Russell Brand Thinks America Should Vote for Obama . . . Well, Gee, That Changes Everything


Russell Brand opens the MTV Video Music Awards by admitting that no one watching had a clue who he was. Some loud mouthed, crass, and absolutely revolting Brit with horrible hair from what I can tell. Anyway, my gripe is that in the next breath he beseeched the audience (well, actually, “the people of America”) to vote for Barack Obama.




The many things wrong with this picture spur me to type faster than my poor fingers can keep up with my brain, so expect some ranting. Possible raving. Definite outrage.

First, let me say that I have problems with any celebrity telling me whom to vote for and making crazy political statements that they expect their fame alone to validate. And I don’t care which side of the fence they’re on: be it Susan Sarandon sputtering inanely about things she clearly doesn’t understand or Ted Nugent sputtering inanely about things he clearly doesn’t understand, I usually just listen, sort of indulgently, and shrug with that little, aw, we all have a right to say what we want, free country, yadda yadda, whatever sigh. So Oprah Winfrey supports Barack Obama . . . that’s nice. So Jon Voight supports John McCain . . . that’s nice. But this Brand person? What’s validating his position? Certainly not his fame. His position as host of the VMA’s? Shudder.

That’s what America needs, some no one, no name loon from across the pond screeching that we’ll be doing the world a favor by voting for Obama. This person is speaking “on behalf of the world”? Please, please say there’s someone else who can speak for the world. Anyone. Someone who can pronounce the word, “nothing” would be nice (“nuhfink”? what is that?). No, no, really, that’s just more than I can take. Give me Bono, give me . . . oh, I don’t know, delicious Colin Firth piping in on how he thinks my fellow countrymen and women should vote; this I can take. Sort of.

I found it offensive when what’s his name used the Academy Awards as his pulpit by saying that Bush doesn’t care about black people, and I found it incredibly, to my marrow offensive that some random Brit used an American television show to espouse his own political agenda (or to his mind, the world’s). What next? The Queen of England donning her Obama (or McCain) pin and rallying the geriatric set in Ohio? Political ads from Prince William for our state representatives?


3 thoughts on “Russell Brand Thinks America Should Vote for Obama . . . Well, Gee, That Changes Everything

  1. amen! and it’s incredibly ironic since a couple weeks ago i was reading how a lot of celebrities were trying to keep a lower profile during the conventions because there had been such a backlash from 2004 with john kerry. i guess this guy didn’t get the memo. perhaps it got lost in his hair.

  2. Good to see you back to blogging Fuzzy. I don’t visit 360 very often, but I will have to try to do so more often if you are pitching your musings here. I am not a fan of Brand and I cannot see the video to see what he said, but he is the kind of person who will say controversial things in a flippant manner, so this may have just been some mischief making on his part. However, perhaps there is a Brits for Obama conspriacy going on here:

    and, in what is surely a kiss of death for Obama:

  3. lmao, Kerry! . . . lost in his hair hehe

    Hey Fabi, it is SO good to see you commenting; I just can’t seem to care about multiply that much and find it rather annoying to use, so while I’ll pop over to see what you’re saying (and a few others, of course. *nudges Kerry*), I’ll not be posting there. Brand is horrible, and my problem with his comments was compounded by the fact that I’m really not impressed by celebrity endorsements and think that awards shows are not the place for such things. It didn’t help his case that he was a horror show in terms of appearance, that he speaks poorly (if very loudly, why scream so?), and yes, at the end of it, that he’s not American and has no say in our election process (probably has no idea how it works, not that it matters much if he did; HE can’t vote here). Your PM now, that’s another matter, he’s obviously a world leader and a politician. However, if he tromps onto an American television awards show and starts urging Americans to vote for his choice . . . oh, dear, I really would have a field day here on my blog. Side note on that bit of vid–that was the third (yes, 3rd) one I’d posted; they are all being removed by YouTube as fast as people can post them. I’m sure someone has reposted it there, so shouldn’t be hard to find, but I won’t bother trying to keep up.

    I don’t think Brand was a “hit” here (sort of like that soccer player and his Spice Girl wife who thought they’d take the country by storm and sort of fizzled in the glare of our indifference). Further, I think that blogs are the perfect place for people of all nations to express their political views, and yours, Fabi, is still my fave in that regard; I love reading your take on our political system and its figures (but you knew that already). So it’s not just about Brand being a Brit. I think another aspect is based in social convention: it’s okay for me to bash my boyfriend and family, but how dare someone else do so? You know the thing, you gripe about your honey to your friend, but as soon as she says a bad word against him, it’s gloves off. That phenom has to be at work in my reaction, too. Thanks for your always welcome comments.

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