Fuzzy Bloglettes: A Little Bit of This and Still Less of That

I don’t know what it is lately, but I keep wanting to blog but then I run out of steam and end up vegging in front of the television. Must be the summer heat. Or my laziness.

Before I begin yet another blog post, I just want to apologize for being such a lousy blog buddy of late. I’ve been in a funk and busy as can be (in the good ways) and just not “feeling it.” I know that I need to get to each of your pages, and I so will. I promise. You’ve been great about still visiting me and leaving comments (both on blogs and Qc’s), and how have I repaid you? Sigh. I feel just awful. Like a taker, not a giver. I’ll pull it together sooner or later, though.

That said, some blog worthy topics have come up over the past few weeks, and I’ve decided to do a series of bloglettes, hitting each just as hard (or as soft) as I can manage after a rather long week.The first thing that I wanted to touch on is the CT’s (yes, again) surrounding 9/11. I’ve truly enjoyed all your viewpoints and hearing what you have to add, and it’s been in the back of my mind for days now. One thing that I wonder very much is if these conspiracy buffs are partly afraid of the idea that someone “out there” could do us such harm. Another thing I’ve been pondering is whether that doesn’t suggest some deep seated fear of the unknown; by this I mean, how can we possibly understand a Jihad against all of us in the west, people willing-nay, eager-to die in order to kill just one of us? Isn’t it simpler and in a way more comforting to denounce that thought and lay the blame at the feet of our government? After all, they’re to blame for everything else, right? Is it just a huge version of “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”?

New World Order. Hmmmm. Now of course I’d heard of this before, and I have to admit pretty much pooh pooh’d it out of hand. But watching that documentary about 9/11, reading CT sites, and then reading some random sites about it got me thinking. Well, okay, not too hard, I do think it’s a bit of a stretch to imagine that any group of power-hungry wannabe dictators are going to “play nice” enough to take over the world. But there’s nothing new in the concept. It’s all over sci-fi, for instance. In one of my favorite shows, Firefly, there is a New World Order, and there’s something just frightening enough about the concept to make a ton of movies and write hundreds of books about it.

But in reality? It just seems so unlikely, almost laughable. The Republicans and Democrats in this country can’t come together to end or support the Iraq war or to fix social security or to do much of much, actually. Who are these marvelous people who can rule the world as a group, agreeing on everything? Freemasons and the CIA, apparently (strange bedfellows, I’d think), along with a host of others. Honestly, I’ve not bothered to read much about it, as it all just seems like paranoid strangeness. Oooh, there’s an eye in the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, and if you draw an upside down triangle over the existing upright triangle, you get a hexagram or Star of David. Yeah, so? What, every time a Freemason holds a dollar bill he feels that much closer to ruling the world? Have at it, buddy, I say. So the heck what? How does that lead them any closer to a New World Order? It’s their little secret. Some group could adopt any sign and claim it significant, but signs and signifiers aren’t absolute, their relationship is only meaningful to the people who agree on what signifies what.

Further, anything that might bring the people of the world together is considered a part of this plot. World Peace? Forget it, that way leads to destruction and domination. Helping the poor through programs like socialized medicine and welfare . . . evil. There’s more than a hint of racism and every other negative ism in this paranoia–fear anyone unlike us, keep them “them” and us “us” because reaching out a helping hand, bridging social, cultural, ethnic, and racial barriers . . . that way leads to chaos. Or order. The New World kind. And let’s not forget that many New World Order buffs would have it that we’re all being taken over by aliens (as in from other planets, not countries). Someone up watching late tv, perhaps?

Another thing that caught my attention was the Rhode Island holiday celebrated on some Monday in August: Victory Day. Apparently, this used to be a national holiday celebrating the day that Japan agreed to the Potsdam Agreement or Declaration or whatever it was called (sorry, not in the googling mood), and then all the states stopped celebrating it except Hawaii (for obvious reasons) and Rhode Island (for less obvious ones, but apparently RI sent more than its fair share of troops to the Pacific). The big controversy around here was whether or not it’s a good thing to still celebrate the day (it’s not a parade and cookout day, more like a day off work for state offices). Some say it’s distancing the Japanese from Rhode Islanders (?) and some say that it creates racial divide. Maybe. Then others say that it’s perfectly reasonable to celebrate it because some vets from that war who served in that region and were POW’s are still living. To me, it’s a bit of a grey area. I mean, we still celebrate Veteran’s Day (November 11, the end of the First World War), so why not? But we don’t recognize officially the end of any other wars.

Also up is the dog fight thing. Grrrrr (pun fully intended). I cannot abide cruelty to animals, and what is more cruel than starving and mistreating animals so that you can watch them fight to the death? Some people say that people who abuse animals should receive the same punishment as people who abuse people. I’m on board with that. No, a dog is not a person. But anyone who finds joy, satisfaction, or pleasure in the suffering of a creature, any creature . . . beyond comprehension. But then, I cover my eyes during the Braveheart battle scenes when I know a horse is about to “die” (no real animals harmed in the filming of that movie, or so they say); I watch the men die, though (and they say none of them were harmed, either. What to believe?). Guess to me, it’s about choice; those horses (and dogs) didn’t have one. Well, maybe the Scots didn’t either, but still . . . .

The other thing I’ve been thinking about came up on a morning radio show that I sometimes catch, and it was an interesting “what would you do?” sort of thing: say you’re in a relationship or married and your ex calls and wants to meet for lunch. Do you go? And if you go, do you tell your significant other?

44 thoughts on “Fuzzy Bloglettes: A Little Bit of This and Still Less of That

  1. Golly, I’m first in!
    OK, last question first. Obviously you tell your SO; you don’t have any secrets this time round. Right? Then you go. You never know, they might have decided to let you off alimony or to give back all those precious nicknacks they took when they left.
    Victory Day is a tricky one. Look what happens in Ireland. My legislation would change the name to Reconciliation Day and events would include inviting Japanese school children to visit Rhode Island.
    The old men can think other thoughts on the day if they like.
    CTs. It always seemed to me that we found it hard to think that some third world uneducated bunch of foreigners could organise such a precision planned event. Surely it could only be someone as clever as us that could do that?

  2. Oh, I forgot to say something about dogs. Fuzzy, I was horrified to discover (through some undercover TV report) that there is an organisation in Ireland which breeds illegal dogs and trains them for fighting and sells them at enormous prices to promoters around the world. I am so naive; I didn’t think such an awful thing could happen. I’m going to put my head back under the pillow.

  3. Yes I go but I would tell my significant other . . but then we have kids together and it wouldn’t really be a date. The dog fighting pisses me off. It is vile. . you have thousands of dollars and millions for some and you can’t find anything better to do? Umm all the 9/11 I don’t really know where I stand . . never been one to get too much into political debate. I do think that we should be safe from terrorist activity and I know from my history background that America typically wants to put its 2 cents into everything and I am not always sure that is a good thing. Sorry you are pooped and here is to hoping you are feeling up to par soon and that things slow down!

  4. wow, so many topics, i’m sure to forget something.

    ct’s: i still say, for the majority, it’s all about getting attention. maybe it’s just me, but i could so see my ex-husband spouting off stupid theories like this, he’s that big of a dumbass.

    i’d never heard of victory day. i’m not sure how i feel about it, either. it makes me think of columbus day, though. is that a day we should really be celebrating? i don’t know. i don’t think about it that much, really.

    i am as horrified as everyone else about the dog fighting. it’s disgraceful.

    it’s hard for me to answer this last question about having lunch with an ex. i don’t think that any past relationship i’ve had has ended amicably enough that either me nor my ex would ever want to be in the same room with each other willingly, other than maybe my first boyfriend that i had in high school. in that case, if i did decide that i wanted to go, i’d not only tell hubby, i’d probably bring him along, whether he was specifically invited or not. the rest of my ex’s, i wouldn’t even answer the phone if they were calling, let alone go to lunch with them. i’d be tempted to run over a couple of them with my car…

  5. Hey you, long time no speak.

    I woudln’t go and see the ex its just dragging up the past and isn’t worth the hassle if you are in another relationship thats for sure. But I think if would tell my partner that he called. its worth tellign the truth in a relationship thats for sure.

    Great to have you back girl. x

  6. Hey you, long time no speak.

    I woudln’t go and see the ex its just dragging up the past and isn’t worth the hassle if you are in another relationship thats for sure. But I think if would tell my partner that he called. its worth tellign the truth in a relationship thats for sure.

    Great to have you back girl. x

  7. Hugs and no worries! We all go through times when we don’t have the energy to get online. 🙂

    All interesting bloglettes. Unfortunately, I haven’t had coffee yet this morning so responding with anything that resembles sense is out right now. I will say that what really worries me right now are the stories coming out of Russia about the youth movement in support of Putin (I think that’s his name…again no coffee). It sounds almost Hitler-esque in nature. Only this time, the ones being hated aren’t the Jews…they are the Americans. Of course, most of the kids involved in this never stood in lines for food or other goods. They were never told what job they would have and they never had to fear that the KGB was listening. The news story the other night really concerned me.

    Anyway, well, it would depend on the ex. Some, I wouldn’t go because it is truly over with them. Others, I’d consider it, but I’d tell Mike and in fact invite him along.


  8. Oh yeah (had a couple of sips of coffee now)…about Rhode Island…I am torn. But, I think rememberances of our history are important.

    Dog fighting…I am with you on the GRRR. I think my frustration lies more in the fact that there is a real sickness in the sports fields. Many Athletes (and celebraties in general) seem to feel that the laws don’t apply to them. And, the sports owners and such are not policing themseleves. The message they have sent over recent years is if you play well…no problem. We need to get tougher on them. But, Michael Vick aside, the animals cannot speak for themselves. Someone needs to stand up for them. Someone needs to stand up for the children and those helpless in this world. We venerate sports figures, actors, musicians when we really need to venerate the good teachers, good doctors, parents who care for a seriously ill child day in and day out, research scientists who work for a cure, a man or woman who cares for an aging parent and those who truly overcome adversity to make the most of their lives. All of this has been said before, but maybe WE (the global we) are the problem. We have a responsibility to the animals we have domesticated and brought into our lives. We have a responsibility to the children we have brought into the world. We have a responsibility to those unable to help themselves. OK…stepping off my soapbox now before I begin the personal responsibility/accountability rant. 🙂 Hugs and thanks for getting my blood flowing this morning 😀

  9. Oh yeah…clarification on the ex thing (LOL!)…even the ones I’d be willing to meet, it’s well and truly over with them too, but I still am able to consider them friends. 🙂

    OK now that I am enegized…time to clean.

  10. Oh, I meant to answer your question: I’d definitely go and definitely tell my husband. I’ve actually reconnected with an old boyfriend and my hubby and he get along great. It’s all good. 😀

  11. LOL, Neil, you’re such an optimist! Those nicknacks are gone forever, and you’ll be writing that alimony check for all time. Sigh. 🙂 Holy Crap! Reconcilliation Day? How have I not heard of this (or learned to spell it)? That’s . . . almost amusing, actually, in its touchy feely wonder. And my thoughts exactly on the CT’s, bunch of egotistical bigots, really. Well, okay, maybe not all of them, some are just afraid to think it possible. Some are just too silly for words. Some are attention seekers who just like the sound of their own voices. And some are out to make a buck on all of the above. (Need something oversimplified? You’ve come to the right place!!) The dog fighting thing is apparently a huge underground business of abuse and neglect. It IS enough to make one want to bury one’s head . . . sand, pillow. I like to bury mine in mindless drivel on television. Same results, though.

    LOL, Kate, you’re a sly one!! :))

    Aw, thanks, Laurie, and yes, I guess it would make a difference if you have younger (than 18) kids or kids in college together. See how we Cat Ladies don’t think of these things? LOL

    Oh!! lmao, Kerry, AND right with you; most of my ex’s are car running over material, that’s for sure. The one or two I’d like to have lunch with, I shouldn’t because . . . well, because I’d like to (if you know what I mean).

    Yay! Hi Snuggles, yeah, I’ve been crappy about getting around to everyone, I’m afraid. But I’ll be trying to “make the rounds” in the next little while, with you high on the list o’ priorities, of course! And I am so with you on not dragging up the past (especially if it was difficult to put there, in the past, I mean), and YES, truth is best. Always. Hugggs to you and yours!! xx

    Omg, I so have to turn on the television (well, to something other than dvd’s of old shows!). Really? All that’s going on in Russia? I SO need to find out more about it from my friend Jenia . . . she’ll let us know what’s up with that!! I am so with you on global responsibility. And lol on the clarification! I so admire people who can remain friends with their ex’s. Me? Where’s my car? LOL

    Yeah, Kelly, I think the Illuminati are part of it . . . I’m not clear on the details. No one is, not even the people who claim to believe it’s happening, and that’s because it’s all secret. Shrug. Who knows? It’s a bit nutty to me. And yay! Another person who can be all mature and fab about the ex’s. I think I have the wrong ex’s. I want a do-over!!

  12. Well, Fuzzy, here I am. Always willing to put in my 50p or 50 cents worth. You already know my feelings on CT-ers….I made that plain in the previous post comments. To that I would add that the NWO (New World Order) theorist are every bit as much a bunch of saddo attention-seekers and psychotics as the CTs. More so, in fact. Knowing there are so many of these people sometime makes me despair the human race will ever progress.
    The Rhode island debate is just another example of the PC brigade spreading their particular brand of idiocy as usual. I wasn’t aware the Japan and Rhode Island were major trading partners anyway. Let them have their holiday, for heaven’s sake!!
    Dog-fighting and the cruelty that goes with it just enrages me. Is there no low that some elements of humanity won’t sink to??

  13. Wow…you got a lot off your chest in this blog…you go girl!

    New World Order? Not really buying it…like you say…this gov’t can’t run itself…where are all the super brained politicians it would take to run it?

    VJ Day? Well….its probably time to put that one to bed don’t you think? Considering every American household is filled with Japanese goods and we all drive Japanese cars…do we really need to keep celebrating our victory over them? (Or, in reality are they celebrating their economic victory over us???) Food for thought…. If you know your Civil War history…you know that Vicksburg fell to the Yankees on July 4th…that holiday wasn’t celebrated again in that town until the end of WWII…talk about holding a grudge!

    Dog fighting? A disgusting sport for truly sick people. Micheal Vick? Hang him high and make an example of him….don’t get me started!

    My ex calls for lunch? I tell my husband about the invite…if he’s okay with it…I’d go. Honestly usually is the best policy…(:

  14. Sorry I am late on this one….I read and re-read the next blog quite a few times and It’s so well written and very powerful I am almost afraid to post a comment on it! LOL

    Onto this blog…..
    I recently watched “United 93” About United Ailines Flight 93 that crashed in PA. I still honestly believe this was all a terror plot. I don’t really believe the conspiracy theories, although they make alot of good points. I just think the airlines, the army, and the government were so unprepared for anything like this. Who would think this could have happened!? It’s something so unimaginable, so violent so terrorizing and cruel. And coming up on the anniversary of 9/11…..if this was to happen again, are we prepared for it? I really hope so! It’s scary to live in a world where we have to worry about such violence, but this has become our reality!
    I agree, everyone in the government needs to come up with a plan to leave Iraq and end this war….I was all for it in the beginning, but it needs to be over. It’s time.

    As for the dog fighting, he deserves to be punnished. I heard that they are using his jerseys to clean up dog poop….lol
    What a horriblle man!

  15. Great! A grumpy not yet very old woman blog! I was a bit confused about the passing vehicles in the left lane, Fuzz, but agree the sentiment entirely. Looks like you had a bad day with the driving AND the crisps? Hope it worked out all right in the end. When I get annoyed opening a packet of crisps, I just smash them with my fist. So much more satisfying than eating them.

  16. Hey there GrumpyFuzz!! Seems like you have exactly the same types of idiot on your roads as we have here in the UK. Only difference being the lanes are switched. LOL. The number of people who go around thinking they can make up their own road-rules amazes me, and drives me to distraction. And road manners? Forget it. On a narrow road, if it’s a squeeze to get two cars through, I’ll pull over and let the oncoming vehicle through. Do I get a wave or a sound on the horn by way of thanks? No, not even a glance in my direction. Sheesh.
    And don’t get me started on easy-open bags and other frustrating household items!!! Loved the demonstration vid though, and very artistic it was, too, in B & W. LOL.

  17. Oh, BTW…..can you make more instructional vids? Just like listening to your voice. It’s very calm and soothing, even when you’re being grumpy :-))

  18. ROFL @ Snack food should not be work!! I just hate that too, when the vacuum seal is too close to the zipper. UGH! And sometimes, like in your car… there is no access to any cutting implement of any sort. Snacktime = DENIED.

    I’ve done a lot of highway driving recently, so I totally empathize with the hating on passing lane drivers. When I pass them on the right I make a point to give them that “what gives?” look.

    That cat in your photo looks like a better driver than half the people I saw driving this weekend. LOL!

  19. Too true, too true. I especially hate the bags for tortillas because they’re vacuum packed, so to open the zip thingie is near impossible, and even if you cut it, you still have the suction factor to work with.

    Side note: it’s so bizarre hearing your voice. It’s like, “Holy cow! She ‘sounds’ nice!” Dorky me.

  20. You are such a dork & I JUST LOVE YOU FOR IT!!!! Hahaha…I totally agree about the so-called “easy open bags” Pfffffft….I get the scissors out 80% of the time. I was going to make a smarty comment about how it would be easier with two hands, but darn it….you ended up putting the camera down!

    Ohhhh, and lol& grrrr about drivers driving in the passing lane. Sooooo annoying! I just wanna go all road rage on their smug little faces…hahahah (I’m kidding…to whomever is reading my comment and doesn’t know I just say things in jest…I swear, I’m really a nice person). The only time they are allowed is…..if they’re actually little, old, AND wearing a hat!! :p

  21. Ha, usually I can’t get those zipper bags to CLOSE, so I’ve never had a problem opening them.

    Now, cars in the passing lane. Big pet peeve of mine. I drive 80 km to work, so GET OUT OF MY WAY! I do think it’s mostly absent-mindedness or at worst, ignonance. Not on purpose, I hope!

    Another big pet peeve of mine is people (hypocrites!) going at exactly the speed limit behind a police car.

  22. Ha, usually I can’t get those zipper bags to CLOSE, so I’ve never had a problem opening them.

    Now, cars in the passing lane. Big pet peeve of mine. I drive 80 km to work, so GET OUT OF MY WAY! I do think it’s mostly absent-mindedness or at worst, ignonance. Not on purpose, I hope!

    Another big pet peeve of mine is people (hypocrites!) going at exactly the speed limit behind a police car.

  23. LOL – you’re much more patient than I am – I would have had the scissors out five seconds into that video. And I was impressed that your cat listened to your request to move. As for traffic – here there are generally so damn many people on the road at a time that no one can go the speed limit so it doesn’t really matter who is where. But the ones who dart from lane to lane trying to get a few carlengths ahead – now those are the ones that raise my blood pressure.

  24. ohh i didn’t mention my driving . . i drive like a race car driver . . speed up, move over or just get the hell out of my way .. .we always say the non-drivers around here have to be from NC =D

  25. driving: what i hate even more are the drivers who decide to use parts of the road that weren’t meant for driving, i.e. the berm. ugh, that really burns my a$$.

    snack bags: i buy artificial sweetner. it comes in a big, zip-locked bag. you’re supposed to be able to tear the top off from either end, but i swear it never, ever opens properly. i am almost always forced to use scissors to get it open. then there is the bags of shredded cheese. there we will have one of three problems. either it will only tear off about part way, it will tear all the way off, but too high, or too low and there will be nothing to hold onto at the zip lock part. oh, wait, there’s four things. the fourth is, it will tear off perfectly, but when you go to pull the zip lock part apart, instead of opening, it will break away from the side so that it won’t close. i hate that!

    i loved your video! 🙂

  26. LMAO! So funny. I too get so annoyed with the tearing of the bag tops. Left with nubbins to grab…grab bag…hands on both sides and pull. Nothing. Hunt for scissors – I just used them yesterday. bergle.

    Drivers in the south are the same…only slower. The old ladies…or old men. You’re behind them…no head – just little hands planted on wheel…try to practise patience…this too shall pass…- zoom around them. End up at the light 2 miles up the road with the old lady or old man driving up ever so slowly on the WRONG side of the road and looking at you…only eyes showing across the window. But they’re laughing. Bastards! LOL.

  27. Hmmm! you talk of bad driving in the US of A? You should see what driving is like in Lagos Nigeria *rolling eyes* its really terrible. Just feel i should spare you the details. It’s commonly said that, anyone who can drive successfully in Lagos, can drive in any part of the world. If you don’t hit anyone, you’ld someone hitting your car from behind and as a result, cause a lot of traffic. I don’t drive in Lagos cos i don’t have the nerve as i’m one of the extremely careful type. EVERYONE SEEMS TO ALWAYS B IN A HURRY TO GET TO WHERE THEY ARE GOING IN LAGOS.

    Wots the point calling a bag easy to open when i have to exert a lot of energy trying to open a mere snack bag and all i eventualy get is having almost all the contents of the bag spilling out? Absolutely no point at all. Nice voice fuzzy.

  28. Just passing through, but i had to comment on how drivers both sides of the Atlantic are so similiar! lol
    Oh, and dont you just hate those packets that are supposed to be easy to ‘re-seal’ and either the sticky pad wont stick, or the pressy thing wont press closed properly! LOL
    Its great to have a good old moan isnt it! lol

  29. I agree with the Masshole driver schpeal, we don’t know how to help ourselves!!

    As far as they zippy thing… I got a good one… how about when the bag has a zippy thing and dunderheaded children tear open the bag from the opposite end, leaving the contents exposed and therefore, stale!!! Leaving the inventors of the zippy thing to scratch their heads pondering the purpose of having invented the darn thing in the first place!!!!

  30. Well, I’m glad you said it, because I commiserate with you totally on road hogging buggers. I drive a two-lane highway and so many drivers lose their patience and whenever they get a chance to pass, they step on the gas to show their frustration! It has happened a lot, until finally a sign was put up “$1,000 fine for driving recklessly.”

    What can you do?! Fuzzy, take a look at the video attached to my blog…W.C. Fields knows how to handle road hogs! It’s very funny.

    Oh, my Mom has your same troubles with opening the bags with the re-seal thing…don’t cut so close to the seal line, then you have something to grab on to. Besides, how long is that bag of chips going to last?

    Cheers, hang in there.

  31. LOL! And, I totally agree with you! Then again, the road designs now days don’t help either. If I want my exit…which is on the left…during rush hour…I must drive in the passing lane as soon as I can get into it or I will not be allowed over. My current pet peeve while driving is the tailgator though. When I can’t see your headlights, you are WAY to close and I WILL slow down to give myself even more space between me and the car in front of me. I’ve been rear-ended twice (both times stopped for a good 20 second beforehand…once for an emergency vehicle and the second time at a stop light) so I am a little paranoid!

    What about the resealable packages that you CAN rip open OK but then can’t reseal? Or the ones that claim to reseal and don’t have any means to reseal (Ore-Ida!)

    Hugs! Great rant!

  32. I am with LO and Julie…opening is not an issue…it is the closing! Especially shredded cheese. I don’t how much cheese I have tossed due to unsealed mold issues.

    Now, I confess, I was driving in the left lane today. But listen! I was going fast…and the right lane has all the on and off ramp issues. That is my only excuse. Sorry. It was me.

  33. Wow…are you sure you and my husband aren’t secretly twins? I swear he complains about the passing lane all the time…but, yes, I agree it can be annoying. Here’s my latest pet peeve…in South Portland, Maine they are redoing an overpass near the mall. Its been a traffic disaster for months….as you enter the intersection…the lanes shift…is that so difficult to understand? Big yellow signs? Large white lines to follow? No….People in the right lane who should be shifting further to the right…plow straight across the road and cut me off….arghhhh! They must all have blinders on…pay attention people!!

    And as to the easy open bags….yeah right…for Houdini!

  34. Nobody messes with the angry cat right, that is what you should do curse them out but sadly there are thousands like them who just don’t have the driving etiquette. I have a guy at work, everytime I drive to see my client with him he scares the living daylights, I don’t know how he got the license. He has a old car and loves to stay in the speed lane :), just a whacko. There are many like him here, they think they own the roads. Cute vidoe with a cute voice :), I feel the same when I had to open the old Music CDs, I used to cuss, used to think it helps opening them actually it makes it worse. Thank god don’t have to buy them these days :). I thought you were gonna enlist the cat’s help in this 🙂

  35. I bought myself a bag of red radishes with an “easy-open / recloseable top” Right. Oh sure, the top zipped off just fine but when I went to pull it open, the zip-lock thingy ripped away from one side of the bag. So now I’ve got this useless bag that won’t reclose. Ingenious.

    Regarding the inconsiderate drivers who “occupy” the passing lane, we are really on the same page here. I so want to yell at them “Why don’t you build a fence around it and call it home!?” For crying out loud!

  36. Ha Ha, just had to laugh at Banbury getting in on the picture. Marm has found a new friend here, called Pumpkin. Hope Banbury is not upset but hey they can still be friends. Great video of ypou trying to open the bag. I know what you mean about those stiupid bags, I can never get the seals to seal again especially the cheese and the cat biscuits. Its no wander Marm does’t eat the buscuits they ae probably soft cause the stupid bag wouldn’t shut.

    I know what you mean about the drivers as well as most of them over here hog the middle lane, not me thought and liek you I dont relaly like going out in that third land but do it if it is relaly necessary.

  37. Hi Fuzzy Slippers!!! Sorry I have been such a terrible 360’er friend! I am still adjusting to remarried life and it’s awesome! I got such a tickle out of your blog here with the cat driving! I too have strong opinions on bad drivers! But since moving to Inez,Tx., I have discovered a love for driving all over again! I live approximately 20 miles from my job, and I am most pleased to say there is a zero traffic factor out here! I hope life is treating you well and I hope to make more stops by your page, I am off today and just having a sit around in the ole p.j.’s kinda day! Blessings to you!

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