2007 Blog Archive


. . . so far. It’s the end of June / beginning of July, so I thought it’d be a good time to post the first half of my 2007 Blog Archive. Those of you who’ve been here since January or before may remember my 2006 Blog Archive (and don’t think I don’t see you rolling your eyes. Okay, I don’t technically see you, but I know you’re doing it), and those of you who are newer can now marvel at my amazing and scary organization skills (or “obsession,” also a fair and valid choice of word here).

Politics and Society

Musing About ‘08

Random Observations and Miscellaneous Ponderings

Jay Leno’s Headlines

Strange Goings On


Blogging, the Internet, and Computers


Movie Night


Places to Go, Things to See and Do

Television Programs

Relationships and Love

. . . and On a More Personal Note


There are some new categories since last year’s Archive, notably Pics and Jay Leno’s Headlines; otherwise, it’s pretty much the same. And no, I still can’t manage to get the html to hyperlink from heading to heading, so when you hit “Recreation” above you’re not magically carried to the same heading below. I tried to get it to work. Several times. I failed. Several times.


Politics and Society

Anna Nicole Smith and Public Culpability

A Bird in the Hand: Boston’s “Terror” Scare

British Soldiers “Trespassing” in Iranian Waters: U. K. and U. S. Responses

Crimson Crow: Harvard Names its (First Woman) President

Focus, Kudos, and Education

Flowers, Candy, and Equality: The Three Things that Women Want?

Global Warming, Climate Change, Fear, and Hysteria

Homeland Security: Compromise a Solution?

If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read THIS: Vulture Funds

James Sherley, MIT, and Denial: Won’t Eat, Won’t Work, What Will You Do?

Land of the Free, Home of the People Who Pick Up After Themselves

Left, Right, Center: Worldviews and Friendship (or Marriage)

Legally Coming to America: Why Aren’t Honest, Law Abiding
People Welcomed?

Musing About ’08

Musing About ’08: Fuzzy Democratic Ticket Musings

Nine Eleven

The Olympics, Elections, and Paris

One Giant Step (Backward) for (Wo)Mankind

The Real ID: Shouldn’t These Agencies Being Doing This Already?

Saddam Hussein’s Execution and the Death Penalty

Tempest in a Teapot: Tracking Our Tax Dollars

Too Drunk to Drive? Car Won’t Start?: Call the Police

Trees for the Forest Thinking about Iraq

When Soldiers Safeguard Civilians

Random Observations and Miscellaneous Ponderings

All About [Cadbury] Eggs

All About Stuff: Shallow is Not A Four Letter Word

All I Need is This Butter Knife . . . And This Shoe

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Brussels Sprouts and Other Acquired Tastes

Celery Salt: Versatile and Yummy

Girl Scout Cookies

I Heart Albania

I Say Tomato: English to English Translations

Jay Leno’s Headlines

Jay Leno’s Headlines: A Look at the Issues for ’08

Jay Leno’s Headlines: Because Lisa Likes Them (and So Do I)

Jay Leno Headlines: Stuff and Randomness

Yet More Jay Leno Headlines: Rhymeless, Reasonless

Lies Your High School English Teacher Told You . . .

“Live and Let Live”: A Cop Out Philosophy?

“Mama Says, ‘Stupid is as Stupid Does'”

Musing About St. Patrick and His Day

Musings on Human Cannibalism

Pent-up Frustrations and (Of Course, Ang) Shoe Sunday

Reincarnation: More Fuzzy Musings

Some Random Thoughts about Memory and Remembering

Sunday Ramblings and Randomness

Strange Goings On

Black and White and Red All Over

The Blog That Was(n’t)


Blogging, the Internet, and Computers

Beating Blogger’s Block

Blog Comments, Commenters, and Comments on Commenters

Illegally Using a Neighbor’s Wireless Service: Throw the Book at ’em?

Musings About Blogs, Blogging, and Blogland

Shortcuts and Shoes

Tag Clouds and Other Things 360


Insomniac Randomness

Keri Hulme’s Bone People

Movie Night

Movie Night: Independence Day


Friday Randomnes About New England

Out of Touch and Randomness

Pics, Purse, and Poker

Pictures: For No Reason at All

A Rambling Snack Monologue, Scuffed Scuffies, Dads, and Gifts

Snow Pics and Randomness

Sunday Light Stuff on Monday and General Randomness

A Whole Lot of Nothing at All

Places to Go, Things to See and Do

Mayoral Madness, Esplanade Fireworks, and Pig Racing

Television Programs

In Defense of The Amazing Race Beauty Queens

Relationships and Love

Infidelity: To Know or Not to Know

. . . and On a More Personal Note

Blogiversary: One Year of Blogging

Closet Tales by an Undiscerning Hoarder of Stuff

Complimenting Good Service

Cups, Cows, y Calzado

Footloose and Cancerfree

I’ve Never Worn a Banana Shoe Before

Life Happens, Time to Deal with It

Making Scents of It All

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Phone

A Shoe Sunday Blog Not Worth Reading (and some of the stuff on my fridge, too)

Shoes I Choose

Shoot the Person Who Coined the Phrase “Forty and Fabulous”


ABC’s of Me Alphabet Tag Thing

(Not So) Tacky Virtual Gift Exchange

You’re It or Not: It’s Entirely Up to You

What to Wear, What to Wear?: A Shoe Sunday Challenge

Woo and Hoo!


The pic is from the post “I’ve Never Worn a Banana Shoe Before” and was drawn for me by Fanta. Yay!

18 thoughts on “2007 Blog Archive

  1. Fuzzy Dear
    – Tis 3am over there, are you burning the candle at both ends or what?!!
    Here it is midmorn and about to have me coffee.
    (If this doesn’t make sense, it is because I have not had the said brew yet.)

    BRILLIANT organizing, Gal. I am doing my Recap of June later today. HUGZ and hit the sack now n get your beauty sleep, Fuzz. There is always another day to blog and to organize. 😉

  2. … do you not do ‘sleep’… and this is way organised… sigh… got a whole stack of papers you could arrange for me….

  3. Yay! Rii, you’re my whole inspiration for the archiving! 😀 Thanks for your encouragement, too. 😀 And my sleep patterns are all messed up, can’t seem to get back into a normal routine post-surgery. Sigh. It’ll come, though, I’ll just have to power through it somehow. Big huggs, O Most Dignified and Organized One xx

    Hehe, Tally, I know it’s . . . um, yeah, amazing. hehe, thanks for that! 😛 It’s not that hard, really, I keep a Word doc and every week or so just add the posts I’ve done to that point. I just wanted to get them posted, so I’d have it ready for the next six months.

    LOL, Treesparrow, still working out the sleep schedule, I’m afraid, but sorting your papers would be fun. Send me a ticket. hehe

  4. You really are very organized…lol

    I am still reading over some of your old blogs to find out more about my Fuzzy Friend and how her wonderful mind works!

  5. Aw, that makes me feel so happy and special, Maggie!! I’ve been meaning to get back to yours, too, and finish reading forward in them. And I will. 😀

  6. i was just thinking about how you have this archive thing last night when i was trying to look for one of my old posts. i wish i could manage to be this organized. maybe someday.

  7. Thats an awesome list Fuzzy, that shows your writing range, the best. Thanks for sharing these great articles. Write more like it. Cheers 🙂

  8. Wowser!! I can’t even manage to add a tag at the end of most of my entries… let alone being able to organize them all into outline form. Hmm… I’ll have to snoop thru some of those past entries.

  9. After the mega session I put in at the end of last year, Kerry, I decided it’d be better to just keep up with it as I go along. I didn’t do as well as I’d have liked, and I realized that I need to stop writing “Random” blogs. Or have a whole separate heading for them. 😀 Glad you like, though, it does help with finding old posts . . .so much easier than the tag cloud when you’re looking for a specific one.

    Thanks, Chris, and you’re right, I don’t really do the in-depth article ones that much anymore; I really should, they’re fun to do. But I have noticed that fewer people read/respond to them, so I think I stopped for that reason. At least partly. I have more fun researching and writing those, though, I must admit. 😀

    Ooooh, Kelly, yes, please do! I love getting the odd comment on older posts. Um, not that your comments are “odd.” Quite the contrary, actually, you usually have me in stitches!!

  10. i know, the tag clouds don’t help too much, either, if you didn’t add them to your old posts, either. it took me a while to warm up to the idea of the tags, but i didn’t bother to go back through my old posts once i decided to do them. and now there are so many! of course, unlike you, i’d say most if not all of my posts are mostly randomy posts, so i’m not sure how i’d categorize them if i tried to do what you’ve done here. still, it’s something to think about because highlighting posts isn’t really working for me anymore. we only get a set number we can highlight and i’ve surpassed that already, so anytime i
    add another highlighted post, whatever was highlighted at the bottom is no longer highlighted. i’ve got to get things organized so that i can find what i’m looking for. plus, it’ll give me somthing to do while so many of my friends aren’t blogging. 🙂

    and you know fuzzy, if you have so much fun researching and writing the in-depth article blogs, you should just do it. if you can’t have fun with what you write, why bother? i know i’d comment. 🙂

  11. Oh my, I now feel woefully inadequate. Your organizational skills astound! I bow to the master….. (:
    I’m obsessively organized in my house, just ask the husband who tries to leave things where they don’t belong, but am nowhere near your caliber when it comes to Yahoo. Half the time I’m battling with the computer just to load y’alls pages when there are videos and music….stuck in dial up Hell…thats me! Maybe someday I’ll try a retrospective of blogs…..then again…..probably not! but I look foward to catching up on yours when I have the time!!

  12. Kerry, you’ve got 600 posts! That’ll def keep you busy. Or drive you crazy, one. Maybe just archive ones you currently are highlighting and have highlighted and lost in the past? Keep things easier, then you can just keep up with it as you post new blogs and have a fuller archive from here on out? Just an idea. And you are so right, I really should write those more often, if nothing else just for me. And you. Thanks for that! *hugs*

    lol, Rivergirl, yeah, I’m a bit crazed about it and just the opposite around the house. Well, I do like things in their place, I guess, but I’m not as anal about it as I am with my computer (not just yahoo, I have to have all my bookmarks in carefully labeled folders, all my toolbars . . . well, you get the picture). And waaahhh, so sorry about dial up, that really is difficult to have with 360, even just all the pics that load on a page. Well, I’ll try to keep the vids and music to a minimum (not that I do much of those anyway). 😀 And yay! please do catch up on mine when you have the time; I’ll do the same at your place. 😀

  13. I thought I detected the influence of the Blonde, aka Rii. All I can say is: everyone keep moving, or Fuzzy will tidy you up and file you under ‘F’ for Friend. Or in my case ‘S’ for Smartass. LOL.

  14. Oh, Fuzzy! I thought I was catching up. Now I’ll be here hours. Don’t expect me to comment on every post though! Will I really understand how your mind works (or why) if I read them all?

  15. hehe, Neil, you may not get the full picture of how my mind works, but you’ll certainly get a clearer idea! And do comment whenever you feel the urge; I’ll always respond, even if the post is “old” And yes, that pic is awesome, that Fanta is just great!

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