Spring Has Sprung (Yay!)

The weather has been gorgeous, and according to the cashier at my local Walgreens, the economy is improving, so all is well in the land. Cashier? Walgreens? Huh? I hear you wonder. Well, on Easter Monday, I went in for my usual post-holiday stock up of all things sweet and sugary (read: Cadbury eggs, those speckled malted eggs, and the ever-exciting to microwave Peeps). But the shelves (gasp!) are all but bare.

All that is left are some of those chewy supposed to be marshmallow but are stale even when fresh egg things and some sad little bubblegum eggs. I get a mini bag o’ bubblegum eggs for some reason and head to check out. The woman in front of me also had some bubblegum eggs and a fistful of Easter pencils (one had a big fuzzy rabbit on top, it was kind of cute), and she must have mentioned the slim pickings because the cashier was saying how surprised everyone was at the way they sold out of Easter stuff this year. Must mean the economy is on the upswing. Ok.

So that’s all I have to say, and it’s a sad little bit of fluff. So I thought I’d wax prose-poetical about Spring . . .

Springtime, rebirth, renewal, life . . . yeah, sure, whatever. Springtime, like Virgina, is for lovers. The sun’s finally shining, flowers are beginning to bloom, and we humans, like the rest of the natural world, suddenly begin having these . . . stirrings, stirrings that manifest in us as a desire to reach out to and connect with someone on a romantic–or at the very least, a sexual–level. We want to mate, to marry, or failing that, to “hook up.”

Springtime, with its extending days and spectacular awakening from winter slumber, sparks in us a lightness of soul and spirit, an optimism we may not always or often feel. And we get sucked into it; maybe it’s the only way to ensure the propagation of our species? Combine a light soul, optimism, and a reawakened (if it ever went dormant) sexuality, and what do you have? I think you have hope in some form or other: hope for a better future, a new or renewed love. That promotion is looking achievable, mending fences with family and friends seems more pressing than ever, and we want to ruffle the hair on the heads of children we see (I do not recommend giving in to this impulse unless you know the kid and his/her parents are in view.).

A new year’s begun after all, so why not be hopeful about it? I’ve always wondered why we celebrate New Year’s at the first of the calendar year; doesn’t everything really start NOW? Okay, there is some sliver of knowledge stored away in my brain (a scary maze of a place, with bits of trivia stored in the most unusual places): didn’t I read something about this new-year-in- Spring-thing somewhere? Shakespeare? Paganism for Dummies? The Farmer’s Almanac?
Oh, sure, my winter pessimism still clings, so I say, “yeah, sure, whatever,” but I fall victim to (or do I really just give myself to?) Spring’s calling, and my soul soars, optimism wins out, and yes, I caught myself checking out that gorgeous guy on the train this morning . . . . .
The last part about Springtime is a post I wrote on 360 way back on March 21, 2006 (too Spring-ified to come up with something new, sorry).

7 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung (Yay!)

  1. i’m happy it’s spring. i don’t know about the whole optimistic thing, but it’s nice not to see snow on the ground anymore and trees and flowers starting to bloom.

  2. LOL, that Spring optimism thing is three years old; I don’t feel that now at all. In fact, quite the opposite. I feel pretty fearful that our government is now calling veterans and pro-rights activists and anyone right-leaning potential terrorists (but not calling real terrorists, terrorists), and I feel pretty horrified that peaceful protests like the Tea Parties held last week are being berated, belittled, and called foul names by the very people who found solace and voice in such protests against war and Proposition 8. Now, I’m not a big fan of protests of any kind, but I do know that it our right to do so. The only time I’ve been absolutely appalled by them was when the Illegal Immigrants protested in 2006. That was a mockery of our system. They aren’t citizens, they can’t vote, they don’t pay taxes, but they made demands on our government? Grrrr.

    I also find it alarming that Obama has approved the continued use of wire-taps; I didn’t really care before because I was pretty certain that the Bush administration was using them to listen in on potentially dangerous conversation by real threats to this country (i.e. al Quada terrorists and their ilk). Now, however, anyone who disapproves of Obama and his ridiculous mockery of democracy are likely to be wiretapped as potential threats to national security because they are Christian, served our country in the military, or don’t want an enormous government sucking trillions of dollars into programs that do nothing but socialize us even more. The citizens of this country who are law-abiding, tax paying, and willing to fight and die to protect our freedoms are being singled out as “threats” while our Presidents gets cozy with dictators like Chavez? Huh?

    No, not optimistic at all. Oh, how so much can change in a mere three years.

  3. Sorry for the rant, Kerry! I’ve been trying to avoid blogging on a lot of this because I know you don’t like it (and you’re my only reader most of the time :)), but it’s building up, and I may have to do it. Anyway, rant SO not at you; just bottled up anger, fear, and resentment. Oops, probably shouldn’t say that, I may be investigated by my own government as a threat! What in the world are we allowing? This is total insanity.

  4. you don’t have to censor yourself on my account. i’ll still come read, i just might not know what to say. that’s the danger of burying your head in the sand, you don’t always have an intelligent comment available.

    i will be honest and say that i’ve been worried for quite a while. i don’t think it matters who’s in office at this point. once the line was crossed, it became too tempting for anyone else not to follow. does that make any sense? probably not because i really don’t know what i’m talking about most of the time…

  5. Hey Kerry! And no worries about having an intelligent comment available on my blog! I don’t really do the kind of in-depth stuff that others do (i.e. the content isn’t that intelligent, mostly my reactions to stuff).

    And I definitely see what you are saying; I agree that the line was crossed (I do think with Bush, in some ways) and made the way for . . . well, for where we are heading. And we thought Japanese-American interment camp like tactics were a thing of the past. It won’t be long before we’re rounding up what our governemnt considers “rightwing extremists” (and given their definition, I, for one, fit the bill). Scary stuff. Especially since I can’t be bothered to do more than blog about what I think–not the protesting in the streets type.

  6. Hi Fuzzy!
    I do come here to read or check up on you a fair bit of the time (only this isn’t Multiply so you can’t SEE that I have been here!)

    I’m typing this on someone else’s laptop as I am yet again having computer issues (insert frustrated GRRR). Up until that point I too was enjoying spring. We have buds on the lilac bushes, and robins in the garden along with the cardinals and juncos. I love it!

    Regarding political opinions and situations in the USA, since I am not a politically-correct sort of gal I try and keep my virtual mouth shut, but I don’t mind telling you I think electing Obama was a mistake on so many levels, and that the truth will play out and be revealed over time.

    Since I’m Canadian I should mind my own country’s political business, I guess (which is a whole ‘nother can o’ worms), and stick to worrying about our own problems.

  7. Hey GG!! Yay! I’m so glad that you do read this stuff; I should really focus on something a bit more fun and less stress-inducing, though, huh?

    And please, never feel like you can’t comment on things here in the U. S. I think that as a Canadian and living on the same continent, you have a vested interest in what happens down here! :)) Besides, the whole world is watching this guy, so why not say what you think, too? Now I admit that I loathed Russell Brand campaigning for BO, but then, I loathe all celebrities doing so for any candidate (particularly British or any foreign celebrity who can’t even vote here in the first place). That’s more my own preference, though, than a serious “problem.”

    And you should blog some on Canadian politics, to be honest, we don’t hear that much about your country and her politics here, so it would be most enlightening!!

    Many huggs to you, GG!!

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