Mayoral Madness, Esplanade Fireworks, and Pig Racing


Echo echo echo. So quiet these days, huh? And I’m adding to the quiet because for some reason I just don’t feel like blogging; I’m happy and healthy and glad that the “heat wave” finally broke up here in Massachusetts (I still think it’s so cute that they call a heat wave three days in a row with temps over 90 degrees; in Florida, we called that . . . weather). Anyway, it’s back down into the 70’s now, and that’s fine with me; if they’d hold the humidity, so much the better.

As I was saying, there’s no real reason for me not to feel like blogging, I just don’t. I suppose the fact that my laptop spontaneously shuts down at times isn’t helping, but I’m pretty sure it’s the sink fan thing. Again. Sigh. I so need a new laptop, but that’s not on the horizon, alas. But I’m not down about it; inconvenienced, sure, but not down. So what’s with the not wanting to blogness of the mo’? I mean blogging is fun, social, thoughtful, exciting, and a giggle a minute thanks to my many funny friends.

And yet here I am. Posting something because I just saw the funniest thing on television: you know how the iPhones are coming out? Well, they are. They’re $500.00 super phones from Apple that apparently let you surf the “real” internet, make traditional phone calls, and spin straw into gold. People are lining up for them. Seriously. Like they did when the Wii’s came out. I can sort of understand the Wii thing because that was often for kids, and people will sleep in deck chairs on the street to make their kids happy (not sure what people, but some people), but I just saw that the mayor of Philadelphia is waiting in an Apple line for his iPhone. I wish I were kidding. Not the mayor of po-dunk, U. S. A., People, the mayor of the home of the Liberty Bell and the once capital of this fine nation. Is waiting on line for a phone. Where is his staff? I’m sure the good people of Philly pay their hard earned tax dollars for mayoral line standers, no? His response, well, uh, it’s close to City Hall. Unreal.

I also heard that Craig Ferguson will be at the Esplanade in Boston for the Fourth. First, if you’ve never heard of the Fourth of July celebration in Boston, it’s the premier celebration in the U. S., even beating out Washington, D. C.’s I think. Each year they have a different musical guest, the year I went it was Cyndi Lauper (shrug), and the very next year it was Barry Manilow (now I know many of you pretend not to hear me when I say I like him, but I really wished I’d gone that year). Last year it was Joe Perry and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, and this year, it’s John Mellencamp. Yeah, whatever. But Craig Ferguson will be there, and I think he’s funny. And kind of hot, too, in a has an accent and seems pretty intelligent and witty kind of way. So I am currently pondering the idea of going up for this year’s festivities.

I’m not a get there early kinda gal. Each year, they open the Esplanade at like dawn or something and there’re always hundreds of people lined up to get in. Then they spend all day under the hot sun, peeing in porta-potties, and sweating like pigs. Fun for the whole family. Not me: I come strolling in at about 8:55 p.m., and the fireworks begin at 9:00 p.m. to the beautifully choreographed and gorgeous sounding Boston Pops. Oops, they really begin at 10:30 p.m., shows how many years it’s been since I was there (and how well I read my own links). Anyway, I’d never ooh’d and ahh’d at fireworks in my life until I saw that display; it’s truly amazing and ooh n’ ahh worthy if ever anything was.

The other big news is that the Brockton Fair is back for its 133rd year, and I so want to go to that, too. They have pig racing, and I’ve never seen pig racing. They also have the regular midway, all sorts of entertainment, and beer. Oooh, and fair food; I just love fair food . . . cotton candy and unidentifiable sausage products and big soft pretzels and . . . beer. Ooooh, I really want to go. If nothing else, just to see the pigs racing. That’s got to be good fun, right?


That first (well, and only) pic is of one of my “perfume shelves.” I took the pics in preparation for my perfume blog post, but then got too lazy to use them. And now I’m too lazy to find a pic that “goes” with this blog. Hmmmm . . . wonder if “lazy” is key here?


23 thoughts on “Mayoral Madness, Esplanade Fireworks, and Pig Racing

  1. I am glad you are happy and healthy, I was wondering where you disappeared too…lol
    I haven’t been able to come up with anything exciting to blog about and have been busy and kinda lazy about it.
    I saw people lined up here for the Apple phones, it’s ridiculous. I am so not a wait in line type of person, I have no patience for that!
    I love the Macy’s Firework display in NYC, I haven’t been there in years it is so packed and crazy, I’d rather go see something more local and not have to fight the crowds!
    Mmmmmmmmm fair food and beer and pig racing??? LOL
    Sounds so country-ish.

    I hope you enjoy the 4th of July festivities!

  2. hey, if you haven’t felt like blogging, then you haven’t felt like blogging. you can’t force these things. i have missed seeing you around, though. πŸ™‚

    i hear a lot of hoopla over this iphone. big whoop. i happened upon an article i saw in someone’s rss feeds (can’t remember the website, though) that talked about the media frenzy over anything apple. apparently, iphone isn’t the first of it’s kind. helio makes a similar phone that’s been out for months and it’s about $200 cheaper. and if i were a resident of philadelphia, i would be seriously po’d over my mayor standing in line for a silly phone. that’s really nervy, in my opinion.

    i imagine we’ll probably go see fireworks this year, though i’m thinking we’ll do it like we have the last few years and go someplace and sit in the car to watch them. whether they’ll be very impressive? probably not. but i don’t relish the thought of trying to take my hyper kids into a huge crowd of people to watch stuff explode. it has disaster written all over it.

  3. Same here. I have been feeling my blogging spirits dampen. While in bed, I did have some exciting ideas, funny things to say and all the interesting stuff that I wanted to write about but then I got up in the morning and went on the internet and did not blog. I entirely blame it on my selfishness. LACK OF INCENTIVE (could be a number of factors: money, praise, positive feedback etc.). Incentive- as I read in one latest book- is the driving force of all our actions. When your subconscious is telling you there are not very appealing incentives for a particular action your brain goes into, ”what the heck I am getting out of it” mode, which results in inaction.

    LOLOLOL…! That’s the naked truth if you ask me! If somehow I got even anything between $10- $50 per post, you bet I would write at least one well chiseled blog everyday, 7 days a week!

  4. Hei Fuzz.

    First – before reading the rest – I had to have a good and close up look at the perfumes on the shelf.
    Looks like the two red ones are the Red Door and Armani She right at the end?!! Do not recognize the others, I am afraid.

    The thing about blogging is, one blogs when one blogs. End of story. I take breaks all along. And enjoy ’em fully by being totally out of the virtual world doing something else, or by reading other people’s grand pages for there are many really great ones around.

    Great to hear that you are grand. Rii xx HUGZ HAVE A FABU WEEKEND with all the festivities and all.

  5. Well…you provide us with our giggles a minute (sometimes snorts!)! I’m with you….this is kinda a non-blogging week for me too (but, it’s kinda been nice…I’ve just popped around reading others!!)

    Silly nonsense about that phone! (However, everytime I see the commercials, I think “that looks cool”!) But, I still have my ancient one…and it does the trick.

    I wanna go to a fair!!! Wooo hooo….pig races!

  6. even when you’re pretending not to be blogging you just effortlessly do!
    Would love to be in the US on the 4th July oneday…..Barry Manilow?..yeaa….he says sheepishly! lol

  7. Yeah, the hoopla about the iphone is driving me nuts too. I can’t imagine standing in line for it. Although, I give that mayor credit…he’s at least standing in line. He could have pulled rank and been one of the first. Sounds like a fun fourth. I am not the all day type either. I went to see the fireworks ONCE in DC when I lived there and swore never to do it again. It was crowded, hot, people were squashed together waiting for the metro to get home. :::shudder::: YUM! Fair food!!!! (Take Pics of the pig racing!!!!)

  8. Technology is changing so fast. My brain cannot keep up with it all. As soon as I understand the value of a new ‘must have’, it has been upgraded, bypassed or recalled. lol. I still don’t even have a cell phone…

    To blog or not to blog. For me, its more than I can do today – as my blog says…lol – just cannot help it, I guess…even if it is just a little something.

    Stop by once in a while. I’ll do the same. Have a wonderful weekend…

  9. My daughter wants an iPhone, of course. She’d better start saving up… cause I’m surely not spending that much on a phone. LOL

    Those fireworks sound like something worth braving the crowds to see! Usually I don’t bother with the displays around here.

    If you go to the Brockton Fair, make sure to say hi to Lucky Bob the comedic juggler for me. Thanx. *snort*

  10. I will not be in the I phone lines, for sure, but I have waited for many hours the last four times the Spurs won the N.B.A. championship titles, to stand in a line that literally wrapped around the Academy Sports and Outdoors store near where I live just to get the hot off the presses Championship T-Shirts and hats!!!! I know, ?????…but I love it!
    And the Boston Pops at the Esplanade…!!!!!!….I always watch the televised version!!!It’s absolutely awesome!!! and I think it’s the next best thing to being there, since I live way the heck too far to go in person, but I will look for you in the crowds!!!! Have a wonderful 4th!!!

  11. YOUR CABINET and MY CABINET have to go bowling sometime
    (from Breakfast CLub) hee hee {I kinda thought that was clever} I have so many of the same products–it freaks me out..tho I am a VICTORIAS SECRET maniac….. I love their scents….starting to get into the GAP scents…

    anyway….love you like crazy–you are soo REAL!!


  12. My mind has kinda blocked out the Barry Manilow part, but 4th of July celebrations sound a lot of fun.
    I love fair food! Especially candy floss and those big pretzels, they’re delicious.
    And I want an iPhone more than I can dare think about. But I don’t wanna queue up in line for days!
    The new Harry Potter book is a different story, however…

    Hugggggggs to you, TFT, catch up with you soon πŸ™‚

  13. I’ve seen pig racing… was with those cute little potbellied one (though little is a relative term, I suppose) – and it was a lot of fun to watch – they announced it just as they would a horse race. I haven’t been to the Boston Fireworks so I’m one to judge – but I do know they are much nicer when they are shot out over the water (the reflections – and the fact that they can use more powerful farther reaching pyrotechnics without worrying about catching anything on fire)….so I imagine they are spectactular.

  14. Hi ya Fuzzyyy…good to hear that you are well and doing fine…im having a laziness in the blog dept too, think its cos its summer and we are out and about more. Hope you enjoy your fourth of July celebrations wherever you may be…ive no clue who Craig Ferguson is btw, will google him. Lots of love xx

  15. You’ll love the pig racing…I’ve seen it twice. First time they had a line of pigs chasing an oreo around a track like was a hoot. The next time was a group of young kids, each with a piglet, tempting them to cross the finish line. Now, if you’ve ever been around a pig, you know they go exactly where THEY want to go…so it can be quite amusing!

    As for the stupid phones…as if! Get a grip people, as soon as you pay this one off, they’ll be another must have on the market…wake up. I think I’m the only person left on the planet that uses my cell phone as ….ta da…an actual phone! And really, wasn’t the Mayor setting a great example? Can you spell impeach? If he has nothing better to do with his time…..I think that city is in trouble.

  16. Fireworks….
    Reminds me of going to the esplanade here in Portland to watch the fireworks a couple of years ago. The fireworks are set off from a barge in the middle of the Willamette river. I managed to get a spot right up front with a perfect view. Thousands of people were packed along the seawall and on the grass. Families had put down picnic blankets, and the children were having a great time.

    Finally the fireworks started. BOOM!! Ahhhhhh!! Bursts of colors…fantastic…the booms and bursts would build up to a crescendo and then a lull would take place before the next round of booms and bursts.

    Everyone was Oohing and Ahhing….the lull came with just a sputtering of lights flickering in the sky….the crowd of people behind me started Oooohing and Aaaahing….they started squeeling and shrieking…I couldn’t figure it out. Why were they so excited about a couple of sputtering lights in the sky????

    Finally the roar of the crowd got so loud that I turned around…..ROFLOL…the automatic sprinklers had come on and all the people were scattering and trying not to get wet!! It was so funny!!

  17. Yeah, Maggie, just busy (haha) and lazy about the whole blog thing of late . . . I think it’s partly that others are, too, so the whole social thing’s fallen a bit. But it’ll swing back around. And yes, very “country-ish”, huh? It’s fun to check out stuff like that, I think. πŸ˜€ Huggs

    Thanks for the missing me, Kerry! πŸ™‚ And can you believe the MAYOR? I’d be angry, too, if it were the mayor of my itty bitty town, but Philly? Hmph! I didn’t know Helio had a similar phone out, and for cheaper. Of course, I still use my basic Nokia, so . . . not in the market for one that does all that stuff. I’ve decided to not go up for the fireworks this year, it’s too dicey about the weather, and just to see Craig Ferguson . . . well, it’d be better if Barry Manilow were there. Then I’d def go, but I could less about John Mellencamp. Ya know? What ever happened to his “Couger”, I wonder?

    My dream job, Elmo, is to be paid to blog. Of course I don’t put the thought, time, or energy into my posts that I once did, so no one would dream of paying me (well, not that they ever would have!). Alas. But the incentive is US, right? All the good friends and fabu comments . . . yay!

    Hey, Rii, good eye!! Yes, Red Door and Armani’s She on the ends, and then Beautiful and Perry Ellis’ Portfolio in the middle. The others I blogged are on an identical shelf on the other side of my dresser, have a pic, but haven’t used it yet. I’m sure it’ll pop up next time I can’t be bothered to find a “real” one. Hehe. I never notice you taking you a break, though, you seem to be the one reliable, stable one among us all. I mean we all have spurts of it, but you keep on going. It’s grand!! πŸ˜€ Honest to goodness huggs to your Dignified self xx

    Heeee, Ang, yay! Thanks for the positive feedback on the snortworthiness of some of my silly comments. Hehe, you make me smile. πŸ˜€ Come on over, we’ll so go to the pig racing and the rest of the fair! Woohooo!!

    lmao, Neil, you’re never going to let me live that one down, huh? I’m over it. And 45 is just right. His wife may have an issue with it, but . . .

    Aw, thanks, Rash! πŸ˜€ And yes, you must experience an American Fourth, at least once in your life! πŸ˜€

    LOL, LO, yeah, now that you mention it, I moaned about the crowds and heat and general ickiness last time I braved the Esplanade. Funny how that sort of fades in your memory, though. And gah! That phone thing! Imagine. And if I go to the pig racing, pics are a sure thing. hehe

    Hey, Nana, it’s grand to see you here! And definitely we’ll have to stop in at one another’s pages from time to time. Yay! πŸ˜€

    lmao, Kelly, I will so tell Lucky Bob the comedic juggler you said “hi.” I bet he rarely gets remembered by his friends. Hehe. You crack me up!!

    Spazzy, you’re a riot. I can’t think of much I’d stand in a super line for . . . maybe to get my latest Evanovich signed. Or . . . um, well, there must be something else, it’s just not coming to me right now!! πŸ˜€ And I have to say, the PBS version is the BOMB because you can SEE the stuff going on in the Hatch Shell, which you can’t if you’re there, unless you’re one of those peeing in the porta-potty, sweating in the sun since dawn types. And that’s so not going to happen. The fireworks, though, it’s the being there that makes the diff. It’s gorgeous on tv, but so much nicer in person. Sigh. πŸ˜€

    Kate, lol @ your cleverness. Yay!! I love one of the Gap scents, but can’t think of it now . . . it’s in the pale greenish bottle? Anyway, thanks so much, I love you to pieces, too and think you’re the REALest!! πŸ˜€

    Hehe, yeah, sorry about the Manilow thing, Tal, but I promise not to ever make you listen to him. If you don’t make me listen to . . . um, well, something you like that I don’t. No idea what that might be, though. You do? You want an iPhone? Cool! I guess I wouldn’t say “no” if someone handed me one for free! And yay! Fair food; come on!

  18. Oops, Tally, ran out of room there, gah! Anyway, come on! Let’s go to the fab fair. We’ll ride the rides and win the prizes and see the pigs racing and eat the cotton candy and the big soft pretzels (with yellow mustard on!). Yay; it’ll be fun fun fun!! Huggs, TFT, and yes, catching up is goodness. πŸ˜€

    Isn’t it crazy, Azad? πŸ˜€

    Oooh, that does sound fun, Em. I’ve never seen horse racing, either, but I guess it can’t be different than dog racing? Which I have seen and rather enjoyed (I didn’t think about how they’re abused, though, or I’d have been sad and freed them all). They are totally spectacular, though it’s not easy to get a place where you can see the reflections over the water. That would just be icing on the cake!!

    Hey, Shell, did you google him? he’s a hottie, for sure. Some Scottish dude, a comedian of some sort. He’s got a late night talk show here in the States and is very funny and warm, too.

    Rivergirl, that sounds wonderful; I really want to see the pig racing. I hope they have the kids one, too. How cute does that sound? And yeah, my phone is just a phone, too, though I admit that I do play backgammon on it when I’m bored and waiting for something or other. And omg, that mayor and his nerve!! Gaaahhh!!

    That is HYSTERICAL, Rainy, I’d have loved to have been there for that one. Or had you there to vid it for us. Sigh. I love your posts. I so very much do . . . πŸ˜€

  19. I went and bought iPhone for my friend overseas. I also checked it is a cool device, soon everyone will be using it like iPods, but they are expensive. It will be the future I guess. Initially they made a big fuzz by standing in line and some even paying $1500 dollars at Ebay for $499 actual iPhone. Instead I went the second day to the mall, to the Apple Store, they still had it. I love the fireworks display, I used to live in New Bedford, the Whaling city, they had the best one in the harbor. Have fun and post some pics. Cheers πŸ™‚

  20. That’s so nice of you to do, Chris, really! You’ll have to put some good insurance on that package to send it overseas. And yeah, these are definitely the next thing, but prices will have to come down before everyone can manage it, or even if people can afford the current price, it’s really hard to justify for some of us.

    Dunno, Shell, it’s odd that he’s not as he’s from over there; I was surprised you’d not heard of him. But then, he is here, so it’s really not too surprising, is it? Huggs.

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