America: We Reward Underachievement and Mediocrity!


I’ve been a bit election fatiqued of late. The coverage is constant, unbalanced, and did I mention constant? But I just have to comment on the recent flap over the Orlando, FL reporter’s questioning of Joe Biden on Obama’s economic policy and the resultant maelstrom. Apparently, this reporter breached the Obama campaign’s stringent guidelines on what can be asked and how it can be asked, so she and her station have been biaytch slapped over daring to compare Obama’s redistribution of wealth plan with Karl Marx’s ideas of . . . um, redistribution of wealth (i.e. socialism).

I’m not sure what the media’s role is anymore, but it is clearly not to ask questions that many people (I, for one) are wondering about. No, they are supposed to ask only those questions that show Obama in the best possible light. And that means no socialism, no ACORN, no Reverend Wright, no crazy terrorists, no lack of experience, lack of legislation, lack of . . . well, anything that would suggest he’d not be a good president (his resume is flimsy at best, let’s face it).

Apparently, the mere mention of Marx’s name is some sort of affront to Obama, which is weird given his 2001 radio interview in which he said that we are still suffering from the failure of the Supreme Court to engage in (and I quote) “redistribution of wealth.” A sentiment he also espoused a couple weeks ago when he told the now famous Joe the Plumber that he (Obama) is dead sorry about Joe’s hopes and dreams of buying his own business being dashed by Obama’s tax plans because he (Obama) just wants to “spread the wealth around a bit.” Too bad Joe, shame you don’t have more modest dreams! Owning your own business! The audacity. No, no, you must instead strive to be lower to middle class, that way you won’t have to pay any taxes at all! The rich will support you; now isn’t that the American Dream? WooHoo. We can have something engraved somewhere important, something that espouses our new American motto: America: We Reward Underachievement and Mediocrity!

To hell with boot straps and working your way up to fulfill the American Dream! We don’t need that crap. Hope? Hell no! You just plow away at being mediocre, and you’ll get your rewards right here on earth. Isn’t that marvelous? Don’t you feel inspired to work less and leach off the government more? Yay!! We have change. We have hope.

Back to that pesky reporter and her “out of line” comments in her question to Joe Biden. She said (here’s a link) “to each according to his abilities, to each according to his means” and attributed (rightly) the comment to Karl Marx and asked Biden if this was not in fact what Obama plans to enact. Biden sputtered, asked if she were joking, and finally says that Obama is NOT spreading the wealth around, and this despite Obama’s own insistence (on camera) to Joe the Plumber that this is just what he is going to do. But we don’t believe Obama when he says what he plans to do, not if it doesn’t shine a glowing light (possibly from Heaven) on him and if it isn’t accompanied by a choir of (possibly angels) singing.

And the Obama camp is pretty disgusted with the McCain camp going allllllllll the way back to 2001, when Obama wasn’t even a U. S. Senator (but that’s okay, he’s more than ready to lead), and quoting his failure of “redistribution of wealth” following the Civil Rights Act remorse. 2001! What the hell, that’s the dark ages, way before Obama can possibly be held accountable for anything. Sure, he wasn’t 8 then, but he was . . . um, well, that was a long time ago, and it just doesn’t count. So there.

If it wasn’t said during this campaign and officially endorsed by the Obama spinners (i.e. Obama didn’t MEAN “spread the wealth around” when he spoke to Joe the Plumber) then it just doesn’t count. And sadly, that seems to be all too true out here in the American voter-scape. People hear what they want to hear, and they want to hear that Obama is the be all and end all in hope for this country’s future. End all, maybe. But I guess that all depends on how high you hope to go or hope your children can go. The cap will be $250,ooo, so dare to dream.


7 thoughts on “America: We Reward Underachievement and Mediocrity!

  1. i am so, so ready to be done with this election. if i have to hear one more story about any of them i think my head might explode. i think i have voter exhaustion. in fact, i am regretting even more that i didn’t take advantage of the early voting that was available here in ohio. i think i should have looked into it more. is it november 4th yet?

  2. Lucky Kerry! LOL, let me try posting mine one more time:

    It’s alarming to think that so many issues about this election aren’t being properly addressed. Although I’m a Canadian, I got the link below in my email the other day. I am not sure if any of what was discussed in this interview has any truth to it but it’s certainly frightening to think it *could* be.

    Big hugs to you, Fuzzy.. @@ Gloria xo

  3. I’m with you, Kerry, this seems like the most intensive and annoying election campaign (both of them, actually) of all time. I’m sick to death of it all, but I’m especially sick of the fawning over Obama that is embedded in the whole thing! Grrr. But it’ll all be over next Tuesday, yay! Since Obama will likely win, we’ll have a good four years to regret that and to figure out how the majority of the country got swindled (or allowed themselves to be, more accurately).

    Aw, GG, sorry about the yahellness, I ended up posting over at Multipy, too, because I couldn’t post my comment about your ghosties in Canada post over here. 😦 Thanks for the link; I’ll go check it out (maybe tomorrow, am so tired of the whole thing . . . sigh).

  4. Hi Fuzz-
    Have wanted to comment since yesterday, but I’m trying to get my thoughts together somewhat coherently…

    I do believe the rich get richer because they know ways to hide money, write-offs, etc, etc. And those who happen to own their own businesses are the worst offenders. Writing off their mortgages, cars, utilities, food, as business expenses. I don’t feel sorry in the least that those making more will need to pay more — they’ll just find more ways to write things off. I’m working 2 jobs, working my ass off and I’ll never ever ever in my lifetime make $250,000 a year. I say if you’re gonna whine about a cap and having to pay, then save yourself the trouble — trade places with me, I’d do it in a heartbeat!!!

  5. Hey Wendy! I think that you speak for a lot of people, especially in this current economic nightmare. We still on for post-voting margaritas and Mexican?

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