Mutterings. And some pics of West Yorkshire, too.


So I’m waddling through the park this morning as part of my new plan to lose some of the excess weight that’s crept on during my recovery (okay, fine, and before that, too), and I see all these photo op moments: pretty pretty flowers, the big round bowling ball fountain with its water running, some hoppy little squirrels . . . you know the stuff, normal park stuff, but I have this new macro mode obsession and wanted to find some bugs, too. Or a rock. I don’t know, something teeny tiny. I galumph back to the car (yep, I drove to the place to walk, go figure) and get the camera, which then stubbornly refuses to turn on. No matter how many times I try. Dead battery. I was emotionally unprepared for this turn of events and stood staring at it for some time while Dan Fogelberg crooned in my ears about meeting his old lover at the grocery store, and yes, you guessed it, I was suddenly belting out “We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to tiiiimmmee.” Sigh. mp3 players need to come with warning labels so that people don’t make asses of themselves when caught just the teeniest bit off guard.

Anyway, as I don’t have any new and exciting photos to share today, I’ll just stick up some old ones from days gone by. Must be that Dan Fogelberg influence, eh? And it would be totally uncool Dan Fogelberg, too, why not some cooler music, which I also have on there? Why not screech out (I can’t carry a tune in a bucket) David Gray or Eric Clapton or just about anything else? Well, okay, except maybe Barry Manilow (though he’s not actually on my player, so that’d be a stretch). Tally, it may be intervention time, send me some song titles, eh?

Anyway (again), here’s a pic taken at the Bronte Parsonage; it’s pretty horrible, but I love graves and daffodils, so . . .

And here’s somewhere in West Yorkshire, may be the Penines. Almost certainly is the Penines (and maybe not, look familiar, Tally?):

Note to self: simply MUST start writing down where I am and what I’ve photographed. I never do remember. Makes for fun photo chats, huh? So informed am I.

Case in point (another case in point, actually), I think this is called Hebden Bridge. That sounds good to me, anyway:

Here’s the view from over the bridge looking back (as you can plainly see for yourselves. Sigh):

No idea what that icky looking white stuff is on the right. Hope it’s paint. Graffiti, maybe?

This I do believe is Huddersfield Canal, but I could be wrong. Pretty, though, and see?! A barge:

And finally, this next pic is a rusty looking mini-waterfall thing. Somewhere in West Yorkshire.

I just love that part of the world; it’s gorgeous and wild and wonderful. I want to go back. Now.


27 thoughts on “Mutterings. And some pics of West Yorkshire, too.

  1. anytime Fuzzy… England awaits….. hope you like rain!!!! sigh… no idea where the ‘somewhere in the Pennines pic is taken’… I guess its ‘somewhere in the Pennines’…..

  2. I think to say you were waddling will be giving us all the wrong mental image!! LOL. So, you’ve gone all macro now then?? Personally, I blame Fanta…..she was the one who clued you into the macro setting!!
    You went out photographing WITHOUT spare batteries?? What were you thinking?? LOL. That’s something I never do. When I bought my camera, I also bought a cammera-case that hooks onto a belt (although since I’ve put on quite a bit of weight since I quit smoking, I no longer wear a belt, so it is stuffed unceremonially into a coat pocket instead LOL). This case, as well as taking the camera, has lots of interesting little compartments. In one of these compartments, I always keep at least two spare sets of batteries. You never know when you might need them!!!
    As for the photos themselves….excellent. Yorkshire is one area of the UK I have never visited. So, it’s nice to see it, via the US!! LOL. I have heard of Hebden bridge, although I can’t say if it’s the bridge in your pic!! I’d hazard a guess that white stuff is actually bird-droppings. But that’s just a guess. There are quite a few canals in the Huddersfield area, so I’d say your guess at the name is likely to be accurate. That was my fave pice of the bunch, too. Although that last one was really interesting also, in a rusty waterfall kind of way. LOL. I just like unusual shots. More pics, soon please!!

  3. i love the photos. i especially like that little rusty waterfall.

    i’m glad i’m not the only one that forgets what they’ve taken photos of. that’s why i’m so glad they’ve come out with digital cameras. i usually forget everything by the time i get around to having film developed.

  4. The pics are really breath taking. Every single one of them is sooooo captivating! West yorkshire is a great place for vacation i can c.

  5. Wheeee, it’s bizarre to see my best American friend blogging about my home. But so wonderful 😀
    Hebden Bridge is the name of a town, there are a few bridges over the river there but I am honestly unsure if any of them is call Hebden Bridge. Illogical, huh?
    That is indeed Huddersfield Canal, and I truly love that pic 😀
    Bronte Parsonage, sighhh…one of my favourite places on the planet. And so, so familiar. We would have such a good day out in Howarth 😀
    I am almost sure those are the Pennines, they have that lovely wild look to them that is so common round here.

    Now, I will gladly send you music, but I am not certain you would appreciate my taste! Very few do 😛
    I do notice you like Squirrel Nut Zippers, I have quite a few of theirs. David Gray is lovely though 😀 He’s so very mellow and soulful.

    Lovely blog Fuzzy, I thoroughly enjoyed it 😀
    Huggggggs. >:D<

  6. not sure about the bridge and there is a hebden bridge as i have stood on it.was changing there for a footie ground. Nice pics but devon and dartmoor so much better

  7. great blog . . .the picture of the canal reminds me of my oldest son Jonathan’s favorite show in his toddler years “Thomas the Tank Engine” seems that may have been a scene they recreated . . very lovely pictures though

  8. Oh, that truly does look wild and wonderful….I want to go too…. Maybe you and I can waddle thru a long walk together and then galumph back to the car….too funny…great pics! P.S….I’ll bring the extra batteries…. (:

  9. Is beautiful would love to go there some day that Hebden bridge seems to be like it existed in Dickens’ days. I like the greens also, such lush greens. Cheers 🙂

  10. Stoopid batteries!!!! That’s probably why I don’t take more pics. The batteries are always dead. 😦 Great pics from the past though. LOL about the singing. I typically remember to only sing in my car WITH the windows up, but some days a song will get the best of me and then look out! Hee Hee

  11. Oh and btw, I laughed so hard at the singing-along-with-mp3-player, i do it ALL the time, and then have to look round all anxiously to see if anyone overheard me 😛
    And Conrad, yorkshire is prettier!

  12. lol, Treesparrow, yeah, it must be somewhere in the Penines. 😀 And yes, I so need to come back and visit someday. Sigh.

    Um, Mitch, unfortunately, “waddling” is just the mental image these days. Ooooh, but you’re right, maybe I should fudge it . . . “gracefully gliding along lighter than air.” Did someone say fudge? LOL Gahhh! Yes, I know, the battery thing. Well, I went with the other sort, though, not AA’s, and I don’t have an extra yet. It really lasts so long and hasn’t been a problem as yet, so I thought I’d just order a spare before I go off on some vacay adventures. I do have a spare for my mp3 player, though, so hapless park goers beware! And yeah, I’ll put up more pics over time; I really don’t want to do a strictly photoblog (partly because there others who do that so much better than I ever could, like Rainy, and partly because I’m such a talker. Hehe), but thanks so much for asking for more. I’d seriously like to see more of yours, as well!! 😀 Huggs

    Yay! I like that rusty waterfall one, too, Kerry. It’s just so . . . different, I guess. The orangey colors look cool, I think. Omg, do I sound totally full of myself? It was just a happy accident, no photographer am I. 😀 And I’m the same way with the old 33mm; hell, film might stay in the camera for years waiting for me to finish a roll, then sit around for another year waiting for me to have it developed. But even after particularly fun vacays, I never seemed to write it down, caption them or even scribble so much as a date on the back. Sigh. Yes, thank God for digital!! 😀 Nothing wrong with Dan, I just wish that as I was entertaining (or scarying, depending on one’s view) the park walkers, I had something more “cool” to share with them. Like the Strokes. I like them, and they’re cool. But then I might have been yelping out curse words, and that’s no good either. *hugs*

    Awww, thanks so much, Mercy, you are too kind!! I wish they were crisper, though, but because they’re pics of pics, they end up all dull looking, but yes, you definitely should check out W. Yorkshshire! 😀

    hehe, I was thinking about you when I was putting this together, Tal, of course. It is weird to blog your home from here, but wonderful, too, that I’ve been out and about there. Yay!! I would SO love to go to Haworth and surroundings with you, we’d have such fun! And enjoy all the literary, mystical goodness. Smiley sigh. And you know, I’ve been all grinny and ‘:D’ posting a lot lately, too. 😀 (see?) And do send along some groups and titles . . . I’ll even try Nine Inch Nails! And yes, I just love the Squirrel Nut Zippers, perfect cleaning up the house (or drinking too much in New Orleans) music (well, no guess which I do more). David Gray is phenominal; I put him in with Starsailor, Coldplay, and the Strokes for some low key goodness. Well, some of their songs, you know? I also really like Matchbox 20, but I’ve heard from a musician friend that they’re really “for girls,” whatever that means. But I guess it applies to Maroon 5, who also have a couple of songs I like, though not all with them; whereas, that Rob Thomas can sing the telephone book, and I’m buying it. Hell, he doesn’t even really need to sing, come to think of it! Big big TFT hugggs!!

  13. Oooh, I would love to go to Devon and Dartmoor to compare, Pilgrim. Maybe I will. Though I suspect I’ll always have an affinity for and soft spot for Yorkshire. 😀

    Cool, Laurie, so is Thomas the Tank Engine a barge? Or a train? I only have furkids, so I’m not up on all the kids’ shows. Though I do have to admit to liking Spongebob Squarepants a lot. And no kids to blame, either. LOL

    LOL, Rivergirl, you’re on! One waddling, galumphing trip through West Yorkshire coming up!! 😀 Woohooo.

    Oh, Chris, it’s so indescribably beautiful there, truly. The greens are amazing, and the rain (it does seem to rain a good bit) is more misty than drive a spike through your head rain like we get here sometimes. Though I guess they’ve just had floods of rain of late. Anyway, it’s a wonderful place, and you’re right, so much history there, too. Sigh. 😀

    See, LO, yay! That’s exactly why I got the kind with this kind of battery, because I’d heard that AA don’t last long, and you have to carry around zillions of them or recharge all the time. But I do see that I need a spare. I blogged for advice before I bought my camera, and that was one thing I learned then. Next time, I’ll know, though. I’m best singing with the windows rolled up, too, but don’t you just love those crisp Autumn or Spring days when the sun’s shining, and it’s hard not to step on the gas, drive really fast and sing really loud? Yay!! Can’t wait for fall. 😀 Huggs

    omg, Tally, I was so embarrassed, and it did take me getting out both lines before I fully realized I was singing out loud. LOL Bigg Huggs (yes, again, so fond of you am I)

    Oooh, Rii, well given that you take some of the most stupendou pics ever, that is high praise indeed. Pause to cherish it. Thank you so so much. I must repeat my claim of happy accident, though, and this is the end of the postable pics, so how many rolls of film were icky? LOL Honest huggs to your most dignified and talented self xx

  14. Don’t feel bad, I drive to where I walk too!
    I was belting out in the car “That’s the night the lights went out in Georgia” with much facial expression and looked up to see some kids on a bus staring at me. I have to say that it has , unfortunately, changed the passion in my car singing.
    Your photos are great and I would really like to be in that waterfall right now (maybe with some Lost friends). :0)

  15. I usually try to walk to the park and then walk the track, the park is only 6 blocks from my house but sometimes, just the thought of walking home after walking the track makes me seriously consider driving to the park! Go figure… lol!
    I am totally with you!
    When I had a regular 35mm camera and I would actually develop pictures, (now they just sit taking up space on my computer cause I never actually have them printed!) I would write on the back of them, or make a note in the album I put them in, where the picutre was taken and when.
    But now I have so many pictures on the computer and I sometimes cannot remember where I took the pictures! Oh well, I see it happens to the best of us! Darn technology! LOL

  16. LOL @ Fuzzy belting out a song…hee hee

    I love these photos!! The bridge is my favorite. I look at all the smooth stones and think about the people who have crossed over that bridge. I wonder if the stones were level when the bridge was built.

    CAn’t wait to see your macros. Now you have an excellent reason for returning to the park tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing.**Huggs**

  17. I loved the last rusty one best…But all are wonderful.Thank you for sharing them with us dear Fuzzy…Love from Spicy….

  18. Love your guided tour, Fuzzy – ‘maybe the Penines, I think this is called Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield Canal, but I could be wrong, rusty looking mini-waterfall thing. Somewhere in West Yorkshire’! So cool! I was grinning from ear to ear when I’d finished. Great pis too – I love the bridge one (not the one with the icky white stuff – isn’t that where the crows sit waiting for unsuspectine passers-by?); it looks like one of those mysterious bridges you find up in the Himalayas (I’ve never been there, but you see them in documentaries and things) over gorges. My batteries always used to run out on my analogue camera and always in remote unlikely places, but somehow there was always a little kiosk nearby selling my batteries. I know, odd isn’t it. Made me careless too. Incidentally, I have also taken hundreds of pics of graveyards, not for any particularly morbid reason, but I find the culturally different way peoples bury, build memorials and tend to their graveyards interesting. Or is that morbid?

  19. Hehe, Nancy, know what you mean about being at the waterfall with some Lost friends, AND that reminded me that I *still* haven’t received Season One yet. What’s with that? Will have to check on it. But anyway, I smiled when you related your story of the passionate singing and the children spotting you; that’s happened to me quite a lot, actually. But it hasn’t stopped me, yet. I figure when I was a kid part of the fun of riding the school bus was peering down into “old people’s” cars and seeing what hijinks ensued . . . gotta do my part for today’s youth. 😀

    Yeah, but Maggie, aren’t those six New York blocks? I think that definitely requires a car. LOL. You’re wonderful with your pics, though, and I just love your Niagra post (but I couldn’t watch it on my laptop, as it’s having some overheating issues at the mo’, so I caught it on my ancient desktop–see? I wouldn’t crank that old thing up for just anyone). Huggs 😀

    Aw, thanks so much, Azad! 😀

    Thanks, Rainy, and I wonder the same thing about those old stone bridges. Happy dreamy sigh. I did some more macros, but I think I’ve worn out my blog post welcome on the photo front and just stuck them up on Flickr, if you want to see. 😀 Huggs

    Thanks so much, Spicy!! 😀

    Teehee, glad I could make you smile, Neil, or grin, at least! 😀 Yeah, I guess that graveyard thing is pretty morbid, but in a good way. You’re not actually digging up bodies, right? So that’s okay. I think a lot of us are interested in death and burial rites, but it’s one of those topics so few dare to mention. Ooooh, do I hear a Fuzzy post idea coming on? Hehe.

  20. I loved the little bridge it looks fab. Are these photos actually taken by you then when you were in the uk?

  21. Yes, I took these Snuggles. LOL, twice actually, because I had to take pics of the pics with my digital to get them online!! Huggs

  22. Fuzzy – I’ve only just seen these pics and, as your co-photographer on the day/s they were taken, I can say that the bridge is the Eastergate Bridge at the start of the Packhorse Trail – see,-0.736339&sspn=0.374368,0.854187&ie=UTF8&ll=53.60809,-1.954279&spn=0.020777,0.053387&z=14 – and the canal photo was taken at Tunnel End, Marsden, where the canal weaves under the Pennines; the tunnel (and the back-breaking effort and engineering feats required to construct it) are documented at

    You might also like the page at which shows this area and some of its other highlights.

    And though my comments and links above may seem cold and factual, your photos reminded me of one of the warmest times of my life when I enjoyed the scenery anew through your eyes. x

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