Random Ramblings

This summer has been mild, better (or worse, depending on your love of summer) than that, it’s been downight cold on occasion. And no, this is not yet another Fuzzy rant about “global warming” (hmph!); it’s just an observation I make in light of my near-death experience yesterday. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, but I was not made for hot and humid. I was made for shivery cold with roaring fires, down comforters, and hot toddies.

I had to attend a meeting yesterday in Boston. So what, I hear you muse. Well, it turns out that the air conditioning in my car is dead. Dead, dead, dead. And yesterday was the hottest the day of the entire year so far. In the 90s (F) with a 106 heat index. Gasp for air in the humidity, melt in the blazing heat, and generally be miserable–this was all I could do.

I do not understand people who love the sweltering heat. What’s to love about being hot and sweaty and out of breath (unless . . . well, you get my point)? My ideal vacation would be an Alaskan cruise that tours glaciers. Icy, cold, yes, but with easy ways to warm up again (mind out of the gutter!). You can always layer on clothes or sit in front of fire or dash about (um, not me on this latter point) if you are too cold. But once you are naked and sitting in front of a fan with a glass of ice water, what more can you do to cool off? You beach folks can keep that sun, sand, and surf, as far as I’m concerned.

So not only was it ridiculously hot yesterday, but my meeting was “professional.” Hence, I could not dress for the weather; I had to wear a suit. Ugh. Now normally I am most comfortable in professional attire (all the way to business casual), but not in sweltering heat waves. I opted for a navy blue suit because it’s one of my lighter ones (in terms of fabric, not color), and then the ever-raging “what shoes does one wear with navy” question popped into my mind.

Now I know that it’s acceptable to wear black shoes with navy, but the trouble is that most people don’t know this. If you meet someone who does not know about this relatively recent fashion switch up, then you might as well be wearing panty hose with open-toed shoes. Make them white patent with black hose, and you get the idea of how bad the navy suit / black shoes thing looks to some people. So I was facing quite the shoe quandary (my favorite kind!), and while I opted for the neutral of an ivory/taupey shoe with nude (in my case wicked pale, almost day-glow white thanks to my abhorrence of the sun) hosiery, I did dabble with the idea of wearing a black pump without any other black in my ensemble. Daring!

It’s funny because I’ve been boldly donning brown and black for years, but for some reason, I am filled with trepidation about combining black and navy still. Even though I know it’s actually okay. Even stylish.


4 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. this is how un-stylish i am, i didn't even know that black and navy was ever not acceptable. live and learn, right? 🙂

    and i'm totally in agreement about hot weather. blech. i've been really enjoying this summer because we've had so few really hot, muggy days. this is why i love early spring and late autumn, i love it best when it's about 40F outside.

  2. You're not unstylish, Kerry, just not as anal as I am! heh And yes, this summer has been awesome, only two unbearable days so far! Cross fingers that there are no more of them. Autumn is my very favorite, and i love it when it's about 65F but kind of sunny in that orangey fall way. Mmmm, can't wait!

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