BO Out Of Touch With Americans on Terrorism


Do we need any more evidence that the BO administration is completely out of touch with America and with Americans than the disastrous photo op staged in New York City yesterday? One of the 747’s dubbed “Air Force One” when the president is aboard flew low over New York City; the jet was accompanied by an F-16 fighter plane that circled the low-flying 747. New Yorkers were terrified. The news (even the liberal channels) were airing video of hundreds of (many reports saying thousands of) New Yorkers running from the scene, doubtlessly with images of another clear, bright morning in their minds.

Apparently, the White House wanted a nice photo of Air Force One near the Statue of Liberty. And apparently, they didn’t think it through (nothing new there, I guess). They didn’t notify the mayor of New York (who is understandably outraged), nor did they consider the impact of such an idiotic and insensitive move.

Now other bloggers and pundits are focusing on the absurdness of not using one of the existing photos or of not using Photoshop or some other application to create the photo. They’re focusing on the cost to tax payers of flying those two planes for a friggin’ photo. All worthy of note.

But more so, to my mind, is the complete lack of understanding that this administration has regarding 9/11. They’ve forgotten or perhaps never even “got” the significance of that event. 9/11 changed this country and its people for all time (I’ve blogged on this before here), and the way that this administration conducts itself–bowing and scraping and apologizing and making nice with all the people the world over who hate us, while attacking and threatening conservatives right here at home–speaks volumes to that disconnect.

It’s outrageous and unforgivable that no one thought of the repercussions of flying a 747 circled by an F-16 LOW over New York City, that no one said, you know, this may not be a good idea, we may cause a general panic. People might think we are being attacked again, as we were on 9/11. Or that if someone with the slightest idea of what is going on in American minds post-9/11 did say any of this, someone else dismissed it as outlandish.

To me, this irresponsible act points to the very heart of the problem with BO: he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand the nature of the terrorist threat against the United States, and he doesn’t get that most of us understand it all too well. That we care, that we are affected by it, and that we want our government to protect us by any means necessary (up to and including using Photoshop to get “the” picture of Air Force One next to the Statue of Liberty).


3 thoughts on “BO Out Of Touch With Americans on Terrorism

  1. as is typical for me, i hadn’t heard anything about this until i read this. i can’t seem to hear about anything except swine flu when i check the news. *rolls eyes* anyway, you’d think someone would have thought things through a little better.

  2. LOL, Kerry, you are too funny! But yeah, the swine flu is “huge” news, too, though I think that the press is trying to make something of the fact that more minorities are dying of it than whites are (um, in Mexico, where Mexicans aren’t a minority, btw). *rolls eyes, too*

    And hot off the Fuzzy Slippers News Network (lol), did you hear about BO amd MO giving their daughter’s school autographed magazines for its annual fund-raiser? They have no clue at all, it seems, and they don’t seem to understand that they act like crazy people with no manners or sense (Clinton gave a round of golf with him, when he was still president, as a gift for the same thing at the same school and got a boatload of money for the school–not that they probably need it, but still). Yep, our President and his wife think so darned much of themselves, they gave an autographed copy of Rolling Stone (!!) and of Vogue on which they had cover photos (BO on Rolling Stone, wth is that?, and MO on Vogue). Not many U. S. stories available via google, but found one at the Guardian:

  3. autographed magazines…*weakly* whoo.

    i didn’t even know that much about what they’re saying about swine flu. as soon as i see it mentioned, i start running away. i swear i can not watch or read the news at all anymore. it just sends me ducking for cover. or some game on facebook.

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