"Co-President" and a Great New Ticket


Like every McCain/Palin supporter out here, I was both looking forward to and dreading last night’s VP debate. Governor Palin hasn’t been doing so great in the interview rounds, and I was a bit concerned that she’d fall flat on her face; I was also aware of her winning debates in Alaska and of her (I think fantastic) ability to connect with many Americans, as was evidenced in her speech at the RNC. It could have gone either way for her, and I was happy to see her do so very well.

There was a lot of substance to last night’s debate, more I think than in the first presidential debate, and it was nice to see these two be courteous of one another and respectful, while still getting in the occasional good shot at one another or at the presidential candidates.

The only point that had me roaring with laughter and (okay, I admit it) glee was when Senator Biden said that he’d “help [Obama] govern.”* I was on my feet and completely thrilled because we FINALLY have someone saying (okay, implying) that Obama is not experienced enough to govern on his own. And that someone saying it was apparently Obama himself, as according to Biden Obama asked him to co-govern, to be in on all talks and to provide his input. Sure, sure, Biden did the political duck and dodge by adding that Obama would be the actual president, but to my mind, the damage was done. When the candidate himself asks for help in governing . . . I have no words.

There’s so much to say about last night’s debate, and I’ll likely come back and do a more in-depth post on it, but my initial reaction is that I like Biden and Palin better than I like the firsts on either ticket, and wouldn’t mind voting for a Biden/Palin ticket in November.


*Transcript of last night’s VP debate


2 thoughts on “"Co-President" and a Great New Ticket

  1. i totally agree that last night’s debate was about 1000 times better than the presidential candidate debate. i couldn’t even finish watching that one. *yawn*

  2. This debate should have made you say “AWWW”.
    But the best point was the disarmament of Biden right at the beginning when she asked him if she could call him “Joe”. He was major off guard. She was eating cake after that. YO! šŸ™‚

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