What That George W's Done NOW


I am stunned and not a little upset to learn that our President, George W. Bush, has just dismissively waved a female reporter away and called her “Darlin’.” Is that Texas talk for “respected professional”? Is it some secret code for someone he deems his equal? How can he get away with such a public display of his misogyny? Or was he being dismissive and condescending not because she’s a woman but because she was a “nobody” reporter in some factory he was touring in Somewhere, U. S. A.? Would he have been so quick to “Darlin'” a nationally-seen anchor on the evening news or the moderator at some nationally televised debate?

Hey, either way you slice it, “Darlin'” is not an appropriate form of address to a complete stranger who is just trying to do her job to the best of her ability, and part of her job, Mr. President, is to ask you questions you might not want to answer. Are you plannin’ to “Darlin'” your way back to Texas?

If you haven’t seen this latest gaffe, please sit back, hold your stomach, and watch:

Um . . . Oh! Wait, is that Barack Obama?

Nevermind, then, that’s completely different.


14 thoughts on “What That George W's Done NOW

  1. Finally, the comments regarding a woman as leader are coming to the forefront, and this is just the straw that breaks the camel’s back! This country has big issues about these things that I hate to say displays our own hypocrisy to the world.

    Personally, I am comfortable with Hillary as our leader. There is no reason why she shouldn’t stay until the convention. It has never been a rarity in elections.

  2. Hilarious Fuzzy, first I though Bush said this 🙂 If you come down south, here everyone says to everyone Darlin 🙂 It is a respectable word not a demeaning one. I go to the nearby fast food restaurant, they always say “Darlin”. We need more love than arrogant looks to one another in my opinion. Sorry I missed your blogs for a long time but I read yours in Google Reader 🙂 I will come back again soon. Cheers 🙂

  3. Excuse me did I see a different video than these people? Darlin’ or was it sweety? Help me I’m just a guy. 🙂

  4. i hear this sort of thing all the time, but from women, mostly. sometimes from women younger than me! i find it annoying any way you look at it, not from a demeaning perspective, but from an assumption of familiarity. or something. i don’t know what to call it, but it annoys me when people i don’t know use terms like “sweetie”, “hon”, “darlin'”, etc.

  5. Yes, Starlight, hypocricy was definitely part of what I was getting at! I’d be fine and happy with Hillary Clinton as our president, but it doesn’t seem likely to be.

    Yay! Mondo huggs, Chris, and so nice to see you! Glad you liked my blog post, too! 😉

    No, Heyman, you got it right; I just couldn’t see GW saying “Sweetie” ; it’s all the same to me, though. And GW didn’t say either. 🙂

    Too true, Kerry, there’s this woman at the Dunkin’ Donuts I go to sometimes, and she calls everyone “young woman” or “young man” and it drives me right up the wall; I usually just glare at her (she’s 50 if she’s a day and probably thinks it’s a compliment . . . but no, it’s not). I don’t even like it when people who call for whatever reason (telemarketers, whatever) and call me by my first name. Just old-fashioned, I guess, but I like the respect of using Ms. or Miss or Mrs. with a last name until asked to do otherwise, you know? And yes, it’s creepy when people say “sweetie, not just disrespectful, it’s so overly familiar for a stranger to say that!

  6. It is a very common practice in the south to use terms of familiarity. I am often referred to as baby or darlin when I go to the fast food restaurant, but only if it’s an older woman, say over 50 :). Young ones either stare at me till I order or say what do you want…? In either case what this crap about being 50.. You’ll be 50 some day and then we’ll see what you say. 🙂

  7. I think that’s one of the reasons I was more offended by Barack Obama’s “sweetie” than anyone else seems to have been; I lived down South for a good long time, and there’s a good difference between “darlin'” and “sweetie”, especially coming from non-Southerners who don’t fly such terms around as common socio-cultural practice. Then again, I can’t imagine the PRESIDENT of the United States being able to get away with either, especially with that brisk little hand flap thing he pulled. Gah!!

  8. Hei Fuzz

    i fully agree with you for
    neither ‘sweetie’ nor ‘darlin’ are suitable words in the context
    used by these not-so-gentlemen!

    Very patronizing, very demeaning, and just down right mean, i say!

    Have a most marvellous weekend. HUGZ

  9. The term “sweetie” by a total stranger, especially young women use it often around these parts. It just rattles me. I have no compunction in saying “don’t call me sweetie” and that they should never use that term, especially to a stranger or someone older. It’s shows a lack of respect and and a form of foolish arrogance from a sassy pipsqueak. Then, too many young women are still asleep and have no idea that it harms themselves as well to keep repeating the same demeaning attitudes, it’s like their shooting themselves in the foot!

    Perhaps Obama has tender feelings when he says sweetie, but I really don’t think so, it’s a form looking down his nose at people. It’s not the first time he has exhibited blatant arrogance.

    I like the women who are in politics now, they bring a sensible point of view to government. It has been very hard for Hillary to find herself, being surrounded by so many men in politics beginning with her husband. She would do better to distance herself a little more from male consult a bit. I like the nurturing a woman brings to politics. I gotta hope for the best.

    Very good blog discussion Fuzzy Slippers…yeah like fuzzy slippers. ::smiles::-)

  10. Nice to see you, Azad! Hope you’ve been well. 🙂

    I know, Rii, how awful to use such forms of address, but worse still (I think) to give Obama a “pass” on it, when IF President Bush had said something like that . . . , well, I imagine that it would be more than a soundbite and he’d be torn to shreds. Always fantabulous to see you! 🙂 Huggs

    Thanks, Starlight, and I do agree with you, though I think that a woman can bring a good deal more than nurturing to politics, and that that expectation is one of the reasons that Hillary isn’t doing that well–she doesn’t come across as nurturing, so she’s not a man, nor is she the “right kind” (i.e. traditonal, nurturing) woman, so she’s suspect. It’s sad to me, and I’m not sure that’s what feminism is supposed to be about. I want to be freed from the social compulsion to be nurturing, maternal, etc., but I guess that’s a whole other blog topic! You always have the most thoughful and thought provoking comments, Starlight–thank you!! 🙂

  11. Hi from the Peoples Republic of Illinois. Arnie Ziffelsnout here. I watch the rest of the country react to the Obama bandwagon and scratch my head. Its almost like Bobby Kennedy is running for office again! Yes I am old enough to remember him. The only change in IL he has helped bring is the highest Taxes in many categories. Between Him, Dick Durbin and Governor Blago…people are streaming over the borders to Indiana and Wisc to buy things cheaper. AS for MRS OBAMA….I have seen her say things that other races would be called racist for. She seems like someone really did something bad to her in her past somewhere. I suppose if we can survive the Carter family in the White House, then we can make it through an Obama occupancy. I still don’t see what all this so called Change is? Still waiting for it in ILLINOIS. Oinks from Arnold :@)

  12. Hey Arnold! Yes, I am on the same page on all of your comments; can’t stand either of them, actually. And it’s odd because I started out really liking Obama (for someone who talked a lot and said very little, he did so with finesse–my guess is that few people realize that he’s saying either A. absolutely nothing or B. absolutely nothing new). Sad, really, but more a comment on the so-called “upper classes” and “elite” in this country, and not a glowing one, as they’ve bought into this with amazingly little inspection, questioning, or (let’s be honest) thought. Okay, I could rant for days about Obama and his wife (and I may just!). Thanks for your comments, and please come back any time. 🙂

  13. Laughable Fuzz…condescension in its purest form from the man who might be running the country – what on earth are the ‘merican people settling for this time????????? When are we, in the rest of the world, going to see a candidate who actually knows how to conduct themself come forward, when are we the rest of the world going to take America’s political candidates seriously….perhaps when the puppetmasters strings are cut..perhaps when popularity isn’t purely based on media hype….perhaps when someone steps up the plate and sorts out the mess that is being created through the rest of the world…perhaps…but I doubt it.

    Here in Australia “darlin” is a term loosely used and frequently, generally it doesn’t cause a stir unless it is used unwisely in such a circumstance as you just shared with us…but “sweetie” “hon” “sweetheart” oh they make the hairs on ones arm stand on end, they make the pit of the stomach churn..L3. Notwithstanding, used appropriately I might accept one or two…but NEVER “sweetie” as a term of endearment – unless I revert back to being a five year old and some one says “oh she is such a sweetie” (but then I really probably wasn’t then either {deserves and L4})

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