Couch Potato Heaven


The new season of all my favorite television shows is in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier. Lost is keeping things interesting with some fun time travel mixed in with the mystery and intrigue (and oh so hot looking Sawyer and Jack now that he’s finally shaved that God-awful beard). Battlestar Galactica‘s first three episodes of its final season were all hits in my book (though I admit that the second one looked like they’d be going down a stale path, they pulled it together for the third, and I am eagerly awaiting the fourth). Supernatural . . . well, I’ve been kind of missing that because it’s on against Hell’s Kitchen, and I’m buying the DVD so will wait and have an SPN fest when this season is released. My other favorite “foodie” show is Top Chef, and this season has been great so far. I’ve also started watching the American version of Life on Mars and finding it pretty decent (after the first couple eps and my having to get over some of the distinctly British things they kept in for some unknown reason).

So you can imagine with all this couch potato’ing that I’ve been up to that I’ve seen some stuff on television that I really really wish I hadn’t. The Real Housewives series (Atlanta, LA, the pits of hell) makes my skin crawl. Note to the Real Housewives of Atlanta, if you are shrieking about how much more “class” you have than someone else has . . . chances are pretty good that you’ve got none. As far as I can tell, people with “class” don’t think about it, much less shriek shrilly about it while their massive bosoms bounces freely (and nearly free from) their tiny halter tops. Just a thought.

Another thing that seems to be getting a lot of attention these days is President Obama’s so-called insult toward Jessica Simpson (I’m not including links, just Google it, you’ll a zillion hits, mostly bloggers going bonzo for no reason).

Geesh! The man was put into a really stupid position by Matt Lauer (who really should know better) and is being crucified for something he did not say. In a sit down interview with the president of the United States of America, Lauer pulls out a recent issue of People magazine and starts blathering about how Obama was cut from the cover version of a family photo. Poor Obama tried to be a good sport, though you know he had to be wondering what the hell Lauer was thinking, and read the copy on the cover (he’d likely not read the magazine. Ever.). All hell breaks loose that he’s somehow diss’d Jessica Simpson. Here’s what really happened:

The end.

2 thoughts on “Couch Potato Heaven

  1. Tho I’ll admit to never seeing Real Housewives ever in my life, I have seen some cuts of it. And tho I’m no expert on the matter, I feel I must make an assumption that those women’s bosoms are rather fake. So let me take the liberty to make a correction on your blog… I’m afraid, from the enhanced bosoms that I have seen, that they do not bounce freely out of one’s halter top but instead stand there rather rigidly as if someone stuffed the skin under said halter top with candlepin bowling balls.

    Case in point… I happened to attend a singles dance a week or so ago and there in attendance was a rather attractive woman in an itty bitty black dress bopping and grooving out on the dance floor… and I’ll confess I couldn’t keep my eyes off her enhanced chesticle region. She was bouncing around all over the place, but those concrete suckers didn’t flinch an iota!!

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