Maybe He Can


I didn’t vote for Obama, and I don’t think he can possibly fulfill the promises he’s made or the country’s and world’s expectations. That said, I do love my country, and I’ll do what I did in 2000, when my guy lost, continue to love and feel proud of my country and respect the office of the president, if not the man himself.

But who knows? Maybe Obama will be the agent of change that everyone seems to believe him to be. Maybe our having our first African American president will make a difference. It seems to have already. As I look at the media coverage of the people dancing in streets and crying with joy all over the world, I’m totally touched and incredibly humbled.

I, for one, want to see him succeed. It can only damage this country to its core if he fails or if he doesn’t measure up to everyone’s expectations. I worry, though, that those expectations are so exaggerated, so out of touch with reality, that he can’t possibly meet them. Sigh.

A couple things are clear, though, and very positive. Obama has broken through long-standing racial barriers, and with any luck at all, he’s going to wipe away some of the pain of the past in so doing. Maybe he’ll also inspire people of all races to work harder, to aim for more, to stop allowing themselves to be perpetual victims. That would be nice.

Obama has also wiped away some of the anger the world feels toward us, and that has to be a good thing. Maybe he’ll be able to do what no other American president has and bridge some of the distances between peoples of the world. Maybe he’ll be able to inspire peace and break through some of the deep-seated anger and resentment that fosters acts of terrorism against our country and its people.

Maybe he can.


10 thoughts on “Maybe He Can

  1. Hope your right Fuzz. The only problem is that the “Party” media dogs will never say anything against him. They will cover his ass till hell freezes over. Look how they treated “Joe” for simply disagreeing with him. You can imagine what they’ll do to some one once he becomes president. The media is no longer in the business of journalism but propaganda.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  2. The media has proven that it can’t merely report news, I agree. And they’ll either do as you say here or they’ll work to tear him down again . . . the media loves to build people up and then knock ’em down. Neither of these options is appealing to me. Sigh.

  3. Hmm! Food for thought! Really like i said in your previous blog, it’s not just about the packaging or how well one speaks but we just have to wait and see how well he perrforms. Like you know, it’s too early to decide. I sincerely hope he does not repose the confidence and hope many have placed on him. Thanks for the blog Fuz!

  4. Hey Mee! I’ve missed seeing you around here, so it’s great to see your comment. I agree, we need to wait and see, but with an open mind.

    LOL, Wendy, I do feel quite passionately that our democracy worked as it was supposed to, and that now we have to rally around to support our president elect. Obviously, my support is a bit tempered by the fact that I didn’t think he was the best man for the job, but I was out voted. I can suck it up with the best of ’em. Huggs.

  5. Your post follows my sentiments exactly! O_O You are a mind-reading princess! 😉 He has the office now, so I hope for the sake of the nation that he will be good for us.
    As for the media, I still can’t believe how openly biased it was…and yet no one blinked an eye! Tell us what we want to hear…

  6. At least it will be better than Bush’s. Hopefully there will be improvements soon. We have a Trillion dollar Debt and we have to pay interest to China, Japan, Britain, even off-shore countries and many other countries. We will see and hope.

  7. Ceres, I know what you mean about the media; it was shocking and (I think) completely unethical. I’m wondering how they’ll be now that he’s won . . . still fawning lap dogs or will they finally do their job and report all stories equally? Sigh. But we shall see, and I, too, hope that he will be good for our country.

    Hey Chris, well, most of Obama’s plans involve new spending, so I wouldn’t expect to see our national debt go down any time soon, but maybe he’ll do other things that will be useful and good for the country. I hope.

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