DHS and Another Step Toward McCarthy-inspired Witch-hunts.

Our government has hit a brand new, shiny low. The DHS is warning police to beware of:

rightwing extremism in the United States” as including not just racist or hate
groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local
authority. “It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a
single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” the warning says. (source)

So, let’s see, anyone who rejects federal authority in favor of state or local authority is a potential terrorist? Huh? Gee, that pesky Tenth Amendment will be a bit of a bother for this group of power-hungry fascists, don’t you think? But then, they seem to prove over and over again that the Constitution isn’t all that great in their eyes (all that peaceful protesting is just awful if it’s not for a cause they believe in and approve), and it’s certainly not something that they need to abide by themselves. Doesn’t this essentially say that anyone who doesn’t agree with BO and his goons is a potential threat to national security?

Being that I’m neither a racist nor a “hate group” member, I might feel confident that my government won’t think me a danger, but I have this problem with illegal immigration, you see, and that puts me square in their sights. I wonder what that will mean? Wire-tapping my phones and monitoring my email? We know that BO has decided those wiretapping without warrants practices are just peachy, especially when used against white, Christian, tax paying citizens of this country (as opposed to being used on people who might actually do us harm because that would be politically incorrect). Yet another BO promise down the drain (remember his whole “no warrentless wiretaps if you elect meschtick?).

And it’s amusing to me that the report posits Timothy McVeigh as its “evidence” of the threat of our veterans (the list of veterans includes my father, most of my uncles, both of my grandfathers, and a slew of friends–none of whom are anything but proud Americans, who willingly and proudly placed their lives, bodies, and minds on the line for this country. Not one of whom, it can be noted, is named Timothy McVeigh.). Why don’t they mention that freakazoid leftie who ended up cowering, unwashed and unshaven, in some cave in Afghanistan? He was an American, as I recall. And he was training with al Queda, too. But that’s not his fault, I guess, he’s just misunderstood and needs a nice cookie and glass of milk.

We’ll save our big guns from the Department of Homeland security for bloggers who dare revile BO and his McCarthy-esque tactics. It is McCarthyism, make no mistake. We don’t have a “red” or “pinko” or “black” list, we now have a blue list of patriots and ordinary citizens being targeted for no reason other than their exercising their Constitutionally-supported right to believe what they want and to speak their mind about, including their opposition to, this government. This DHS report is pretty similar to the first steps that sent McCarthy reeling down his witch-hunt path of condemnation and outrageousness that ruined the lives of thousands of innocent Americans.

There are “extremists” who are willing to do the bizarre, the dangerous, the unbalanced, the cowardly acts of terrorism that we condemn. And then there are the “extremists” who are so-labeled by the American government because they dare express in words (not action, mind you, unless you count the peaceful protests that took place on April 15) that they oppose larger government, don’t want to pay still more taxes, don’t think we should have open amnesty for millions of illegals who are draining this country’s few remaining resources (those we haven’t borrowed from China), don’t believe that abortion is okay, or who fought for that same government and its people. Is there anything more scary than fearing retribution for exercising free speech in a country that prides itself on free speech?

On the “up” side, at least I’m not opposed to abortion (in fact, I would go so far as to say that I support free choice, though you won’t find me in a rally or protest march), so put that in your “find the rightwing extremists” red herring pipe and smoke it. While you’re busy spending a zillion more tax payer dollars and spreading thin the already thin resources we have for combating terrorist attacks (er, sorry, “manmade disasters”) in your stalking of military veterans and little old ladies in Dubuque who want their states to have more power and who disapprove of abortion, we’ll be keeping our “citizen national security force” eyes peeled for signs of other real dangers. There may be someone praying to the Judeo-Christian God right in our midst! Don’t you worry, we’ll find them and report them for extremism and as possible threats to our nation’s security.

2 thoughts on “DHS and Another Step Toward McCarthy-inspired Witch-hunts.

  1. i think we have been working our way here for a long time. and i don’t think it would matter who was in office, we’d still be here, or some just as bad form of here…

  2. Yes, between the hyper-politically correct tenor of our culture and society and the absolute failure of multi-culturalism, we’ve become a society who truly hates and (as the DHS report shows) fears anyone who is white, Christian, and right-leaning (not even nutso-right wing, just leaning that way, you know, serving in the military, believing in “family values,” and preferring fewer taxes/less big governement). It’s a recipe for disaster of the degree that we saw in Nazi Germany. The police are being told by our federal government to beware of people who reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority? What the hell is that? It’s truly frightening.

    I’m not sure I agree about the not mattering who’s in office, I think that BO’s idealism and misguided ideological connections/background are ripe for this sort of social-correction. I can’t believe the Hillary would take us here, nor John McCain. They at least understand the first, second, and tenth amendments to our Constitution. But you are right, power corrupts, so maybe at some near point we’d have gotten here.

    Let’s hope we can still vote in Nov. 2012 (i.e. that I haven’t been swept off to some holding center for being against more taxes and blanket amnesty for illegals).

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