Goodbye Cable, Hello Hulu

The first time I saw the Alec Baldwin hulu commercial, I was hooked.

Granted, I’ve never been a big fan of this Baldwin (or any of them, actually, except Adam Baldwin, who’s not one of the Baldwin clan and who I know only from Firefly anyway, so I’m not a “big fan” of his either, I suppose), but there’s something about him that I’ve long found . . . I don’t know if “attractive” is the right word, or “sexy,” but . . . well, something good but indefinable. And that clip sort of catches that quality for me.

It was also the first time that I’d heard of, and once I got over my intense pleasure and amusement at them using the mind-mush argument that so many people who think they are “better” than those who watch television espouse, I was intrigued.

Not all that long ago, I joined the growing number of people who no longer have a home phone; I use only my cell phone these days. It took me a while to come around, though, and the comfort and security of a home phone were hard to relinquish–even after I’d switched to Vonage and could therefore not make calls if my power (or internet) went out. Go figure. I mean that was the main argument for retaining a home phone, right? That I could use it in an emergency should I lose power. But as we’ve learned from a range of catastrophes from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, you can’t get through to people via home (or cell) phones when the system is overloaded or down or whatever.

Besides, I had Vonage. And I still used my cell phone all the time; literally months could go by without my using my home phone (it never rang, I never made calls on it, though I did occasionally pick it up to make sure it had a dial tone). So why keep paying for it? Hmmm, thought I, and I cancelled it. Haven’t missed it, either. Sure, I have to be more careful about my cell phone in terms of keeping it charged and remembering to “unmute” the ringer after meetings or whatever and remembering to take it out of my purse when I get home (or I couldn’t hear it from anywhere in the house unless I was next to my purse, which who is? I mean at home, you don’t really carry your purse around with you, right?).

Anyway, this same line of thought has been going through my head with regard to cable. I pay a friggin‘ fortune for cable, and I don’t even have any “special” channels like HBO or whatever. I do have the not quite standard package that includes the History Channel, Bravo, AMC, Sci-Fi, A&E, and a few others, but I’ve realized lately that I usually don’t watch “my” shows when they are on (except Lost, which I almost always never forget to watch). I used to tape them, but that’s a pain; I don’t have Tivo, so that’s not an option. I just watch them online.

Every show I’ve wanted to see from Supernatural to Super-Size Me, I’ve been able to watch online. The network sites usually upload the most recent show the very next day after it airs on television, so it’s not like I even have to wait ages for it to be available. If I can’t find it through “regular” channels (so to speak), I can usually find what I want on YouTube. I also will catch the occasional horror flick on FEARnet. And now there’s hulu. If you haven’t checked the site out, it’s worth a looksee. They have it all, right there, ready to turn your brain to goo; how great is that?

It will probably take me a while to get to it, but I’m pretty sure that cable will soon be a thing of the past in my home. I do like that the television is larger than my computer screen (who in the world ever thought that mini-televisions or *gasp* watching a show on an iPhone would be good except when you’re stuck at the airport?). I’ll use my television to watch videos. Or maybe as a paperweight.


13 thoughts on “Goodbye Cable, Hello Hulu

  1. i love that commercial! i remember the first time i saw it, i literally laughed out loud.and i like hulu. it’s the only way for me to actually watch <>house<> any more since they changed the night and time it’s would be great to dump the home phone and cable. just signed a two year agreement, though. plus i think the kids would be a bit ticked if they couldn’t watch their noggin or sprout.

  2. Hehe, me, too, Kerry (on the laughing out loud thing, well, on loving the commercial, too, actually).Yes, I think that if I had a family (in the house, you know what I mean), I’d want a home phone and cable, too. Well, I do still have cable, just in the ruminating phase of phasing it out (this will take a year or two if the phone thing was anything to go on ;)).

  3. i’m sorely tempted to get rid of both. we hardly use our home phone, either. but we’ve always got out cell phones with us. which we hardly make any calls on, either. so why have both? and tv? i only watch a handful of shows, mark watches a couple more than i do. the kids probably watch a majority of the tv that gets watched in this house, and i would love to curtail that. this definitely has me thinking…

  4. I’m sure you’ll find this odd (most do!), but I have never owned a cell phone! I’m not fond of telephones but do see the need to have one handy in the house in case of emergency, to make appointments, etc. I’m not much of a fan of television either in recent years come to think of it, but am outnumbered here in this house. If I only had myself to think about, the cable TV portion of my bill would be gone! My cable company has bundled in my TV and internet charges, and it’s obscene what I pay per month for these, but having a cable internet connection sure beats what I had previously. Where I live in Canada only has one of two choices for internet, you see.Like you, I watch a lot of what I want to see online, or rent a DVD to watch on my pc’s DVD player. Speaking of… tonight it’s John Candy night as soon as the last DJ goes off the air. I totally recommend Only The Lonely if you’ve never seen it – one of John Candy’s best movies, ever.

  5. I currently have both cable and internet bundled, too, but I can keep the internet even if I cancel the cable, so . . . And I love John Candy!! My favorite John Candy film is still Summer Rental . . . omg, the first (and possibly second and third) time I watched that, I rolled with laughter.

  6. I’ve been on hulu ever since I needed to catch up with Battlestar Galactica and found it on there. You also can check out all the Firefly episodes on it- the entire season of that great show. Based on the bookmarks and the side of this page, people who read this will also like Firefly, so check it out at hulu!

  7. Hey there, CT (if I may?), nice to see you here. I wanted to post a comment on your Obama as a narcissist post, but guess you’ve got them turned off or something (anyway, good post, much food for thought). BSG and Firefly are easily in my top five favorite shows of all time! I have Firefly on DVD (including Serenity), but haven’t gotten around to buying BSG yet. I’ve seen them all, though, and thought the finale was first-rate. It’s good to know that Firefly is available on Hulu, though, because I am constantly recommending it to people (KERRY!!), and now I can tell them where they can watch it. :))

  8. Aw, too bad, Fanta! 😦 And “charming,” yes, that’s a good word for it. He’s adorable in it and certainly charming. Yay!I used to send Tally (from 360) links to various sites that ended up being only accessible from the U. S. I wonder what that’s about? Does it cost more or something to make a site available to the world? Seems to defeat the purpose of the Internet, or if not the purpose, then certainly one of the perks.

  9. I do have a few Fanculations (Fanta’s speculations) regarding the issue.Maybe WE (the rest of the World), are not good enough to qualify viewing these sites and the people running the sites are just trying to stress this point (over and over again, basically every time we click on sites we do not belong to).Maybe THEY want to check on you people and if they have Worldwide traffic on the site it would me more difficult track down who are the actual trouble makers (among you). So, I don’t really know the answer. But I will get to the bottom of it one day. I have to meet the right person for this as Google has given up on me. I need to meet a geek. Perhaps a Greek geek.

  10. Fanculations, love it!Wow, I never thought about the site restrictions as “othering” people, but you do make a point. I’m not sure how that all works, though, and would need to look into before saying too much. Let me just say that I hope that’s not the case!LOL, I’m not sure if THEY are checking on us, but if they are, I will apologize here for being very boring in my internet searches and surfing. 😉

  11. well, you know, in China THEY check on everyone:D, (it is true) so it is not totally out of the equation. Or have I been Chinised and became totally paranoid? LOL!

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