My Fave Five Funny Bad Horror Movies


I’ve been lax in responding to the wonderful and funny comments you all are making on my blog posts, so I got up this morning (yes, it’s before 6 a.m. Again.) in order to catch up; I do, after all, love the give and take of comments and think it’s one of the very best parts of blogging. But then Monty came along and said something that got me all excited to write yet another blog post; he said that watching some of the more modern horror films, he found them to be amusing. Yay! So of course, I have to write up my five favorite funny horror films. Now I know that some of you don’t like horror, so these might actually appeal to you as they are not scary at all. And I know that some of you don’t like bad movies, but I do like bad movies if they’re funny bad and not I take myself too seriously bad. So here goes . . . five of my favorite funny bad horror films.

The first one has to be Sssssss. It’s about this mad scientist (aren’t they great?!) who makes a serum that turns people into snakes; I can’t remember why he does this, what he’s trying to accomplish, but the end result is that because he lives with his adult daughter in the boonies, the only people he can find to experiment on are her boyfriends. All of whom go snakey. She finds her latest at the freak show at the fair, and recognizes him by his pretty blue eyes. It’s so funny! Well, maybe not that part, but the rest of it. I think that the mad scientist is finally taken down by a ferret, who kills the too far gone boyfriend in a suicide by ferret move that has to be seen to be believed.

The various versions of The Fly do this plot n theme combo far better, but they’re not half as funny. And the Jeff Goldblum version is just too sick to watch; he’s so fabulous and adorable, but that fly make up . . . shudder!

Hehe, you can’t have a funny bad movie list without including The Blob (the 1958 version). This one is just hysterical! A slimey pile of goo falls out of the sky in a meteor and then attaches itself to some random farmer’s arm. The goo has some sort of acid in it that makes a nice effect, and you think at first the film will be straight horror, but the blob gets bigger. And bigger. And it’s absolutely hilarious oozing and sliming along the ground smothering things in its path. At one point, it falls off the ceiling onto someone, and that makes you start, but other than that, it’s just so so silly that you can’t help but giggle. Okay, I can’t help but giggle.

They remade this, and the goo was a bright lime green (gosh or was it bright pink? I forget now), but the remake isn’t funny; it’s actually well done and pretty scary, at least in parts.

You seriously can’t have this list and not have Attack of the Killer Tomatoes on it. Scene: people fleeing in exaggerated terror (mouths agape, eyes frantic, hair flying, arms flailing), pan to . . . a bunch of beach ball sized tomatoes rolling along after them. Now, it’s difficult to make a tomato, even a giant tomato, look menacing, so they added some mumbly squeaks to go along with it . . . I couldn’t find that scene on youtube, but here’s another scene that pretty much covers the fun silliness of this film:

When I first saw Motel Hell, I expected from its title that it would be scary, so imagine my surprise when I found myself laughing so hard I almost fell right off the couch. It’s a bizarre and funny tale of a farmer couple who run Motel Hello (but the “o” is burnt out on the sign) as a front for their human jerky business. Buried up to their necks in the backyard are various victims, all with their heads covered by garden buckets, awaiting their fate. This is a good giggle fest, though there are some graphic scenes and the whole cannibalism angle isn’t so funny if you stop and think about it, but you’re not supposed to think about it, so why go there?

One of the early horror spoofs, I think this one is head and shoulders above the more heavy handed Scary Movie chain, though I have to say that parts of those are funny, too.

And last but certainly not least is Lake Placid. This film is well done and very very funny, though be warned, there are some genuine “jump” moments and some gore, too. I think the “jump” moments are mostly due to the fact that you’ve been lulled into a feel good happy place by the silly story line (giant alligator living in the lake, eating all the people) and the often well-written banter amongst the characters. Plus, I have a thing for Bill Pullman since his St. Crispin’s Day speech in Independence Day, so it’s nice to see him looking all cute in this one. Betty White’s character is wonderful in this film as she covers for her “little darling” (who incidentally ate her husband . . . accidentally) and eventually (after the big bad ‘gator is finally blown up) feeds its baby offspring as they nibble at her toes.

This of course belongs to the long long list of genetically mutated creatures that “people” the horror shelves, but it’s far better than Frogs or Anaconda or pretty much all of them, I think.

So there you have it, five of my favorite funny bad horror films. Do you have any?

And no worries, I’m not going to go through every section in Blockbuster listing my faves, I’m done now.


The pic is of a movie poster (or maybe the dvd cover) for The Blob. Don’t you just love it? When you don’t know how to defeat the evil man-eating alien creature . . . poke it with a stick.


66 thoughts on “My Fave Five Funny Bad Horror Movies

  1. Ha…yes those were pretty awful, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes? A classic! But how about Night Of The Living Dead? No funny horror list can be complete without zombies Fuzz!
    My personal pet peeve is when they advertise these as real horror flicks. I sit down with popcorn and a coke and am ready for a fright…and all I get is a laugh….grrr! Although Betty White coaxing the gator in for a snack in Lake Placid was priceless!! (:

  2. i’ve not seen any of these and suddenly feel like i’ve missed out on something. i’m trying to think what movies i have seen that could be considered funny horror and all i can come up with is shawn of the dead. oh, there were some definite funny moments in an american werewolf in london, too. i mean, basically any scene with griffin dunne was hilarious. but now i really can’t think of any more.

  3. I have to say, my all time favorite Funny Scary Movie is “Shaun of the Dead.”
    The “Scream” movies were pretty funny too.
    The Blob was laughable and so was Lake Placid, love Betty White!
    I have never seen Sssssss or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

    Ok, now I want to rent a bunch of scary movies and curl up on the couch with some popcorn and pillows and have a marathon….lol

  4. Oh, Rivergirl, Night of the Living Dead is great, so is Return of the LD. Hehe. And yes, I know what you mean about the misleading thing, I was at first disappointed about Motel Hell, but it soon sucked me in with it’s dastardly humor. 😀

    OMG, Kerry!! How on earth could I forget and leave out American Werewolf in London . . . that is the BEST of the funny horror movies. V8 head thunk. You know, I’ve never seen Shawn of the Dead, but with you and Maggie both giving it a mention, I’m going to have to!

    I’m so with you on the horror movie fest, Maggie; in fact, I think that’s what I’ll do this weekend. Def. get Shawn of the Dead and one that Mitch mentioned on the other blog. I’m sure there are others on there that I want to see, too. Yay!!

  5. Omg, there’s this amazingly awful movie called “It’s alive!”…it’s about a woman happily expecting a baby, except when it emerges from her womb it can walk, talk and has the urge to kill. The effects are so awful and cheesy, it’s hilarious.
    There’s one I want to see but haven’t yet, about some ghetto bloodsuckers called “Vampiyaz”…the title alone just cracks me up 😛

  6. Oh and Shawn of the Dead is hilarious, one of the best zombie films ever. The fight scene in the Pub, with Queen playing along on the jukebox is just one of the most sublime movie moments ever. 😀

  7. I loved lake placid as well and found it quite amusing. What other great horrors made me laugh. I watched It by Steven King when I was little and that scared me then but it would make me laugh now thats for sure. What bout Hills Have eyes 2 now that was funny but did make me jump in loads of bits. The lost boys is quite funny as well for a horror film. Oh there is so many of them when you think about it isn’t there. Thanks for makin me think Fuzz. x

  8. I loveeeee horror films! I guess that I really have seen many of the older “bad” ones though…since, I’ve seen none on your list! (I’ll have to watch a couple while Blockbuster is running 99cent “favorites”!)

    However….I have watched “The Fly”…the Jeff Goldblum version! I have this crazy crush on him…go figure. Wait…have we talked about this before…months ago?? Hmmm…

  9. ohh ohh im with Tally, Shawn of the dead was hilarious BUT only if you get Brit humour lol…otherwise you will think its nuts. I saw the Blob when I was a kid on holiday at Butlins, they were showing it in the cinema, freaked me out at the time, this giant jelly that swallowed people alive lol…classic stuff

  10. Woohoo!! more horror!! Yayyy!! I have to say, I love horror films that are intentionally funny. There have been some hysterical ones over the years. Here’s some of my faves:

    1) An Americal Werewolf In London
    2) Shaun Of The Dead
    3) Young Frankenstein (a Mel Brooks masterpiece of spoof)

    Damn!! I had thought of five, but can’t remember the other two!! Will have to come back with them if I remember.
    Thanks for reminding me of the Jeff Goldblum remake of ‘The Fly’, another classic up there with ‘The Thing’. Love that movie.
    I’d agree with most of your choices in the ‘unintentionally funny’ horror movies, but there’s one glaring omission. The movie that has on several ocassions been polled as the worst movie ever made (worst as in totally inept in every department), and as such has become a cult classic: “Plan 9 From Outer Space” If you’ve never seen it, you don’t know what you’re missing!!!

  11. Oh, nearly forgot to say that in the category of ‘most disappointing movie adaptation of a novel’ it just HAS to be Stephen King’s “IT”. The book was a masterpiece, it really creeped me out in places, a real spine-tingler. The movie? Totally inept, by-the-numbers schlock. If I’d have been Stephen King, I’d have sued the movie company.

  12. I agree with Mitch…IT was sad…when the book totally blew my mind. Then again, I tend to like books better…don’t know why?

    I recently Inter-Library Loaned a DVD of a movie I saw when I was a kid. I remember watching Shock Theater on Saturday afternoons. It was called Mr. Sardonicus. It was pretty cheesey…but brought back great memories.

  13. Tal, I am SO renting Shawn of the Dead (gosh, this list is getting long, but how fun!!). And Vampiyaz sounds like a riot, just from the title!! Woohoo!! And you know, I think I saw that It’s Alive film, is there a scene in which the baby creature is hiding in a bush, but the bush is shaking like crazy (so stealthy)? hehe, if it’s the same one, you’re right, it’s a laugh riot!

    Hey Snuggles, yeah, I liked the Lost Boys, too. Good film, I thought, I haven’t seen the others you’ve mentioned. Well, except for It, and I quite liked it. 😀 Huggs

    LOL, Ang, yes, I think we did talk about our crushes on Jeff Goldblum . . . sigh to think of his lanky hotness that can’t be explained but is soooo there!

    Hey, Shell, yes, I’m totally checking out Shawn of the Dead, it sounds great!!

    Young Frankenstein was great, too, Mitch! And I did so love American Werewolf in London (the Paris one stunk up the place, though). It was a great book, I totally agree, but I didn’t hate the film. I’m not sure I really remember it that well because it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, but I do recall liking it and being creeped out. And oh! The Fly with Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis is awesome stuff. I am watching The Thing again tonight, for sure!! Yay!! 😀

    lol @ Marianne the Librarian on the liking books better and wondering why. The books DO tend to be better, but did you see Shawshank Redemption? It’s a great telling of that Stephen King story (forget the name, based on the poster on the wall, though). But that’s a rare exception, I think. Even the Jack Nicholson version of the Shining didn’t get ALL the horror of the book, though it came darned close! 😀 I’ve not heard of Mr. Sardonicus, though.

  14. The real problem is that no one has really made a realistic looking monster. I started giggling in the IT film, but had found the book quite gripping. Damn! I was going to suggest Young Frankenstein too. I’ll have to think of another one now. What about Willy Wonka (the first one)? Don’t you think that Gene Wilder’s hair is pretty scary?

  15. Oh, yes, really scary hair, Neil, and kind of creepy kid obsession, as well. Typing “really scary” just reminded me of the opening scene of Twilight Zone, the Movie in which the two guys are driving along and the passenger turns to the driver and says, “Do you want to see something REALLY scary?” And then he morphs into some horrid monster. Good stuff.

  16. Seriously, Neil…I still hate clowns. Between reading IT and there are also these fuzzy (pun intended) memories of a Bozo the Clown Doll in my playpen as a baby….who knew?

    RE: Shaun of the Dead: There is no “i” in team…but there is in “meat pie.” This is pretty funny in American, I am sure it is even more so in English.

    I don’t know if you recall, but Green Mile was published in installments just like the penny dreadfuls of olden times. Wasn’t Dickens’ early works published in installments?

  17. Ohhhh…I forgot about Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein! That movie was great, I have seen it at least 50 times! It’s a Christmas tradition in my family, we watch it every Christmas eve and laugh as if it’s the first time we have ever seen it and we are always quoting that movie. I never considered it horror though!

    You definitely have to rent Shaun Of the Dead Fuzzy, it’s such a funny movie!

  18. Oooh, the negative one is so lovely! I have a thing about blue roses so this makes me happy 😀
    Loving the black and white one too, yay!
    I’m glad you’re having such a wonderful day, cause so am I, isn’t it marvellous? *smiley*
    And yay @ weekendness, and phones, and the 3 c’s 😀
    And keep the pictures coming, cause they’re fab, and loving that tree, it’s so cute!

  19. I LOVE that negative picture….I too love blue roses…so pretty!

    What a fun walk I had through the park, through your eyes!
    Now if only I could burn off calories this way too!

    I bought the LOTR trilogy book, I tried again and again to read it, but I just could understand half of what I was reading and gave up. I very much enjoyed the movies though and own all 3 of them and have watched them over and over!
    Hugs Fuzzy, have a great weekend!

  20. Beautiful shots! It’s like magic, huh, with all these new buttons. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit, Fuzzy. I’m thinking Exhibition, I’m thinking New York. I’m thinking blowing these amazing shots up to ten feet by 10, printing them on textured canvas. They would look amazing. (Not that they are not ALREADY amazing.)
    Keep up the good work. You really inspire me.

  21. hehe, Marianne, I’m definitely seeing that movie. And soon. Yeah, it’s pretty interesting actually because novels were considered so low brow, entertainment for the unwashed masses, that a great many (the majority, I believe) early novels were serialized in magazines. A lot of Hardy, too, actually. It explains the mid-book cliff hangers and recaps of main characters and plots, too, that make many early novels a bit of a chore to read as a whole. Gahhh! I could go on and on. In fact, I just have. Sigh. Occupational hazard, I’m afraid.

    So cool, Mags, to learn about your family traditions and things; I love learning more and more about my dear wonderful friend! 😀

  22. I loved this blog!!! I got to go on a walk with Fuzzy!!! :p

    Those tree face things always crack me up….someday, I’m gonna break down and buy one….then hurt my poor Oak Tree by hammering it in! And the pancakes…coooooool!

    I want a “negative” button on my camera!!!! Wahhhhhhh. That really was a cool picture…love it!

  23. Hi Fuzz! Nice pics. I’m sure that taking your camera is a nice diversion to just going out and walking. Whe you go just to walk, it is something you “have” to do, and a chore, but with a camera it is an adventure. You would love the park I run in. It’s called Mill Creek Park. It’s gorgeous!

  24. loved the photos! i can’t believe someone put a face on that tree. how funny! the mushroom thing does kind of look like pancakes, but still, kinda gross. lol! and i forgot to mention how great that reflection one is. love that. and i’m so glad you’re playing around with the different functions on your camera. i love the different rose pictures you did. so cool!

    i actually loved the lotr trilogy. we bought a big copy of it a few months before the first movie came out and hubby and i took turns reading it in the car outloud to each other. it several months, and sometimes an explanation or two from hubby whose read the book several times, but we got through it before the first movie. i think it got our excitement up for the movie and helped us enjoy the movie more. we tried to do the same with the hobbit, but that is still sitting in the car abandoned after a chapter or two.

  25. You have a fun way of sharing your walk. BRAVO!!
    I like whatever you did to the rose to make it that funky blue. Very artistic.
    I am glad that I was not the only one who couldn’t get through the LOR Trilogy. Gosh. . .it was required reading in high school and I ended up buying the cliff notes. It was tortuous reading to me.

  26. Wow Fuzzy, these phots are great and my favourite is the puddle with the trees in the puddle that really is great stuff. I love the black and white ones of the rose as well and the negative is also so cool. I want your camera especially with the black and white shots. Which one was it aqain. I now have some money so might buy one! Great blog Fuzz. x

  27. Ohh meant to say that I love the Entree inLord of the rings also and thought they were fab. I love this tree its so funny and must make people laugh when they see it.

  28. LOVED going for a walk with you! Such fantastic pictures too. I really liked the B&W one. Dang, you make me want to go out and get a digital camera!

  29. Bugger! Why have I only got one button on my camera? That blue rose is great, isn’t it and actually (gnash,gnash) I quite like the b&W one a bit. Oh, OK, I love it. And the puddle one. And the one that looks just like my lawn. Fuzzy, it’s so great to walk round the park with you (except for all that wheezing). And did you know you have a twig stuck to your left foot; it appears in all the pics!

  30. Oh, and I meant to say, isn’t it strange how that fungus one looks really beautiful, but up close looks so sinister? Another great pic!

  31. Isn’t it funny how you can walk or run in the same place every day and some days things can look so different, or you notice things for the first time, even though you’ve “seen them” many times before. The park I run in looks so much different in the morning than it does in the afternoon or evening. And for a real mind blower, I will run my favorite trail backwards. It looks totally different going in the opposite direction.

  32. … well does reading your walk blog count as me doing my walk/swim today? blue rose button how cool is that… but reminds me I MUST read the instruction manual on my camera soon…. its got all sorts of ‘things’ that I haven’t the faintest clue about… The first time I tried to read LOTR I was a teenager and didn’t really get on with it (though always loved the hobbbit). But re-read it after the first film… and loved it… way darker than the hobbit… but some great events… and I often look for ‘ents’ in trees……

  33. Oh how fun…a Fuzzy walk along! Loved the shots of your feet….made me feel like I was there. (:

    Nice photo experimenting….I don’t have a negative or sepia button….at least I don’t think I do! Great blue rose and I really like the reflection shot….

    It was quite humid up here today too, rained off and on. The weekend is looking good so far…I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  34. Great photo blog, next time we should have a video blog, this one almost goes that way. Walking in the park will cleanse the soul, so nice and beautiful. The flower picture is awesome. Cheers 🙂

  35. Darling, darling lady… I want to be a bug on your shoulder… or can I be you for a day or two? You know, those mushrooms actually look like a stack of pancakes from the side! Syrup, anyone?

    My camera has all those funky (except macro and DON’T rub it in!) features too, but I prefer using my Adobe Potoshop CS2 program for that. I’ve designed some great art that way. Maybe I’ll send you a link.

    Anywhoo… have a blessed weekend and keep walking for me too…


  36. Fungus Amongus! looks like you’re trying out your new digital camera. After years of shlepping 2 tons of camera equipment around, I went digital a few years ago. It beets the weight factor, it does ok, but my old slr was actually easier, the less doo dads the easier. But this is the way to go, and you go girl!

  37. LOL! I bought some similar face things for Mike’s big ‘ol tree in his backyard (they were $1.00 at the dollar store). They were also missing some of the hardware and he came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t be able to affix them to the tree anyway. But, I too was thinking Ents. LOL! (I know you are shocked by that!) I will have to play with some of the macros on my camera today (if my mother can be patient enough while I do). I am going to the Art Fest and will be taking my camera and hopefully charged batteries. 🙂

  38. Thehehehe….I loved the photo of your foot …And others of course:) You and Rii are my photography Queens…..Thank you for shring this wonderful blog with us.Love….

  39. Hi FuzzyT….great pics….looks like a good walk…..sending you love will catch up properly this week when kids are back at school..till then LOVES and HUGS

  40. You know, I love horror movies of all kinds. Well, except for the really gorey ones like Hostel and The Descent – both horrible IMHO. But, I especially love the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously or the ones that did and are simply funny because of it. But, other than ‘The Blob’ (HA HA originally typed The Blog there), I am having a total brain freeze. Sigh………. 🙂

  41. Hi Fuzz, just got back from prague so go easy on me.

    I guess seeing as you put my name on the blog i really should reply so here goes lol.

    ANACONDA – I mean WTF, the rubber tube they used for the snake was probably 20 mins out of a home depot store!!

    SALEMS LOT – the book by stephen king is chilling, the film is so funny I nearly wet myself!

    PET CEMETERY – another king classic that was bastardised by the american film industry, cheap and nasty would be the correct phrase.

    Now, to all of those who put Shaun of the Dead in, it is classified as a ROMantic ZOMbie COMedy! note the last word there, COMEDY, it’s not a horror film, if you thought it was then boy I’m glad I didn’t do chemistry at college with you.

    Mitch nailed one of my all time favourite comedies in Young Frankenstein, but again, NOT A HORROR FLICK, you kind of missed the idea of the blog me thinks.

    All told though, any “b” grade movie made in or around the 70’s with the heading “horror” should now be moved, by blockbuster et al, to the comedy section.

    Give me a psyco thriller anyday.

    BTW was I the only one who found humour in Silence of the lambs and Hannibal? I mean, whats not to laugh at when a guy is still talking while eating his own brain, comedy, its a matter of taste i guess.

  42. It was really wonderful going for a walk with you. Loved every single picture. The fungus realy looked beautiful. I loved the colour variations of the flower most especially the negative. Loved the Blue so much! Thanks for sharing

  43. Liking the pics and really enjoyed going on the walk with you . . the walking picture really added to the feel of the walk

  44. The Ents were too cool!!!! I like how they kicked Saramon’s booty in the end! My son Seth has read the books and we all watched the movies several times over! Love it! I read the hobbit when I was a little kid, and have not been able to pass it up since!
    Sorry I have been out of pocket, it’s nice to catch up a bit! I will be back to official bloggings after the 1st, once our move is done and our satelite internet is hooked up! till then… huggggs! and really REALLY cool rose pictures! My fave is the black and white one!!!! It’s beautimous!!!!!…Mrs. Spazzycat7

  45. Yayyy!!! Another FuzzyWalkiesPhotoBlog!!! I enjoyed accompanying you on your sojourn around the park. As you know, I like photos that are a little bit different, so I enjoyed the puddle-reflection and the macro-shot of the fungus. Of the ‘rose’ shots, I thought the B&W one was most effective. I particularly liked the rain/dew drops on it.
    The photos of your feet, to illustrate your progress, was a neat idea, although it was a little disconcerting to see shots of your footwear without a feline or two attached to them LOL.

  46. What kind of camera do you have? I am in the market. I finally made the jump to digital two years ago and think it may have some advantages…now I need something snazzier. I like all the buttons on yours!

  47. Whoa…WOW!!
    I love your walk in the park. Fantastic photos. The tree and the fungi **Grinns**

    The best part is that I get to see all the neat stuff and stay cool and dry.

    This was the best walk EVAR!! Thank you for sharing.

  48. I’m not sure how many of you are going to bother paging back here after all this time and my being so lax and crappy about commenting on comments to this post; it’s been a week. Sigh. Sorry (if anyone reads this).


    Thanks so much to everyone for saying such nice things about this post! Yay!! You all make me feel so happy and good; it’s just wonderful.

  49. Yeah, that happens, LO! No worries. Huggs to you.

    FAB comment, Monty! And yes, parts of Pet Semetary were a bit silly and ill-done, I have to admit, but I still loved it. The concept creeps me out no end, but then, I read the book first, and King writes such creepy stuff. I totally didn’t think Hannibal was funny, but when you write it, it suddenly is!! That’s a good talent to have, my friend. Hugs!

  50. LOL, Mitch, you know I was thinking of you when I was about to type up individual responses, and I wondered about how many people page back and thought to ask you, but I guess there’s no real way to know. Anyway, I’m glad YOU did!! 😉

    And you know, I really liked the B & W rose shot the best, too, though I do think that everyone is right and the negative one is neat, and blue is awesome there. Also, I didn’t really intend to stick my foot in there quite as much (um, no pun), but it just kept happening, and finally, I had to go with it. LOL Glad you enjoyed it. 😀 And teehee about the cats not being attached, they do like those laces, though, I have to say, but they aren’t allowed in the park (my rules, not the park’s). Take care. 😀

  51. I have been back seveal times to check on your replys and always visit the pages that I have commented on young lady!

  52. hey you didn’t mention me *sad face*…I always check back….haven’t seen you in my neck of the woods for AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I’ve read the Hobbit dozens of times, but LOTR only once. I tried on several occasions to reread it, but could never get past the Balrog bit in the second book. Wonder if it’d be different now that I’m old? ROFL

    The pancake fungus is awesome! I don’t think the close-up is creepy, it really looks like stacks of buttermilk pancakes. Who would know if you didn’t say otherwise?

    Thanx for sharing your walk! Now I’ve got my exercise in for the weekend. ROFL

  54. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (Sung to Ride of the Valykries) Love that movie!! ROFL!! Haven’t seen it in ages though.

    I’m not into horror movies, but Shaun of the Dead was pretty funny.

    As to the Scary Movie series, recently, hubby wanted to rent Epic Movie… it was SO lame. Maybe a couple chuckle scenes, but mostly not worth wasting 100 minutes of my life on. 😛

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