Torture, Safety, and Trust


Oooh, that Obama’s a sly savvy one, isn’t he? I love how he makes all these public promises and then quietly goes off and votes the opposite (Obama on No Bushy Wiretaps, I Promise and Obama on Let’s Hear It For Those Bushy Wiretaps!). I’m not surprised, of course, his whole campaign was about saying one thing and doing another. I am surprised that so many people on the Left still believe him and take him at his word.

Take Gitmo. Obama first promised to shut down the base as his first order of business, and then he said well, can’t do that, where are we going to put all the whack jobs since no one is willing to jail them, and now he’s saying he’ll “sign an Executive Order” in the first 100 days to shut down Gitmo. Hehe. I have to admire this move, it’s wily in the tradition of the best political liars . . . the Executive Order will likely be something along the lines of “we’ll shut down Gitmo by 2013” so that he can make that his next first order of business in his next administration.

The whole Gitmo torture thing is a mystery to me, really. Personally, I don’t have a problem with our torturing people who we know have information that could lead to the saving of thousands of lives. If they won’t cough up the information when we say “pretty please with sugar on top,” why not implement methods that will work, that have always worked? Seems logical to me.

Of course, the trouble is that we don’t know, or always know, in advance who does have information (we need those wiretaps and other Bush policies to find out who knows what), and I am not “pro-torture” if it means torturing everyone who is rounded up, particularly if they are ordinary citizens or low level military men (and women, should we fight an enemy that allows women in its service). But we don’t do that. It would cost too much money and take too much time, and our goal is to be expedient in the protection of our country.

And you can bet that Obama gets that. Say what you will about George W. Bush, but his policies on terror have worked inasmuch as we haven’t been attacked since 9/11. We don’t know how many attacks President Bush has prevented with his wiretaps, shutting down or at least crippling the flow of monies to terrorists, and yes, even allowing Gitmo and its military personnel to do their jobs as they see fit. But I think it’s safe to say that there’s been at least one. And that’s enough for me.

Obama is not going to change anything that will lead to our being attacked again. If he does, his presidency is a failure. And his dreams of a second term are in ruin. He’s smart enough to know that, and he’s smart enough to stay the course and keep us safe. No matter what he says to pander to his base.


3 thoughts on “Torture, Safety, and Trust

  1. The “I don’t have a problem with our torturing people” part gave me shivers! I don’t have a problem either… as long as I’m not the one inflicting it, I guess!?! I do agree with you, but seeing that in print gave me shivers!!

    All’s fair in love and war???

  2. hehe, Heyman, this stuff really gets me, too. Particularly the media silence on all of Obama’s backpeddling on those lofty campaign promises. I don’t blame Obama. Remember the days and weeks and months of clips of George Bush the first saying “Read my lips?” Where is that in the many cases of Obama equally blatant lies?

    I know Wendy, it was a difficult sentence to type, thought to put down in black and white. But the fact is that torturing known terrorists is one of the methods that has been effective in preventing thousands of deaths (perhaps more). I think, too, that there is a huge difference between prisoner abuse (such as that seen at Abu Ghraib) and intelligence gathering. I object very strongly to the abuse of detainees (who are more likely to be random citizens who meet a profile than actual persons who have information we need). But that’s not the same thing. One is an abuse of power, usually perpetrated by over zealous military underlings, and one the exertion of interrogation methods that are proven to work in the right circumstances and on the right people.

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