Stick a Fork in Me . . . I'm Done


You know how you have those days when you feel that nothing is going right, everything in fact is going wrong wrong wrong? Well, here it is not even 6 a.m., and I’m already having that day. I’m feeling crabby. Very very crabby. What can I say? I feel like griping about stuff. Anything and everything.

I awoke this morning to find a lovely pile of cat vomit awaiting my (luckily) slipper-clad foot as I stumbled all sleep dopey (and frankly in need of the facilities) from the bedroom toward the bathroom. There was a precarious moment of near slippage that shook off some of the sleepiness. But then I realized what had happened, and sigh. What can you do, though? Part of owning cats is embracing the vomit. Not literally. If you don’t have cats and are thinking of getting some, know that they puke. A lot. Oh, that’s just hair balls, you’ll hear owners say. Yeah, sure, whatever. Since when does hair have bits of kibble and stomach acid in? Oh, and while on the subject of impending cat ownership, do not ever under any circumstances buy the cat kibble with the little red bits in (these can be seen in the picture on the front of the box or bag), you will regret it the very first time your cat throws up on your creamy white rug. That red dye doesn’t come out. Ever.

Also playing a part in my dark mood and crankiness is my laptop; I’ve been whining around 360 about its shutting down on me, disappearing all my very best writing (no doubt), and generally being uncooperative. I need to get it fixed. And that means no computer, which in turn means no 360. The withdrawals are already happening, increasing with each shut down, and I’ve yet to take my laptop to the fix the laptop people. It will cost more in labor than the part will cost (I think I just need a sink fan. Again.), and that upsets me no end. But I can’t do it myself and have to pay.

I don’t understand how I can have a perfectly clean pair of pants / trousers one second and the next be covered from ankle to low rise waist in cat hair. Without sitting on anything or even brushing a piece of furniture that might be harboring little furs. Do they float around in the air?

Why why why do people insist on looking askance at me just because I’m talking to myself? I mean, really, like no one else does that! And it’s not like I talk in a normal, clear voice, I kind of mutter to myself in stores (mostly), wondering where I might find that product or the other thing I need. Yet people insist on staring.

Why would anyone read my page and think that I’m interested in meeting up for sex? Is there anything on here anywhere that would give that impression? And while I’m on the subject of 360, I know we all gripe about it, but people are still sending out those stupid canned invites, and they are still doing it with no blog, no profile, no nothing. Or with all that hidden. Yeah, right, I want to be your friend, O ye of the secret content and weird paranoia. Not. Gaaaahhh!

I simply hate being in the shower and running out of hot water.

Why would anyone put an empty box of cereal back in the cabinet? You know how you get a taste for something, think you have it, then go for it, and it’s gone . . . just an empty box?

And one last thing that used to make me crazy. I love to watch the television show Cold Case (you know the one with the blonde with the messy hair, and they flash back in time to cover the case and at the end the ghostie of the dead person/people shows?), but it’s on Sundays, and when there’s a game (I think it’s football, but who cares what the game) and it runs long, they bumped everything back. So if I was trying to tape Cold Case, I got the last half of 60 Minutes and the first half of Cold Case. I stopped watching it. Seriously, that bugged me.

Okay, I feel better. The sun is coming up, and I’m in the mood for a good long walk in the park. Yay!


The first pic is of one of my favorite and most hated eye shadows. It’s called “penny” and is indeed a lovely coppery color (not sure that shows up in the pic); it stays on the lid forever and has a lovely shiny thing going on. The only thing is that it somehow manages to end up where it doesn’t belong, smudging under my eyes–not all under like big circles, just near the bottom lid and in the corners. And that’s annoying. And strange looking.


38 thoughts on “Stick a Fork in Me . . . I'm Done

  1. Ha! Welcome to my world girlfriend! Cat vomit? Been there….red kibbles….oh yeah, bad idea. But let me add any can or pouch of shredded wet food to the list, looks like worms going down and not much better coming up. Hairballs? Yeah, right….
    Amen to cat hair covered pants…I live with a lint roller attached to the hip. Company coming? Quick, get out the roller…wearing black slacks…please don’t sit in THAT chair. I swear my cats should be bald from the amount the lose on a daily basis.
    Computer trouble? I’m the queen of dial up Hell. You have no idea how long it can take me just to cruise my friends pages….we’re talking hours. And if there are videos or songs? Ugh….I can’t even get to the comments section without my hair turning grey.
    Eye shadow faux pas? I hear you…how do those pretty women get it to stay in place? I so much as blink and its on the move…..
    But as for sex invites…sadly…I must not be appealing enough…haven’t received any yet! I usually get the teenyboppers who have nothing on their page or on their mind. Sorry…I’ve done my time at the mall….
    So, cheer up Fuzz, you’re not alone. Take solace in the fact somewhere in Maine, someone else is covered in cat hair, cleaning up vomit with streaky eye shadow! (:

  2. OH my you have already had a challanging morning. I have had mornings like this and have wanted to hit the bottle. But anyway it will get better or maybe not. I would suggest having some whine chilled and waiting for you tonight. If you are like me whine will not do the trick. Perhaps some rum would help. All kidding aside. I have gotten some of the invites you get. I laugh especially when I get them from females who think I am hot. I wonder if my picture is yelling lesbian. I also like the invites from foriegn people who can not type english let alone speak english. Oh well the things we have to live with. Have a great day! I know you will.

  3. oh, the joys of stepping in cat vomit. so lovely, especially when done in bare feet, which i’ve done more than once, though luckily not recently.

    i haven’t been having your kind of problems with my laptop, but things have seemed unnaturally slow for the last couple of days and when looking at the available space on my hardrive, i sit there and wonder where it’s all gone.

    i’ve seen adverts for some sort of pet brush that’s supposed to brush out all the loose hair underneath the top coat of your pet. i don’t know if it actually works, but it sure sounds like a nice idea. i’ve suggested it to my mom because my dad is a cat collector and they have cat hair on everything. and yes, i think it does float in the air.

    everybody does it, but most people don’t like to admit talking to themselves. we’ve been conditioned to believe its the kind of thing that crazy people do. plus, i don’t think a lot of people are even aware that they do it. i know i do. and sometimes not all that quietly. but i tend to ignore people when i go to the store, so if they’re staring at me, i don’t notice it.

    the people who send messages wanting to have sex, or cyber sex, or whatever, don’t read your page. i mean, they simply don’t read it. they look at pictures and that’s it. and it doesn’t even have to be pictures of you. look at your yahoo avatar. that’s what they’re looking at, too. pretty scary, huh? they’re basing it on a cartoon image. yesterday i had a quick comment from a woman and when i went to her page, she didn’t have a blog (at least not public), but she did have a feed up about how to insert an anal bead. uh huh. i think we can guess what i did next.

    me, too.

    i don’t know.

    i’ve seen that show. it’s not bad, but i noticed that happening a lot, too. it’s annoying.

    i have some powdered eyeliner that does that. and in exactly the same place. with my eyeliner, i’ve started dampening my brush some first and that seems to help a lot. i don’t know if that would work with your eyeshadow. mabeline or covergirl, i’m not sure which, has a makeup eraser now that might do the trick of removing the bit that ends up at the corner of your eyes. i keep thinking of trying it. maybe i’ll pick some up and then let you know whether it works.

    hope you feel better after your walk. *hugs*

  4. Well, you’ve disproved my theory that there is no intelligent life prior to 6 am. You are so right about the catfood with the red dye….I remember that stuff well. For what it’s worth – the catpuke is even worse when you feed canned instead of kibble…but I did train the furkids to puke on hard surfaces rather than the rugs (well, most of the time they remember). Yes that hair does float around in the air. I don’t recall if you have a house or an apartment – but if you have a furnace filter – splurge on the expensive antistatic microparticle whatever – it makes a HUGE difference. If you don’t – maybe one of those air purifier things would work….I know it’s helped prevent me from looking like one of the “cat ladies” when I head out the door. And I know what you mean about Cold Case – ran into the same thing – I’d have to record a lot more than I really wanted to (though I hear if you splurge on TIVO it’s smart enough to figure out when the real show starts). Hopefully that walk brightened up your morning a bit.

  5. I sympathize with the cat vomit & hair. While I don’t have cats, I have a dog and Kelly’s dog is over most every day (grandma doesn’t like Ella to have to stay alone). Labs shed constantly. They don’t have “accidents” any more but I do wake to a very occasional sound only known to dog owners. It is a sound of their beloved dog getting the forbidden deer poop that they snuck while you let them out last night up to expel it on the carpeting. I can go from a deep sleep to a mad race to coax Meggie to the vinyl flooring. She really, at least, tries to make it outside but sometimes she leaves some on the carpeted stairs, hallway or living room on the way. And dog owners should never buy the raw hides that have been dyed to look like yummy rare beef either. They stain the carpet.
    ~Sorry, I didn’t mean to use your blog for my rant~
    Well, Cold Case used to be one of my favorites too. I really think they do an excellent job finding people who look alike to play the back in time people and that always intrigues me. I stopped watching for the same reason. I can never count on what time it will start. Too bad, they should have moved to a different time slot.
    Well, try to think positive today. I agree with Kerry, maybe your walk will help. Although when I am feeling crabby, I usually can’t make myself walk.

  6. I hope after that long walk in the park you’ve come home in a better mood! Hopefully an energizing walk and photo ops did the trick for you 🙂

    I have stepped in cat vomit a few times and it is quite disgusting and there’s just no getting used to that…lol
    But it is forgivable…after running around a cursing the cat for about an hour…hehehe

    Ohhh Nooooo! I have read your complaints about your laptop giving you problems but I can’t go without my Fuzzy Fix for very long! Maybe they can give you a loner??? I hope it all works out, that it’s not too expensive and that we still get to see you around here, it would be quite boring without you!

    I am always talking to myself when I am out shopping, and I don’t care if people stare….EVERYONE talk to themselves, they are just too scared to admit it! LOL
    It’s true though, just like people point and get grossed out when they see other people picking their nose…yes it’s quite gross and rude to do in public and I, personally save that for the privacy of my own home!..LOL But EVERYONE picks their nose, it’s ok to admit it!

    It sucks to run out of hot water when taking a shower, that is the worst….nothing like a cold shower in the morning, talk about a bad mood!

    I have to say that finding food and drink in the cabinets and the fridge that are almost empty and belong in the trash pisses me off to no end! It happens at my house all the time with cereal, milk, juice, chips….There could be literally two drops of milk in the container but instead of it going in the garbage, it’s back in the fridge…oohhh I hate that!

    Your grrrr post….turned into a mini grrr post for me too…sorry!

    Big hugs and I hope you are smiling!

  7. Boohoo, how am I going to cope without the goodness that is you? 😦 Bad, evil laptop! It needs a kick. Maybe that’ll fix it.
    I’m with you on the eyeshadow. Mine always does that. I’m also adding foundation to the list cause I have the palest of skin and finding a foundation that doesn’t make me look like a tangerine is quite the feat, believe me. Grrrr.
    I no longer get annoyed at the generic invites, just blow them away and forget about them, unless they have a very cool idiotic message in badly-written english, that always makes me laugh 😀
    I hope your walk in the park improves things for you, masses of huggggggs to you, TFT 😀

  8. Sorry you are having a bad day Fuzz. I know if I was up at 6am I would already be considering it a bad day, but then I am so not a morning person. I am have been feeling very..well just..Bleh… the last couple of days, so I sympathise. When one is already in that mindset it can be the small little cat vomity setbacks that become the last straw.

    I am quite lucky with my cat in that she does not puke too often, but I know some cat have a more delicate constitution; for one of my friends cleaning up cat vom is an almost daily task. But you can’t be angry with them can you? Well, least I can’t with mine, even when she is driving me crazy going apeshit clawing my bedroom furnishings.

    I am so with you on the invites stuff too. Arggh. I seem to have had loads recently. I have updated my page so it says all the usual stuff [no blank pages, no generic invites – blah, blah], but I tend to agree with Kerry, the people who send these invites just don’t bother to read such things. They should change the Yahoo options so you can auto-reject people with no blog and those who send generic invites. It’s so deflating to come to your page ‘Oooh 20 messages…..Oh, 19 of them are generic invites from guys with no blog’.

    Anyway, I hope your mood improves [maybe after your walk] and that your laptop is fixed soon.

  9. roflmao, Rivergirl! That’s a priceless comment and had me cheered up in no time at all. I have lint rollers all over the place and keep one in my car, too. Isn’t it funny how you can see more hair better in the car? Sigh. But I wouldn’t trade them for fur-free clothes, so I usually deal. 😀

    LOL, Bert, yeah, maybe a bar full of booze would take the edge off? teehee. How strange, though, about the girls coming on to you, but I guess you should be flattered, huh? And gahh! Why send anything to me in some foreign language? I have it right there on my page that I only understand English (and then not always!). 😀

    Hey, Kerry, I’ve seen those brush things, too, but my cats all hate any kind of brushing at all. I’ve tried it thinking they’d be all cheery about it, like on America’s Funniest Home Videos, but no such luck, they just scratch me and run away. See? I knew everyone talks to themselves, and when I see/hear someone doing it, I never give them the you just stepped off a spaceship look. If they look embarrassd, I usually just say that I do that all the time, too. And smile at them. And yes, it’s decidedly scary that someone would want to have sex with my cartoon image. And a bit disturbing, too. Yay!! I’ll have to check out that stuff if you don’t, that gets rid of that smudgey mess. 😀 Fab comments, Girl. *hugs*

    hehe, thanks, Em, and you must tell me how you trained them to puke only on hard surfaces . . . I want that. 😀 And yes, I’ll have to look into the filter thing, too. Anything that will help would be great! Thanks for the tip. I’d heard that about TIVO, too, but I’m still using VHS tapes to record stuff. One day I’ll catch up with the 21st century. 😀

    It’s a rant blog, Nancy, feel free!! Besides, it’s nice to know I’m not the only ranty one today. 😀 And maybe this crabby rant will get the message across, too. That’d be a bright spot. 😀 Huggs

    lol, Maggie, yes your comments had me grinning right along, thanks!! And you’re right about the nose thing, I think people think it’s bad manners to do it in public is why the mean stares on that one (I imagine). But talking to yourself? Heck, you can do that anywhere. LOL Huggs

    😀 Blackie

    You’ve got such pretty skin, Tally, that you probably don’t even need foundation, just a powder. I’m always so jealous of anyone with the palest pale skin, so pretty! I’m fair, but freckly, so it’s all blotchy without something on it. Sigh. And that gets harder as you age because of the wrinkles that trap the foundation / powder and add about twenty MORE years. Baaahh! Yay! masses of huggggssss to you, too, TFT!! 😀

  10. Naw, Fabi, you can’t really be angry with them for puking. It’s just part of the whole cat having thing, but stepping in it before dawn . . . not fun times. Lucky you that your cat isn’t a daily puker. 😀 Between my three, I’ve got a daily mess to clean up, but again, that’s just part of my life, so I deal with it. Well, usually, guess I went off a bit this morning. 😀 And yes, the walk helped my mood a great deal. Hope you start having fewer blah days, though I wonder if it’s part of finishing school? Always that vague sense of emptiness that goes with that, I think. 😀

  11. Yeah, I was gonna say your first problem is actually being conscious before 6 a.m., that is just unnatural. LOL!

    I agree with the other people that said we can’t live without Fuzzy’s blogs!! Let’s all start a save Fuzzy’s laptop fund.

    As to all the pet puke comments… can I just say perhaps this was NOT the best blog to read while eating my lunch. *gag* Isn’t there a training program to send pets to… where they learn to make a mad dash to the toilet at the first sign of nausea or gagging? I mean if human children can be taught that by the age of 10 or so, surely pets can figure it out. 😛

    All eyeshadow tends to drip all over my face, so I’ve pretty much given up on it entirely. No, that’s not true… I keep holding out hope that I’ll find one that I love and it loves me back. That’s how the cosmetic industry keeps getting my money.

    And for the record, I don’t talk to myself. Ever. Well, not much. Or at least not out loud. Was that out loud?

  12. Looks kinda eggplant-ish to me. Here’s an awesome idea… go to your local drug store that has an awesome cosmetic department and talk to one of the chicks there to see if they have some samples of eyelid primer. It’s gooey white stuff that you dab on your lids, and after it is dry… viola! No crease lines, smudges…etc. Wait a sec… how old is it? nevermind. Try the stuff. It’s great.

    As far as muttering in public goes… TOO funny. Next time, turn to your right and say, “Ignore them, Gertrude,” and keep walking.

    On cat puke: been there done that. There’s nothing quite like the SOUND of a cat barfing. Blech. Our beloved princess China hadn’t puked in a long time, but then we ran out of cat food (forgetful husband… DON’T get me started) and had to buy some cheap crap… I hear you on the red/pink stuff… needless to say, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I don’t even gag anymore. It’s just REEEEEALLY squishy and warm.

    Hope your day goes better.

  13. haa… oh Fuzzy you do make me laugh.. even when you are crabby… I’m glad the walk cleared a some of the doldrums! Cat vomit… I’m actually presently poised for this event with Taz… she was out all day.. and now has a stomach ‘rumbling’, ‘squeeking’ and ‘groaning’ like a sinking ship.. obviously been eating things that don’t agree with her.. she is presently eating the grass in the garden (this is actually a good thing as it needs cutting).. and I’m awaiting…. for the stomach contents delivery on the living room carpet… probably just when all my friends are over for the book reading night I’m having tonight… (she knows how to make guests welcome). What are kibbles.. my guess is its ‘litter’… not seen any with red bits in over here…. and (fortunately)… no recent offers of internet sex for me… but how do they achieve it anyways? I mean even with my broadband connection I’m sure it wouldn’t be quick enough!!!! lol

  14. Huston, we have a problem. Seems like your bad day puts a smile on my face. Well, not the bad things that happened to you but the way you put them down in writing.

    Who put that empty box of Cereal back in the cabinet???? Bad Fuzzy! Spank!

    And I never ever thought you are being active on 360 just in order to meet up for sex. LOL! Too funny. Unfortunately we have a lot of weirdos out here. But a lot of nice people too. So, let’s focus on the nice ones, shall we? Life is too short to get distracted by weirdos.

    I know I shouldn’t say this, but I wish you have more crabby days because it makes ME laugh. Selfish Fanta? (I think so)

  15. Serenity now, it happens Doc, I meditate daily so I don’t get flustered with turn of events, when something bad happens, I say “Next” he he. No big deal doc, can you put the cat in a confined area at least in the night, maybe you thought of that already. You need a good wet and dry vacuum I guess. No worries, next day will be not as bad as today. Regarding weirdos just ignore them and delete it. Cheers.

  16. Awwwww…..what a great ranting blog! Hmmm…my thoughts on your “issues”. Btw…a girl at Sam’s Club the other day had a t-shirt that said “I’m cancelling my subscription because I’m tired of your issues” Hahah..I soooo need that t-shirt sometimes (not for your blog!!!!)

    Cats…don’t have them. I love to pet and love on them…but, don’t want one.

    Computer shutting down. mine did that twice last week!! And last time it was some fan thingy…but, it was still under warranty & I’m like you…I DON’T WANNA PAY to get it fixed!

    Creepy sex invites: I’ve been lucky so far…I’ve only had one crazy dude looking for a dominatrix…and that was back when I very first joined. Grrrrr @ canned invites…I can’t be bothered with people that aren’t interesting enough to pen their own invite.

    Cold Case: I sooooooo stopped taping that show for the very same reason!!!!! I loved it too. But, I could never keep up with it because I always taped it and it never comes on at the right time during Football season!! So, now…I catch the reruns periodically when I’m actually sitting there watching it real-time.

    Ohhhhh…coppery eyeshadow…sounds like something I would like!! :o)

  17. LOL! Aside from the cat puke (which is unusual…I should look in the open closets and hidden places as Trystan tries to gift me with it almost daily…if he’d CHEW his food… this wouldn’t be such a problem!)

    Yeah…cat ownership … hmmm …ya know … I was thinking of doing a whole long comment on this … but am thinking it’s blog worthy so maybe by Thursday anyone interested can read my thoughts on cat ownership. (I am not above stealing a blog idea! 😉 You are most welcome to steal any of mine.

    I mutter to myself too. Btter-than-thou people with their looks! You KNOW they do, do it too, but want to act better than the rest of us!

    Sigh – cat hair will stick to EVERYTHING.

    You already know how I feel about the freaks and the canned invites. GRRRR!!!!

    Big, big hugs! My day was similar in its offness.

  18. On the Cold Case topic…I started TiVoing Cold Case, Without a Trace and an hour of news afterward to make sure I got everything.

    As far as cats, Menace the Manx likes to curl up on whatever I lay out before my shower. I’d like to think that it is because she wants to be near me, but I think she is just wicked smart…and maybe a little wicked.

    Hope tomorrow is better.

  19. Ya Cat scuz. Some days are just stay in bed days. But ya gotta deal with the bladder thing and thats why the cats know you’re having that kind of day before you do. They figure out the best place to puke so you’ll step in it on the way to the can. Then they sit back and snicker like Garfield.

    Cat fur adds to the “Fuzzy” palace image. LOL

  20. Fuzzy, you need an attitude adjustment. Hopefully, the walk will do it for you. But then again, sometimes it just feels good to bitch! However, you have to watch what you bitch about. I hate when I go to get a favorite kind of cereal, and the box is there, but empty. However, I live with a few other people. Who put the empty box back in your cupboard????????????????

  21. I read this post last night before bed…guess what I woke up to this am? Yak! Hopefully my day won’t follow

  22. Hei Fuzz.

    My, my that was a challenging morn all right!

    Cats are cute even when they have to have a clear-out of their guts n things every now n then!!

    HUGZ from Rii xx

  23. I had to laugh at Divine’s comment about there being intelligent life before 6am. I didn’t know there was ANY kind of life before 6am. In fact, I thought that pre-6am was just a far-out theory!! LOL.
    Oh boy!! That WAS crabby!! Running into you in one of these moods before 6am would be more scary than running into Jack Nicholson in a remote deserted hotel. Hmmmmmm…that gives me an idea for your next blog (LOL).

  24. Cats are the creatures of the devil and should all be destroyed immediatley, plus I’m allergic to them so I hate them anyway lol

    The worst thing about “larger” pets is when you go for a walk and you have the “silent” footstep. We’ve all done it, be it vomit or poop, we have all done the “silent” footstep.

  25. lol, Kelly, @ the save Fuzzy’s laptop fund. Hehe, it’s okay, I’ll get it fixed, but I’ll have to send it out. Waaah. Can you tell I’m hanging on as long as possible. I just hope I don’t make it worse. Sigh. Teeeheee, your whole comment makes me giggle!

    Luckily, Neil, I’m not feeling crabby today. Who knows where I might have placed my fuzzy slipper had I not recovered!!

    Pinkie, it DOES look eggplantish, but it’s not. I can’t carry that color, even in clothes, clashes with my from the bottle red hair! Eyelid primer? How cool, will definitely look into that one. Thanks! 😀 Hehe @ the Gertrude, may just try that on a crabby day to cheer myself up. Teehee. And ugh, yes, squishy and warm. Blech!

    Oh no, Treesparrow, sounds like you were in for a Taz opening up and spilling it all. Did she manage to do it on the tile? That’s what I always hope for. Of course, it’s a vain hope, but we have to have something, don’t we? 😉

    lmao @ your comment, Fanta!! Too funny. And actually, my mom had finished off the Special K with berries when she was here–well, there were a few sad little crisps in the bottom. Sigh. It’s okay, though, luckily I had some lovely strawberries and raspberries and had fresh on my regular cereal. It was GOOD!! 😀

    Yes, Chris, sometimes it helps to just vent it out rather than keep it all bottled in. I can get closer to serenity if I feel calmer inside and am not just hoping or pretending to it, you know? And yes, it is best to just ignore the weirdos. LOL

    LOL, Ang, that’s a perfect teeshirt for you!! Yay! You have to get one and do a Saturday post on it. Woohoo!! And yes coppery would look awesome on you with your coloring. 😀

    Yay, LO, am on the lookout for that cat ownership blog, I can already feel my blogment coming on. LOL And big big hugs to you, too!! 😀

  26. Hey Marianne, nice to see you here! Menace the Manx is a great name, just love that. And NO, you should feel blessed and happy and even a little giddy that you don’t get canned invites, they lead to trouble every time (unless you just delete them, that is). 😀

    hehe, Heyman, I love Garfield the cat, but as I no longer get the paper, I can’t be bothered to read it anymore. Sigh. I know I can do so online, but there’s just so much else to do. Like blog. 😀

    hehe, Michael, just my mom, and it all worked out well, so it’s not a big deal. Was just having a day, ya know? Huggs to you my friend.

    Laurie, you could if you slid through it! hehe

    Aw, Marianne, sorry! Hope my cats didn’t give yours any ideas.

    Thanks, Rii. Huggs back to you xx

    lmao @ your comment about Jack and segue to the next blog post, well done, Mitch!! 😀

    Oh, Monty, I’d forgotten about how much you hate cats! But yes, you’re right tromping in poo is never fun.

  27. All I can say is I had a good laugh, I have been there, slipping and sliding and I love you!

  28. Blimey, you did have a bad day didn’t you? Its not so much red cat biscuits in Marms vomit as grass. She keeps eating mty ornimental grasses outside the front and then throwing up. Mind you she hasn’t done it for a while not. You are right cat sick just seems to be part an parcel of owning a cat. I managed to escape the other dya to an interview and had black trousers on and didnt have a white cat hair on me, Not really sure how i managed it mind. Was back to normal the next day.

    Blimey no computer for a bit, how will you cope? I know that my compuer annoyes me when it logs it self off and then loses a great post so girl you need to get that computer fixed so we can have no worries about you losing a great bolog but then again your second blogs are also great.

    I really know what you mean about the games taking over the shows that we like as well and that seems to happen all teh time over here. Suppose they think that more people want to watch the games and it doesn’t bother the other people how wrong can they be.

    Great blog post again fuzzy, I love to hear about things that wind you up as we are so similar in some ways.

    Loads of hugs and love from Me, Marm and new arrival Pumpkin! x

  29. Hey Snuggles!! I think that it’s healthy for cats to eat grass, though, no? I know Chelsea chows down on it when I get those little flats of it at the pet store, which I haven’t done in ages because of the green puke that’s also difficult (though not impossible) to remove. Yeah, I really need to take it in, it stopped shutting down for a while there, but then started back doing it and more and more often. I will need to do it sooon. Ugh. Awww, need to show us a picture of your new Pumpkin!! Yay!! Massive huggs and lots of love to you, Marm, and Pumpkin . . . from me, Chelsea, Banbury, and Cali. xx

  30. Hi Fuzzy! I know. I’ve been away. Sorry. As for the cat and the bile? Go to Walmart (it’s cheap) and buy a bottle of their generic Ranitidine. Give your cat 1/2 of one with it’s main meal for one week and see if it helps the little person. It’s the food we give them. This helps with acid reduction and with digestion. My Vet told me about it and it works wonders. Try 1/4 pill once it’s under control. It might have to be a lifetime event, but it’s worth it to help your little being. It’s over-the-counter. Call your Vet to confirm. Hugs.

    Now I’m off for some catching up.

  31. This is MARVELOUS, Gaby, thank you so much; I’m getting this tomorrow!! I’ll definitely let you know if it works, and it sounds like it will. I’m so glad because my Chelsea, especially, would love this relief, and she’s getting on in years now, not moving as well as she once did (but hey, who is?). Huggs to you, Lovely Llama. 😀

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