Now Where Did I Put Those Keys?

Next to going blind, losing my “brain power” is my greatest fear; little did I know that I’d lost a good bit already. According to someone who studies these things, brain decline begins as early as age 27. Apparently, “tests of brain speed, reasoning and visual puzzle-solving ability” show that these skills begin to deteriorate at 27. While “things like memory stayed intact until the age of 37, on average, while abilities based on accumulated knowledge, such as performance on tests of vocabulary or general information, increased until the age of 60.” These declines are found in normal brains, exclusive of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

But I guess I did know this already, if not consciously. As I’ve gotten older, I notice that I often fumble around looking for the right word, when before, my brain offered up two, three, sometimes four different choices. And I could choose one at breakneck speed, never pausing. Now I “hum” and “ah” and pause. *Sigh.* I’ve also noticed that my spelling, never my strong suit, has dramatically declined; simple words that I know I once knew I now have to Google to ensure that I’ve got them right (and I rarely have).
Having past the magic age of 37, I’ve also noticed that my memory is a bit off. I once had a fine memory; in graduate school, I could remember where a quote was down to the page number and general location (right page, halfway down). Now I’m lucky if I can remember who said what, let alone where I read it. And I’ve become that person who walks into a room and then forgets why I’m there. I’ll be all the way back on the couch before I’ll remember that I wanted a drink or a Kleenex or whatever. Then I have to get up and go back, hoping I don’t forget again on the way.
I can’t find things anymore, either; I’ll put things away for “safe keeping” only to discover they’re so safely hidden that I can’t find them myself. Like my social security card; I know I have one, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I stashed it for safety. I need to find that one of these days; it’s the only thing that makes me a legit citizen, after all. At least I think so. If memory serves.

7 thoughts on “Now Where Did I Put Those Keys?

  1. Oh Fuzzy {and you too, Kerry}…Please don’t shoot the messenger, but there’ll be more to come once menopause hits, unfortunately. A friend of mine who is a slightly older, smart and savvy woman told me that once peri-meno arrived, her memory left. I can verify this is true when it was my turn, sadly, but in my case it was helped along somewhat by a closed-head injury from my car crash in 2001.What the heck was my point again? 😛 … Oh yes! It happens to most of us, I think.

  2. LOL, I know just what you mean, Kerry, scares me a bit, too. But I guess blogging keeps the old brain cells ticking along, right? *hugs*Honestly, I didn’t expect it until then, GG, so I’m not surprised to learn this. Give me something to look forward to. ha! One of my favorite profs once told me that he was having a good time with his memory loss, seeing old movies again for the first time and the like. I thought that was both funny and kind of brilliant. :))

  3. Fuzzy, I would bet a Malaysian seafood curry that your SS card is hidden in one of your shoes.Either in a beautiful kind of shoe that is uncomfortable so you never wear it, or in a hidious one, the one that is less attractive to robbers/intruders. Mind you, when the robbers are looking for some cash, they’ll turn everything upside down, hidious or not (talking from experience). So, if you do do find it, just keep it in your purse together with other plastics. If you lose it I am sure you get a replacement easy enough. Looking forward to getting old(er) , BTW.

  4. FANTA!!! There you are, YAY!! And omg, you are too funny! In my shoe! Why didn’t I think of that, I’m sure you’re right. heheAh, but I can’t carry with me; there are all sorts of dire warnings about carrying one’s social security card on one’s person. Apparently, awful things happen to people whose ss card is stolen . . . I’m not entirely sure what, though, as I did indeed lose mine once, and they do send you a replacement after much much much crap back and forth and my having to find my birth certificate. Which, considering it’s chipped on the side of a cave wall, was no small feat! (and we come back to shoes . . .heee!) Many huggs, dear girl! Miss you.

  5. You mean people end up like Sandra Bullock in that movie, what was is called again…come on brain cells, get it together…ah, there it is: The Net?

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