Three Cheers for Obama

Yes, you read that right, stop blinking and pick your jaw up from the floor. While I’ve not had a change of heart about him (yet), I have to admit that there are some pretty impressive (and cheerworthy) moves he’s made in the past few days.

Rah rah rah (otherwise known as Cheer 1): The internet “townhall” thing that I posted earlier in the week was a hit (for me, anyway, and who cares what anyone else thinks? hehe). I was a bit twitchy about it at first because it seemed to be so . . . pandering and political, like a campaign move, really, and I didn’t really want a president in constant campaign-mode (that’s one of the arguments for longer congressional and presidential terms that I agree with because no sooner do they get in office than they have to start campaigning for re-election, and then what are they doing for us or the country? grrr). I choose to see it as new and good use of technology and “new” media; if Roosevelt could have his fireside chats today, you can bet they’d be on the internet. Anyway, as I was saying, in the end, I rather liked the format and the content.

The questions are posted for anyone to see and “vote” for, and he actually addressed the ones that got the most votes. Go team! (Frankly, I’m sick of hearing that he was dismissive of legalizing pot; of course he was, do you think he wants to go down in history as the “pothead Prez”? Hardly. And I’m not going to address the content and implications of some of his answers here–this is a “three cheers” post, after all.)

Rah Rah Rah (aka Cheer 2): he’s moving on his promise to shift the war focus to Afghanistan. Good going, say I. He’s moving troops over there (and sending some over from here) and promising to stop al Queda and the Taliban. While I see McCain’s point about telling the American people that there will be casualities (lots of dead American and allied soldiers and support people); I’m not sure that would be the best move. We know they are going to war, and we know that many will not come back. Pointing that out might not be the bestest move of all. Especially since no one seems to be paying attention. Shhhhh.

But he’s not pussy footing around on this issue, either (well, he’s not holding press conferences about it or chatting with Leno on the Tonight Show about it, but it’s happening all the same. And that matters.). He’s using similar language to that he used in his acceptance speech, and it’s very nice to hear him speak straightforwardly for a change (yes, I know, I know, he’s thoughtful and smart, but thoughtful and smart people can also have clear views that they can articulate without waffling all over the place):

“I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al-Qaida in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future,” Obama said. “That’s the goal that must be achieved. That is a cause that could not be more just.” (source)

Okay, so he does sound a little Bush-like here, but on this issue, I totally agree with him (and Bush, for that matter, as they hold the same view) and think that this is indeed one of the more pressing challenges we face. And he’s facing it head on, just as he’s said all along that he would. Yay!!

And finally, though by no means least, Rah Rah Rah! (and heeerrreee’s Cheer 3): Obama met today with bankers (top financial experts, I think they prefer to be called) and tried to suss out just what they think about this economic crisis, what regulatory reforms are needed, and the like. While this doesn’t seem like a big (or cheerworthy) thing, it really is. He’s showing that he’s willing to talk to people outside Washington and to make use of their expertise (not that it’s all that great, considering where we are and their role in it, but still . . . they probably have thoughts to share that didn’t make it in Thursday’s townhall thingy (he needs a catchy name for those, too, like “fireside chats” only maybe something more appropriate to the medium: “PC answers on your PC” or “monitoring (hehe, get it, “monitor”) your White House, with Barack”–I just hope the next step isn’t the Real World 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). I keep rambling off point. Ugh. So here’s hoping we get some regulation reform on Wall Street, and here’s to Obama (for a change)!


6 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Obama

  1. hi Fuz,You always write good blogs but I’m not so quick to give the big O too much credit. Upping troops in Afg. was talked about by Bush but didn’t happen due to the build up in Iraq. Now that it has begun to find resolution (with no help from the Dems) it is possible now to redirect our efforts. O and his moron crew have no experience militarily and need to continue with what Bush had planned thanks to General Patreous (sp?). To say he wants to get rid of Al Queda so they can’t return to Afg and Paki. I believe they have always been there. It’s their countries isn’t it? Just like there are Nazi’s in Germany. The best we can hope for is to temporarily crush their military ability and spend more to help educate people. The defeat of Al Queda must be made by the Afg and Paki people. It’s a totally different war than Iraq.His internet openness? I don’t see any clarity, not on the gov site he had started. Smoke and mirrors. Based on past performance of his people and the low brow behavior of the Dems (or Repubs for that matter) in history they are writing the questions you get to vote on. He’s already set with an answer. More pablum for the masses.Do I believe he wants to make things better in America? Yes. Just not the America I want. His and the view and of the “party” leaders will require a loss of freedoms for us. I am very worried about what’s happening. I also think that the Democrat Party should claim the Socialist Party of America name. It’s a better fit. Leave the Dem party to the people of America that still believe in a multi party system of government.Ed aka Heyman

  2. ED!!!! Yay!! So nice to see you here :)) I’m still futzing around with the page, but it’s becoming more and more like I want it to be.Sigh. Yes, I know what you mean about the .gov site; after I wrote this (and after last week’s thingy-it really needs a catchy name, don’t you think?), they shut down the questions site. NOW, if you want to pose or vote on a question you have to log in and agree to have your IP address tracked, etc. Actually, you can’t even READ the questions without logging in and agreeing. I’m not happy with this turn of events and hereby retract Cheer 1 above. 😉You are exactly right of course about Obama not being the first one to say we should do this in Afghanastan; heck, I was saying it back in 2006 in blogs and way before that to anyone who would listen. And as you well know, I’m not a fan of this bigger and bigger government running everything; it’s a recipe for pure and total disaster. And we’ve seen socialism and too much government control crush and destroy other cultures and societies throughout history, so why anyone thinks it’s a good plan is way way beyond me. You make an interesting point, too, about the Democratic Party; they seem to be in the process of either redefining themselves as socialists or working toward enormous internal strife. Not all Dems want to go as far toward socialism as Obama and his nut squad, and I don’t mean just moderate Dems, some lefter-leaning people are starting to prick up their ears and listen to Obama for a change (too little, too late, of course). And it’s pretty funny (or shocking, horrifying, embarrassing) when our President’s ideas are too socialist for Europe, don’t you think? Between the near meltdown of the Republican party during this past election cycle and the imminent meltdown of the Democratic party with this president, I wonder if we may see emerge a three or four party system? I’m not sure that would be a bad thing.

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