Exaggeration is Nine Tenths of the Blog


Those of you who’ve been reading my posts for a while may have caught on to the fact that I tend to exaggerate, embellish, and generally fictionalize events in my life or aspects of myself. Now, this doesn’t happen all the time; indeed, I’ve been known to downplay certain things, too (what I told you all about being run over by that SUV and then about my cancer scare and operation a few months ago…no point in being all honest about that and dragging you down, now was there?). Sometimes, I may even be dead straight (as in my rants about politics, religion, multiculturalism, etc.). But you can bet (place serious money … or your mortgage) on the fact that when I write silly fluff it is ALWAYS embellished. Who among you really thought that I pondered a giant brussels sprout in stunned silence with my head cocked to one side? That it was difficult to imagine what to do (um, cut it in half)? Or that I actually yell out–as if I have Tourettes– Britishisms on airplanes when they hit British airspace? Come on!! I’m not a moron. But it’s funnier that way. Or at least it is to me.

My most recent post (about drinking, driving, talking on the cell phone) was an eye opener for me, not because of the things that happened (because they didn’t, at least not all at once, and not that exact way) but because of your reactions. It suddenly dawned on me that some of you are reading my blog posts as if they are the newspaper (only without the skepticism that what you are reading is true). And that was cause enough to pause. But the next logical car in that train of thought is that you must have a very strange and untrue set of ideas and / or images of me. (I’m sure that you are all sitting up well into the night pondering my personhood. (but see? I don’t really think that at all, it just amuses me to say it)). I mean, the brussels sprouts example is just the tip of the iceberg! What if you took seriously my waddling and wheezing? I’m overweight, but I’m not at waddle point quite yet. And what else?!? The shock, the horror.

Do you really think all I care about in this world is Supernatural and Lost? (well, okay, got me there) Do you really think that I’m so stupid I don’t know to rub away smudgy eye shadow that’s gathered at the corners of my eyes? Well, after I see that’s happened? Do you really think that I don’t know where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, or what I’ve done? Wow! All I can say is that I’m totally flabbergasted that anyone is reading my page at all. I mean, I must be some sort of brain deprived train wreck to some of you. Maybe you read out of pity. You’re better people than I am, I would never read someone’s page if they were that dim witted and potentially partially insane. Or at least suffering some sort of psychosis. (See? All of this about insanity is exaggerated.)

I do know that some of you “get” me (and you know who you are). But now I’m not so sure about blogging as I’ve been blogging. At least not without a little guide to understanding my brain as it works in this blogland place that’s become a home away from home. So here’s the deal: you can rest assured that if a blog post of mine, ends with a neat little “lesson” ala Aesop or some other didactic text (the Bible, for instance), that I changed it, fictionalized it. Life just doesn’t end with neat little end tags; life is messy and complicated: if I’ve given it “form,” I’ve done so with intent. Usually my intent is to amuse you (and me), sometimes (as in the case of the last post), it’s to point out something about myself that I feel is probably somewhat common (in the case of the last post, it was our hypocrisy. Don’t we sometimes do things that when someone else does them make us think ill of them? And isn’t that . . . well, sort of funny? In a self-deprecating way?). And sometimes, there’s no point to it at all (as is the case with the giant brussels sprout). Oh, and in case you are now wondering, I do actually do all that stuff in the last blog, just not all at once and not when driving everywhere in any conditions.

Another thing you can count on is that you’ll always get an exaggerated or downplayed version of me. I’ll be waddling one minute and gliding along like a swan (or Princess) the next. Neither is true. I actually walk like a regular person, if a bit heavily on the heel. I’ll be waxing poetical about shoes one minute and prattling on about the injustice of political correctness the next. Neither is a good picture of me. I do love shoes, but I buy with equal pleasure and interest a variety of other things. I can indeed walk past a shoe store, and am often not in the mood to shop at all, let alone for shoes. I do think that the pc brigade is ridiculous and hypocritical and nonsensical, but the only time I think about it is when some new story breaks to provide yet more evidence that it’s all enforced and empty, and then I think about it for as long as it takes me to blog it and do the back and forth on the comments. Nothing consumes my thoughts as some of you must think; unfortunately, I’m not a focused person, I don’t have a “cause,” and I don’t have a “mission” in life. And if I did, it would certainly not be shoes and Cadbury chocolate hoarding.

The views I express are always my own. But I also tend (in my writing) to focus only on what I think, my own views, I don’t go in for Cicero and his whole anticipate objections thing. Not here, that’s what you guys can do. Me? I just amass information that supports or explores my view (sometimes already formed, sometimes inchoate until I’ve written it up–thus my Faulkner quote that usually appears in my blast about not knowing what I think until I’ve read what I’ve written on it), and I craft it into an essay-like offering that I then post. Sometimes your comments change my view, even if only subtly, and sometimes they reinforce it. But I am always happy to hear what you have to say.

I almost always go for the cut to the chase version of things, and I almost always go for the satiric (my global warming post comes to mind); I rarely play devil’s advocate, and when I do, it’s usually obvious (erm . . . at least to me) that I am doing so (a post I wrote about flag burning comes to mind as an example of that). Do I know that global warming is a complex issue, far more so than man playing God as I implied in my post on the same? Yes. Of course I do. Does that matter when I want to write up a biased and (to my mind) amusing version of the debate? Well, no, of course not. Do I think that man is indeed trying to play God in this instance? Yes, yes, I do, but that’s not the start and end of it. So you see, it’s what I think, just not ALL of what I think or what I see.

I think, for me, that how I blog / write depends on a lot of things: the subject matter, my mood, and how much I am willing to reveal about myself at any given time. But please understand that blogging for me is above all else FUN and that I am an essentially private and shy person. Oh, and I have a certain amount of both “book learnin'” and common sense. So I can figure out that cutting a large brussels sprout in half is necessary, and I can figure that out in the split second it takes me to see it, pick it up and run it under the tap, and grab a knife. For me, blogging is not a diary of my day’s thoughts, meals, events. And it’s not a window to my soul. It’s a place for me to write; I love to write, and part
of writing (at least the way I do it) is knowing when to take a bit or a lot of poetic license to make a larger point. Or simply to entertain.

To reca

1. If a post ends with a neat little lesson about life and living, I’ve embellished it; built on something real in my life, no doubt, but exaggerated it.

2. If a post exaggerates a position (be it left or right leaning), then I’ve exaggerated my view of that position to make a point (sometimes we refer to this as satire. And sometimes as pitiful blathering. Probably the latter in my case.). Though there are cases in which I totally believe exactly what I am saying (posts on Iraq and 9/11, especially, come to mind), and even in these, I will overstate things. It’s what I do, how I communicate. At least here.

I would have thought all this obvious, but it’s not. And I’m so sorry if you’re reading my posts thinking you’re getting some insight or truth about me transferred by the words you read; there is a great deal of insight and truth about me here, but it’s not primary text, I’m afraid.

Anyway, what about you? Do you never exaggerate in your posts to make things funnier, scarier, sadder, whateverer? Do you never formulate a thesis or controlling idea and flesh it out with narrative? Do you do the soul pouring out thing? I admire people who can manage that, but it’s just not me (see above on private and shy). Do you do the A Day in the Life Of thing? And if you do, how do you keep it interesting without some sort of literary trick or other? How DO you blog, and what for?


The pic you’ve seen before, but it fits here in that the reflection of the trees in the puddle is indeed of the trees, but they’re not in the puddle–mirrored, giving them a distorted appearance. Real puddle. Real trees. But shadows in a cave.


45 thoughts on “Exaggeration is Nine Tenths of the Blog

  1. I do a little of all of the above although I typically try to stay away from anything too serious. After all, it’s a blog and it’s supposed to be fun. (At least, I thought it was.) I don’t know. I guess I don’t over-analyze anyone’s blog too much. I just try to enjoy the story, embellished or otherwise. And, I do so enjoy yours. 🙂 Big, big hugs!

    PS You’ve always struck me as having too much common sense to stand for any length of time wondering what to do with a huge brussel sprout. So, I never believed you did otherwise. But, to write the story without the embellishment would have made it not quite so enjoyable. It would have been just another cooking tale. 😉 Hugs again!

  2. Yay!! It’s that, a story to be enjoyed. 😀 And I do think that political and social issues are “fun” to discuss, examine, think and talk about. I love to sit around with friends and chat about “issues”; it’s fun to me. Blogging them is fun to me. But I do know that it’s not fun to everyone, so I don’t expect to read about serious stuff on all pages I visit. But I do hit the serious stuff, it’s important to me usually. But then, as I’m saying here, it’s not a “cause” for me, I’m not chaining myself to a tree or marching in the streets with a banner. And yay! again that you didn’t think me too stupid to cut a brussels sprout in half. Woohoo!! But then, I’m not surprised, you get my sense of humor. 😀 big big hugs right back atcha!

  3. LOL
    I’m finding it hilarious that people accept everything you say as gospel. Makes me wonder about my own blogs too. Cause I do it, of course. I tend to write things how I recall they happened in my head…since I have the imagination of a totally daydreamy child, things tend to be slightly more adventurous and exciting in my head.
    I like to think that I’m one of the ones that “gets” you…cause I think we’re fairly alike in that respect.
    I take your blogs for what they are…humourous, at times, eye-wateringly so, intelligent frequently, and always interesting.
    Don’t go changing, cause I love them 😀

  4. Yay, Tally!! That’s it exactly: the imagination of a totally daydreamy child. Perfect. And that’s why what comes out is never what goes in, you know? Well OF COURSE *you* know! And it’s pretty funny to me, too, that someone can read some of the drivel I’ve written and think it’s for real. Maybe I just have one of those faces you can trust. Well, not my cartoon face. Maybe the Fanta drawing face? Gahhhh, I don’t know what I’m saying right now. Am headachy from thinking too much and off to gobble up sweets and savories and watch some good tv. Yay!! Massive huggs, TFT 😛

  5. “off to gobble up sweets and savories and watch some good tv” never did an idea sound so good. I think I might just do that too!

    Lolol maybe it is your cartoon face, the glasses maybe? “I wear glasses, take me seriously”.
    Have an excellent day TFT, plentiful hugggs to you 😀

  6. GREAT post Fuzzy! I loved it. Yes, I get it… imaginative and daydreamy. That’s how I’ve always seen your blog. That’s why I adore reading yours so much! I don’t for one minute think that your entire life is about shoes and tv shows. And the brussels sprout thing? I know you got way more “book learnin'” and common sense than that. **HUGS**

    I’m not a “day in the life” kind of blogger; mine would lack the wonderful humor that you pour into your daily events. I’m more of a soul-pourer-outer kinda blogger with some strict humor tossed in for good measure. Hmmm… I think I just came up with another oxy-moron… “strict humor”…

  7. so, are you saying that shoes and chocolate aren’t all you care about in life? hmmm…this is reminding me of something…something to do with coffee.

    i guess the problem is, some people have a harder time recognizing satire for what it is. even i do at times. i’m trying to reach into the depths of my brain to recall my english classes when we’d discuss jonathan swift. hold on, i’ll google it first before making an ass out of myself.


    ok, here’s what i found on wiki about swift’s satirical pamphlet _a modest proposal_:

    “Even today, readers unacquainted with its reputation as a satirical work often do not immediately realize that Swift was not seriously proposing cannibalism (and of course, infanticide). It is no longer true, as it was in Swift’s time, that any educated reader would be familiar with the satires of Horace and Juvenal, and so recognize that Swift’s essay follows the rules and structure of Latin satires.”

    ok, that’s enough edumacation for me. i need a coffee now cause my brain hurts.

  8. Yeppers, Tal, I’m right behind you! Am in a munchy and chilling mood today, that’s for sure. Huggs, TFT

    LOL, LO, that’s got to be it; glasses on a cartoon = Truth with a cap “t”. Okay. teeheee

    I like “strict humor,” OG, it’s too cool. And yes, I know you get my humor, etc. Yay!!

    LOL, Rii, thanks!!

    Now Kerry, you’re so under selling yourself (or is this a rhetorical move you’re doing!? LOL). I don’t really “do” Swiftian or even Orwellian satire; I don’t usually offer solutions, or when I do, it’s just as silly as theirs. Remember that thing I went on about in the comments in the GW post about people jumping up and down to loosen the tectonic plates? Teehee. I did a dictionary thing on satire and think this one sums up what I (try to) do: “a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.” And I think it’s pretty clear that when it’s not recognized as such, the fault is mine, not yours!! If I can’t write a decent satire or a decent wannabe satire, that’s hardly YOUR fault. And not everything I write IS satiric or even trying to be, some of it is just good old fashioned exaggeration or embellishment; I’ve Irish lineage and grew up in the South . . . storytelling is in my blood AND upbringing (besides, I think you are one of the ones who “gets” me best!!) My brain hurts, too. Need sugar. Need salt. Need tv. Yay!!

  9. AND Kerry, I was SO thinking about that coffee thing when I typed that. It made me giggle. SEE? You DO get me. *hugs*

    Oops, just found this, too, under satire: “Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.” — also on dictionary.com and also pretty close to what I attempt on occasion.

  10. yeah, but swift was the only thing i could come up with that i was fairly sure was satire. and i’d like to think that i usually get it, but even i can have an off day.

    i guess it’s just like anything, sometimes things don’t always come across the way we intend when we write because we don’t have everybody living in our brains. or something. that actually made a lot more sense in my head.

  11. Ooooh, some of my favorite satire is done by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Good stuff. 😀 And I do know what you mean about things not coming out as clearly as we intend or even in the ball park of what we intend. I think that’s just what happens, and that’s okay. I just don’t want to give the impression that I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. I CAN! Sometimes I can walk, chew gum, and listen to music. All at once. Wow!! (lol, sooooo sarcastic am I) Yay!

  12. Gee Fuz I have always loved your writing. A little tongue n’ cheek with a dash of parody lightens up the mood of the daily grind. But you’re right that too many people can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.

    I believe the media has done us such a disservice by continuing to increase the blur between news and opinion. The web is so full of bogus information along with tons of good stuff. The BS’ers and politicians have taken the opportunity to manipulate information with great glee for their own agendas. Spin Doctors have spun our heads around on what the truth is that we’re dizzy. So it’s no surprise that people can’t tell about the subtleties in your writings.
    Please keep writing, it’s great. Although I don’t believe you can pass up on a shoe sale! 🙂

  13. lmao, Heyman, a SHOE SALE??? Okay, that I couldn’t pass up. But a shoe store, well, yeah. Some time. I’m sure I could. If I tried really hard. Hehe, thanks for the wonderful compliments and comments; I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog posts. And I guess it is hard to know what’s real and what’s not in this day and age, huh? Maybe I’ll start some sort of disclaimer thing at the bottom saying what was real and what was exaggerated for entertainment or some other purpose? And maybe I won’t.

  14. OMGosh!!! I am, like, SO totally worried about you. Like, do you need a shrink? Cuz I could totally see if mine is taking new clients. I read somewhere that, like, if you exaggerate and make things up, like, you’ve got some sort of an addiction. TOTALLY true. And, about the shoes… I like SO totally get the shoe thing… I have to, like… hide some of mine so my husband doesn’t see them, so, I, like, kinda exaggerate about shoes too. Is that what that word means? And about the drinking and driving… Lindsay Lohan is SO totally busted. Do you know her? Paris should have been in the slammer longer, don’t you think? OMGosh! Look at the time… I’m late for my hair appointment…

  15. 😀 Kerry

    Huh, Pinkie? I’m a bit lost, but I think this is probably funny if I were smart enough to understand it. Maybe it’s time for me to take that break I’ve been planning to take for HOURS now! 😀 You did make me paranoid that I’d used “like” in that sophomoric way in my post, though. That would like so suck. LOL

  16. I love a story with some color and you certainly have a knack for bringing your blogs to life.
    I have found myself in some uncomfortable situations here on 360 because someone didn’t understand what I meant. And, although I usually get sarcasm, once in awhile I don’t catch it as such here in cyberland. Some people are good at it and some come across as mean spirited.
    I did read your previous blog and I could just imagine someone driving 75mph trying to drink and talk at the same time. Your last line made me smile. We’ve all been in situations where we are forced to multi-task while driving. Somehow it always seems worse when someone else is doing it.
    Hope you keep coloring your stories. That is what makes you one of every ones favorites.

  17. Great blog post Fuzzy and I think that we all exeggete in our blogs, I know that you do and I know that I do just to make the story sound more interesting. Blimey if I didn’t, i don’t you think that I would have that many people reading my page do you? Life is boring sometimes and a bit of exxageration makes life far more entertaining thats for sure. But thats what makes the blogs more interesting to me and I know that people exeggate but its all about the fun or reading about other peoples lifes exxagerated or not its still fun as long as things aren’t taken too much to heart. I admit that I do wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes people do get a real blog adn a real insight into me and its like a release for me when its let go and discussed and maked me feel better.

    As for the hypercrosey think, I can’t say I have ever done that but there was this one time where a friend told me off for somthing then weeks later he did te same thing and didn’t think anything of it. Now that did annoy me but can’t say I have ever done the other way round, have to think on that one.

    Ohhh shoes are great. I just put a bid in for a new pair on ebay for work. Got three days left so ill let you know if I get them.

    Oh and you don’t fool me with the chocolate comment young lady I know Creme eggs are your world.

    I do learn a lot from your blogs, especially the ones with the little tales at the end. You do some great blogs Fuzz so keep going girl and know that you are certainly entertaining me thats for sure.

    Big big hugs to you guys from us. x

  18. Isn’t it funny that when you write something, people can interpret it in so many ways? I recently posted a comment on someone’s blog, and a third party replied. I left a (I though) acerbic comment that I thought British people were polite and the owner of the blog was defensive! I had to clarify that I was just teasing, but it takes all of the fun out of writing if you have to spend half you time explaining and the other appologizing.

    Love you blogs and in case you were wondering, I try to take most of life with a grain of salt…or more, if tequilla is involved. And it often is!

  19. Oh…and I was joking about the tequilla. I like it alot, especially margaritas on the rocks, but I get it without salt.

  20. extra extra read all about it Fuzzy causes more trouble with her blog……….you go gal and sod the sceptics and whinners

  21. It’s said that the best satirist is the writer, or orator, who knows that is what it is and it has to be looked for. In memoirs there are those that speak of their historical situations of satire that were never understood to be that and which were only spoken of in their latter years. And some of those relished in the fact that the vast majority of people never took it for what it was; arguably the best form of satire to some yet sometimes misunderstood. There will *always* be levels of misunderstanding *or* appreciating; that’s the irony of the best satirist and they work hard to achieve just that; considered art, because that’s what satire is.

    At the same time it’s also easy to understand how even those that know what satire is would see ‘the other side’ of what it is; that’s the human (sometimes humanitarian) aspect of what is understood, and what isn’t, that lies within.

    Yeah, I know, a bit on the heavy side. But personally I don’t think you needed to blog in order to clarify your position (‘personally’ being the objective word here fuzzy.) How anyone interprets you satirical wit is down to them. As I stated; satire is an art-form and a typo can make a world of difference … as I discovered in my own response that actually holds two takes

    Hugs and love to you fuzzy 😉


  22. wink wink . . . ok now i have to come with a totally new perspective of you . . tries to erase waddling, wheezing, drink holding, cell phone conversating, driving with the knee while putting on mascara, shoe diva image . . .

  23. Oh Fuzzy….Please do not go changing anything about how wonderful you or your blogs are! I so look foward to reading your blogs and I check everyday if there is a new post, I really enjoy the diversity of you, and of your blogs. You are funny, serious, deep and sentimental to name a few and you should not change that at all!
    You are beyond fabulous exactly the way you are and have been.
    You have such a great gift for blogging, you really do (I sound like such a butt kisser…LOL) but it’s true, and all these wonderful comments from your friends prove it!

    PS….I found one blog about the accident, about your hand/arm….is there another?…I didn’t hear about this before! And I am sorry to hear about it now…I hope you are recovered.

  24. I feel like I’m a copy-cat to Maggie’s comments… cause I wanna sit here and sing your praises so you keep up the great blogging! I really love reading all sorts of different blogs, but yours is definitely one of my favorites! It’s definitely obvious that you are usually “enhancing” reality in witty way with your writing. Perhaps all the reactions on your “cell phone whilst driving” blog were more to do with current cultural fears than anyone’s actual perceptions of you. Or else guily consciences? ROFL

    As to my style of blogging? I don’t have one… it’s just however I’m feeling that day if I decide to blog. I’ve written silly stuff like an ode to bubble wrap, and serious stuff like realizations about how life works, and mundane stuff like a recap of a recent trip. But I’m with you on the bit where my blog is not like a diary. Posting a piece of writing to be viewed by others is a type of informal “formal” writing to me (if you’ll pretend that makes sense). Nothing too personally revealing please… or at least not blatantly so. Maybe a bit metaphorically sometimes. LOL

    Anyway, I even enjoyed the slightly paranoid humor in this blog! Seems you just can’t write something dull. Keeps all your little minions coming back for more. *grin*

  25. An eight year old kid of my boss pointed to me that I am gullible, I believe everything you say and later realize it is a joke. That makes your blog more interesting. Have fun, it is a unique style I haven’t seen it in other blogs, so don’t change a thing. Cheers 🙂

  26. Oh, say it ain’t so Fuzz…you mean every word out of your mouth is not the gospel truth? Well, frankly I’m shocked! (:

    Sarcasm is my middle name…I love your posts just the way they are…and if some of us don’t know whats real and whats not…well…isn’t that part of the fun? As for my comment on your cell phone post, well, I had a cousin who had a bad accident so maybe that hit too close to home for me and I took it too seriously. But blogs are personal and should be whatever you want them to be…after all, nobody forces us to read them right? So, keep em coming….we’ll keep reading!! (:

  27. Yes, I go a bit overboard trying to describe how I feel. But that is part of the fun. How else would I convey how I think or feel. Also this is a way to be creative. I figure if you don’t like what I write don’t Read the blog. I love your writing and would not want you to change a single thing.

  28. Exaggeration makes it more interesting??? I mean, do we really believe there was a giant man with a giant blue ox clearing way for the railroads — am I getting stories confused? Or was the railroad guy the large black gentleman who out-hammered a steam machine while laying railroad tracks then keeled over and died of a heart attack? Or that Johnny Appleseed really scattered appleseeds all over the US? It makes the story interesting, keeps us on our seats, or off our seats if it’s particularly funny. Don’t all writers have artistic license??

  29. Fuzzy, I’m appalled. The American Bussell Sprout Association has been informed. Also, the Pulitzer people want their award back, and really, is that tiara you wear even real????? Keep writing dear. Your great!

  30. Fuzzy, I’m appalled. The American Bussell Sprout Association has been informed. Also, the Pulitzer people want their award back, and really, is that tiara you wear even real????? Keep writing dear. Your great!

  31. My dear sweet child,

    blogging – blagging
    blagging – bragging

    it all interlinks, btw for those that don’t know what a blag is its the ability to tell an untruth to obtain a desired outcome.

    Now, that being said, if anyone on the blogosphere thinks that they have never once told a little white one to make their blog sound a little more amusing then I will show you a liar. As someone more intelligent than me said, there are 3 sides to every story. Yours, mine and the truth somewhere inbetween. So we try to make things a little funnier, we try to add a little drama, but ultimately we all take part in one of the worlds oldest professions (no not prostitution), Story Telling. For as Old Rattlestick said in his great production of As You Like It, ” All the worlds a stage and men and women meerly players ……..”.

    We all do things to try and impress, otherwise we wouldn’t write anything on here at all, would we?

    So fine, you may have embellished some facts, you are still one of my favourite reads, I find your blog amusing and sometines emotional, but I never worry about if you are writing the truth, I just worry about the fact that you are still the same person you were yesterday.

    BTW when I find something interesting to blog, I’ll embellish it too lol

    Now go say 3 hail mary’s and consider yourself cleansed of your sins.

    Go in peace and blog away

  32. I always exaggerate either in the negative or positive way, makes it more fun. And yes, there are personal issues I will never ever talk about in public. Unless I’m looking for compassion or a vitual hug. I could never do the “soul pouring” business.
    I never read your blogs out of pity, BTW.:) I always got you, and always will. Your site is a fun one to come and visit.

    You Rock!

  33. I know what my suggestion for the next book club book will be…..THIS BLOG! Hahaha…kidding!! Only you can keep my attention this long!!!

    Damn…here I thought that all your blogs were the written gospel. I’m gonna have to go back and reread them with a nonsensical mind! (Kidding)…I know you exaggerate (well, I hope you do!) & I love ya for it!!

    Here’s my fave thing about you…..you can mix crazy fluff with downright interesting and thought provoking blogs. You can be silly one day, and serious the next. Mine…hmmm…more to the category of fluff. Not that I don’t have a mind & have my thoughts and theories on things…it’s just the form of escape that I’ve chosen to take.

    Although…I don’t think I’d cock my head at a brussel sprout! (actually, I probably would NEVER purchase the icky thing in the first place!!) Hahahah.


  34. Yes…and ditto to the above. Did we say something that made you feel we didn’t ‘get’ you? Well, phooey. I love reading your posts and they make me smile and giggle. Don’t you change a thing girlfriend…you wreckless driver you.


  35. Now Fuzzy…..I’ve told you a BILLION times not to exaggerate!! I know I also said you should have a rant, but bloimey, did you have to take me so litterally? LOL. (there’s a double-edged comment if ever there was).
    All I can say here is…..most folks who have been reading you long enough get you, but just as in the fact that what you write uses ‘poetic licence’ to put across your admittedly entertaining world-view, I think how someone responds can often be open to mis-interpretation also. Let’s face it, as I’ve said often enough before, no matter how clearly you THINK you are putting across what you intend, the limitations of the written word will always mean some folks won’t get your point. Firstly there’s the ‘human communication’ aspect, whereby the fact that it lacks such things as vocal tone, facial expression, means that misinterpretation can happen. There’s also the possibility of ‘cultural’ context, or the lack thereof.
    The upshot is….keep doing what you’ve always done. You can’t please all the people all the time. Or even make them understand you. “Those that can, do…..those that can’t, scratch their heads and wonder”. LOL.

  36. It’s taken me a whole week to read through this post and I don’t know why I bothered – didn’t believe a word of it. Oh, maybe the brussel sprout thing is a metaphor for bul*shit?

  37. First time I have read you and it has very much amused me. But I also bet you can waddle with the best of em. My years of experience have proven that people in general take everything way too seriously and I have pointed this out to them on many an occassion. Some people do not see it that way. We need to learn: Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.

  38. well I am a little late on this one…but here I am anyway…me exaggerate? never…L3…I am always such a serious sole…you know me…and everything I post is a true revelation of me…what the?…well ok so that is not true either…yes I exaggerate but only like a million times and sometimes I post something that is the complete antipathy of me…and sometimes I just ramble, ramble, ramble…but whatever there is always one main aim and that is to share the love and the light and it keeps me happy (sometimes I wonder whether they would lock me up if I didn’t write it down…I am sure most people think I am a complete nutter L5) Love you FuzzyT..missing you still…love and light

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