Seven (7) Random Facts Tag Thing


I started answering this tag a while ago and got swept away by the first entry (on being 40), then Tally just did it, so here I am, trying to finish it up.

(recap of) 1. I hate being 40. Or at least that’s how it began, but honestly, now that I’ve blogged it out of my system and heard from all of you on the topic, I really don’t mind it at all. (though I am still giggling at Ang for having me as her role model for being 40 . . . hehe, you’re only three or four years younger, Goof!)

2. I believe in both evolution and God (and in Jesus Christ as Savior). And yep, I can make it all work in my head, heart, and soul; obviously, it gets tricky when it comes to church affiliation, so I just don’t go. And for those of you wondering, you really have to “believe in” evolution until we find that dratted “missing link”; I mean we do know species change / adapt, but we’ve no real evidence that they change into something else entirely (especially humans from monkeys, wouldn’t there be no more monkeys if evolution means survival of the fittest, and we humans are fittest? Or no more humans if monkeys are?). Gotta take that one on faith.

3. I love tossing out controversial statements as fact (or as asides). Makes me smile.

4. I hate feet. No, I don’t just hate feet; they make me cringe and shudder with their grossness. Oddly, I don’t mind touching my feet with my hands (to put on my fab Dr. Scholl’s for her foot lotion, for instance), but I can’t stand my bare feet to touch each other (thus the fuzzy slippers, no doubt). I would never touch someone else’s feet with any part of my body. Gah!

5. I’m afraid of heights, can’t stand more than two or three rungs up on a ladder, but I don’t mind flying. Well, I can’t sit by the window, or have that little shade up if I must do so. And I guess that I do mind flying more in this post-9/11 world (though not enough to stop my doing so, of course), but not because of my fear of heights.

6. I love watching those true crime and forensics shows on Court TV and A & E. I think it would be “neat” to be an FBI profiler ala Dayle Hinman or the Jodie Foster character in Silence of the Lambs. But then the realistic side of my brain knows that I would be awful at it . . . can’t stand the sight of blood. And though I’ve never seen a dead person in person (except at funerals), I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be something I would tolerate well. But still I watch the television shows.

7. I love going on cruises. I like that everything is right there and always available, and I like that you’re taken right to the point of interest (no need to find your way or rent a car). I also like that there’s so much to do on board, and that you can be “together” with whomever you’re traveling or wander off and do totally different things.

So, the thing is to come up with 7 random facts about yourself and then to tag 7 others, but we all know that some people dislike tags, so I won’t do that to you. But if you want to play along . . . I’d love to learn more about you either on your own list post or here in comments.


The pic is of the miracle foot lotion . . . it’s good stuff. Really.


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  1. YAY!!! I just love finding out more about Fuzzy!

    Ok….seeing as that I am 6 years away from 40 I have to be realistic and get a grip, it’s going to happen and I am glad to hear from you that it’s not that bad! And you make 40 ooohhhh soooo cool!

    I am still trying to wrap my head around “The Theory Of Evolution”, I have been Catholic for 34 years! I went to 12 years of Catholic school and we were not taught about evolution. I have watched shows about it of course and read about it and have had debates about it. And I guess I am with you Fuzzy, I am a firm believer in God, Jesus Christ and The Virgin Mary but I have to consider this to be true. Merry Christmas by the way!

    Feet…..hehehehe…you and my sister….she is so grossed out by feet. I don’t mind them as long as I don’t have to touch anyone else’s feet I am ok! Do you go for pedicures? I was wondering if you let other people touch your feet???

    I am totally afraid of height too…I can’t climb a ladder, and I am the most nervous person on the plane. I have flown post 9/11 and I was even more nervous! And now after the bomb threats on JFK airport (that’s the one I fly out of) I don’t know if I will ever feel safe to fly again!

    I love crime shows!!! I am addicted to unsloved mysteries!
    I loved Court TV when we had it….I’d have to pay extra to get it now. boo hooo

    We are going to have to go on a 360 cruise! So far me, you, Ang, and Nancy and I think Rivergirl, are cruise lovers…..maybe someday we can plan a 360 friends meeting cruise…cool huh? Hey if Rosie can unite all Gays and Have a “Gay cruise” maybe we can have a 360 cruise…lol

    This was great, sorry my comment is a blog in itself…lol
    The reason I was reading alot of your older blogs was to find out more about my awesome new friend! So this helped…big, big hugs!

  2. lol, Maggie, no I don’t get pedicures. Blech, just the thought makes me cringe. My mom likes us to go for mani/pedi things, but I can only do the mani part, I’m afraid. And yay!! A 360 cruise would be totally awesome, we so have to do that. Really! Fun fun fun. And you need to do this tag, too, so I can learn more about you (not that I’m not going to catch up on your past blogs, but yay!). And I just LOVE your comments, so no apologies for that. Ever. Big big huggs, too!!

  3. You don’t like feet, but love shoes? I’ll have to think that one over. I still have a little more than another year before I hit 40, but I am ready! If I could think of seven random things about me they would be the following:

    1) I always am somewhat mistrustful of well-intended people because in my experience they can get away with a lot more (You know the road to hell is paved with good intentions). Just look at the Department of Children and Families to see a great example of what I mean.

    2) I love my family. At the end of my life, when I am through chasing dreams and working hard and struggling, the house, the possessions and the car will not mean much, but I know the people I love will have meaning. And, I always try to remember that.

    3) The two achievements in my life I am most proud of is introducing my mother to her half-brother that I found who she had never met prior to that in 60 years and getting the Montville Center Church to revoke the excommunication of my 4th Great Grandfather that occurred in 1855.

    4) I’ve been listening to country music a lot lately because it tells great stories and has a lot of good basic and positive advice about everyday life in spite of all that stuff about playing it backwards and getting your house and wife back! And, a lot of it is just plain fun!

    5) I like shopping – anything from big department stores to resale shops to the Salvation Army to antique stores and yard sales, but I hate shopping alone!

    6) My favorite cologne is Drakkar Noir and my favorite movies are Film Noirs!

    7) If I could have lived in any time, I would pick the mid – 1920’s.

  4. By the way Fuzz, I see you have a pic of Sponge Bob. Is it me, or does Patrick seem like he has a bit of a sinister side?

  5. Pssst!!! I know a blog here on 360 with a background of pictures of feet of all things!!!!!! Don’t go there fuzzy, you will be grossed out … LMAO!

  6. LOL about the feet. I dated a guy once, briefly, who couldn’t stand feet. I don’t like touching some else’s feet with my hands, but playing ‘footsie’ is ok. Imagine having to rub lotion on a 92 year old man’s feet! (I had to do that for my grandfather…proof of how much I loved him…but EWWW). OK. I’ll do it here since I am on vacay from blogging too…seven things about me…

    1. Aside from Canada, I’ve never been out of the US. (How sad is that?)

    2. I get the biggest smile on my face when flying and the plane takes off…still after all these years of flying. And, I like looking out the window so long as I am not sitting where I can see the wing. Seeing them wobble in flight (even though I know they are supposed to) simply freaks me out!

    3. Twenty years ago, I use to be a very shy, quiet person. I am still quiet and sometimes still shy in new situations, but for some reason people who know me now, never believe this of me.

    4. If I am in a certain area for any length of time, I start to pick up the local accent. (You should have heard me when I was travelling to Boston (Bahston) every two weeks when I worked for my last company. LOL!

    5. I cannot even contemplate eating food that still has it’s eyes. I won’t eat a whole lobster or fish with it’s eyes still there or anything like that. I want to look at my food, not have it look at me. (The other problem with a whole lobster…you frequently have to pick the one you are sending to it’s death and therefore to your plate…too much responsibility for me!)

    6. I have ridden motorcycles without helmets. (it’s legal here in Ohio.) But, shhh, please never tell my mother. She’d find a way to ground me even though I am 40.

    7. I like being 40 or maybe really, I like WHO I am now that I’ve hit 40. I don’t FEEL 40 (except when the arthritis or other muscle aches kick in.)

  7. i have never been on a cruise but i think i would love it, i like having someone else massage my feet but i don’t want to touch theirs, and i am really not sure where i stand on religion and evolution i know what sounds plausible but do we ever really know and you are quite an interesting character fuzzy slippers *said in best freud voice with finger at temple doing the hmmmmm gesture

  8. hmm ok 7 random facts about me…dont expect too much im not exciting lol
    1. Im just over a week into my 40’s and so far no change πŸ™‚ .. although the last 6 months or so ive realised im comfortable in my own skin, I dont feel the need to impress anyone..which is kewl.
    2. When I was 18 my doctor discovered I had a hole in my heart which wasnt detected at birth…when I was 21 I had surgery to repair it…im good as new now πŸ™‚
    3. I’ve never been out of my country. I’ve never flown, not because I’m afraid of flying, it’s because I dont like the idea of being closed in the plane…silly I know but if I can’t open a window to breath fresh air I panic… lol I know what would happen if I opened a window on a plane haha
    4. I don’t believe there is a RIGHT man for me… years of failed relationships have made me realise im a much happier person when im single…men stress me lol…don’t get me wrong I like men, I just don’t want one permanently in my life.
    5.I LIKE my feet lol (sorry Fuzzy)…I had an ex who would rub my feet for hours for me, it was blissful..I didn’t return the favour though, I like my own but I hate other peoples.
    6.I love reality trashy tv shows ( I know, stop groaning lol) .. x factor, American idol, Big Brother, Jeremy Kyle, etc etc
    7. I have braces on my teeth at the minute…its been 18 months and it is looking like they may be on till xmas now grr..its wonderful being 40 and looking a geek haha…funny thing is ive had more interest from guys with brace than without…what’s it all about?

  9. LOL, you really do hate feet, huh? Poor us 😦
    I’m a great believer in evolution, I must say. Have you ever seen the episode of Friends where Ross gets into an argument with Phoebe about it? That always makes me laugh πŸ˜€
    I’m not especially afraid of heights, although I seem to have some kind of reverse vertigo thing where I can’t stand looking up at tall things.
    I love cruises too! They rok, everything right there where you want it, and I love the duty-free shops that sell all the lovely stuff, and being able to go out on deck and look out to sea. Yay!

  10. i’m not good at these things when i have to think of stuff myself. sad, no? lol!

    i have five years, well, four years and 5 months (exactly!) before i’m 40. i haven’t really thought about it much, to be honest. i will probably be sweating it more the closer i get to it.

    i’m not terribly religious, though i have pagan leanings i guess, but i don’t have any problems believing in evolution. i suppose that is weird, isn’t it?

    feet are gross. enough said. but it did help me think of something weird about me. i’m pretty free with the *hugs* around here, but in reality, i have a very large area of personal space and feel very uncomfortable with people getting too close to me. i couldn’t stand to have a massage, so much so that when i thought about being an esthetician, i had to drop out of the class after a couple days because i realized i’d have to touch people. plus, we were supposed to practice on each other and they wanted to give me a facial. i almost want to gag just at the thought right now because it makes me so uncomfortable.

    when i was pregnant, i could not get enough of those crime re-enactment shows like you’re talking about. i don’t watch them too much now, though. i will say that i prefer the ones that re-enact real crimes rather than the dramas that have cropped up based on those shows, like csi. blech.

    ooh, i thought of one. when we were looking for a house two years ago, we must have looked at somewhere around 50 or 60 houses. my sister, who’s a real estate agent, was shocked. she said people average about 3-6 houses before choosing one. and if it weren’t for the fact that we really needed to get out of our apartment, we probably would have kept looking rather than settling on this house. i guess i’m picky. πŸ™‚

    i can’t think of anything else. thank goodness, huh?

  11. Hahah…I meant the role model thingy as a good thing!! I’m letting you figure it all out during the next 4 years…and then give me all the fab tips!

    Cruises…yayyyyy….To me, they are the best lazy vacation out there! You pay…get on board…and are pampered for 7,10,17 days…whatever. (My fave of all time…was the trans panama canal cruise…san fran to ft. Lauderdale!)

    I’m not that odd, so I can’t think of 7 things to tell you that are odd about me! Hahahahhah…kidding, but..I’m just not wordy lately!

    1)My shoulders are lopsided…the right one is a couple inches lower then the left
    2)I once had a cyst with six full grown teeth removed from my ovary
    3)I don’t like pizza
    4)I refuse to walk over any grate in the street
    5)I can’t stand for someone to bite a napkin or rub it on their teeth…worse than nails on a blackboard!
    6)I have an amazing sense of direction…but will ALWAYS mess up my left and right when trying to give someone else directions
    7)I still let my parents treat me like a child…my only saving grace is the fact I live six hours away!

    Okay…I tried….and came up with 7 lame-o facts :p (just for you, my friend!)

  12. Hmmmm you are a curious one young lady!!

    I am no where near 40 yet, but sometimes feel like i’m way beyond it, does that make sense?

    ok my 7

    1.I always put on my left shoes before my right shoe

    2.If playing sports I have to lick my fingers before each new phase of any given sport (when I was playing American Football it was kind of tricky and somewhat disgusting too)

    3.The smell of sweetcorn makes me want to be violently ill, but I have to have sweetcorn on my pizza (sorry ang, I loves me pizza)

    4.I am truly an introverted extrovert.

    5.I have only ever broken one bone in my body ( first met in my right foot) even though I fell out of various 30ft high trees when I was a kid.

    6.I have experience “astral projection” and can’t explain it, but I still don’t believe in anything to do with supernatural occurances.

    7.At the age of 6 I had a dart stuck in my head for 3 hours whilst my parents argued with the other boys parents as to what should be done as punishment because of what he had done. My grades at school improved afterwards …. wierd huh.

    So there you go my little ball of fluff, 7 things you really wish you had never learned about me.

    Until next time …….. Don’t have nightmares.

  13. Yes! Someone else gets it… creation and evolution are both belief-systems. I’m fine with whatever someone wants to believe, but I get peeved when people start claiming “science” for evolution theories. The scientific evidence is equally shaky for both sides, although interestingly, lately the idea of an “intelligent designer” is becoming more popular even in scientific circles. I too like to discuss controversial topics, not a popular hobby really. LOL! Oh, you said you just like to drop the conversational bomb though, not necessarily participate. *wink*

    I’ve never been on a cruise. I’m water-phobic, although not necessarily afraid to be on a boat, but I can’t say the idea of being far from land for an extended amount of time appeals. My daughter wanted to go on a Disney cruise, but plans fell through. I think I really would like to try it sometime though, just to see if it’s a great as everyone says.

    Love reading all the 7 random facts… even all the commenters! A dart to the head produces better grades? A cyst with six teeth? My 7 are pretty lame compared to those gems. But here they are as posted on my blog a couple weeks back:

    #1 ~ My favorite beverage is room temperature water. Really! If it’s hot outside, I might crave cold water… but usually I keep my bottles of water in the cupboard. (And I carry a bottle of water with me every where I go.)

    #2 ~ Even though I’m a grown-up (supposedly)… I don’t like my food separate food items to touch each other on my plate. No veggie juice on my dinner roll, thank you very much.

    #3 ~ I don’t usually use a bookmark, but I don’t dog-ear the page either. (Actually, that’s probably one of my pet peeves… having folded corners in books. LOL) I don’t use a bookmark, because for some reason I can usually remember what page I left off on! I guess I have a good memory for numbers or something. *shrug*

    #4 ~ I like to play the piano. I’m not a very good player (I’m not being modest… just truthful), but I play well enough for my own enjoyment. I like to pick a song book and play through from the first song to the last.

    #5 ~ Ragtime music is my genre of choice on the piano. I’ve collected a lot of sheet music from the 1910’s. For some reason it’s the style that comes the most naturally to me. Latin rhythms though, are my bane!

    #6 ~ I like logic puzzles, most particularly number logic puzzles, such as Sudoku. As a kid I bought tons of brain teaser books. I doubt I’m smart enough to figure most of them out any more though!

    #7 ~ I am going to NYC with my sister in 5-1/2 weeks!!! We got tickets to “Wicked.” WOOHOO!!!! (It’s now only 3 weeks away. Yay!)

  14. 1) I tear up during “Terminator II”

    2) I carry around pay phone change even though I have a cell

    3) Curiously, I like ex Miami Vice actor Don Johnson’s singing…

    4) I wear 2 odd colored socks just because sometimes

    5) I used to sleep with a soccer ball in the late 1970s

    6) I count the choruses in “Hey Jude”

    7) I miss Archie from the old “All in the Family” Series

  15. I hate these ‘things about myself’ tag thingies. I can never think of anything!!
    So glad to hear you’ve gotten over your ‘fear of being 40’. Personally, I’d pick you as my example of ‘how to look great at 40’. And those who say they pick you as their role-model are spot on.

  16. Really cool facts about “Fuzzy Slippers” !!! I totally relate to the heights thingy, because I have vertigo, and I get dizzy past the second step. Also, I dislike feet, my own especially, I stand on them all day long, and they are sore, achey and tired, so I do love to soak them and rub lotion on them, but I don’t like for anyone to touch them, I am self conscious about them.And as for going on a cruise, we’ll see, that’s what we intend to do for our honeymoon! I have never been on one, but am totally looking forward to it! Happy Fourth of July Fuzzy! I talk to you later this week!…Kari

  17. What a great blog, and all so true. The bit that especially got me was: “Personally, I judge people all the time, and not in the sense that has become belittled and belittling. I make decisions about who I want in my life, what I’m willing to put up with, where my boundaries are with which people, and on and on. It’s automatic, usually; I don’t give it conscious thought”
    That’s totally fair! Right down to things as simple as who we choose to accept invites from here on 360. Of course we judge, it’s a natural thing. Not always wisely, but how else do we learn?
    The only time I worry about people judging me, is if I’ve behaved in a manner that I know would result in someone thinking badly of me. That’s not a nice feeling. Sometimes it’s worrying to think friends are judging us badly. But aside from that, I don’t care a great deal what judgements people pass on me, that’s their business. And if they don’t like what they find, it’s no skin off my nose.
    Wonderful blog πŸ˜€

  18. Well put and got me thinking (which may or may not be a good thing as I haven’t had coffee yet this morning). I try not to judge a person based on their lifestyle choices. I haven’t always made the best myself and know that those choices don’t always define me as who I am inside…especially those decisions made in the past. But, I do made judgments about who I find to be acceptable to have in my life and on what level they are in my life. I think you are right in that there are different levels of judgment some necessary to live one’s life, who they share it with, who to trust and then there are the judgments that are self-righteous and done solely to make one feel superior. The last are the judgments that I try to avoid. I don’t always succeed, but…I try. πŸ™‚ Lord…shoulda had coffee first! πŸ˜‰ Hugs

  19. I am trying to absord all this while having my first cup of coffee of the morning…lol
    This is such a great blog and all so true, I can honestly say I too judge people all the time, but like Tally said, I do it without even thinking about it or realizing I am doing it!
    I will also admit that sometimes my judgement of others is not nice, or sometimes not fair. I guess that’s why first impressions are so important!
    I am however really conscious of being judged by others, I guess maybe it’s partly insecurity.
    For example, I usually watch what I say around people who do not know me or know me well. And when I leave the house I try to look at the least, presentable. I know alot of people don’t care what other people think of them, but I am not one of those people. “It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.” (Sally Field)

    I can say that most of the time I try to be fair in judging people. We all have the habit of judging people, I found this quote too….”Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

  20. Those who have not yet accepted their own imperfection are the first ones to judge and critisize the faults of others..
    great blog fuzzy ((hugs))

  21. Great blog Doc, with great quotes even from Mason, who may have some iota of good but sadly it is lost with all the violence and killings he did. I used to judge people quickly before, but now I am in a mode I postpone Judgment to a later date accept everyone to be good first and if they are bad later I just feel sorry for them. I cannot Judge because I have faults of my own, unless I am perfect I can’t judge that is my opinion. People show good and bad behaviors at random the whole life, to ignore their good will be a loss for us I think. Let God judge them, we will just live in peace and harmony πŸ™‚

  22. Aw, thanks, Tal! And I love what I find about you, so no worries about me. πŸ˜€ I do know what you mean, though, and I guess that’s why it’s difficult for a lot of people to “spill their guts” to people; there’s a fear of rejection involved, I think. But the other side of that is when you can tell someone some vile thing you’ve said or done and they still like you anyway . . . or even like you more for being flawed and human. That’s when friendships develop. Big smile and huggs to you, TFT

    Morning, LO, and I so know what you mean, too, passing those kinds of superior judgments is natural, I think. Anyone who claims not to do it . . . well, I just doubt that entirely. It’s recognizing that it’s not right and backing up a bit, trying not to do it, I think that’s what makes a decent person, you know? Like you! πŸ˜€

    LOL, Maggie, yeah, it’s a bit “deep” for a recent change, but you really say so much here (first cup of coffee or not! :)) As I was saying to LO, I think it’s normal to make those unfair or even unkind judgments, but it sounds like you (and LO) have the right idea here in seeing that it’s a place to grow. God knows I need to work on that, too. Sigh. Why oh why can’t we all be absolutely perfect? LOL And your quote is SO true, too, I’ve found that particularly with guys I’ve dated! If they have some of my worse qualities, I get super irritated. It’s like having them reflected back at me in someone else makes them bigger and uglier. It’s funny how that happens. Not funny ha ha, either.

    Hmmmm, Boo, that’s interesting. Do you know anyone who has accepted all of their own imperfections and never judges or criticizes others? Wow! How cool is that? And just out of curiosity, is such a person happy with their imperfections, having accepted them? Or do they still wish to change and grow? This sort of thing fascinates me. Being all imperfect and critical, like I am. Thanks, too, for the kind compliment. πŸ™‚

  23. Aw, Chris, I am so warmed by your comments (and expected nothing less); you’re a truly good soul and a kind kind person. Huggs.

  24. interesting post today. this is one of those topics where i’m not sure how to respond because i don’t think what i have to say is any different from what everyone else has already said. i try to judge other people fairly and not maliciously, but sometimes i fail. and i certainly worry more than i probably should, about how others judge me, though i think i’ve gotten better about that as i’ve gotten older.

  25. Hey Fuzz,

    I think you are right and some people will always judge other people along the rocky road in life whether you think you are or not. I know that I always make a first impression on meeting someone for the first time near enough instantly and that opinion never seems to change and is normally right. However, I do not like people I like to judge me on things, however thats part of having friends and letting them give you there opinion on what to do in certain situations and maybe judge what and how you handle certain situations. I dont believe that people can not judge other people but they may not realise they are doing it.

    Great blog topic once again Fuzzy and thanks for making me think. x

    Loads of love from me Marm and the adopted black and white cat (has no name at the mo)

  26. On aging, past 40 , leapt to 50 , pushing 60, made it to 70 or something like that..there’s little we can do but enjoy the ride cuz none of us gets out alive. The older I get, the more I perceive that I want those that matter to me to remember me for being something besides an total jerk. Fun lil post on the tag thingy!

  27. Very thought-provoking post. (oops, I just realised the previous person used the same expression!) I can’t think of anything particularly witty to write in response, except to say that I agree with you: whether we like it or not, we all judge. We HAVE to.

  28. Very thought-provoking post. (oops, I just realised the previous person used the same expression!) I can’t think of anything particularly witty to write in response, except to say that I agree with you: whether we like it or not, we all judge. We HAVE to.

  29. Hullo hot fuzz, I see you’ve stopped ageing over ageing. It’s a good thing. lol.

    Good facts. I must say I’m afraid of heights too. I’m also afraid of reptiles. So I guess hell for me would be standing on a ledge while a lizard stares at me blankly.

    As for faith the thing. I would say we believe in evolution because we know it is true , we believe in Jesus Christ because we’re scared what might happen to us when we die Godless. After all He very well may exist. lol. Apart from that all that love, compassion, kindness stuff is well… cute!

    I agree with you, you won’t be a good at chasing psycho killers with trails of dead and mutilated bodies. Methinks you’re more into alive and smiling people.

    That’s it for this one I will move to your next blog anon.

  30. This is a really interesting and thought provoking post. Like all the best posts around 360, it made me pause and reflect on my own behaviour.

    Judgements on others [and their views/opinions] are part of life, whether they be our friends, our politicians or our partners. Some of these judgements will be more explicit than others; after all, contained within the many of the beliefs and positions we hold is the implicit assumption that these are superior to someone who takes the opposite view. Whether it be on if Shrek is a good movie or not, whether abortion should be legal, if friend X should date loser Y or whether there is a God or not.

    I think maybe judging gets a bad wrap. It has all the trappings and suggestions of something quite legalistic, illiberal, puritanical and erm well judgemental. Maybe it is not so much that the act is wrong in and of itself, but more that the reason and the outcome are what is important. Prejudicial judgement, petty deliberating judgements to make oneself feel better, hypocritical judgements, snap or rash judgements – these are types of judgement we should being trying to avoid right?

    It is interesting that the thesaurus for ‘judge’ contains such a wide range of similies, from appreciate to condemn and from consider to sentence. In an era of cultural relavatism and self perpetuating victimhood, judging has certainly become rather unfashionable; no longer associated with sagacious decisions of our elders, but with the bigots and the narrow-minded. That’s my judgement anyway…

  31. Interesting topic from our dear princess! πŸ˜€ Making judgements almost seem to be done on instinct. It seems to be how we process information we are presented with, and consider how much information we are constantly processing with every movement of our eyes! Judgements can be made in an instant or an hour, consciously or unconsciously, and we also make right and wrong judgements. What we do with these judgements, however, takes conscious effort.

  32. Great Blog!! Grrrr @ you for making me think today though…I wasn’t in the mood :p I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking information about someone and forming it into an opinion…whether said opinion be good or bad. That’s life! We’d be a boring lot if we were all the same, had the same ideas/personalities, made the same mistakes, etc. (I’m not making any sense…told ya…not a thinking day)

    I remember growing up…this was one of my favorite lines of my “oh-so-judging” mother. I’d be going out to the movies and she would ask which one. I would tell her…and if she didn’t approve of it she would say “what if so-and-so at church would see you at that movie”? Hahahah…I always responded…”well, probably nothing…since if they saw me at it…then there were watching it too!!”

    Great quotes throughout, btw!

  33. An excellent post, Fuzzy. I think perhaps it’s a matter of semantics – with the word “judge” seeming to have a negative connotation – as if the person is on trial. I think if you asked me if I judge others, my almost automatic reaction would be to protest that I don’t….yet I do assess others – and base my interactions with and reactions to them on that…..and I suppose that’s just judging by another name.

  34. The word “judge” is like “love” or “friend,” too rife with connotation to be useful. Judging someone based on first impression is completely natural and human, actualy part of our survival instinct: Is this person capable of harming me? Is this person part of my tribe? It’s what we do with those first impressions that matter.

    I try my best to not judge in the sense of discrimination, which means not assuming that because a certain person seems to fit into one of my pre-defined ideas about a certain group that they necessarily belong to that group. Also, try as we might, it’s next to impossible to not hold opinions about groupings of peoples. For example, take a wealthy person who based on my previous experienced I will assume to be greedy and mean. First of all, just because a person appears to be wealthy, they aren’t necessarily so… and secondly, they may be the kindest, most generous person ever and single-handedly disprove my half-baked predjudice against the wealthy. LOL!

    But there’s also the type of judging which is approving or disapproving of another person’s actions, behaviours, or life choices in general. No matter how much I’d like to consider myself to be non-judgmental, I will end up disapproving of other people dressing too scantily, using inappropriate language, treating their children badly, etc. Of course, I’m the only judge and jury in these interactions… I can’t help having opinions about my expectations for the behaviour of other people. Again I feel it’s what we do with these opinions that matter.

    We have an innate expectation that everyone else lives life like we ourselves do. We cannot stop ourselves from judging, but we can consciously choose to embrace the fact that other people’s choices make sense for them. (Well, outside of something truly dangerous, like the mistreatment of children.)

    Okay, I could ramble endlessly… I was trying to wait until my brain was functioning well enough to write something that made at least a tiny bit of sense! But that won’t be happening tonight apparently.

    Incidentally, “discriminate” used to have a positive connotation, evoking the meaning of “having the ability to make a sensible decision by judging wisely.” Perhaps as the word discriminate (making a distinction based on the group to which a person belongs) has become more linked in meaning to being prejudiced (forming an unfavorable opinion of a person without reason), that the word judge is similarly being compromised in meaning. Just a thought.

  35. To one person, another person may be perfection. They say there is an ideal person out there for everyone, we may never meet them, but they do exist.

    Personally I know that I have character flaws, traits that some people find bloddy annoying, but thats what it is, MY CHARACTER. No one person has the right to judge my character more than I do. I allow people to say what they want about me as long as they are comfortably with my opinion of them. Too many people in the world are prepared to judge, but not be judged.

    Many things I think are right you may think are wrong, does that make either of us wrong? Of course it does if your character is so set that you can’t ever value “clean feedback”.

    “Everything anyone ever says is important to someone who is listening to it in the same way as its said.” – Monty 1990

  36. O.K….so, i am like totally judging when I say…”I love your background here!” …Supernatural, Lost, Buffy….I think you have cool taste in t.v.! But seriously, we all do judge, you are right. It is part of the tools we come equipped with to make it in this life, we also call it “common Sense” and “Intuition”…but when you boil it all down to the bottom of the pot, you get “judgement” and it doesn’t always mean something negative. I know when I say/ have said…”I don’t judge people…” I mean/meant in a belittling/discriminatory way, but now I am thinking more deeply on this too…Really good blog! You are an inspiration!

  37. Well, thanks, that was enlightening! You hate feet but are obssessed with shoes? A need to cover them up, is that it? Strange girl…. (:
    Afraid of heights but like to fly? Another ironic twist.
    A creationist and evolutionist? Not sure you can have it both ways….
    You’re just full of contradictions….guess thats what makes you so interesting to read!
    No time to sit and think of 7 weird facts about myself…..maybe later!

  38. Great blog…why is it we’re always quick to judge but don’t enjoy being judged ourselves? I’m not sure its possible to see someone for the first time and not judge them on appearance. I think its human nature to quickly catagorize people. Thats one of the things I love about this 360 forum…I don’t know what you look like but get to know you thru your thoughts and words. We should all be blind…. no different races, colors, body types….just whats in your heart. The world would be a better place.

  39. How fabulous! We are so alike, Fuzzy. Well, except for the age and foot things. Oh, and I’m OK up to the third step on a ladder. I suppose I get bored on cruises too, come to think of it. I think I would be a great forensic scientist, but, despite being fine with the sight of blood, I tend to pass out. So maybe we’re similar then there? But, on evolution, did you read that they have discovered links between T Rex (or something similar) and chicken? So everything alive today must have evolved from something? Ho nice that we can add our 7 facts here. I’ll come back an add mine in a minute.

  40. 1 I hate people going on about the horrors of being half (or two thirds) my age.

    2 My feet are getting further away and pedicure is becoming impossible without one of those things they use to lop braches off trees.

    3 There are times, when I settle down in the evening, with a glass of wine and a warm TV, and I notice someone kicking a ball around in the park over the road, and the sound reminds me of my schooldays, particularly when I start typing convoluted sentences like this one, that I forget what I was intending to type.

    4 I am wearing grey trousers at the moment I think [looks down anxiously] (but not only trousers though, so don’t get excited).

    5 I sometimes wear horn-rimmed spectacles when I am at the computer, because I can’t see the screen without glasses unless I am about 2 metres away, but, even though I use a wireless keyboard, I can’t see the keyboard. But I am not wearing the horn-rimmed ones now, because I am a bit of a rebel and don’t like to be predictable. Did you know I would say that?

    6 I always eat breakfast. Whatever time of day I get up.

    7 I get bored reading one book, because I either know what is going to happen or I recognise the devices used to set up the denouement well before the ending or I just get fed up with the style or the characters. I am currently reading seven books, which helps keep me interested. Although I also tend to forget what happened earlier and have to keep reading the first bits again.

  41. WOW Fuzz you’re back! Sorry that’s making a judgment.
    Making sound judgments in life can mean the difference between life and death. True maturity allows one to see what is necessary to judge and what is not. Wisdom allows one to know by what degree one should judge.
    Children have no ability to make judgmental decisions or understand consequences. They have no maturity or wisdom. It is the responsibility of the parent or adult as teacher or mentor to show them the way. They must learn how and when to judge others or things. It is the lack of judgment that is the error in life. Not knowing how to judge or lacking fundamental facts or information to make a sound judgment is another.
    Tragedy occurs when an adult makes bad decisions, ie. Judgment, based on wrongful information. When it’s someone we are suppose to trust and acquiesce our safety to such as police or government or military, then it can really get bad.
    At any rate without going off the deep end, we must make decisions, Judgments, everyday. We must learn the how to’s what for’s of doing it. Great posting again Fuzzy. Thanks, J

  42. Great cartoon and really thought-provoking blog, Fuzzy. Just as I was drifting along nicely reading harmless posts and jokes, etc. We were taught in management school not to judge people on first meeting or at least not to begin to form opinions of them from their appearance. But it is really hard! Obviously fat people are going to be jolly and bald people lascivious (except for bald women I find). And how do you not judge the person you meet for the first time who has chosen the most ill-advised shoes? Clearly untrustworthy, right? But I have come to think that this is PRE-judging and it’s what I think after a proper conversation or after an exchange of blog comments or body fluids that really counts as judging. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I criticise comeone who does things or thinks differently from me, or that I find it easy to change my first impression.

  43. I have to say that I’ve had so much fun and truly enjoyed reading all these facts about each of you (well, those who played along here or on their own pages). And I read them all twice . . . once when you first posted it and then again just now. As I was reading, I was trying to imagine us all on a giant cruise ship . . . some of us reading or sunbathing (topless, some of us, I’m sure, well, some of you–I might not be able to), some of gambling, some of eating / drinking / being merry, some of playing Bingo (okay, that’s probably just me), some of us “people watching” (think how fun it would be to try to guess who’s who based on blogs? I mean those of us/you who’ve not seen pics of each other), some of us about to throw that annoying friend of a friend overboard, some of wobbling near the toilet with sea sickness, some of us . . . wait, it’s all going down hill here. Fast. But it would mostly be fun. πŸ˜€

    A couple notes on frequent points:

    Yes, I love shoes, hate feet. I’m not sure if these are related or not, and curiously, I’ve never seen the contradiction in that, but I do now. In fact, I think that DOES work for a lot of things about me, very contradictory-seeming, but it all makes sense to me. For example, I’m not a fan of my giant ass, either, but I love pretty panties and cute jeans. And yes, I do think that evolution and creationism are theories / belief systems, someone prove to me otherwise. Please. One of the things that drew me to literary criticism is the inexactness of it, the exploitation of the inexactness of it to be precise. It’s FUN to spin things, to take this and that and create a whole new perspective. And it’s equally fun to deconstruct it all. But at the end of the day, beyond the very few absolutes, everything is subject to spin, to debate, and we ultimately take what we take on faith–sure we think about it, we read about it, we debate it, but ultimately, without the hard proof we have that (for example) the earth is round or that gravity does it’s gravity thing, it’s all up for discussion. It’s all spin zone.

    And THAT is what I love about it. It appeals to these contradictions in my nature. God, evolution, global warming, UFO’s, ghosts, reincarnation, “reality” itself . . . all go in the same pot. Until recently, few Americans questioned our culture’s “superiority,” and while many still would question it, more and more are thinking it’s not such a good idea to shove it down the throats of others, to make them over in our image (as we’ve done, and the Brits before us on a “sun never sets on” scale). What’s the best form of government? What is freedom and how far should it extend? Who has moral authority? Is the death penalty a positive or a negative to a society and culture? Should every woman have the “right” to choose? What ARE rights (human or civil) and who grants them? No answers. Not to any of it, toss it all in that pot.

    I just love to stir that pot now and again, get a new view from a different angle. This isn’t to say that I haven’t worked out my own beliefs, where I’d put my money (and my soul), but it’s to say that it’s all open to debate, all of it. So, Neil, I’d say that a single link between an enormous dinosaur like the T-Rex and a farmyard chicken isn’t really evidence of much . . . except a miracle! That’s a chain with more than a few links gone, I’d venture to say, and the fossil record isn’t exactly tiny or hard to find. (weeeee! See how fun this is?)

    Okay, no idea where all that came from; it should probably be a blog post. And this was supposed to be about all of you! Sigh. I hate when I do that.

  44. Ah, Neil, we DO have something in common, I, too, cannot read only one book at a time! I like to read all sorts of genres at once (well, not at once, technically), unrelated usually. Keeps me interested. Oh, and they have people now who will give you a pedicure, so no worries on that count! πŸ˜€

  45. You are such a contradiction, Fuzzy. One minute reassuring (on pedicure), the next flooring me with comment/blog on cultural superiority (was that what it was all about?). I think one of the features of human beings, one of the factors that makes us different from other species (although I am not absolutely sure about whether ants believe they are superior or whether we are delusional beings in the world of ants) is that we can cope with uncertainty. We can live our lives without having all your questions answered and we don’t even have to worry about them either (well, except for the bit about loving shoes anyway) to make it all work. Great isn’t it! No wonder life’s so fabulous. I don’t think there is fossil evidence linking T Rex and chickens; I was just excited when I read it because it’s one of my theories that the dinosaurs weren’t all wiped out in one go. But you’re right (I think) that these are belief systems. We don’t have to have them proved one way or the other, but we do like to believe in something. And it’s quite nice to read of some expert discovering them for us. On your cruise liner, I’m the one in the panama and blue blazer.

  46. hehe, Neil, one of my favorite things about my favorite friends is that we can have multiple conversations going at once (like reading many books at once). Keeps things interesting. And unboring. Cultural superiority is a thing, of course, and it’s a thing that we all share, all of us. No one thinks their culture is the crappiest of all, or even not the best of all. Right? We all think our way is the best way, nothing new there. I love unanswered questions (well, except in my personal life, then I’m pretty tenacious about getting the facts, all the facts, and just the facts. Go figure). We *have* to believe in something, it’s when doing so closes us off from others, those with opposing views, that life becomes dull. Yay! On the panama and blue blazer; I’m the one in the fab shoes.

  47. WooHoo! I love all this feedback and commentary; you guys all totally ROCK!!

    Hey, Kerry, I think that we all worry about what others think of us (far more than what we think of them), and as sad as it is to quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, I must because it’s so true: “It’s easier to believe the bad things people say about us.” Sigh.

    πŸ˜€ Tal

    Aw, thanks for that nonjudgment judgment, Pilgrim; I’ll take it! πŸ˜€

    Hey Snuggles, you mention something that I only touched on: first impressions. I think that’s a loaded topic, and one you’ve really cut through. It’s true that my first impressions (like most people’s) rarely change, and it’s equally true that in some circumstances, with some people, I don’t make a good (or real) first impression. But . . . and you see the mess THAT line of thinking leads us into. :)) Great comments, Girl!! huggs and love xx

    Aw, thanks, RiverRat!

    Exactly, Julie, we HAVE to judge. If we didn’t, our homes would be full of the homeless (we all have big hearts, all care about our fellow humans, but should we really bring people off the streets and into our homes? Near our children?). Okay, I could go on with this, but I won’t, you said it well enough: we HAVE to judge. πŸ˜€

    Thanks, Fabi, your compliments mean a lot to me. And I like a great deal your comments; they make me think, too. I wonder, though, if we jump to the conclusion that someone else’s judgment is petty, snap, prejudicial, rash, or just plain wrong if we ourselves aren’t making one (or all) of these judgments? But I do, on occasion and as you know, make judgments about other people’s judgments, often based on a comment that’s probably been written on the fly (as most comments are), and I’m quite certain that I’m not alone in that. Is this something to guard against? Feret out and corner? Maybe. Maybe not. The judgment of “thinking people” is somehow more trained, more heightened than that of the nonthinkers (she says judgmentally). But let’s face it, plenty of people don’t think: it’s too hard, it’s easier to “go with the flow,” someone else has already done better and more “authoratative” thinking, or (and let’s face it some don’t) they just don’t have the grey matter. Oddly, the bigots and narrow-minded are just as certain as we, the more open and accepting, are that they’re right. And, more than oddly, they have something to back that up. Not something we might agree is “evidence” or “support,” but something. It’s a tangled mess. Don’t you just LOVE it?

    Princess Ceres! I think you hit on an important point, as well (no surprise); it’s not so important that we make judgments as what we actually do with those judgments. One of my unfavorite things that’s going on in our society is the extreme with which “hate speech” is treated: Isaac Washington, for a recent example, said something in a moment of anger about a fellow castmate. Well, who doesn’t say horrible things when angry? Who doesn’t “go for the hurt”? Well, that’s bad. Wrong. And he paid. He apologized publically, he did a PSA, and he even went into REHAB for saying the slur. Rehab?? Ugh, I won’t get started on that. But then he was fired for it anyway. In my judgment, our society has swung too far to the over correction side of political correctness. Show me one person, JUST ONE, who has never ever uttered a racist, ageist, anti-feminist, or anti-ANYTHING slur in their entire lives, under pressure or in a “humor.” The judgment of our society, its leaders in the NAACP and religious worlds particularly and the pressure they bring to bear, is . . . ridiculous. Ugh, sorry, Princess, I just soapboxed all over your comment. Big huggs. πŸ˜€

  48. That’s a great point, Ang, hard to judge someone else if you’re knee deep in their same river, right? hehe

    Hey, Em, yes, I think that is just judging by another name, but hey, we all do it!

    Kelly, you bring a whole new angle to the discussion, and you are so right, we DO judge whole groups of people be it based on social or cultural bias or on, as you note, economic bias. We do that all the time, too. We may not like to admit it, but we do. And I think you are right in saying that we expect others to live (and think and say and do) as we do, and when they don’t, we see them as lacking. It’s true of everyone (with the exception of Chris, on my friends list, he’s the one person I’ve never seen be judgey in a negative way). I think it’s healthy and normal to do this, but I do see that it can close doors (and minds), and like many who’ve commented, I do try to be more open-minded about people. But when I see a news story that someone’s been arrested for biting the lip off a three year old (real news story I saw last night), I don’t just rush to judgment, I try, convict, and sentence that guy in a split second. I’d like to say I’m working on that, but I’m not. I think he’s wrong and probably not a nice person. Call me judgmental.

    Too interesting, Monty, and I think that people are too quick to judge, and that many people (maybe especially women) are too quick to internalize negative judgments (often ignoring compliments and positive feedback). I wonder why that is?

    Aw, thanks, Spazzy, and yes, I think we all do judge in the belittling and discriminating way. I don’t think we should, but I guess it’s inevitable, given how right we think we are and how moral and good. It’s human nature, I guess. Sigh.

    Great comment, Rivergirl, but I have to wonder if we were all blind . . . wouldn’t we still have “classes” of people? A certain accent or language? A certain tone or inflection of voice? Wouldn’t we better value one scent over another? I guess I’m just a big cynic, but honestly, humans will always judge and classify and organize things . . . that’s what we do.

    hehe, Laurie, reminds me of some of my favorite people, too!

    Sigh. Yeah, Heyman, I took a vacation from blogging deep or even interesting thoughts, huh? Too much going on in the real life to be able to manage it here, too. But things are settling back to normal for me, so be on the look out for more “meaty” posts. Yay!! πŸ˜€ And you bring in yet another element . . . when people make judgments based on bad or incorrect data. That happens all the time. In fact, most of what we say about any given subject is based, if not on bad or incorrect data then on, incomplete data. We don’t know everything our president knows, for example, there is probably an unimaginable amount of information and data that he is privy to, to which we are not. Yet we all (myself definitely included) prattle on about what’s “best.” Hmph! But still . . . FUN! πŸ˜€

    hehe @ the lacking of bald lascivious women in the world, Neil. That IS a tragedy. Hmmm, though, pre-judging is a good new addition to the mix, and I think that’s important, and we ALL do that, too. That knee jerk reaction judgment, or snap judgment as Fabi put it, isn’t always good. But it isn’t always bad. And it’s rarely avoidable. What to do? What to do? I love your comments, Neil, all of them. So no worries, no second guessing (judging). πŸ˜€

  49. I’m sure I read a quotation somewhere that said “judge not, lest ye be judged in turn”. Not sure where I read it, it may even have been the Bible (yes, shock horror!!! the atheist HAS read it!!!). My own take on it is “to judge is human”. Anyone who claims not to judge, frankly, is a liar. It’s human nature, everyone does whether they admit it or not. I have been guilty in the past of judging people wrongly, based on little or no knowledge of who that person really was. You quite rightly point out that judging someone because they hold an opposing view can be all too easy. It’s that knee-jerk thing again. I’ll be honest here and say that at the time of our little ‘disagreement’ over my ‘war’ blog and 9/11 that I made a judgement of you based solely on your reactions to what I wrote. I’m certain you did the same. But I know damned well that my judgement was based on the ‘heat of the moment’, without due consideration of how YOU felt about that subject or knowing much about the person you are. I know, in chatting to you since then, that I was so totally wrong about you at that time. In fact I think that incident taught me a lot about myself and how judgemental I can be. When all is said and done, judgement is an emotional drive and we know that emotion and logic are not good bed-fellows. I think Gene Roddenberry did a great job in highlighting this very part of our nature by creating the juxtapostion of the ’emotional’ human Kirk and the ‘coldy logical’ Vulcan Spock in the original Star Trek series. Great blog subject that requires the old thinking-cap to be worn.

  50. Mitch. Wows. What can I say, you and I had this big heated thing, and we both made these judgments about one another. But you know what happened, what truly matters? You aren’t one thing, one view, one ideal, and what you say (I learned through that) really matters, comes from the heart and intellect. While we may not agree, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve done what too few can, and that is to see beyond our differences and like one another, and be friends. Frankly, I’d take that over an “easy” friendship any day. And I’d rather be friends with someone of your depth and good heart who CAN have such a severe disagreement and still be my friend than some “yes” person who agrees just to “keep the peace.” I learned a lot from that, too, Mitch, and I thank you, always, for it. I honestly believe that you’ve helped make me a better person. And . . . well, that’s truly something.

  51. another thought provoking blog Fzy!
    I always come to these quite late and never sure what more to say that hasnt been said above,most of which i agree with and others i dont…but hey, who’s judging? lol
    I guess we can never be entirely objective or even fair with our judgement with it being a combination of a cognitive and emotional response to something or someone. An emotional response thats coloured by our own personal experiences and sense of reality….which perhaps is not always based upon facts.
    I think what you say is true though and i dont tend to worry too much about people judging me, well, i lie,but try not to anyway!
    Personally i think its good to have a judgment or a view on something…i mean,for gods sake,life would be dull otherwise! But the important thing is to be open minded and willing to change your judement if the facts allow.
    anyway, like you said, thats just my judement so there!
    hugs Fzy
    hope you’re feeling better and not creaking as much. hehe
    R x

  52. “It’s all spin zone.” My new favorite Fuzzy quote. *grin*

    Just wanna pipe up that I’m in the multi-book club too. Currently reading half a dozen or so.

  53. Hei Fuzz.

    Late in for the date!!
    The symbol of justice is the weighing scales and that is what ‘judging’ means to me –
    one weighs the debit and credit and the whole lot and comes to a conclusion.

    Interesting comments, by the way.
    HUGZ from Rii xx

  54. hehe, well said, Rash!! And you’re right, our emotions do very often guide our judgments, good point! wmd huggs xx

    That’s soooo true, Rii, it is about weighing it all and making a decision. Yes, I thought the comments were fabulous!! Woohoo. Huggs to you, Diggy Rii xx

  55. ooops, Kelly, just wrote the lol for this quote on the other post. Sigh. Well, it’s just as funny here. Funnier, as it’s actually HERE. πŸ˜€ Oooh, I love the multi-book club. πŸ˜€

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