Bach and Beethoven Battle Bandits


Okay, not exactly bandits, but I liked the alliteration. Turns out that Tacoma, Washington is installing loudspeakers at city bus stations in order to blast drug dealers and other petty criminals* with classical music. Now I actually think this is not only funny as can be but is also pretty interesting. Especially in light of the dreaded pinochle card game approach. Not only does Tacoma plan to play symphonies to the criminal element, but they also have started placing pinochle game tables in the “bad sections” of town. Personally, they’d have to pay me far more than any city can afford to sit in the street and play cards while I dodge bullets and watch drug deals go down. Maybe they should get a fleet of ice cream trucks and blast classical music throughout the shadier parts of town? If they bullet proof them and pay well, I’m sure someone would be willing to drive them around town. And maybe if these measures work, we’ll soon hear lovely symphonies streaming from bus stations in cities with “real” crime problems like Detroit and New York City. And Boston.


* I’ve just made the assumption that only petty criminals hang out at bus stations, huh? Well, I don’t like to insult criminals (much), but I really don’t think your average axe murderer is hopping on the bus. Don’t they need cars with trunks or creepy vans with the windows painted black? And I’ve not heard of any bank robbers who use public transportation as their getaway vehicle. Though I did hear of a guy who decked himself out in shrubbery, apparently he thought that if he was disguised as a tree no one would recognize him. Really, click the link, I’m not kidding.


25 thoughts on “Bach and Beethoven Battle Bandits

  1. OMG! How stupid can that guy be? Did he honestly think he looked like a tree?? That is sooo crazy, but so ridiculously funny at the same time! I can’t believe he pulled off a robbery!

    As far as the classical music playing, maybe they are hoping to either tame the beast or scare them off with the music choice? Who knows, I don’t think it’s a good idea and probably a big waste of commuter money or are they using tax dollars for this?

  2. Am I the only one who feels bad for this dude? It’s clear to me that he has a mental impairment. It’s kinda sweet that he thought no one would recognize him. I think I’ll put that in my book. Poor guy.

  3. Ohhh….hahaha…Pinkie made me feel bad for calling him stupid. Maybe he does have a mental condition, but he was smart enough to pull off a robbery! LOL

  4. Pinochle on street corners – geeze I would have thought they’d pick a game that didn’t require so much table space to spread out. And it’ gotta be darn difficult to concentrate on counting trump when you’re worried about being shot at – you’re very right about that. I’m not sure who is hopping on Trailways these days – but as for the local bus stations – my experience is that it’s the folks who don’t have cars – either because thay can’t afford them or because they’ve lost their license. But I doubt any of them have much knowledge of classical music – so perhaps there will be a bit of education happening. I’d be much more likely to give money to a panhandler who was humming Beethovan than reciting gangsta rap lyrics.

  5. Yes, this is the new thing! how funny! they do that at a mall near me too, try to pick something that the kids would hate! Torture via the classics! Sounds good to me!

  6. lol! i wonder if that will really work? i don’t get the pinochle, though. is it supposed to confuse the criminal element?

  7. Well, this is another reason our taxes are so high. People who have dumb ideas and have the power to inforce them. How about trying to put more money into law inforcement.

  8. you may mock this man, but I kid you not, I got accosted by 2 yes 2 trees on my way to our local cricket club. It’s another story that I really should blog about, I’ll get round to it if i remember too.

    As for classical music, I’m sure that flight of the valkyrie or the 1812 will induce the correct synaptic (sp) responses and calm all criminals down pmsl

  9. Aren’t we Americans imaginative? Pinochle in the hood, classical music to sooth the savage thug and yet a new use for duct tape. Yay to the USA!! :0)

  10. Not a pinocle player I have to wonder…what makes it a pinocle talbe? Can it be used to play Texas Hold Em? If so….

  11. Oh, No, Pinochle on street corners is definitely not a crime deterrent. Ask me….MIL taught me how to play and we had games every weekend for a year…I was SO ready to go out and rob a bank! Frustrating game……I think Go Fish would be better suited!
    And awww, poor tree man….he did need a few more leaves to be believable didn’t he? Maybe if he hadn’t used duct tape…..?

  12. Had to laugh at this. Are all the petty crims in that area Panamanian? Relatives of a certain General Noriega?

    I was trying to think of appropriate pieces of music. How about “Flight Of The Handbag Snatcher” by Rimsky-Korsakov? Or how about “Ride Of The Carjackers” by Wagner?

  13. A shrubbery? Was he watching too much Monty Python? LOL! I caught the article title about the music while perusing for WTH Wednesday, but got distracted and forgot all about it and never went back to read it. LOL! Well, L.A. is starting to take civil actions against the gangs and filing injunctions so why not symphonies and pinochle? 🙂

  14. Shrubbery… *teehee* I see I was not the only one to immediately think of Monty Python. Seems like duct taping greenery to oneself would only make one more conspicuous. ROFL

    So, I get the concept of jolting the routine in crime areas… but serioulsy, pinochle? I’m seriously wracking my brains here for less bizarre options. *wink*

  15. LOL, you guys are awesome!! I did think of Monty Python (that’s my fave of the MP movies), teehee!!

    And I know it’s sad that the shrubbery guy might have a mental problem, but duct taping tree limbs to yourself in order to rob a bank is funny. If I ever go insane and do that, you all have my permission to laugh your . . . um, bottoms off. 😀

    And yeah, what’s with the pinochle? It’s not an easy game to play, and it sure wouldn’t be easy in those circumstances.

    Yay!! Thanks for the fabu comments; I’m still crazy busy, but I HAD to respond, even if not individually. Forgive me, please! 😀

  16. That criminal looks dumb and dumber, so weird I am glad he is caught and didn’t make more stupid mistakes by shooting people. Regarding the music, I think it is stupid, if they know the drug dealers are gonna be there, they can’t arrest this people but instead want to drive them with the music. Another Pork Barrel investment.

  17. I think you’d be surprised just WHO the petty crims really are – and they do use public transport but only if they sold the stolen car they were using last week!!!!

  18. Okay…so, I get the whole concept about the classical music…but, I’m sooooo lost as to the concept behind pinocle!! Heck, I’d have to learn how to play!

    Hahahaha @ the leafy bandit! Wow…who would have thunk up such a disguise!

  19. What’s the matter with you people? It is a tree. Isn’t it? Fuzzy, this reminded of the Battle Proms which sadly I’m going to miss this year. Check this out –;_ylu=X3oDMTE5OGYyZnI3BGNvbG8DZQRsA1dTMQRwb3MDMQRzZWMDc3IEdnRpZANVSzAyNjFfMjYx. Oh, sorry, it’s a long UL again. I don’t know how to make them shorter.

  20. Magical shrubbery. LOL. I too understand the classical – Perhaps Gustav Holst “Mars” to give background to the mayhem. LOL. Pinocle? Well, I remember endless arguments between my parentals over their weekly pinocle games with their friends. It would keep the shooters busy. In the hood in the N>E> they play dominoes..every live long day. Seems to decrease testosterone somehow. Huh? LOL and Hugs.

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