A Fun Night at Fenway Park


It was supposed to be an autumnal day and evening in Boston; perfect weather for a baseball game. So there I am in a 3/4 sleeve black tee and black jeans, carrying a jeans jacket, no less, and it is hot. And it is humid. And my hair is freakishly frizzy and my face is shine shiny. Would I let that deter me from having a marvelous time with Michael at Fenway Park? Heck no! Bring on the fun!

As we left the T (subway) with the throngs of other game goers, I spotted the Hotel Buckminster and once around the corner the E entrance to Fenway:

Hotel Buckminster on way to parkE entrance to Fenway Park

The smell of yummy sausages, onions, big soft pretzels, peanuts and cotton candy wafted toward me, calling my name. But it was the $7.00 cups o’ Budweiser that got my attention and whose venders got my (and Michael’s on my behalf) money:

Yum Food vender outside Fenway Parkinside Fenway Park

And here’s my first view of the park, game already in progress (sadly, due to yours truly, we were a bit late, but Michael was wonderful about that):

And here’s the famous Green Monster (Monstah):

Yep, that’s the very wall over which Mike Lowell hit the homerun that won the day and game in the 9th inning. It was SOOOOO exciting!! The crowd went wild.

Okay, I went a bit wild, too. Michael was so sweet, smiling indulgently at me as I whooped and hollered and danced little jigs and had to occasionally lean in and ask why I was so excited and clapping and screaming.

Well, you do get swept up in the moment, don’t you? It’s so easy to lose track of what’s going on in the game.

Not only was he wonderful about all that, but he also taught me some fun facts, and I just love learning things. I’d been to games before at Fenway, but I didn’t recall the sweeper people who come out in their red shirts and sort of rake the brown running area (I’m sure there’s some term for it, but . . . shrug). And did you know that those numbers posted at the back are all of retired numbers of former players? The red ones are Sox players, and the blue one is Jackie Robinson‘s, a number that no baseball player will wear ever again. Neat, huh?

sweepersretired Sox numbers

And there’s a big yellow “foul pole” that a bunch of people have signed; it’s called “Pesky’s Pole” and that cute guy made sure that Michael didn’t get to sign it. Bad cute guy.

peskys pole plaquecute Sox guy

Here’s a shot of the cotton candy vender guy who runs up and down the rows and throws it at the people who buy it. Oh, and there’s some game in the shot, too:

At one point, I got this idea that I would take pics of the board where they show the guy who’s at bat along with his stats (and stuff, I guess) and then take a pic of the actual player at bat. That worked well for Coco Crisp:

Coco CrispCoco Crisp at bat

But for some reason the other ones didn’t come out. Oh well. Can’t have it all.

Then a good way through the game, the part I’d been waiting for finally happened. The wave. It’s soooooo great, and I remembered it from the last game I’d been to and was so excited!!

So excited (and on $7.00 cup o’ beer number 2) that I forgot I had the camera in my hand when the wave finally got to me:

Shortly after this and I think just after the 7 inning stretch (i.e. $7.00 cup o’ beer the third, and alas last), the most fabulous fun thing EVAH happened. And I so didn’t remember this from the other games I’d been to, but oh, the karaoke fun!! Suddenly, the whole park was singing along to Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline; it was amazing. The board was showing the lyrics in true karaoke fashion and I sung along (okay, I kind of screeched out of tune) with the rest of the crowd.

I didn’t take that vid (I found it on youtube), but it was just like that. Well, pretty much. And for your comparing pleasure, here’s Neil Diamond:

It was such fun! And bestest of all, was that the Red Sox won!! Then the park cleared, though it seemed at first that no one wanted to leave:

Red Sox WINafter the game

Here’s the best part of the Park (after the beer and cotton candy venders, I mean):

Then, as we left and were walking along back to the T, I spotted a big statue of some baseball perv putting a cap on a little kid, and I nudged Michael and asked him who that was. It was Ted Williams, and he’s not a perv at all, wasn’t ever. In fact, he’s dead now. And frozen solid. Seriously, I wrote about in Take Me Out to the Ball Game (I also blogged about the very yummy Johnny Damon).

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Sox played the Tampa Devil Rays. And won. Yeah, I know I mentioned that last part a couple times. But Yay!


24 thoughts on “A Fun Night at Fenway Park

  1. Ohhhhh What fun!!! I loved the video and your singing…lol I was singing along with you all…hehehee
    Great pictures, looks like you had really good seats!
    LOL@ the wave pic…too funny :0)
    Today did turn out to be a bit hot and humid here too, it was so cool this morning so I dressed in jeans also, but when I went out I was so warm! Crazy weather.
    I love autumn, it’s my favorite time of year.
    So glad you had a good time, and doesn’t beer taste sooo much better at a baseball game??? (At Yankee stadium it’s $8 a cup!)

  2. I actually had to click on the wiki article for the green monster, since I didn’t see any monsters in the picture. ROFL! Now I get it though.

    Say, if they keep retiring numbers, won’t they eventually have to move to 3 digit numbers? I’m picturing a day far in the future where they have incredibly long numbers for the players in tiny little print that no one can read. Well, not print… but sewn on… you know what I mean. 😛

    LOL @ the Samson power of Johnny Damon’s hair. Anyway, it looks like you watch baseball the way I would if I were ever forced to go see a game. Thanx for sharing a bit of sports history-in-the-making with us in such a painless way!!

  3. Oh–too cool! as you know..I was born in MASS, Fuzzy.. We are die hard Boston (BAHSTAHN) fans and this is the BEST blog! I love the pics and seeing the Green Monster again just thrills me. I can remember going to games when I was younger. But even more this brings back memories of my grandma out on the Cape listening to games on the TV and just yelling like a wild woman! They have a little Boston Flag on her grave once in a while (only Boston Fans!)…

    Have you ever seen that movie “Fever Pitch” with Jimmy Falllon and Drew Barrymore? That just about sums it up. Now that I live in another state..I am person non grata when it comes to the Red Sox but I tell them to pahk the cah cause I loahv my sox and we are doing GOOD AGAIN THIS YEAR!

    Thanks for a GREAT BLOG and FORGET THE CURSE OF THE BAMBINO..we are going all the way again!

  4. I have never heard (maybe thankfully) baseball Karaoke! I’m sure the beer influence the talent of the singing!

    Glad you had a good time!

  5. Fun fun fun! I can just feel your girlie giddiness. Awesome wave pic, hahaha! I’ve never been to ball game, but it looks like the same exciting ambiance as for hockey games.
    I have to ask: how BIG is a $7 cup of beer??? How many pee pee stops do you need after 3 of them?!?

  6. Fun fun fun! I can just feel your girlie giddiness. Awesome wave pic, hahaha! I’ve never been to ball game, but it looks like the same exciting ambiance as for hockey games.
    I have to ask: how BIG is a $7 cup of beer??? How many pee pee stops do you need after 3 of them?!?

  7. Nope. Sorry. Ohio had the autumnal weather yesterday. Perfect for football. 🙂 But, I am sure it is headed your way because it’s even cooler here and raining today. (The weather that I think they had in Chicago yesterday) So, I think it’s heading East. 😀 There is nothing like actually being there at a baseball game. We couldn’t get tickets when I was traveling out to Boston. But, a friend of ours there was kind enough to take us on a tour around Fenway and we had dinner and BEER at the Beer Garden (forget the actual name of the place…it was four or five years ago). It was a lot of fun and one of my best memories of my trips to Boston. Glad you had a good time 😀

  8. Sounds like a really fun time. That’s the one thing I can say is better about American sporting events….they are days (or evenings)out, for the whole family…lots of entertainment…….sport in the UK is more a case of “turn up….watch the game….go home”.
    Who is Michael, by the way? Think I musta missed the bit where you explain who he is. Let’s hear it for $7 cups o’beer!!!

  9. Awesome pics and I also am curious like Mitch . . who is Michael? Looks like you had loads of fun . . I love live baseball games. We have a farm league team for the Braves here in my town and go to the games occasionally.

  10. YaY for your Red Sox! Our Dodgers team are fighting for a playoff spot right now. 😦 I’ve been often told that you folks in the east follow baseball like a religion, good for you, it looks like a few cups of beer is needed to imbibe the whole experience. : )

  11. Ohh sounds like you had a great time and tell me more about Michael!?!?!?! Whats going on there then hay!?

    Baseball seem like a great sport to watch and I love watchign teh basketball as well, you guys have the best sports over there.

  12. hey Fuzzy…hugs… we so need baseball over here, it looks much more fun than our football games…what are the players like?? any hotties lol

  13. If baseball is a religion, which i tend to think it is, then Fenway is a Cathederal. Great pics Fuzzy. So tell me, who is this Michael? HAHAHA! They played “Sweet Caroline” the next day also, but the crowd was short one voice.

  14. I have only been to one baseball match (in Japan) and it was equally as much fun, but like you (am I reading your blog right, Fuzzy?) I hardly watched the game at all – too much going on.

  15. WOW – I have never been to a baseball match so I absolutely love the pics..the only crowds that aI have been around anywhere near this size have been at Wembley Stadium when I saw Michael jackson and Elton John oh and Bruce Springsteen drew quite a crown and not to forget Madonna.
    You had heaps of fun..thanks for sharing…my fave pic is the wibbly wobbly wave one where you forgot to let go of the camera button L3. Glad you had fun with Michael. Love and light

  16. Baseball! Not something we ‘do’ over here.. sadly (our country is most Soccer obsessed)… I love the atmosphere that the crowd create in baseball games, seems a real community sense and family orientated.. our soccer games are very ‘tribal’ and involve lots of swearing and ‘passive aggression’…. so not so fun to go to.. (unless you like that kind of thing)… I also love the way they brought you snacks and drinks… cool… just sitting there being served… no wonder the camera was shaking! lol

  17. Waaaaa! You lucky, lucky girl! I’ve always wanted to go to a game at Fenway….we watched that one….as we do every night of course…where was your Don and Rem Dawg sign? Then you would’ve gotten on tv for sure and I would have been screaming at hubby…Look! There’s Fuzzy! And he would think I’d completely lost my mind…. (:
    Don’t you just love Mike Lowell? Seriously…I think he’s a very under rated player…(and rather sexy don’t ya think?) We’re feeling really badly for poor Youkilis lately though…talk about a hitting slump. And how about Pedroia for most improved? Wow…who woulda thought he’d be the best hitter on the team this past spring? Well…don’t get me started..I could go on and on…..
    But please…remember your friends the next time you have tickets and no one to go with…I’ll even buy the beer!! (:

  18. I used to live in the Whaling City, all they talked about BoSox, Celtics, that is how it started, now I love anything New England Sports. Great to see the Sox fans, they sure know how to party must have been a fabulous time for you. Nice singing by you, are you getting ready for American Idol :). Good one Doc. Cheers.

  19. Soooo cooolll!!!! I love base ball stadiums, I’ve only been at the Dodgers stadium in LA, but in 2 weeks I’ll be on vacations in Chicago and I will try to go to a ball game at the Celular Field of the White Sox… I must confess I’m a Yankee’s fan but I would love to enjoy a game of the Red Sox at the Fenway, that green monster is a leyend LOL.

  20. Yay!! It was the funnest day ever! Well, I’d have loved to have been there the other night when that Rookie kid pitched the first no-hitter the Sox have seen in ages, but still, GOOD TIMES.

    And for those who’ve wondered–Michael is a great friend that I met online almost ten (yes, TEN, Michael!!) years ago but had never met in person until this day. I dragged him into blogging, and he dragged me (um, well, not “dragged”) me to a Sox game. Guess we’re even now!! LOL

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