Fuzzy Mourning


My cat Chelsea died yesterday. She was the one constant in my life these past 18 years (except Dad, of course). She died at home in the night and I hope peacefully. I’ve nothing poetic or moving or important to say except that I miss her horribly.


12 thoughts on “Fuzzy Mourning

  1. Sorry to hear Fuzzy, I am sure Chelsea will be entertaining others in heaven. Chelsea is still in your heart, there is no death there. Hugs.

  2. Oh, Fuzzy, I’m so sorry! My goodness, she must have been well cared for to live such a long life… I’m sure you’ve got some wonderfully silly stories to remember… and share, if you like!?!

  3. Sorry for your loss, Fuzzy. But as Chris said, I am sure she´ll have lots of fun in cat heaven. And it is good it happened in the comfort of her home. Poor little thing. I have never heard of a cat who lived that long, though. She must have had an amzing colourful life with you. Hugz!!!!!

  4. sorry to hear that . I can not underestand u though, cuz i never had a pet. but it seems she was so important to u.18 years is a long time….

  5. Hey you guys, thank you SO much for your kind words; it’s been so weird not to have her around the house, but at least I stopped reaching for her food dish each day!

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