From Break to Broke to Mea Culpa (in 10 seconds or less)


What started out as a sort of drifting away while I got to used to my new job turned into a total absence when my computer died a gasping death. And I couldn’t get a new one for months and months. Sure, I could have gone to the public library. But I didn’t. And I could have borrowed someone’s computer. But I didn’t do that either.

When I did finally get one a couple months ago, it seems that a huge 360 Exodus had happened, and (as now) I didn’t know what to say because it was just so long since I’d been in touch that I thought if I did poke my head in that I’d be (quite rightfully) pummeled by rotten fruit and assorted vegetables. Possibly burned in effigy. So I stayed away. Well, I sort of lurked here and there, popped over to Facebook, Multiply, all the other places to which 360-ers seem to have fled. Mostly, though, I watched tv. And read. And ate.

Naturally, I have a list of things to kvetch about. A quite long list, as it turns out. But I think this’ll be my toe-dipping foray today. My mea culpa.


13 thoughts on “From Break to Broke to Mea Culpa (in 10 seconds or less)

  1. Welcome back. I doubt anyone will pummel you with fruit – I know I won’t – produce is much to expensive to be tossing.

  2. Hey yay Fuzzy is back, missed you loads and loads and would never throw fruit at you it would be such a waste. Can catch me on facebook but don’t get there a lot, pretty much like here really as I lost touch just like you so they can chuck the fruit at both of us then!

    YAY FUZZY is back. xxxxxxxx

  3. Hey Em, it’s truly good to see you; hope all’s been well. And haha, yes, fruit IS too expensive to toss about. They say it’s because of the gas prices . . .but that’s a whole blog right there! 🙂

    Huggs to you Snuggly! I’ve sure missed you, and it’s so great that you’ll be pummeled with fruit with me! Actually, though, I’ve been poking around, and it looks like no one’s around much, so it’s not just us. Big huggs and we’ll have to catch up soonest. 🙂

  4. Hiya Fuzz

    GRRREAT You are back!!
    I’ll share a fruit salad with you made of those ‘pummelled at you’ fruit! lol

  5. Not me I’d rather turn that fruit into a smoothie and share it with ya LOL..oops L3…hugs and love and light Fuzzy!

  6. .. missed you here too and yes, there’s been quite a ‘revolution’ (for want of a better expression.) Nuff said on that and I’m sure you will get to your own equation given time. In the meantime good to see you back.


  7. Wow! I didn’t think anyone was here–darn Yahoo! for not sending notes about new comments!


    Hey Max, and no, I’ve not abandoned the Internet, just a wee break. I don’t know about blogging often, but I’ll do what I can with my new non-teaching schedule. GREAT to see/hear from you, though!! 🙂

    Rii, you just rock, what can I say? Biggest huggs.

    Champers (I like that for you!), you make me giggle, and as long as we can slip a bit o’ tequila in those smoothies, you’re on! Huggs to you 🙂

    Aw, so fab to see you, FrankiE, glad you’re still around. And it’s good to be back. 🙂 Huggs

  8. Speerrrlattt! If you don’t want to force people to throw fruit, keep blogging to show them that you know your onions 😉

  9. Meee, yes, I can’t say that Multiply is my favorite; think I’ll stick with the old 360, too.

    And hi, Vox, can’t let you down, now can? So nice to see you.

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