Happy Birthday, LO


Yay!! Today’s LO‘s birthday, so it’s a celebration of LO today for me . . .


So here are some Happy Birthday chocolates just for you:


And although you’d probably rather be reading in your fab chair,


I also got you a brand new computer . . .


because I know you’ve been wanting one. And I figured since I was shopping at Glitter Graphics, I may as well get one that was all pimped out in gold and diamonds, right?

Biggest huggs on your birthday and every day, LO!! I’m so happy that you are my friend, and think you are just amazing. Keep On Blogging!! Yay you!!

35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, LO

  1. Hey thanks Snuggle and Kerry!

    Fuzzy – big hugs to you and thank you SO much. I LOVE the gifts. How on earth did you know I wanted a gold and diamond computer??!! πŸ˜€ I am happy you are my friend too and also think you are amazing! Hugs!

  2. Happy birthday to your frind LO…This is a very sweet blog for a friend.You seem to have spent a lot of money for the gifts…LOL..

  3. there’s always going to be people who have some kind of conspiracy theory for something they don’t understand. there was no moon landing. there was a second gunman. elvis is selling tacos in new mexico to e.t and bigfoot. it’s a way of getting attention. that people give them the attention they crave, well, that i can’t explain.

  4. Wow…just one word in response to your blog…Amen! Boy, I really must be out of touch…I hadn’t heard half of these theories….but to the authors of them…..get a grip!
    It was a terrible national tragedy, we mourned the loss of the brave firefighters and rescue workers and wept alongside the families who lost loved ones…Lets not waste time with these silly conspiracy theories, isn’t our time better spent trying to prevent another attack rather than fabricating a new story for the National Enquirer?

  5. I am with River on being out of touch about these! The only one I could potentially believe would be that Flight 93 was shot down. It was thought to be headed to DC and if that were the case…it would have been a military imperative to protect the government at that point. There was some talk that fighter jets were scrambled from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base when the plane hit Cleveland air space and was unresponsive. (But, to me, that wouldn’t have been a conspiracy theory, but simply the way it had to go down. However, keeping said pilots and their friends and families quiet all of this time would have been difficult, if not impossible.)

    The thought of flying commercial jets into a building as a weapon has been around since at least since 1996 – publication date of Tom Clancy’s book ‘Executive Orders.’ Obviously, before that as I am guessing Clancy took a while to write the book and potentially discussed the possibility with his military contacts before writing it. If I were going to develop a conspiracy theory…I’d look to Clancy first. πŸ˜‰

    I think sometimes, conspiracy theories arise to help explain the unthinkable. But, sometimes, things simply ARE what they appear to be…a horrible, horrible tragedy.

  6. You know I am usually paranoid in general and think that if there are a lot of people saying something is a conspiracy, then maybe there is more than meets the eye. I don’t believe in the Lone Gunman Theory, or the magic bullet.

    I do believe in the Holocaust and I do believe in 9/11. Sometimes I think people need an excuse, or back-story for tragedies. Sometimes there aren’t any. Evil exists folks and it has touched us.

  7. I don’t mind conspiracy theories when they make sense, but this…
    I’m not sure what it insults more: peoples’ intelligence or the victims of 9/11 and their families, who certainly don’t need to be hearing some of this rubbish. Coming to think of it, the same goes for justifying the war on Iraq by linking it to 9/11… but enough controversy for today!

  8. I don’t mind conspiracy theories when they make sense, but this…
    I’m not sure what it insults more: peoples’ intelligence or the victims of 9/11 and their families, who certainly don’t need to be hearing some of this rubbish. Coming to think of it, the same goes for justifying the war on Iraq by linking it to 9/11… but enough controversy for today!

  9. All right! This is the Fuzz I remember. You’ve done a nice job here.

    By the way the new commercial jets could be flown remotely. The computers are capalble of doing an entire flight from take off to landing. The pilots will always be needed because you can’t trust a computer. Of course no one would update an old plane when new ones are avaiable. πŸ™‚

  10. Do you know what we didn’t really hear a lot about the phone calls made from the plane to love ones and I did wander when I heard that, if there phones would have worked up that far.

    I think I am with Lo and Marriane on this one and evil things exist in this world and learning from these bad experiences is supposed to make us better people.

    Great post girl, where have you been, ive missed you! x

  11. Bravo Fuzzy! Here; here! Kudos to you for the courage to post your opinion on such a heated topic. I really don’t agree with any of the poopular (that was a typo, but it was to funny to correct!) conspiracy theories. Many of them say that major events in history have been dominated by conspirators who manipulate political happenings from behind the scenes. I don’t think anyone on God’s green earth can achieve the kind of domination and organization that it would entail to pull any of them off.

    The funniest CT, in my humble opinion, is the “Paul is Dead” theory. This CT suggests that Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in 1966 and was replaced with a look-alike. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ **catches breath and wipes tear from eye** Not only that, they say there are clues hidden in songs and album cover art. I think they smoked too many left-handed cigarettes if you ask me.

    Great Blog!!

  12. Office Goddess—Ohhhh I never heard the “Paul is dead” theory….wow, ya learn something new everyday…and lol@left handed cigarettes never heard of that one either!

    Ok…..I read your blog and all the responses too and I feel like everything I wanted to say has already been said. So I will just leave it at this, I do not believe in any of the theories, I believe it happened exactly as we were told it happened. Maybe I am just naive.

    My cousin happens to be one of these consipracy theorists and he’s give speaches all over the country about 9/11 and the President and once he even gifted my son with a Dr. Suess book- gift for Chirstmas and out slipped a picture of Bush dressed us as Osama….my son was 4! Needless to say I was pissed.
    I believe alot of these conspiritors do it for the attention or for the money. This is my opinion, I just don’t buy into any of it.

    What a great blog, such a difficult subject but you pulled it off very well!

  13. I would certainly subscribe to what is termed the New World Order and I don’t doubt for one moment 911 was a part of that. 911 was engineered; something I think a lot of people lose sight of when looking back. We each believe that to be true because the fact it happened showed it had to be engineered; how it was engineered is a complex issue and the sooner we get to grips with the fact that we will *never* know the truth of all what happened that day the better we all shall be. To deny it was engineered is to deny it ever happened in the first instance; something else often forgotton. The: “who played what part” element is fading fast, but history shows us this is what happens and even when all the ‘evidence’ is pooled together there is a huge void of ‘none-information’ that is left unfilled and, given time, we each fill the void with what we believe to be true but *not* what we can say *is* true. The end result is that we program ourselves to believe what we are told is right and the only agencies that can do that are, ultimately, our Politicians and our Leaders; and they can do us no wrong, can they?

    There is much history of the existence of New World Order as a Political machine; Adolf Hitler should ring loud here as should Christians slaughtered by Romans, both equally good Political examples of what can be achieved with a majority … (nuff said.) There are those who walk around today that witnessed 911 in many different ways; they were there, they have un-answered questions and they walk in silence because no one will listen to them and their doubts. For the biggest part Politics itself tells them this *is* the way it is to those who didn’t witness it; in the main that would cover the entire population not just of America but of the world.

    History shows us what is needed is a majority of like-minded people to bring about a ‘fact’ or a ‘truth’ regardless of what cannot be emphatically answered and sworn to be the truth. That’s how Politics work if we like it or not; the majorities are what matter and if you can get them on your side then it’s considered ‘good Politics.’ We are manipulated, as much as we think we aren’t; a thought that many would rise up their fists angrily and say no one controls them. Of those that would do I’d say, IMHO of course, that you think good and long.

    Interesting topic and one that will live-on; as does countless others that we will *never* really know what happened in fullness. Another one for the History books and that’s about all it will be (as always) and history shows us two sides to every Political event; it only needs for us to decide which side we fall on and of where we Politically stood at that moment in time as individual people.

    As and end-note we should consider that what the Conspiracy Theorists do is to open our minds to what cannot be explained or, to what cannot be emphatically answered and stated to be either fact or truth. And if no single person can emphatically give hard evidence then there is a hole; but consider that such holes would not hold up in any Judiciary system in the free west and yet we simply accept what are open-holes when it comes to what is 911.

    Who’s side am I on? Why I am on the side that searches for the truth, of course.


  14. No moon landing, Kerry, I’d heard that before, but come on! What is it with people? And teehee at Elvis selling taco’s. People are so cute! πŸ™‚ *hugs*

    Rivergirl, I couldn’t agree more! We so need to stop this silliness and get on with making sure such things don’t happen again! Yay!!

    LO, I, too, had wondered (especially initially) if Flight 93 weren’t shot down; we (as a nation, our President as Commander in Chief, et. al) had every legal right to shoot it down, and I wouldn’t think it was wrong to do in that circumstance. And probably in others, as well. I don’t believe it anymore, but I wouldn’t fall out of my chair if someone came up with actual evidence (sadly missing from all conspiracy theories) that it was. As to Tom Clancy, you mean I shouldn’t be skipping those how to build a bomb with the items under your kitchen sink parts? LOL. But I didn’t realize he’d written about it, so thanks for the info. πŸ™‚

    Marianne, you said, “evil exists folks and it touched us”; that gave me goosebumps to read and just now to type again, yes, I very much agree. And it’s interesting to me how the CT’s are so opposed to the idea that the evil is “out there”; it seems so alien to my own thought processes to jump almost automatically and the slightest provocation to the idea that we did this to ourselves, especially when it makes so little sense. The why of it, I mean. Are we richer? Stronger? Better loved and admired the world over? Do we control oil fields anywhere? It’s all so . . . pointless, if the CT’s are to be believed. What was gained? I can’t see anyone doing something that elaborate and get nothing out of it. Government contracts for what? The shoddy armor our troops have? Their aging and inadequate equipment? My God, those guys and girls are driving around Iraq in little more than tarp covered jeeps . . . who’s making money on that? The giant tarp corporations? It’s so . . . silly.

    I’m with you, Julie, I kind of like a conspiracy theory that makes sense, that has rhyme and reason. Killing JFK, heinous as that act was, made sense, and if our government did it (and I wouldn’t be even a teensy bit surprised), then at least I get the politics behind it. 9/11, though. Nope. Don’t get that at all. And wouldn’t it be nice if these CT’s could come up with real evidence . . . of explosives if they say the towers were blown from the inside. But there is no such evidence. No one at all who was associated with clean up and rescue has come forward. No one at all who was anywhere NEAR any of the sites has said anything other than what we (or at least I) believe. I guess that’s the mind boggling part, no men or women sitting across from Barbara Walters, while filmed in shadow with their voices electronically garbled to proclaim one thing other than what we have been officially told. It’s odd, no, that in almost six years no one has come forward. And there haven’t been hundreds of “mysterious deaths” of wouldbe witnesses, either. This is not, of course, to say that I’d believe just anyone, either, if someone did come forward, I’d have to wonder at their motives, but a group? Someone in authority. ANYONE? The CT’s consist not only of fringers but also of former military officials, pilots, and a host of other “reputable” sources, but none of them were there. They’re all talking, speculating. No more.

    Yep, still toothy, Neil! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks Heyman! And you know, I didn’t know that about the remote controls, but that’s cool. Do they work without the transponders on, though? I mean, all the planes were flying quiet, no transponders. Wouldn’t someone have to know where they were to fly them? And of course, as you point out, that’s kind of moot, since the planes were all older models. But hey, maybe there’s the motive, Boeing had some planes it needed to ditch before it could get new contracts. (gah! I almost don’t want to post that because some wacko might think I’m serious!)

  15. Aw, thanks, Snuggles, I’m missing you, too!! And yes, I think I did wonder about cell phone calls, too, at the time, but it turns out, they could be made at that height. So sad to hear those calls, too.

    OG, poopular!! Teehee, that’s my new favorite word!! That’s true, too, that every happening seems to be surrounded by an aura of someone else must have done that for some nefarious reason. Bah! I’m a HUGE skeptic about almost everything, but even I have to admit that where there’s no smoke, there’s likely no fire. Or in this case, where there’s a lot of smoke, it’s probably coming from the fire we see plainly and not some hidden one. Teehee, yeah, poor Paul. I’ve often wondered how he feels about all that stuff. But then, if he is “dead” maybe he can set up shop with Elvis in New Mexico. I heard that people are still insisting that what’s his face from the Doors (that hot singer guy) is still alive and well and bouncing around Paris.

    Maggie!! That’s horrible! I’d have been pissed, too. I can’t even imagine how you must have felt. Yeah, I think they do it for attention and money (the latter more than anything, perhaps). And yay! thanks for the fab kind words; it was a bit of a bear to write; hard not to toss everything in, you know? πŸ™‚

    Frankie, I’m not sure I get your point here, but I’m so happy that you took the time to write all that! Wow! New World Order and the engineering of 9/11 (and of course it was, I don’t think that part is in question. There just seem to be a few camps claiming different groups did the engineering. I still think my fave is that Silverstein was in league with the U. S. government to hide some files and get insurance. Teehee). I’m not so sure I’m programmed (but that’s a super Catch-22, huh? If I know I’ve been programmed then I couldn’t possibly be programmed; therefore, I’ve not been programmed. Or some such.); I definitely don’t believe everything I see and hear, but I like things to make some sort of sense, and not one CT does. Make sense, that is. And I don’t know what your media is like over there, but I can assure you, if anyone who was anywhere near anything that happened on 9/11 had something say here, we would ALL hear and we would ALL listen. Indeed, if we thought the media blitz following Anna Nicole’s death was something . . . ha! Imagine if someone with actual knowledge came forward. I’d damn sure listen. And with an open mind, as well. I’m not sure I’m even responding to your points, but again, thanks for sharing them. πŸ™‚

  16. Oh, and by referencing Anna Nicole, I mean all the baby daddies that came forward; hell, that old coot who’s married to whichever Gabor even crawled out of his hole to have his 15 mins; if we’ll listen to that garbage, we’ll listen to anything! (and um, yeah, I watched. So sad. LOL)

  17. Jeepers… and I’m blogging about cell phones.

    All joking aside, I want to express my gratitude for your direct stance on the horror of 9/11. No matter which way you want to look at it, mankind has the power to be and do all matters of evil. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me. For people to suggest 9/11 as being a sinister plot by the US government officials (and there are a lot of them) is ludicrous at best (adding to your blow job comment).

    As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Smiles your way…

  18. Aw, thanks, Pinkie!! And it’s fab to see you, too, I’m really missing your Caption Thursdays. But about this: spot on. It’s so . . . interesting that a lot of the CT’s seem to be of the opinion that everyone in government is a blithering idiot who’s incapable of walking and chewing gum simultaneously, but these same CT’s seem to have no trouble endowing these self same politicians and leaders with all sorts of cunning and who knows what else to carry this out AND keep it quiet all this time. The keeping it quiet thing is the oddest part of all, really, as you point out. Don’t politicians and gov’t officials and reps at every level lie, cheat, steal, perpetrate great frauds, and do every conceivable evil? Oh, but they are men of their word somehow, diabolically clever and calculating, totally capable of the planning and execution of something so big and devastating, and they can control all the thousands of onlookers, air traffic controllers (maybe they were all in on it, too?), first responders, and a slew of others? Seems to me, you can’t have it both ways. But hey, it’s just my opinion.

  19. Well said Fuzzy. I would like to introduce some of these CT’s to the sharp edge of my good friend Occam’s Razor -makes various slashing motions- I am a bit of CT myself though; I think that all these Loose Change style documentaries and websites are all part of the government conspiracy, to make CT’s seem like a bunch of hugely paranoid, ill-informed nutjobs.

    Like you I have always find it ironic that people credit our governments with such amazing clandestine organisation skills, but then knock them for being unable to organise a piss up in a brewery. I mean we see gross incompetence from governments around the world over more straightforward things than something like the events of 9/11 with the number of people and logisitcs that would have required to pull off.

  20. The conspiracy theory is as you say “interesting”, maybe too overblown to be interesting or uninteresting. You got me thinking that maybe there is an opportunistic motive to all this chaos, as many american undocumented historical “facts” are. On the 9/11 case, i don’t want to subscribe to the analogy yet that Mother America is like a mother monster that will eat her own children to satisfy a necessary evil, but in a skepti-certainty world, this is all very POSSIBLE. Great blog. Thanks.

  21. Sorry I’m late for this post Fuzzy. You know it’s one that has interested me for some time after discovering many of the 9/11 CT sites online. This is a beautifully written piece, much better than the one I had toyed with writing.
    While you picked out some of the more (ahem) mainstream theories regarding 9/11, there are some even more ludicrous ones. The one that states that there were NO aircraft. That the buliding were destroyed by demolition charges, and that the film footage of the planes and all the eyewitnesses on the ground were false. Absolutely NOT POSSIBLE. Another is that the towers were destroyed by the placement of small ‘controlled’ nuclear devices and that the ‘evidence’ in the form of suspicious radiation readings (only minute traces at that) were taken miles away from ground-zero. Utter RUBBISH.
    Personally, I think the CTs fall into two groups. The ISMs (Intelligent Social Misfits). Clever people who could put their talents to much better use, but are socially inept and use CT-ing as a way of attention-seeking. The others are the more dangerous. Real psychotics. They are utterly convinced of their theories without a scrap of hard evidence and become threatening and violent when challenged.
    I think the whole idea of CT-ing is what I call the ‘Von Daniken’ syndrome (remember him?). Make loads of money by boldy passing off pure fantasy as fact in plain sight, when anyone with two eyes and half a brain could see the truth but prefer to believe half-baked shit.
    Biggest laugh I got from the comments was Frankie’s assertion that CT-ers ‘open our minds to what can’t be explained’. They wouldn’t know the truth if it fell on them like a collapsing skyscraper. CT-ers are the MOST blind to the truth. Even when presented with hard evidence they steadfastly refuse to believe it, usually saying “it’s part of the cover-up”. When IS the human race going to grow up??

  22. Heeeee, Fabi, that’s the best comment ever! Slashing away with Occam’s Razor while perpetrating your own CT … just lovely. πŸ™‚ Yes, your point is well taken, both of them are, obviously the simplest clearest solution is most likely, the one with the fewest twists and turns and retracing of steps, and yes, there is an air of desperation in this particular CT’s bag of tricks. They seem to think the burden of proof is on the government (show me those planes, those terrorists, those whatever), but really, shouldn’t there be some proof that the government did it. And I mean actual evidence, not some random guy googling this or that and coming up with some odd fairytale. And yes, how about that part, the CT’s are usually the first to gripe about how awful and incompetent government is, yet . . . it’s just amazing, really, that seemingly thinking people get pulled in by this sort of thing.

    Hey Jay, yes, I think that the idea of good old-fashioned American oportunisticness plays into this . . . we’re greedy capitalist pigs, so there has to be some sort of financial windfall involved, right? Gah! We couldn’t possibly have been attacked, no, it was about oil or government contracts or whatever else. Pah!

    Yay! Mitch, glad you came ’round. I so agree with you (of course), and I did try to put in the no planes at all theory, but it is quite the silliest thing ever and it doesn’t even fit in with the conspiracist’s own ideas (how, if there were no planes, are there wing-shaped holes in the Twin Towers? I mean, that’s the “evidence” that the Pentagon didn’t happen, right? No plane-shaped hole). And let’s not forget that there were actual witnesses to all four plane disasters (the CT’s think they were all either “confused”–the New Yorkers(!!), paid off–the Pennsylvania residents, or part of it–at the Pentagon. Again, WHAT?). Besides, I know people personally who were in New York, who saw the second plane fly into the second tower with their own eyes. These are not people easily “confused” even by truly difficult theories or circumstance, let alone by plane, low flying, big building, boom. Pretty easy to handle that equation. And yes, there was a lot of excitement and confusion on the ground, but no one knew at that moment what was going on, no one had any idea (unless the entire country was “in on it”; in which case, I didn’t get the memo), so the idea that they couldn’t “take in” an attack on our soil is absurd, they didn’t know that was happening, not at first. It’s like saying the people who saw the Hindenberg blow up were “confused” by the fire and “oh the humanity” and didn’t really see what they saw. Huh? Needless to say, some of the CT ideas are too absurd to bother with. The trace radiation miles from Ground Zero? Really? Well, you know what, there are trace amounts of radiation right here in MA, and I was walking around radiating it after all the X-rays I’ve had in the past year. Bet that fits in there somehow, right? We know what the detonation of a nuclear device in a city looks like . . . think Japan, WWII. It doesn’t look like building falling in on themselves after being hit by commercial airliners, that’s for sure. Yes, I think that your theory about the disenfranchized, disgruntled, socially inept being drawn to these ideas is valid in a lot of cases (can’t say all, of course, because of Tally). My mind is pretty open, and I don’t need the aggravation of trying to wrap it around the crazed rantings of the CT’s. They make zero sense. Thanks for the FAB comments!! Woohoo!!

  23. Oooooooo! Nice, powerful blog from Her Majesty! I would expect nothing short of great! You eloquently pointed out many of the blunders (and many I had not thought of) of the conspiracy theories circling the 9/11 tragedy like vultures. Instead of respecting the dead and working towards preventing future tragedies, these people feel the need to make up stories for kicks. I’ll give them some kicks ;-p

    The new world order topic is one I considered, but I do not see the terrorists working together with any other organization wishing to dominate the globe.

  24. After all that has been said here, I don’t have anything worth saying! LOL. Just wanted you to know I read your blog and found it “interesting.” (Hey I like that word.)

  25. Princess Ceres!! How fabulous to hear from you; I was just thinking about you yesterday because Fabi posted a history repeating challenge, and I so hope you’ll join in!! I love your posts about history (all of your posts, actually, but those especially). On to your comments here, lol at you’ll give them kicks!! You’re a peaceful Princess. Let me do the kicking. teehee. I don’t see ANYONE wishing to dominate the globe working together with ANYONE wishing the same thing. Seems strange to me. Especially when the “evidence” is dribbled over centuries. I mean most of the “players” are all dead, right?

    Hehe, Kelly, you so rock! Thanks for letting me know you stopped in and found my blog post “interesting.” πŸ˜‰ I won’t be offended because it’s you. Huggs.

  26. Fuzzy, Hello. I came from Mitch’s blog.
    First kudos on a fantastic well written piece here.

    A pleasure to see that blog land is indeed doing what it should
    be in my humble opinion.

    It is also nice to know I’m not alone in my opinions about conspirists and 9/11. I could go on for hours, but for now I will leave it at that.

  27. There was a internet documentary knocking round about a year ago that I watched (I missed the one on TV the other night that you mention). It kinda tied in with a lot of what you have written. One of the theories centred around Flight 93 never hitting the Pentagon at all and that it was blown up. Looked quite convincing until CCTV was released earlier this year showing the aircraft actually hitting the building. I saw it on the news months ago.
    As I said on Mitch’s blog, I love conspiracy theories. It fascinates and feeds my imagination. It also helps to never take anything at face value.

  28. Hi, popped by your blog via mitch’s blog. Very interesting post. I’m always intrigued with conspiracy theories. Whenever there is a big news story there are always a group of people who believe there is a cover up. It has always happened (from Guy Fawkes to JFK to Princess Diana to sept 11), and always will.
    PS love your background. My life is missing cute men at the moment!

  29. Excellent blog on a touchy subject. I don’t believe the conspiracy theorists, and agree with the poster that said they are mainly looking for attention. Most theories, not all but most, can be debunked very simply. Thank you for posting this–it was extremely well-written. Congrats!

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