Jay Leno's Headlines: Random Stuff That Made Me Laugh


I’ve been rocking the political blogs lately, but I think I needed a laugh break, so I headed over to Jay Leno’s Headlines:

So this one’s a teensy bit political, but I couldn’t resist because I am always asking how we’re going to pay for all these fantastic (in both senses of the word) plans of both presidential candidates:

Pretty much as I suspected, but nice to see it in print.

Honesty in advertising warms the heart:

“Actual size” is just a bit smaller, so that’s okay, I guess?

And for the environmentalists among us, the tree huggers as we fondly call them:

Was the tree saved? And how much did that ambulance ride cost us since the tree was likely uninsured?

This guy’s Columbo, Mr. Magoo, and Matlock rolled into one:

He knew him or didn’t . . . that’s some powerful policework there.

Want to be alerted to an earthquake . . .

a mere seconds AFTER it happens? We have the product for you!

Okay, I’m all for being sensitive to gender issues, but . . .

Son or daughter? huh?

And a cocktail to bring back your childhood memories . . .

. . . if you weren’t blacked out from all the booze, that is.

Wily cows escape custody:

Sigh. What can you really say to that?

Wonder if these plotting smart cows will still qualify for this contest?


6 thoughts on “Jay Leno's Headlines: Random Stuff That Made Me Laugh

  1. Your comments are more funnier than the ads. Hilarious 🙂 They didn’t know Eric was son or daughter despite having his photo 🙂 The firemen saved the tree and then used it for the fire 🙂

  2. Hee! thanks Chris, these are fun to put together; you should see the stuff that didn’t make it in 🙂

    Kerry, can I just say that was the one that amused and baffled me most! How funny you’d hone in on that, too. I’m off to check out this site now . . . yay funnies 🙂 *hugs*

  3. lol, Laurie, no worries; I missed about a year of blogging and think I’m back in the swing of it now . . . I miss all our friends, though, from way back then. But it’s SO GOOD to know you’re still here! Yay!!

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