2006 Blog Archive

So I’ve finally decided that Blogger will be my new cyber home, and with that, I thought that I would post the archives of my 360 posts. This seems easier to do than moving them over here one by one as I’ve been doing for the past couple years, and until 360 shuts down completely (if it does), they’ll still be there. So without further ado:

Politics and Society
American Flag Burning Protests: Oxymoron or Just Good Old Free Expression
Americans Abroad: How Not to be an Ugly American
At Each Other’s Throats One Day and Bestest Buds the Next: Politics as Usual
Christmas: 1 — Political Correctness: 0 . . . or not?
Coulter Culture: Ann Coulter Challenges Left Wing Political Correctitude
Guilty as Charged: So and So Showed No Emotion
Holocaust Memorial and “Not Me” Syndrome
Hyper-Vigilance and Public Scrutiny
Immigration Reform: U. S. vs. Them
The Implications of Homegrown Terrorists Working with Al Queda
Let Your Voice Be Heard
Mandatory Health Insurance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
Moussaoui Sentence: Life in Prison
Musing About ‘08
Musing About ’08: The Men and Women Who Might be President
Musing About ’08: The Obama Factor
Musing About ’08: White Guilt and the Presidency of the United States of America
National What? Circulation? Or Security?
Obama, Superman, and Iraq: What to do? What to do?
Questions, No Answers, On Reparations
Race, Class, and Privilege: Young Mother and College Student Reports Rape by Duke Lacrosse Team
Removing the Crosses from National War Memorials: Separation of Church and State?
The Right Side of White in Higher Education
Some Fun Facts About the Amnesty Bill
Sticks and Stones
Tourism Boycott in MA and AZ
Vertically Challenged: The New Minority
Weddings and Marriage and Civil Unions (Oh My!)
What the Fluff?
When Soldiers Kill Civilians
Whose National Anthem?
Wiretapping, Privacy, and National Security

Random Observations and Miscellaneous Ponderings
Age Appropriate Attire
Breaking the Barbie Mold: Swimsuit Shopping Season
A Brief Musing About Men’s Underwear
China’s New Adoption Policy: Fat Ugly People Need Not Apply
Come along Dorothy. You don’t want any of those apples.
Commuting Etiquette
Confessions of a Recovering Infomercial-holic
Do These Stairs Go Up, Too?
Folk Art Freaks Me Out
Holiday Heart and Magic Captured on the Screen
If Money is Good, Pretty Money is Better
Jelly Shoes, Big Hair, and Body on Tap Shampoo
Let’s Hear It for “the Girls”
Magic Elixirs: Some that Work, Some that Don’t
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Murder, Corpses, and Decomposition . . .
My Life, My (Company’s) Time
Nightmare and Dream Jobs
Perceptions of Time
Pet Euthanasia: Stay or Not?
Post Veterans Day Pondering: What’s a Veteran?
Reading and Shaving and Talking on the Cell Phone, Oh My!
Real Time Location of Celebrities
A Sandwich by Any Other Name
Self Definition: “Who Are You?”
Skippety Do Da: Shoe Talk
Strange Taste
Steel Magnolias and Southern Identity
Superstition, Science, and Chaos
Surgical Corrections for Bad Genes: No Stomach for This?
To Sleep Perchance to Dream
Where Have I Lived? . . . Eh?
Strange Goings On
Driving While Dead
How Did That Lightbulb Get There?
If Thy Finger (Or Marriage) Offends Thee . . .
No Condoms in Jamaican Penal Institutions
Overheard Conversation: “clocks spring forward . . .extra hour of sunshine . . . ” Huh??
So Funny You Forget How Ineffective Our Education System Can Be
You Won’t Find This in Any Baby Name Book
Relationships and Love
Love or Lust? Can’t We Have Both?
One Woman’s Trash is Another Woman’s . . . Pleasure?
“Selfish” Needn’t Be a Dirty Word
Spring Sensation/al

Sports and Recreation
Samson’s Hair: Johnny Damon’s Back in Boston
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Blogging, the Internet, and Computers
About Internet Explorer 7
Blogs, Blogging, and Blog Buddies
Coffee, Cats, and Contemplation (Oh My!)
The Lap(top) of Luxury
Public vs. Private: Blogs, the Internet, and Expectations of Privacy
The Use, Misuse, and Abuse of “LOL”
Movie Night
Movie Night: Flags of Our Fathers
Movie Night: 1997’s Titanic
Movie Night: Starship Troopers
Places to Go, Things to See and Do
Animal Instinct
Does Size Matter?
Fuzzy’s Feel Good Viewing Guide
Haunted and Haunting Edinburgh Castle
Holiday Heart and Magic Captured on the Screen
Jim Warren’s Art
New Stephanie Plum Novel: Brain Candy
Oysters on the Half Shell
That Big Pile of Rocks
Uncommon Boston Common
Television Programs
Is the Playboy Mansion Haunted?
“Off” the Air: Will & Grace Finale
Why I Love One of Television’s Most Hated Men

On a More Personal Note
Clash of Wills
Consumer Debt and Me
Crabby Much?
Follow Your Bliss
The HazMat Team Stopped By Today
Honesty, Candor, and Manners
I Didn’t Know Peacocks Can Fly
If I Only Had a (Right) Brain
Miscellaneous Travel Musings
My Grandmother
Peapod Home Delivery Service: Miracle for the Infirm (and Lazy)
Sleep Deprivation and Turkey: Keys to Curing Insomnia

Found Funnies
Andy Rooney on Women Over 40
Don’t Let Worry Kill You — Let the Church Help


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