At the Park


My new resolution is to walk for at least thirty minutes each day no matter the weather. Rain, snow, sleet, hail . . . like the postal service, I shall persevere. Unless I’m feeling crabby. Or lazy. But otherwise, I’ll be walking off the pounds in no time at all. And that means that I’ll be armed and dangerous, toting around my camera for bloggers everywhere. Okay, just for you guys, but hey, that sounded good, huh? Today I’m torn between regaling you with my macro flower collection and larger pictures of the park in general (how do you photobloggers make these decisions?). Because I’m not a photoblogger, and I want immediate gratification in all things, I will do both and see how it goes.

Neil, you’ll be glad to hear that I know where all these were taken. And when. At the park (that’s in Massachusetts, U. S. A.). Yesterday. I’d be more specific about the where, but I don’t want random web loonies showing up at my door for my autograph. You know how famous we photographer types are.

This first one is of the fountain that I first photographed back in January when it was cold and stark, with no water running, but now it’s sprung (summered?) into life:

They’ve also built a fence up around it. I guess so that people won’t go walking around in it as they do in the fountains in Boston. Actually, the city of Boston encourages people to walk in the fountains during “heat waves” (so cute!), and it’s a good thing, too, as the folks up here just aren’t good with heat. Come to think of it, neither am I anymore, now that I’ve become acclimated to this wonderful four season weather.

Here’s a view from “behind” the fountain, looking off at a tiny gazebo in the distance:

I dunno, I like the rocks and then the light shining (um, it’s the sun. Of course).

This next one is just so . . . I don’t know New England to me. And peaceful.

On the other side there are benches that actually face the gazebo hatch thing where I imagine in decades past small bands would play to entertain people. I guess this bench is for the people who are in a huff because their favorite song isn’t being played.

And this next one is bound to interest and astound the boys:

It’s a lawn mower thing. No idea what the little cart is behind, but if I weren’t in such a get fit mood, I’d have wanted a lift back to my car.

I took about twenty pics of this because I wanted to get it right, and I still don’t think it’s quite right. But look! Rainbow:

Okay, it’s a sprinkler rainbow, so I don’t know if it counts. But pretty.

This is the rose garden where the above rainbow picture was taken, though (obviously) from a different angle:

While we’re here at the rose garden, how about some rose pics? Yay! A quick shout out to Fanta for telling me about macro mode; I love it!!

First, the lengths that I will go to in order to take pics for you guys . . . I risked getting (gasp!) sprayed by the sprinkler to bring you this:

Okay, I was far more worried about my camera than my park hair (which is a ponytail), so it’s all off center and strange.

But here’s a red red rose:

and a red red rose bud:

There were also pink roses:

and yellow:

This is getting super long now, and I don’t want you all to nod off. Guess I’ll have to post the rest some other day. Which works out well because I may get blahggers block and need something to fall back on!


That first pic is totally unrelated, but I told Chris I’d post it for him a few posts ago. It’s of seagulls, and I took that one in Florida. I think in the Panhandle (okay, Neil, so it’s an old one, and I don’t recall). It’s also not very sharp because it’s a pic of a pic. But still. Pretty flying seagulls. Yay!


18 thoughts on “At the Park

  1. Yay! We’ll have you hooked on the picture taking in no time 😛
    I truly love those. This is pre-coffee so it probably won’t be the longest comment ever, but…I loved the shot of the fountain, it looked cool and refreshing (which, given the humidity here lately would be appreciated)…also loved the rose garden, and the red rose. But they’re all beautiful. Park is always a good place to be, I go as often as I can although lately it’s been sorainy and muddy that I’ve avoided it 😦
    Hope you have a marvellous day and will catch up with you tonight 😀
    Huggggs >:D<

  2. Those rosed have come out beautifully…. especially like the red one.. I could even ‘smell’ it it was so good. Did I miss something?.. coz I’m not sure what city this park is? And that walk thing seem a great idea… I too need to challenge myself to such a thing… I’ve been a right lazy lump recently…. and I’ve got lovely walks straight out the front door… hopefully you’ve inspired me to get off my butt and out..

  3. Yes, I fear that I will be hooked, but I don’t want to go overboard with it, so give me a reign in when I need it, k, Tal? 😉 oooh, go take a macro shot of the mud! How cool would that be?! Yes, catch up with you laters. Huggs, TFT

    Oh! Treesparrow, well, you MUST take your camera when you go, truly! Yeah, I didn’t really say where the park is, specifically, my blog’s public and well, I’m just not comfortable doing so. Better safe than sorry and all that jazz. Thanks so much for your kind words about the photos, though, especially meaningful coming from you who just won in the 360 photograph contest. YAY YOU!!

  4. Is it wrong that when I saw the gazebo, I thought of Stephen King? Well, he does feature gazebos in some of his stories (Dead Zone, IT) and the one you showed was how I always pictured them in my mind. LOL! Anyway, terrific pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful day for walking. 🙂 (Hee Hee, I might have asked for a ride in the cart for additional blog material. LOL!)

  5. well, i have to re-write my comment because our connection decided to be a poop and go out before i could hit post comment. grrr…

    love the photos, especially the rainbow one. it totally counts, i think. i can’t remember what else i said. 😦 anyway, loved the post. 🙂 *hugs*

  6. Nice pretty garden with beautiful roses, they are lovely Fuzzy, great photoblog. Thanks for the seagulls 🙂 Florida sounds lovely, this time of the year. Massachusetts reminds me of England sometimes with all the greens don’t you think 🙂 Cheers.

  7. Wow…what an amazing park…its beautiful! I’d walk there every day too. The rainbow shot was lovely…. I’m afraid you’ll become addicted now, just like me. I can’t go anywhere without my camera and everything is fair game for blog fodder…drives hubby a bit nuts when I insist he back up the car so I can phototgraph things! Oh well…glad you’re acclimating to the New England seasons…. (:

  8. Hei Fuzz.

    That red rose close-up is seriously great shot!
    Take care and keep shooting n tooting that camera and post some more fabu scenes over there to us, please.
    HUGZ from moi to toi. xx

  9. great idea the walking hard part is always trying to walk somewhere new and interesting. love the pics nice park. go swimming at get pics done in the fountain. be a rebel.

  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz huh? wha? did someone say photoblog?? LOL Just kidding!! Your dedication, not only to getting in shape, but in bringing us photos to marvel at, is praiseworthy. Two pics here really stand out. The ‘sprinkler rainbow’, not only coz it’s a pretty good shot, but that it’s a realy neat idea!! I wish I’d thought of it!! (trying not to turn green). The other is the red rosebud. It’s stunning in it’s perfection. I’d say that’s the best pic you’ve ever taken/posted. Macro is terrific for this type of shot, by making sure the background can’t distract from the subject. Excellent!!!

  11. Oooooo Ahhhhhh….beautiful pictures Fuzzy! What a pretty park, I figured out exactly where it is an I will be right over….Ding Dong…. Hahaha….just kidding!
    Loved the rainbow and the roses, so pretty.
    Good Luck with the walking, I wished we lived closer so we could walk together, I need someone to get me up off my ass…lol
    Maybe if I had parks as lovely as that around here I would go too!

  12. If you walk for 30 minutes each day, by the end of the week you will be three and a half hours from home.

    Errrm…. OK. It’s a very old joke.

    Lovely photos. I still can’t do the detail stuff as my hands shake too much. I just click away and hope that I capture something.

    You should really be allowed to play in the fountains if you want to. Unite with your neighbours and storm the fence! paddlers of Mass. unite!

    I’m not going to attempt to spell Mass. – just stick with the abbreviation.

  13. Yay Fuzzy is getting into this photo taking stuff which is great. I love the roses close up and the rainbow one well thats superperbe. We will make a photographer out of you yet. Greata to see you out and about walking for half an hour a day as well thats great, you will be superfit in no time. x

  14. Fabulous! And 2 mentions! This is definitely your best post ever, Fuzzy! I think we have some serious competition here. I have never managed to take macros or flowers properly, so am very jealous. But you do make me chuckle all through your blogs, Fuzz (oh dear, I hope they’re not supposed to be deadly serious . . .) and judging by everyone else’s reactions, they like it too. Chuckled at Red1Hols anyway. Yes, the rainbow and the rosebud are teeth-gnashingly perfect! But that lawn mower thing! Wow! Is that the D50-L with the little cart optional attachment?

  15. Thanks so much everyone, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each of your comments and support. I’m loving this whole photo thing a great deal, and it’s so great to have you there cheering me on. I’m having some computer problems at the moment (the damn thing keeps shutting down on me), so I’m not willing to risk trying to write up lengthy individual comments. Just thanks. And huggs all ’round.

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