Woo and Hoo!


So blogland is “blahg”land these days . . . hehe, don’t you just love Kerry’s new word? We all seem to be a bit . . . well blah these days, and that’s how it goes sometimes. Now I’ve written before about the bestest way to ease those blahs (yep Shallow is not a four letter word: Go Shopping!), and I decided to take my own advice. Budget restrictions at the moment and my own easy to please-ness have converged to create a very happy Fuzzy.

First, many of you have noticed my new chocolate shoes and bag background; how happy making is that? And all courtesy (yes again) of Kerry. She made that background just for me (well, I like to think it was just for me, anyway, though I know she was just bored and made a whole bunch. Yay!).

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Guess what I got in the mail today, the brand new Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novel. I was so excited when Twelve Sharp came out last year that I had to blog it, and this year’s no different:

I cannot wait to begin reading it, though I sort of want to wait until next week when LO is on vacay. We’ll see how my will power holds out.

So a new background and a new fave book are grand, right? But I didn’t stop there! I have this Spongebob thing, so I had to buy this pencil when I saw it at CVS:

It’s just a smile a minute!

AND I found out that there’s a Swatch store at the Providence Place mall, so I can finally get a new battery for my all-time favorite Swatch:

And what’s a Fuzzy pic without a fuzzy friend to model the goodies:

Of course, that’s a crap pic because I got more chair than cat, but you get the idea.

Beat the summer blahs with shoppage, I say! Maggie‘s getting a fab new truck, I got a marvelous book n’ pencil . . .

. . . what are you going to get?


25 thoughts on “Woo and Hoo!

  1. FTC?!!

    Hei Fuzz.

    I want to get a new digital camera… thinking and checking offers on ’em at the mo.
    Keep shopping Gal – you do know that it is the women Retail Therapists that do keep the financial show on the road and the stocks and shares nicely up!

    HUGZ from Rii xx

  2. I need to buy Alex’s birthday presents…it’s only a couple of weeks away now and I’m so not prepared…it’s going to be a lean month!
    On my wishlist though, I’m buying myself some new perfume, some badass shoes that look AND that I can walk in, some fancy chocolates, and a new pair of jeans.
    I’m easily pleased too, I’d settle for a coffee and a bar of chocolate really 😛
    That’s a gorgeous watch, btw, and that is one adorable pencil 😀

    The blahs are most definitely catching, I haven’t seen blogsville this quiet in a while. It’s an epidemic!

  3. OHHHHHHHH Who lives in a pineapple under the sea????
    SpongeBoB Sqaure Pants…hehehe
    (I’ll spare you the whole song!)LOL

    YAY at my fab new truck mention, I am getting more and more excited!!

    Ooooohhh…I just love shopping, it makes me so happy, I know that it might not be a good thing to admit out loud but it’s true!

    I have never read anything my Janet Evanovich, my plates kinda full with reading at the moment, but maybe I will try one of her books later in the summer. Which would you recommend I read first?

  4. Oh, I’m jealous…I have a whole drawer full of wonderful Swatch watches that need batteries or new straps…I can’t find anyone who carries them. They’re so funky and perfect for my quirky moods.
    Glad you had a little retail therapy Fuzz, its a sure way to clear away the blahgs…..and remember…If you think money can’t buy happiness, then you don’t know how to shop! (:

  5. is that what my problem is, i need to go shopping? all right! 🙂 i still think i need a vacation, though, too. 🙂

    i hope you (eventually) enjoy your new book. maybe i’ll check out some of them next time at the bookstore.

  6. It’s that darned cat again!! LOL. Cute. Shopping? Still reeling from the amount of money spent on the car last month, so purchasing anything other than basics is out. What am I getting?? Not evicted, hopefully. LOL.

  7. The blahgs… is that what this is called? I have tried to post something amusing for 3 days now, and finally resorted to a recipe today just to get something posted. LOL! Of course it is a good recipe. *wink*

    I love your kitty pictures, even if it is just kitty paws. Swatch batteries are rare? Like you can’t even find them online?

    I’ve read the first three Stephanie Plum novels, because they were in that bound together edition called “Three Plums in One.” Guess I’d better buy a few more if she’s already up to 13!! What other kinds of books do you like to read? Or should I just go exploring on your blog? *wink*

  8. I would love to get a whole block of goose liver (cooked). I know I’m in the “wrong” by having the desire to eat such stuff, but I am a horrible person when it comes to taking advantage of yummy animal parts/organs. I have to wait until my house is sold, though.
    I would just spread it on toast, for days and days. I don’t think I could ever get enough of the stuff.
    Maybe I just want it ’cause I can’t have it. (the Faulkner guy’s quote kicked in again..I wrote about it and now I understand the problem)

  9. Fabulous shoes, with that shoes, you will be hearing lot of whistles from guys just watch out 🙂 Did you buy the books from Amazon? They are cheaper there, also Abebooks.com has good prices. Have fun with your vacation. Cheers 🙂

  10. shoppage eh? sounds good to me 🙂 Ive been spending too…birthday money…new mobile phone (nothing flash but less embarrassing that last one) next on the shopping list is going to be a portable tv/dvd player for my bedroom…hmmm…let me think….oh oh yeah I got a new vase to put the flowers in that my neighbour Rob got me for my birthday (will blog them cos they so nice)…and a new belt (brown studded thing, sounds dreadful but isnt lol).Those choccy shoes look fab and just reminded me ive still got a huge piece of choccy cake in my kitchen with my name on…yummy yummy here I come 🙂 xxxx

  11. LOL! Love it! I am working my way through Patterson’s Fifth Horseman right now. It’s a fast read, but I have to agree that I think the co-author does disrupt his style :-(. It’s definitely tamer than some of his others. Hugs! Only two more days and then I am on vacay and will start reading the Evanovitch. YAY! 😀

  12. I have no idea what I want! Maybe I just need to do some window shopping….that’s always fun too. I ran out with a friend of mine on Sunday…I helped her spend $150 or so on stuff…..only buying a 16pk of paper towels and a 24pk of toilet paper for my household. Exciting stuff, eh? :p

  13. I am really wanting that book but my best friend bought it so we just swap around so I am waiting for her to finish and then I need to buy some shoes for Saturday and I found several cute tops today . . let me know what you think of the book when you are done =)

  14. … I’m feeling to blahh even to comment! But love those chocolate shoes. We have a wonderful chocolate shop over here called hotel chocolate (said in french)…. I could do a little visit to there.. and buy a box of ‘enrobed cherries dipped in Kirsh’….. Roll on weekend… I’m hoping to do very very little….

  15. Maybe blah was SO yesterday! :0) ~ I am feeling pretty good this morning but I have to admit that my mood wasn’t quite as good yesterday.
    I can’t really think of anything to buy that would cheer me up today.

  16. Love the background! Love the pencil, the book, and the idea of shopping too! I think I need to keep house shopping, we are looking for just the right place in the northeast outer edge of San Antonio, and maybe we will go look some more today?…We have had our Thursdays off together for the longest time now! think my “blaggghs” are sleep loss related and rain related… we have had too much rain!

  17. Yay shopping is great and I just love it, it always managed to cheer me up even buying myself a small little thing like I didtoday like Hairclips. I love the look of the book, looks a fab read. Haven’t got round to reading her yet, but will get there in the end. I love the fact that a cat got in teh picture. Not sure which one it is mind is it Banbury?

    I know what you mean about the computer being blar blar lately and its doing my head in for not letting me comment lately and do a blog. Stupid thing. Surprised I managed to do a blog tonight. Loads of love. x

  18. Yay, Rii, retail therapy is so where it’s at! Hope you get a fab new camera; I’m just loving mine, and it’s super easy (it has to be for me to manage it). Good luck in your search! I know you’ll get a good one because you’re a fab shopper AND a fab photographer. Huggs to you, Most Talented Diggy Rii xx

    Oooh, Tally, badass shoes? Yay! Pic please. And what perfume? Or are you still trying some on? I know you mentioned feeling you’d outgrown your current one (or was it the last one?). 😀 lol @ your so not stupid and so not retarded fingers, we all do the typo thing (particularly pre-coffee or when in dire for some chocolate. Or is that just me? And you? hehe). Biggest TFT huggs to you!

    Yay! Maggie, so how is the new truck? Are you recovering from your angst about it? I so hope so, you deserve something nice that you really want!! And as far as this Evanovich series goes, you simply must start at the beginnning with One for the Money. They’re super fast reads, very fluffy and tons of fun, so I do hope you like them!! Let me know!! 😀 And hehe on shopping being loved and happy making; it is!! And I say to hell with anyone who doesn’t want to hear it; it’s just truth, right? 😉 Huggs to you, Marvelous Maggie!

    I’ve been carrying this Swatch around for almost a year, Rivergirl, and it’s making me crazy because I just love it. Then I decided to check the internet again, and sure enough Swatch FINALLY opened a store at the big mall down in Providence. YAY! Just keep checking their site, maybe they’ll open one near you. OR maybe you’ll be forced to trek down here to get one? In which case, we are SO meeting up for a coffee and battery buying spree!! hehe And you are SO right about that not knowing where to shop thing . . . money can buy me unlimited happiness, or yes it can!! 😛

    *hugs* Kerry, I know, go on a vacation and shop there!! Woohoo, two birds, one stone, yay! 😀

    Yeah, sucks about the car, Mitch, but at least it’s running and all that good stuff, right? And yeah, def don’t get evicted. Can’t recommend that at all. Hehe

    Hey Kelly, Swatch batteries can only be purchased at Swatch outlets; I’m not sure if you can get them online or not, but I’m hopeless at changing watch batteries, even in regular sized watches (my swatch is one of those thin thinny thin ones, and I’d be worried about opening it). Not that they’re all that expensive, it’s just I got THIS one in Vancouver and it’s so . . . pink. Yay!! 😀 You read the first three and weren’t driven by some unseen force to go and read the next many? Gasp! I think they’re just fabulous vacations for the brain, and can’t get enough. Other than Evanovich, of course, I’m waiting for the new Harry Potter. I also have read recently Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell, and James Patterson. Oh and a Grisham of some kind; I can only take him in fits and starts, so similar are his books (Yoda attack, sorry!). What about you? What do you like to read? And yes, PLEASE browse through my blog, I’ve got a “books” tag you can check out, if you are bored, etc. Yay! Love the book chat. Woohoo!! Huggs.

    Wow, Fanta, how much is goose liver if you have to sell your house to get it? Teehee, I know what you mean! 😀 Hehe, you are so good with Faulkner quotage. And yes, maybe you just want it because you can’t have it. And maybe you just want it because it’s good. Get some and find out which it is. Hehe Biggest huggs xx

    And oooh, yes, Chris, I love love love amazon.com; I’ll have to check out abebooks, though, as I’ve not heard of it until now. Do you have much time for reading these days? I mean for fun? And I wish I heard the guy whistles; maybe I’m doing something wrong there. heehee

  19. lol, Monty, yeah, aren’t we all? ;P

    Awesome, Shell, it sounds like you’re getting some fab new things with your b-day money, yay you!! And yum! I love choco cake. 😀

    Wooohooo, LO! See what happens when I go all blah, I get to comments too late. I happen to know you’ve finished the Patterson now, and maybe even the Evanovich? Dropping you a mail in a few to find out!! Huggs, Twin

    Yeah, Michael, if “rock” means new car, right? wink

    You’re so lucky, though, Ang, you get your wants every weekend it seems at your fab garage sales! You (and Treesparrow) have me searching on line for local garage sales now, darn you (both)! I’ll end up addicted to those things, too. And not to exciting on the paper products, but still, gotta have ’em, right?

    Yay Laurie, I have to pop over and see how the show was, and I’m sure you looked amazing in your new shoes, shirt, etc. 😀 And will def let you know about the book, have you read any of these?

    lol @ being too blah to comment, Treesparrow; I know just what you mean (as you can see, I’ve put this off far too long). Sigh. Yay chocolates and the weekend, what a fab combination if ever there was one. Especially if you guys are still getting soggy rain. Ugh.

    Thanks, Azad!! 😀

    I know what you mean, Nancy! I’m only seeming blah about blogging; otherwise, I’m excited about my book and the Fourth and other stuff, too. Weirdness, but I’m sure it will pass as these things do. Huggs, You. 😀

    How’s the house hunting going now, Spazzy? I’m so sorry to hear about the too much rain, and that will DEFINITELY dampen (hehe) the mood. I always get more blah when it’s rainy and nasty outside, too. Huggs

    Start with One for the Money, Snuggles, it’s soooooo good; or at least I think so. Have to see what YOU think, huh? And good on you with the hair clips, I love stuff that makes me feel pretty and fab at the same time. Mega huggs, Gal, glad you’re home!! 😀

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