit of rambling here without making any sense or point whatsoever! whoo hoo! i need coffee.

  3. Ain’t much goin’ on im my head, just alot of noise that doesn’t make alot of sense!
    Hahaha….seriously though,
    I have a note book for blog ideas, it does not have much written in it, but sometimes when I cannot get to a computer I will sit and write ideas down or draft out a blog.
    When “Lost” was on I would sit and take notes so I would remember certain things that were said or things that happened and include them in my “Lost” blog!
    Lately I cannot come up with anything interesting so I have just been spontaneous, like the other morning when I was dusting my perfumes and had the idea for my perfume blog…lol

    So far I have enjoyed every single one of your blogs that I have read! I love the diversity of all my freinds’ blogs here on 360! It’s not always what you blog about, sometimes it’s how you blog it! The most boring subject can become the most funnest thing I have read all week!
    You always make your blogs fun to read, even when you shared the news with us about your medical scare, it was such a serious topic but somehow you lightened the mood and made it funny and that’s why you and your blogs are so fabulous!

  4. Blogging is one of my favorite subjects that I like to read about. Anything to do with media: I even gained a degree in Mass Media studies for fun. πŸ˜‰ One of the most popular blogs are sex and erotica blogs. But interestingly they seem to appear for a brief period and then they are abandoned by the writer. I assume, it could be because of some ”phase” that the writer was going through. Actually, lots other blogs also appear like meteors and after a short period of fame they disappear as the blogger’s blogging phase expires.

    A dedicated blogger is an entirely different species who not only fills the vacuum in his or her life by blogging but actually makes time for blogging even as there may be other engagements and duties.

    I would definitely say that Online friends and Blog popularity have an extreme correlation. More often than not, they exist because of each other. Almost like an online family or a sorority or gang or clique.

    I have an interesting contrast to cite as an example. As I said in my previous comment I have a mirror blog on WordPress with almost same content as my Yahoo360. I sometimes post my wordpress blog address on some sites to attract traffic. Some of my posts on WordPress were read by much more people than on 360. But almost NONE received a single comment which I find very annoying. I should underline, it is like that with many Blogger or WordPress blogs which are incredibly interesting and informative, yet they barely receive any comments as opposed to social network sites.

    I don’t think feedback should be a social thing. I ALWAYS post a comment on any blog that I like. But 90% of people seem to think that they can post a comment only if they know the person. Stupider still, if sometimes strangers post a comment they also say, ”I hope you don’t mind me posting this comment.” I mean- you dork, LOL – why the heck someone would enable ”open for public comments” option in the first place? Doesn’t that ring a resounding bell in your empty brain? LOL

    At last, Another VERY interesting finding about popularity of a certain blog or post is: its special appeal. I once created a post using collage of pictures from Brokeback Mountain and real dialogue from the movie. I deliberately entered one picture of the two men kissing on lips at the end so that no evading is possible by the reader. Most people turned a blind eye. No one wanted to say it (the whole collage and dialogue) was beautiful. I was laughing all through. Maybe people were waiting for me to post another one so they could comment on that one and pretend they did not see the last one.

    BUT On my WordPress that was a record breaking post as I had advertised it on Gay and Lesbian section of Netscape. So many people admired it (so many of them were heterosexuals, many others, gay etc.) Some comments were really sweet. Someone thanked me for ”bittersweet tears”. I was touched by the positive emotional response and aesthetic admiration. I think this is the positive side of exposing your ideas to strangers than your own bunch. What is the use of ideas- no matter how cool, innovative or ground-breaking if you’re only dumping them on the same people over and over again? That’s another point- not the only point- I am trying to make.

  5. Wow…Eskimo gets the award for longest blog comment that I have “EVAR” (snort) read!!! (I actually read the entire thing too….great blog!!…errm, comment!)

    Well, I would love to be all enlightening, but a lot of my ideas in my oh-so-nerdy book are one word! I jot them down when I think of them. Then, if I can’t think of an appropriate blog for the day…I look at my words…and go from there.

    Sometimes, the ideas literally pass me on the road (i.e…the shopping cart one!) Sometimes, I turn off a movie and blog immediately. I guess I don’t have a specific formula. Although, specific formula is not really my style….in any area of my life.

    Wooo hooo @ my mention in your blog. Do you get as excited as I do when someone links you?? I find it to be the ultimate compliment!

    Hahaah @ the pic….”cats & quizzes…..”

  6. Its summer I have very little in my head until August. I blog about life so if I am doing a lot then I have lots to blog about but if I am sitting around the house trying to find something else to do besides the laundry mountain then I have very little to blog about.

  7. Wow – I applaud you for being so organized – and having a bunch of “topics in waiting ” is a great idea. Unfortunately, it seems like whenever I try to tuck something away for later, when I bring it back up, it doesn’t feel important or meaningful any more. My blogs are just whatever happens to be going on in my head at the moment I sit down to type.

  8. hmmm…i’ve said, “i hope you don’t mind if i comment” on people’s comments before. it can be a little nerve-wracking when you first start out here, to comment on the blog of someone who has a lot of friends. just because it’s public doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be liked by the person and welcomed with open arms. i remember there was someone who was on the friends lists of a lot of friends of mine, so i went to check out his blog. i commented a few times. never got any kind of acknowledgement at all. it was like he’d skip right over my comment to the person who commented after me. after about three or four times, i got the hint and i stopped commenting because i reaized that he wasn’t interested in being friends with me. that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

  9. Now I’m totally curious, Monty . . . I may have to do one just to see what you’ll say! πŸ˜‰ As to how you say it, I love your sense of humor and find your blogs great fun to read.

    omg, Kerry, you are WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too modest! I love your blogs and think you are truly hysterical. You make me laugh like few people can and have the sharpest, darkest wit around; I love that about you. So stop all that down talk, you. πŸ˜› As to your posts, I think they’re always good, even if it’s just a pic of an emo with a Spongebob backpack (which, btw, I thought was FAB!). And I totally steal other people’s ideas for posts (look at the one on perfume from Maggie and every single shoe Sunday post and . . . well, I could go on and on. Oops, wonder if that’s bad?) You better keep blogging, Girl, or I’m going door to door through the heartland until I find you and drag you to the keyboard. (and don’t think I’m kidding)

    Yay! Your Lost blogs were fab, and the Lost parties at your place were SO much fun. I learned a lot, too, because people noticed things I didn’t and we all go to talking about things that had bugged us (and who was the hottest hottie on the beach. hehe). I just wish I hadn’t missed the finale chat (stupid operation!). But we’ll catch up with the first few season this summer, right? That perfume blog was wonderful (I stole it!) And THANK YOU so much for your wonderful comments about my blog! Aww, that is just so sweet of you!! Huggs.

    Hey there, Elmo. I don’t see the draw of sex and/or erotica blogs, I really don’t. But I guess there must be a “market” for them, or there wouldn’t be so many. And I have no problem with your blogment, so no worries there; in fact, I found it interesting that as you point out different venues seem to invite comments; whereas, others don’t. I have a mirror(ish) blog at blogger, too, and have only had one comment (from some Bible thumper who was upset about my calling abortion bombers terrorists). Personally, I don’t really say what I think in order to change the world, just to get it off my chest. But I do see your point for those wanting to make a difference, etc. Thanks for still more grand comments! (you’re on a roll lately!)

    Teehee, Ang, you are just so cute! And yes, I totally love being linked and think it a highest of high compliments, too! :)) I do wonder if people ever actually follow those links, though! Hmmmm . . . . I know what you mean about not having a specific formula, too. I pretty much just trot out whatever’s on my mind or whatever I feel like (that’s why they’re so diverse, I guess, I have a lot of diverse interests, so . . . .) I will say, though, that your blogs are *always* fun to read! And I read them all the way through, too! Woohoo!!

    oh, Laurie! Blog that laundry mountain; I want to see a pic! I’ve considered writing about laundry detergents and fabric softners and laundry detergents WITH fabric softeners, or the ones “for” whites only, etc. (that’s in my blog topic list). I do these “product” blogs from time to time, so it’s not as lame as it sounds. Well, okay, it IS as lame as it sounds. Sigh.

    I definitely am with you on the having an idea tucked away that never really comes to fruition. I’ve tried again and again to write the spontaneous human combustion blog post, but it just won’t come back. Kinda sucks, too, because I had a good bit of it in my head. Just can’t feel good about it again. That’s happened with other topics, too, of course. Guess that’s why they’re on my topic list still. Hehe.

  10. Oh, Kerry! That’s happened to me quite a few times, and it always kind of hurts my feelings. People should at least acknowledge a comment, even if they don’t want to be bestest buds with the commenter. It’s just bad manners to ignore something someone posts on your page (unless it’s the stupid outpourings of a fool, of course! But I mean generally speaking, nice comments and such). There was this one time (at band camp / hehe) that I commented on this girl’s page who had actually contacted me by mail and we’d had a nice exchange, and she ignored my comment. So I thought she didn’t see it maybe and commented again a while later. Nothing. So I said “aw, too bad” (well, it sounded more like “fecking biatch”), and just never bothered again. So I totally get your point about that; I always say where I came from (whose page) and that I hope they don’t mind. I never mind who comments, but it’s very clear that others DO.

  11. well, yeah, i will admit that my feelings were hurt a little bit, but then i realized that not everyone is going to like me and i have plenty of friends who do, so i let it go. *shrugs* i mean, it’s his loss, right? lol!

  12. Hey thanks. Well, I am NO fan of erotica blogs. In fact they bored me whenever I came across them. What I meant was their popularity is immense and the people who comment on them are regular and aplenty. These blogs are not always pornographic in nature but sometimes surround sex, relationships and romance topics and man it sells. lol

    ”Getting it off your chest” You nailed it. This is exactly what I would want to write as the prime motivation for most bloggers.

    It made me laugh to know that your Blogger post received a rare comment from a godly person concerning abortion. lol!.. They tend to express themselves everywhere. Interesting you should mention it though because right now I am reading some very interesting little chapter in a book that discusses arresting abortion facts in U.S. and how it was legalized in 1973 etc. This is such an off topic for me that absolutely does not concern me at this stage of my life. But wherever I look people seem to be talking their heads off about it, FOREVER. I saw that movie, The Ninth Justice. Very contentious issue. Maybe I will read your post on it. Hmmm…

  13. Definitely his loss, Kerry, you SO rock! (I know we had this convo in QC, but I couldn’t possibly not respond here because then someone might think I was ignoring you and that would just be wrong.) *hugs*

    You know, Elmo, it’s funny, but that post wasn’t even ABOUT abortion, it was about “homegrown” terrorists and al Queda. Here’s the link, if you want to check it out: But the guy’s comment was so far off base that I didn’t even respond to it. Something about how Eric Rudolph blowing up abortion clinics (and the people IN them) was doing God’s work . . . or some such. Shrug. I’ve tried to blog a couple times about romance and relationships, but I’m just not comfortable with those topics in such a public forum. But I think that everyone is different in this regard, what they’re comfortable with and what they’re not. But that’s what keeps it fun and interesting, I think. I’ve not seen Ninth Justice, but you make me curious about it. πŸ˜€

  14. Hilarious! haahahaha.. No I’m not berating anyone here. I’m just enjoying the contrast and Reverend’s getting swayed a bit and offering a prayer in the end as well. lol….

  15. Hiya Fuzz…where’ve you been I haven’t seen you in my neck of the woods for ages…not to the blog….well as you know I don’t exactly have a list of topics…i tend to just blog about whatever I am thinking at the if I am just listening to music, that’s what you get….or if I feel like making a movie then I do that….or if I want to wax lyrical as a writer then I write stories. I often think that I should write empiracle things but I spend so much time diving around in other people’s blogs and I can’t think of anything at all that might interest the world. So basically you get whatever is going on in my space when I sit down with a screen before me and I just hope like hell that someone finds it interesting or uplifting or fun or whatever…love and light

  16. Sigh…I hate blogger’s block! You can usually tell when I have it because my blog that day is simply babble. As for ideas, it varies. Some I plan for and even write the blog a day or two in advance of posting it. Then, I have my ‘Summer Reading Recommendations’ and ‘GRRRs and YAYs’. These take some of the pressure off, especially on the weekends. I don’t have a blog idea notebook, but should start one. Some blog ideas come from something that happened to me that day. Other blog ideas come from what ever is simply nagging at me . Ideas for future, a blog on the car show from last weekend. A blog tour of my apartment. Other than that, it’s been a slow idea week (thank God for the elevator adventure!) LOL!

  17. well no-one will ever accuse you of being boring. would be interesting taking you out for a drink as who knows where the convo would lead shrimps, shoes, shipbreakers the mind boggles. you keep going fuzzy.

  18. I don’t have an ideas book, but I do have a folder on my PC with scraps of ideas and half finished blogs. My problem is too many ideas and not enough time to blog them all, especially as I also like to make time to read and comment on friends blogs too. That’s part of the deal with social networking sites, as oppose to more pure blogging sites I think.

    In terms of ideas, mine tend to come mainly from current affairs and the news, usually from the TV or the web. Other than that it is from personal observation or from other peoples blogs that stimulate my thoughts. Like you, I think that it is a good thing when a blog by one person can lead to spin offs, responses and supporting blogs from others. It is always interesting to read other peoples takes on the same topic.

    It is interesting that both yourself and Eskimo have mentioned have a mirror blog, onto which some of your material is cross posted. I have thought myself about trying out something like Blogger, initially just to see what the interface is like compared to 360. I would be interested to know how you have found it, and why you have a secondary blog. Is it for slightly different content? A different audience? Or are you just experimenting with another blogging interface?

    Oh.. and I do agree with you… Kerry was being far too modest! πŸ™‚

  19. Elmo, yeah, that I’m an evil sinner prayer is a knee slapper, huh? lmao

    Ali!! Yay! Haven’t seen you HERE in an age, either (she says pointedly. L3) How the heck have you been? Sure is marvelous to hear from you, and I think you do an interesting array of blog posts, keeps things different and fun! πŸ˜€

    LO, when I get enough things to Grrr and Yay! I’m SO stealing that idea (with proper credit where it’s due, of course); I think it’s awesome good fun. And I do love Shoe Sunday for similar takes the pressure off reasons, though the SHOE part is def best of all. Hehe Ooh, ooh, sounds like a couple fun posts in the making! I thought about doing the apartment tour thing, too, so I’m curious to see how you do yours (so I can copy you. Wink). Huggs

    hehe, Pilgrim, likewise, I’m sure, lots of fun stuff from you, too, I’d bet!! πŸ˜€

    Fabi, the thing that I love about your posts is the balance and the thoroughness of your research and thinking about topics; your blog is among the better “issue” blogs out here, so keep going. But you are right, other things (your studies, young lady) must be first. Oh, and commenting on our posts, of course; it’s always a delight to see you. Hmmm, as to the mirror blog . . . a lot of folks have them (Simon and Kerry, too; Kerry did a post on mirroring). I do mine because there seems no stability here; accounts get deleted, for instance, and posts get pulled without notice (not mine, but I’ve read others’ have these experiences). Also, with 360 still in Beta, yahoo! stock not doing so well, and a host of other concerns (copyright, etc.), it just seems prudent to have another place to play. Not that I consider or use blogger as a social networking site, and I post only my favorite blogs over there. Mostly topical or political blogs, actually. Serious stuff. No one comments, and I don’t comment on blogger (have no time to keep up with two sites, really, barely have time for this one). I also have a livejournal and myspace, but I don’t do anything with those, either. Of them all, I like the blogger interface best, and I like the “look” of blogger, too. At least as I’ve got mine set up, and that of the others I’ve seen, too. I know I can make this more clear and direct, but I’m getting tired and need to go chill for a while. Hope this isn’t too confusing and babbley. Take care!

  20. Thats wonderful blog, so far no problem about Blogger’s block with so many news to report, so many great things happening in the web, so hopefully it will go on for a while. Sometimes blogging takes too much time, but I love it learning so many new things from so many people. Like your professor who wanted to give the same topic for thesis, here there were a few festivals, everyone gives a different interpretation it is incredible. As long the world is nuts, we will have plenty of things to write about πŸ™‚

  21. Aw, thanks, Chris! And you are soooo right, with all the crazy stuff going on around us and around the world, we’ll never run out of things to talk about, huh? Yay! Blogging is good. Huggs

  22. I agree with Maggie, it’s not always what someone posts, but how they post it! I like reading all kinds of blogs, but I’m especially attracted to witty, intelligent blogs (like yours and Ang’s for instance *smile*). Your blog also has great commenters… I usually read all the comments, but I have to admit to skimming a bit here *blush* because I have limited time. LOL!

    As for my plan of attack to blogging, there isn’t one. It’s pretty random. Just like a couple of other people already said, it’s whatever happens to pop in my head when I feel like writing. Although I do think of stuff all day long that would make a good blog, perhaps I should acquire a “to be blogged” idea notebook, too. Great idea!

  23. Like you, I keep a pad handy to keep note of blog ideas that come to me. They can come at me from any direction. Tv sometimes gives me some ideas, but not as many as you’d think. It can be something someone says in the course of a conversation. I even keep a notebook at work, just in case. That’s helped a few times. And although it may be frowned upon in some quarters, I DO get inspiration from what other bloggers write. Usually not a ‘direct’ lift of their blog idea, more off at a tangent on the same subject. However, whenever I do that, I always credit the blogger who inspired me, and often put a link to the blog that gave me the idea. I think that’s a fair compromise.
    Thing is, even when I have lots of ideas written down, I can sometimes lack to inspiration to ‘flesh them out’. There are some on my list that have been there for months!!
    I want a shrimp blog!!!!

  24. Aw, thanks so much, Kelly! That’s great of you to say, and actually, coming from you is valuable praise, as I just love your own posts! Woohoo! Mutual admiration society on parade. πŸ˜€ I’ve got an awesome group of friends/commenters, you’re right about that; I feel so fortunate. But it’s like with men, you have to kiss a bunch of frogs before you find the right ones. πŸ˜€

    Haha, Mitch, well, there’s boiled shrimp, and baked shrimp, and shrimp scampi, and BBQ shrimp, and . . . LOL I really can’t come up with a way to make shrimp interesting enough to read about . . . eat, yes!! Yum!! Yeah, I know what you mean about crediting the inspiration and all that, I do that, too, though I failed to credit Maggie on my forty rant. Yikes. But it’d been brewing since before my birthday last October, not my fave b-day so far, let me tell you. Okay, I’m rambling and babbling. And I know JUST what you mean about lacking the inspiration to flesh out ideas, I’m just the same; I’ve got ideas in my book from the very beginning of my blog, but I just never could get them to “work.” They’ll either see the light of day or not, I don’t think it’s a big deal. I do think, though, that YOU should do the shrimp blog!! πŸ˜‰

  25. I dont know how i get blog topics I justkind of do what is on my mind most of the tiem and if I have seen a good idea on someones elses page I knick it. I am stuck for ideas at the moment though thats for sure totally blog blocked! ekkk. x

  26. Well, that happens to all of us, I guess, Snuggles, and there is a lot of it going around at the moment, too! I know that I can’t really get too enthused about writing a post now, not “into” it for some reason. Take care xx

  27. What Sweet Potatoes aren’t an acceptable form of payment anymore!? What the hell is this world coming too???

    Mmmm…sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar….mmmm I am so hungry…lol

    Those are such funny clippings…we have a radios staion here that does “The Stupid News” every weekday morning at about 8am and it’s always stuff like that, it’s sad that it’s all true…but makes for a good laugh!

    Yeah and….(shock value)….is the sketch of a mans back gonna help?

    Loooove those shoes, they go with just about everything, something I could definetly wear. The heel is not that high, so I wouldn’t look like more of a giant!

  28. Fun post Fuzzy…my fingers are working too fast again, I was to type that on the previous comment!

    Hugs and have a great day :0)

  29. lmao, those just about killed me. Sweet potatoes?!
    The Marco Polo one was the best though…seriously, men…they’re all boys at heart πŸ˜›
    Beautiful shoes by the way, they really are lovely. I want me some of those 😐

  30. Hahaha @ Marco Polo!!! And the “between $1,500 and $10,000″… not too accurate, is it?

  31. Hahaha @ Marco Polo!!! And the “between $1,500 and $10,000″… not too accurate, is it?

  32. Geez…I had been saving up the sweet potatoes for my car repairs tomorrow 😦 What am I gonna do with 3,000 sweet potatoes?!?!? I loved the Marco Polo one! Very cute shoes and isn’t it truly wonderful when you can find cute AND comfy at the same time? πŸ™‚

  33. i love these. i think my favourites were the suspicious peanut and police arrest everyone. lol! the mail truck one was pretty snort-worthy, too. πŸ™‚

    the shoes are really cute. that’s probably about as high a heel as i’d be able to manage without breaking something.

  34. I thought Barter trading is still in use, what happened, sweet potatoes are yummy, why not a trading coin πŸ™‚ I like that lady giving two sweet potatoes and money, what a brilliant thought. These ads are real funny, I don’t know where you get them, they are just awesom. If everybody files a report for a peanut, then there will be chaos. Nice Sunday read. Cheers πŸ™‚

  35. I think it’s hilarious that the suspect couldn’t resist responding with Polo! Guess all the “bad guy” training couldn’t overcome the childhood conditioning. ROFL!!

    These are all amusing. Thanx for sharing. *grin*

  36. I still can’t get over “Marco Polo”. That cop must have gotten in trouble… what’s next? Peeeeeekaboo! I shoot you!!!

  37. I still can’t get over “Marco Polo”. That cop must have gotten in trouble… what’s next? Peeeeeekaboo! I shoot you!!!

  38. Maggie, you are too funny! Yes, maybe it’s that I don’t like sweet potatoes that I think it’s a silly currency . . . now if it were brussels sprouts . . . yum!! πŸ˜‰ A giant? At 5’11”? Please! I wish I were that tall. I’m 5’6″ and I love to wear four inch heels, being 6″ tall, even artificially is grand!! Lucky you. But I guess it’s the grass is greener thing; you know how if you have curly hair you want straight, or vice versa? Must be similar. Of course that just reminded me of bad ’80’s perms. LOL

    Aw, thanks, Tal. And yes, that’s so weird and funny about the Marco Polo thing. πŸ˜€

    I thought that, too, Julie, but I was fixated on the sweet potatoes. hehe

    Azad, I get them from Jay Leno’s website, just click the link with his name on it, and you’ll see all the headlines there.

    rofl, LO, that seriously made me laugh. πŸ˜€ And yes, comfort has become a “must” for me with shoes; I’ve very few pairs anymore that are uncomfortable, and really should just throw out the last dregs that I never wear anyway. Too lazy. πŸ˜€

    omg, Kerry, I so thought of you when I saw the peanut one; it’s just the sort of thing I’d mail to you if I hadn’t posted it! Hehe And don’t sell yourself short (no pun), it’s far easier to walk in heels than people think! I have a harder time walking in flip flops! They freak me out with that slapping action.

    lol, Chris! And yes, people are silly, calling the police about peanuts and mailmen stopping at (gasp) mailboxes. Rolling eyes.

    hehe, “bad guy” training, Kelly! Too funny.

    That’s hilarious, Julie, I can just hear the sing song voice that the cop would just HAVE to use to carry that off. Teehee

  39. Awwwwe! Come on now…If they were two baked sweet potatoes like the ones they serve at the Texas Road House restaurant, I would accept them as payment! They come loaded with cinnamon sugar, butter, and if you like it…Marshmallows melted too!!!! It’s like dessert and dinner all rolled up into one!
    …and I concur,…Marco/ Polo!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!
    We have an employee named Marco, and to be sure he gets that ALOT!!!! poor guy!
    Very cute shoes! smiles!

  40. Im in stitches here.. the Leno take on news… what’s the thing about shoes??? If a man goes shopping, he isn’t thinking shoes.. or is he?

  41. LOL…
    Thanks Fuzzy. I haven’t been staying up-to-date with Jay Leno so I really appreciate it when you post these headlines.

  42. Ahhhh to teach the kids about embezzlement and fraud……. but then what would they do at their uncles house when they visit lol.

  43. lol @ Laurie, too funny!

    You too, Bert, thanks πŸ˜€

    Blech! Spazzy. I just so can’t get into the sweet potato thing, never have liked them. I think I like my dinner savory and my dessert sweet, when that gets screwed up, my mind can’t handle it and over loads! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the shoe note. And smiles right back at you!!

    Hehe, RiverRat, apparently he’s thinking bass, right? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks, Rainy!! πŸ˜€

    lol, Monty, too true. πŸ˜‰

  44. Oh, those are priceless! The sweet potato payment to the hit men really kills me…that must have been in Maine!
    I meant that as a joke, but as I looked back at it, the paper said Brunswick…and thats a town close by! Yikes…. (:

  45. so how do you feel about sweet potato pie? i can eat them as a side dish (like at thanksgiving or christmas) but not very much, but sweet potato pie is something else. yum! or there’s something else similar that hubby’s made a couple times, though i can’t remember what it’s called to save my life, but it’s kind of like sweet potato pie without the crust. and it’s soooo good! i wonder what we did with the recipe?

    i’m hungry now. i guess i better go fix something for dinner.

  46. Cracked me up when I read that the police arrested everyone. Terrific…needed to be done. LOL
    I also loved the wanted drawings…both of them were a so funny. I recognized that standing lady! She’s the local mailwoman. Love these.

  47. Rivergirl, that is tooo funny! πŸ˜€

    I don’t think I’ve ever had sweet potato pie, Kerry; I’m not one for sweet main courses, preferring dessert to be sweet. I don’t like to end meals with cheeses, either, just weird like that. But if you do find that recipe, let me know, maybe I’ll have it for dessert (or a snack!).

    omg, Gaby, that one cracked me up, too!! and too funny on the back of the person being the suspicious mailperson stopping at every mailbox. hehe

  48. yay havent seen one of these for a while…oh I particularly like the last one for our future potential embezzlers (there should be another e in there I think as in embezzelers – perhaps I am wrong). Looking at your above comment… sweet potatoe pie lol does not make a SWEET main…u are so cute sometimes…a “sweet potato” isn’t even particularly sweet lol….hugs and love

  49. Yay! Ali, good to see you!! Yeah, I guess they aren’t, but over here people make sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter or marshmallows and brown sugar and butter or marshmallows, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon . . . ends up being VERY sweet. And disgusting (to me). And yeah, I guess I’ve got a lot of pairs of shoes . . . we’re not even close to the end (um, or middle) of my collection. I’ve never counted them (maybe I’m afraid to), but at least they aren’t wicked expensive like Carrie’s (from Sex and the City), so it’s not all decadence. Really. It’s not. Um, right? (hehe!) Big hugs and love to you, too, Gal!! πŸ˜€

  50. lol at Ali’s comment…I know better than to ask. Those are great shoes although I miss the traditional cat accessory in the pic.

  51. Hahahah…those are great!! Why didn’t I peek in here the other day when I needed a chuckle??? :p

    I can’t get over the Marco/Polo…what an absolute idiot!

    And the sweet potatoes..hahahahhahah :p Must have been a southerner!

    Fab shoes btw….sigh….I missed Shoe Sunday :p

  52. There’s some funny stuff here. I always enjoy the stupid news stories, they always restore my faith in the basic stupidity of my fellow man. LOL.
    The wanted poster was my fave….it got me wondering if the offense was “making an ass of himself in public”. LOL. And the first item ,I was wondering just who the real nut was?? :-))
    I had to admire the thoroughness of the police in trying to catch criminals…..just arrest everyone!!

  53. lol, Em, yes, this is one of “saved for a rainy or lazy day” shoe shots. I took a whole bunch at one time (and the lighting is just as bad in all of them, unfortunately), but I think the cats got bored, so they’re not in many of them. πŸ˜€

    I totally know you missed Shoe Sunday, Ang. It was a sad day for me, let me tell you!! Come back to blogland, Lady!!

    Thanks, Snuggles xx

    lol @ making an ass of himself in public, Mitch! And yeah, that’s good, too, about the nut calling in the nut in the yard. Wish I’d thought of that one. πŸ˜€

  54. Aren’t they wonderful, Fuzzy! I love the irrelevant detail in these – 2 sweet potatoes indeed, and the pointless reports. Heehee. The police arrest everyone really made me make a sort of snorting noise out loud or masosnol, as they say here. That should ensure they get the criminals, eh?
    I’ve just discovered you don’t like feet too; that’s why all the shoes are empty (except for an occasional cat).

  55. hehe, Neil, I snorted, too, when I read that one! And actually, we had a discussion on Ang’s page about Shoe Sunday and pics of feet in shoes vs. just shoes . . . it seems that there are a great many foot fetishists who may be attracted to posts with feet in them (even in shoes), and I shudder to think of my feet being used in some sort of masturbation fantasy. Gahhh!!

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