Barack and Being Selfless and Neighborly: What He Says, What He Actually Does


This country’s latest proponent of spreading the wealth in neighborly fashion (i.e. taxing the richer to send checks to the poor) has shown yet again that he is all talk, no action. This latest information about his aunt living in Boston slums demonstrates to me that he is willing to spend taxpayer money to be a “good neighbor” but not his own. Not only is she living in government housing (um, slums to anyone who knows the area) but she is also in this country illegally. She came over in 2004 on a tourist visa and attended Obama’s U. S. Senate swearing in ceremony, and although she was instructed by an immigration judge that same year to leave the country, she decided to stay.

Supposedly, Obama doesn’t know she’s an illegal immigrant; that seems unlikely, but who knows, maybe he doesn’t know this. She did call him two years ago to let him know she was living in Boston, and I’m sure she didn’t tell him that she was living the good life. Did he pull strings to get her that 2004 visa? Nothing seems to indicate that he did. Did he do anything about her illegal status here? Nothing seems to indicate that he did or that even knew about it. Did he send her any of his millions to help her out? Nothing seems to indicate that he did. Being a good neighbor (or relative) to Obama apparently has only to do with the government redistributing the wealth.

I’m not a fan of illegal immigrants, and I’m not a fan of any form of amnesty for them–I’ll leave that to John McCain and Ted Kennedy who co-authored and co-sponsored the amnesty bill that generated such controversy last year. For all his talk, Obama has never co-authored or co-sponsored any bill of any kind; he’s never worked with any but the most liberal of conservatives and then only on committees on which he sat (ever so briefly between his election to the senate in 2004 and his running for the presidency which began shockingly soon after). This is not a man who has a record of doing a damn thing; he just talks a lot. He doesn’t put his money where his mouth is (or where his aunt’s mouth is–poverty central in Boston).

Taking from the rich to give to the poor is an admirable concept, but for Obama it is just a concept. How can anyone take this man seriously?

As a side note, I found it incredibly telling how Obama “loads” his press following with only those who will swoon over and adulate him. Kicking three journalists whose newspapers support McCain and replacing them with Ebony and Essence (which are monthly magazines, not even daily newspapers) was just one more of the many things that Obama has done to control the media coverage of his campaign and indeed of himself.

We say in this country that we abhor the communist control of media in places like China or the dictatorial media control in places like the former Iraq as run by Saddam Hussein, but when a version of this happens here in America, we are in complete denial. If no one can ask tough questions (the Florida interview about redistributing the wealth) and if no one who doesn’t sing Obama’s praise is present, are we really getting the full story? What if McCain kicked the journalists from The New York Times and The Boston Globe and replaced them with reporters from Field and Stream and Guns and Ammo magazines? Would that be okay, too? Not in my book. I’d be just as angry and outraged as I am about Obama doing little more than writing his own press.


What say you?

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