Hate Speech or Just Freedom of Speech? Don't Ask the Left


So I’m reading Ann Coulter’s How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must), and I have to say that I find her quite charming. Now I know that she’s extreme, but she’s extreme in a way that I can relate to (being rather extreme myself). She uses hyperbole to make her points, and I like that. I do that. Remember her calling the 9/11 widows “harpies”? I do, and I bloggged about it here; I still stand by what I said then, in that I do not think that being the victim of an outrage like 9/11 makes one an expert in political affairs and in global relations. Just as I don’t think my being run over by a truck (ok, it was an SUV, but still . . . ) makes me a lawyer or some kind of expert in law related to traffic accidents. I don’t think espousing your opinion as a victim makes you a “harpy,” either.

Coulter’s making the rounds now, touting her new book, and I’ve caught a couple of the interviews she’s sat for. It’s a shame because try as she might to get people, even Republicans, to talk about her new book, they all dredge up the distorted read of her so-called “attack” against the 9/11 widows (I think it was an attack of the political left who were hiding behind the widows, and the widows got caught up in the maelstrom because of Coulter’s hyperbolic description of them.). Now, I haven’t read this new book, and may not, but if it’s anything like the two I’ve read (well, one I’m in the midst of), I have to say that I actually agree with the substance of many of her points.

The liberal left are hypocrites more often than not, and they do support the most outrageous things while simultaneously making excuses for others who do the same exact thing. Take this outrageous statement that Jews should “go back to the oven” (yes, that’s right, oven, as in Holocaust):

video clip here

Absolute outrage infuses me every time I hear this clip. If someone were saying that African Americans should “go back to the lynching mobs,” we’d hear nothing but moral outrage (and rightly so) from the left. But what do we hear about this? Um, nothing. The odd murmuring that the poor Muslims are just expressing their religious views and are well within their freedom of speech rights.

Double take. Huh? How is this *not* hate speech? How is this any more excusable than yelling something equally offensive and hateful about Muslims themselves? Or about any other group (yes, up to and including Anglo whites, a thing the left never does)?

The problem, as I see it anyway, is that the left seem to hold up certain peoples as beneath them, as inferior (confused by “hold up” and “beneath them” in the same sentence/thought? um, you should be), and then they seek to protect them from themselves and each other and from the evil whites of European ancestry. In doing this, they make excuses for the most outrageous statements and acts (yep, they’re the ones who blame America or George Bush for 9/11–was Bush also to blame for the first al-Queda attack on the WTC in 1993? They’re certainly not blaming then-President Bill Clinton.) in their pursuit of “equality,” but it’s never really equality because they don’t SEE people as equal, their entire riff is that people are inherently unequal and that the lesser among us need their protections; it’s absurd, and insulting.


The only news channel/outlet that came up in the first few pages of my google search for this incident was Fox News (here); I think the absence of comment by left leaning outlets speaks volumes.


3 thoughts on “Hate Speech or Just Freedom of Speech? Don't Ask the Left

  1. You are always right on. I often wonder about news clips of this sort. I refer to some of the driveled threats made by a few black rioters in CA recently. Perhaps we’re closer to anarchy than I’d like to believe. Thanks for posting again. 🙂

  2. It’s an old trick of leftist to accuse the other guy of what you’re doing. He will spend all his time trying to plea his innocence and get everyones attention while the left continues their malfeasance. Sorry blood pressure is going up.

  3. Yes, because the media is loathe to show any minority in an unflattering light, we in the general public really have no sense of what’s going on in our country. It seems pretty clear to me that this clip wasn’t splashed over every network news show and run non-stop on CNN (etc.) simply because it’s a Muslim saying this horrible thing. Ugh! I could go on and on about this because I find it such an absolute outrage; the media has too long been allowed to build the news and knowledge of news-seeking citizens along its own ideological base. Grrr. And good, if I’m getting your blood pressure up, that must mean I’m doing something right! 🙂 Huggs

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