Black and White and Red All Over


I’m feeling a bit giddy right now having just watched this fabulous VH1 countdown of the 40 best soft rock songs of all time. That brought back a memory or forty, let me tell you! Wow! I had fun back in the late ’80’s and well into the ’90’s, oh yes I did. Oh, the songs they had on! “Open Arms” by Journey (oh that Steve Perry can sing), “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas (yeppers, that’s a buzz kill if ever there was one), and “Mandy” by Barry Manilow (yes, I admit it, I’m a Fanilow). Each brought back a memory or many. Even the ones I didn’t particularly like at the time were just wonderful and nostalgia building now. Even seeing that creepy clay bust of Lionel Richie from “Hello” didn’t make me want to hide under the bed this time. I ooh’d and ahhh’d and happily clapped my hands as they counted down some of the best songs of my youth / younger adulthood.

And please, am I the last person on the planet to learn that the Juice Newton song “Angel of the Morning” was about a one night stand? I used to sing that at the top of my lungs (wildly off tune, of course) but in front of my dad. Oh, the shame! I still repress the memory of singing (equally loudly and equally off tune) “don’t ever leave your pizza burnin'” to that Stones song and now this! Then again, my first best friend and I made my mom sit and watch our beautifully choreographed dance routine to (get this) Nick Gilder’s “Hot Child in the City.” A delightful song about a teen prostitute. Only we didn’t know it at the time, we were about 13, maybe 14. My mom must have been super freaked. Or trying very hard not too laugh at our oh so serious concentration and carefully measured steps as we sung along about “runnin’ wild and lookin’ pretty” and got all enthused about the “come on down to my place baby, we’ll talk about love” . . . oh, the embarrassment. I’m blushing crimson just thinking of it.

Anyway, so that’s what kept me from my usual Shoe Sunday post. So now it’s post-Sunday, but I’m still intent on posting a post-Shoe Sunday post. Something like that. Anyway, I’ve been slowly getting back into the mood for shoes and all things good and girly, so I thought I’d share with you the very best pumps for long days on your feet (conferences and such).

As you can see from all the scuffs and scratches, this is a well worn pair. I suppose they’re really past their skirt prime, but I do still wear them with slacks (trousers) and of course with jeans. I really can’t tell you how wonderfully comfortable they are; maybe it’s because they don’t have a hugely high heel (I think it’s about 2 1/2″), but high enough to look well on the foot/leg.

Oh, and because it’s not a Shoe Sunday photo op at the Fuzzy house without a curious cat . . .

Of course I wish I’d flattened back her fur and buffed out that horrible scratch on the shoe. But done is done.

While I had the camera out, I decided to play around with the black & white function; here’s what happened:

These were all gifts from a good friend who knew I was into shoes. I was secretly a little glad when she stopped buying them for me, though, because I truly hate dusting and anything new to catch dust makes me cringe a little. But it was a lovely and much appreciated thought, and I do so love them:

This next “shot” (how fancy) is of the coat rack thing that I hang my handbags on; my closet is absolutely full. Beyond full. I ran out of room for handbags in there, so the ones I carry more frequently are hanging on the wall in my bedroom. Okay, it’s not Monet (or even Manet), but it’s practical, right?

And I hung that myself. Using real tools, too, not a butter knife and/or shoe.

This next one just tickled me because it’s a black and white photo of my “black and white wall” (yes, I’m easily amused). Years ago, I thought it would be fun to take pics on black and white film (way before every single person had a digital). And then I found out how much it costs to get that stuff developed. Wowie. I still have a roll of film around here somewhere that I’m sure expired years and years ago. Anyway, these are all pictures taken in Newport, Rhode Island (a gorgeous place), and they’re all framed in black frames and randomly stuck up on the wall:

I had to laugh when I saw this pic, though, because either I was holding the camera at an angle or all the pics are hanging unevenly. I think it’s a bit of both, actually, I can’t get them to hang straight for some reason. But they’re in my office, so I don’t really mind. No one sees them but me. And have you noticed how you don’t notice things after they’ve hung on your wall for a while? Or is that just me?


I found that first pic on Google. Those are CHOCOLATE SHOES, have you ever? How friggin’ fantastic is that?


24 thoughts on “Black and White and Red All Over

  1. I could sincerely enjoy some chocolate shoe-age right about now!
    It’s early, and I’m coffee-less, but lmao @ your cat getting in on ANOTHER shoe pic. Too funny 🙂
    And lol @ the soft rock countdown…I have to bet that Scorpions’ Wind of Change was in there somewhere. I’m giggling @ Barry Manilow fitting into that category though!
    Have a great nights’ sleep, TFT, and will catch up with you soon. Hugggggs.

  2. i just got back from grocery shopping about half an hour ago, but i couldn’t go to bed without checking out 360 (can you see my addiction?) and i saw you posted. i see another area that we have in common. i imagine that if i’d known about this vh1 countdown thingy show, i’d have been watching and singing along, too. especially to barry manilow, because that’s just the kind of person i am.

    i kind of knew what ‘angel of the morning’ was about, but i had no idea about ‘hot child in the city’, so don’t feel bad. it was only a few months ago that i realized that the kinks ‘lola’ was about a transvestite. i’d never really listened to the words before.

    i hate to tell you this, but i noticed straight off how the photos in your office were a bit crooked. i have a terrible habit of noticing that sort of thing. well, not just noticing it but having to go over and straighten them, too. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve had to fight the urge to straighten someone else’s pictures that they have hanging on their walls. it’s one of those things that drives me a little bit crazy.

    i wondered if those were chocolate shoes. i have something else to admit. back when everyone was doing that gag gift tag, i’d started to go searching for gifts for a few friends with the idea of doing the tag, too. but it kept getting later and later, several days passed and i wasn’t even close to being done with it, so i gave up on it. but, did find something that i was going to give to you. i’ll send the picture to your mailbox.

  3. Hmmm I am not a shoe addict. But when you make them out of chocolate I could go for a heel right about now. Have a great Monday!

  4. Chocolate shoes?? But, the are just too pretty to eat!!!
    I was wondering what happened to “Shoe Sunday” glad you did a “post” post…lol
    I get such a kick out of the shoe pictures with cat sniffing around…too cute!

    Ohhhh I always love to sit and watch VH1’s top 40 music videos of the 80’s, they bring back so many good memories. Open Arms is such a great song, but I can’t say I am a Fanilow, I do like a few songs though.
    Oh and what a hilarious story about making your my mom sit and watch your beautifully choreographed dance routine to “Hot Child in the City.” I can just picture it, so funny, what a song! Maybe she wasn’t listening to the words…lol…did you ever ask her about that? I wonder if she was “laughing on the inside” while watching you 2 show off your stuff….hahaha

    And no, it’s not just you, I think we just get used to the appearance of things and don’t notice there’s anything wrong until….someone takes a or points it out to you!

    Have a great day!

  5. mmmmmmmmmm chocolate no matter what the form is good. I hope I didn’t make you feel pressured to do a shoe blog. I was just trying to do my part in the help fuzzy stay awake until a real bedtime . . that’s my story and I’m sticking to it =D

  6. I am in serious need of some chocolate shoes… Too funny, leave it to you to find them!
    And wow, I never realized VH1 could be so informative. I didn’t know about Angel Of The Morning either. And to be honest…I never thought about Hot Child In The City, but yes…it rather makes sense doesn’t it? I guess I was totally clueless in the 80’s also. But where was the picture of you with some big 80’s hair? We all had it…fess up! I just came across an old pic of me with not only big hair, but wearing cream colored 4 inch pumps with cigarette legged jeans with the zipper on the ankle…..yikes! No, I will not be posting it…. ):
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane…..although I was embarrassed for you admitting that you’re a Manilow fan. I’ll try not to hold it against you…. o:

  7. I didn’t even notice those were chocolate shoes, so when I got to the end of your blog I had to go back and look!

    VH1 nostalgia shows are the best! My 16 year old daughter watches them and waxes all nostalgic, and I’m like… hello, you aren’t OLD enough to have memories yet. LOL (Speaking of not knowing what songs are about… I think I’m the last person to have learned what “Afternoon Delight” meant.)

    Getting black & white film developed… sheesh. My daughter took photography classes, do you know how much all those chemicals, developing paper, film and crap cost? Again I ask myself, Why did I think this would be a good hobby for her?

    Oh, and your black & white photo of black & white photos amuses me too. Although the relative lack of straightness of the frames bothers me not at all. It’s true that our surrounding become quasi-invisible after a while, eh? That’s why it’s fun to change stuff around!

  8. I’d eat anything chocolate about right now. Heck…even in the form of a jock strap or something as equally unappetizing. Did I just type that?

    I’m an idiot for old songs like that. I can’t help but sing along with every word of Dust in the Wind…I even had the piano music! Hahah. And Open Arms….funny story (I almost blogged about this song once…in a written and deleted “memories of music” blog). My bff (hahah) in my teen years…..we loved that song. I used to go camping (in a biggo trailer) with her family. One night while we were in the truck waiting for her father to get the trailer hooked up…we were listening to my oh-so-fab hot pank cassette player boom box thingy. In it….a tape in which I had dubbed songs off of the radio. One being…Open Arms. We decided to burp along with the song. (go figure). But somehow…during the middle, we stopped the song (so we thought)….and just burped the chorus. But, we hadn’t stopped it….we had hit record instead. So, from then on…you got about 1min of song, then 20secs of burps, then the last part of the song again!! (I’m sorry for typing this idiotic story)

    As for lyrics…I still crack up when I hear old songs & realize what they meant….”Ring My Bell”… of my faves…hahhaah :p

    Shoes…gotta love brown leather pumps!! Especially with jeans.

    And as for your wonky art collection……Hahahah…I have a laser level you can borrow sometime! Hahahh…looks great actually (aside from the wonkiness!)

    Now pass the darn chocolate!!

  9. Who needs a glass slipper! Give me chocolate shoes!!!! LOL! Great blog, you have me laughing and singing through-out (oy, thank God you couldn’t hear the singing). I use to LOVE ‘Hot Child in the City’. A boy I had a HUGE crush on sang it to me one day as my friend Jane and I were walking home from school. We giggled and giggled! Tee Hee…but now…looking back…I am offended! Was he calling me a hooker?!?!? LOL!

  10. BTW – what on earth is the fascination that cats have with shoes?!?! I take off shoes and Trystan is immediately rolling all over them or sticking his head in them. LOL!

  11. I had to go back and do a double take on those chocolate shoes!!! Yummo!!! I’ll take one pair in each color! ( flavor! ) I think your cat likes the shoes because if I guess correctly, they are leather or at least partial leather? My cats LOVE to snort and sniff at my shoes that are any part leather, as well as my purses, and family members purses! Spazzycat loves to “make out” practically with my stepmother’s pink leather handbag when she comes over to visit!!! She rubs all over it, does the “funky face” where she pulls her upper lip back and looks like she’s tasting the smell of it…they always look so funny when they do this!!! LOL! I have the same problem with pictures on my walls too, but now that I think about it, it’s cause I am the one that uses the butter knife and the shoe to serve as “tools”…I’m so busted!!! hope you have a great Tuesday ! huggggs!

  12. What? A Cat in the shoe? What a surprise! LOL!
    (just too cute. I just feel like ruffling up his fur even more!)

    I love the skate, but those pictures hanging irregularly in your office would annoy the hell out of me, that’s for sure. Not the composition, but the uneavenness.ARGH! I have this problem often when I buy a frame and only when I hang it up it turns out that the little bastards in the factory haven’t bothered putting the hook thingie right in the centre at the back of the frame. I would just fire people who do this. One by one. (right to the point that I would have to put the hooks on all the frames I’m selling on to shops, by myself. I would be so stressed then -with too little time, too many hooks to put on frames and no people working for me anymore- that I would just off-centre the hooks for fun/to annoy other people who buy them, because that would be my only way of expressing just how much I hate what I do). So now, I can probably understand why they do it in the first place. (Thank you W. Faulkner!)

    Is there anybody in that urn on the left? Must be a very tiny person.

    Lionel Ritchie Rocks! Well, Rocked.

    I still stop on occasion to gaze at a painting in my house, especially if it’s not done by me. There’s always something new I find in it that inspires me.

  13. Hey Tal, huggs. Actually, a lot of the songs I expected to be on there weren’t, and Scorpions didn’t make it. I wonder if those sorts (I expected Every Rose Has Its Thorn) are considered “power ballads” instead of soft rock because they’re from metal groups? I definitely didn’t think Manilow fit, either, he’s more elevator music, isn’t he? I mean I like his songs and he’s a little sweetie on American Idol, but ‘rock’ of any kind and Manilow, just don’t “go” together. Take care of you, TFT, get sleep, chocolate, and coffee (not in that order).

    Yay! Kerry, fab long comment from you!! 😀 I’d not have pegged you for a Manilow sing alonger, but I’m so glad you share my evil secret (okay, it just makes me feel “badder” to say “evil”; hehe). And I SOOO wouldn’t mind if you wanted to straighten my pictures when you came over! Do you dust and vaccuum, too? Really, I wouldn’t mind. Not one bit. LOL I know I should straighten them, but it really doesn’t bother me at all. Besides, every time I do bother (like before my mom came), they just go all wonky again. I like to think it’s ghosts, but it’s probably just that the nails are in the wrong spot on the cheap as heck frames. 😉 And I just LOVE those chocolate shoes and the background you made!! Wooohhoooo!! It cheers me up just to look at it. You’re the best! *hugs*

    Thanks, Bert! You have a great rest of Tuesday. And I’ll throw in Wednesday for a bonus. (okay, that amused me for some reason; hope you smile!)

  14. oh, yes, i love music from the 70s and manilow was huge in the 70s. whenever i hear one of his songs on the radio, i have to sing along. i’ve even got one of his albums somewhere.

    now, i don’t know about the whole vacuuming/dusting thing. i make hubby do that because i don’t really like to. lol!

    glad you like the background. it is pretty cheerful, i think. 🙂

  15. Hei Fuzz.

    I am here with me tum and dark chocolate – YUM!!
    Well, what do you know, choco shoes!?
    I thought that they looked kinda ‘sweet’ all right with them colours.
    Great entry and da Cat on the shoe is a must for these shoe pic entries, methinks.
    HUGZ from Rii xx on the mend.

  16. I have to admit to being sucker for ‘countdown’ progs. Anything like ‘Top 40’ of this or ‘Top 100’ of that, I usually get engrossed in and end up feeling all nostalgic, particularly if it’s about the Seventies (music) or movies of any era.
    Yayyy!!! Let’s hear it for a cat in a shoe pic!! LOL. Chocolate shoes… to have been invented by a woman!!

  17. Fun blog Doc, wish your mom had taped that dance routine and posted in YouTube, we could have all enjoyed it. 🙂 Regarding the pictures, I also have problems, but I bought a Laser one that helps to align the pictures, they sell for 10 to 20 dollars in Sears they are pretty good, you can try that. If somebody asks about this you can say it is a modern thingy 🙂 they will understand. Nice background. Cheers.

  18. K… those shoes are holy crap hot. I can’t believe I’ve found someone in this world that actually seems to feel the same way about shoes as I do. Woman, you are my sole (!) mate!

  19. I thought those shoes looked like chocolate! Sweet!!
    The shoes on your background are cool too. They look like Choxie chocolates from Target.
    I love the VH1 countdowns. They always catch my attention and I am hooked.
    I was listening to a Bryan Adams song yesterday “Please forgive Me”, and I thought to myself that my girls would think this is so cheesy. And then I wondered, was he cheesy all along and I never knew it? Or is it just the passing of a decade or two that does that. Same as disco, I was a teen in the 70s and loved disco and then all of a sudden, everyone was dissing it. I imagine that I was a little like Eve was in the garden of Eden when she finally realized that she was naked. . . .never knowing until someone told her it was wrong to be.

  20. I just love the black and white photo wall and I know what you mean about getting them developed. I tried to take some artist shots one year at Christmas with the film and they looked relay crap with people and dogs in them. Think it should have been used for landscapes or tall buildings more as the black and white jsut seems to frame the picture.

    I can’t believe you have a cat rack for your handbags, there for coast did you know? Very good that you put it up with the proper tools though, well done you. yay!

  21. Haha, guess I have been unbloggy lately, I pooped out right in the middle of commenting on comments. Sorry Gang.

    Marvelous Maggie May, LOL, yeah, I did ask my mom about it, she just shook her head noncommitally, I think she didn’t want to admit she didn’t pay attention to us! Or that she didn’t know what it was about, either! 😀 And yay! Thanks for the pass (the only one, I think!) on the wonky pics . . . I just don’t notice stuff like that. Even on my own walls. Maybe especially on my own walls. I like the stuff I’ve hung, but I don’t loot at it anymore.

    lol, Laurie, you are too fab! No, you didn’t pressure me; I love Shoe Sunday, and I do need a real bedtime, too! Hehe

    Thank God I’m not the only naive ’80’s person, Rivergirl; I like to pretend I was so informed and mature and clued in, but alas, nope. I was a complete dolt about stuff like that. 😀 And please don’t hate me because I like Barry Manilow, I couldn’t stand it. I may even consider succumbing to the peer pressure and boo hissing him! Huggs

    lol, Kelly, my exboyfriend’s 16 year old son was in awe of the fact that I was alive and a teen in the ’80’s, that ancient golden age of life. Funny how the ’80’s have this mystique to kids these days. And yes, I hear you on the worldliness of kids, but I guess we were the same way: you treat me like a child and I’m FOURTEEN! LOL, my poor mom. 😀 I was floored when I got the “bill” for my B & W photo development. I think that’s part of the reason I framed them!! hehe And thanks for not hating me for my wonky frames hanging mess. 😀

    lmao, Ang, at you eating a choco jockstrap, don’t you know that’s JUST the gifty for you now! Hehe. Love your teen story, and I love “ring my bell”; I actually like most disco songs, I guess because it didn’t die until I’d had a chance to groove on it. Hehe 😀

    Heeee, thanks for the compliment LO! And I’m quite sure that he wasn’t calling YOU a hooker! Lol. Cats and shoes . . . a mystery for the ages. 😀

  22. Spazzy Girl, you had me laughing so much about your cats! I so know what you mean about the leather and the funky face! teehee. And yeah, I’m a big one for the “girl” tools of a butter knife and shoe, gmta!!

    Fantastic Fanta, you are SUCH an artist, Girl, I’m in awe of the youness of you. The composition is all off on that wall now because I had to shove the daybed down against the wall to make room for an extra closet thing, so I just moved the two end pics to the other end, and they’re not balanced and good like before. Don’t think they’ve ever been even, though, and now I know to blame the hang things on the back. That really MUST be it; they’re cheap frames, and I think that’d explain the fact that even when I do put them even, they slide off even to uneven. And lol @ Faulkner usage. You ROCK!!

    You come straighten it for me, Pilgrim. K?

    Ooooh, Kerry, you are so fab; love the Manilow having, me too. 😀 New plan, you and I go for coffee while Dudge does the housework!! Woohoo!! 😀

    Thanks, Rii, it’s always so fabu to see you!! xx

    hehe, Mitch, so much for cat in the hat, huh? Yeah, I love those nostalgia inducing countdowns, too; I’m not as “into” music as most people (certainly not as into it as you are), but that stuff is life stuff, so I “get” it. 😀

    LOL, Chris, I’m quite sure that you would not have enjoyed the dance routine, and I’m also quite sure that we would have posted it to youtube if we’d had it then! Such hams were we. 😀

    roflmao, Pinkie, @ sole mate!! Woohoo!! (and miss you, too, when are you getting reconnected? A Thursday without a caption contest is a Pinkie-less sad day indeed!)

    Yay! Nancy, I thought about Tar-ghay when I saw the shoes, too. I just love them (the shoes, not so much on Target). That’s such a good point, too, about how we have to be told to hate something (like Disco), and isn’t it funny how everyone jumps on that bandwagon? Sad, I think. I like what I like and everyone else can deal. Or not. But I’ll still like it, no one can tell me to hate something. Except murder. And other bad bad things that are really bad. Not disco. And not “Please Forgive Me”; I love that song!! Huggs Nancy!!

    lol, Snuggles, I know, I come up with some weird ideas to make up for the utter lack of storage in my house. Sigh. BUT it’s FAB to see you back again, Girl. YAY!!

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