Hey BO! Your Inexperience is Showing.

We elected (well, not me, I voted for the other guy) the most inexperienced president in recent and not-so-recent memory. The man never ran a state (i.e. held a governorship), so he’s useless on issues of budget, leadership, and handling citizens who are not engaged in fawning worship. The man served as United States Senator for about a minute (he was elected in 2004, seated in 2005, and off running for president in 2006, though some say 2007. Either way, what the hell can you do or learn in a few months? Don’t forget that the Senate takes long breaks to recharge their batteries and get in touch with their constituency. (hmph!)). The man never wrote a single piece of legislation (though he did “sponsor” some 137, only 2 of which became law), so he doesn’t really know how to get anything passed in the Senate. He wasn’t there long enough to learn.

Is it really any wonder that he has no clue how to do anything now? I almost don’t even blame him (much); people lined up to lick his boots for no good reason other than he speaks well (when scripted). They also got to channel all their hopes and dreams into him; this he made easy because he was so vague that no one knew what he stood for, not in concrete terms. Honestly, he’s a head in the clouds idealist with pretty crazy ideas for social reform–this means the government controls every aspect of your life and asks that you to rat out your neighbor for saying anything against him or his policies. (China, anyone? Nazi Germany, perhaps? Or, closer to home, the McCarthy witch hunts?).

Ideas, philosophy, dreams, hopes: he’s good at all of these. Actual action that will have positive and beneficial results? Not so much. He wants to throw money at everything rather than actually solve problems. Let’s not fix what we have, let’s toss some money around and replace it with something even worse. Weeee!

He apparently hasn’t bothered himself with the various historical and contemporary examples throughout the world that have proven pretty convincingly that his ideas actually lead to chaos, social unrest, revolt, and ultimately genocide. They don’t lead to social utopia; they don’t lead to everyone holding hands and singing songs about Coca Cola. They lead to anger, resentment, violence, and anarchy.

I’ve never thought he’d be worth a damn as president due to his inexperience and lack of substance, so I’m not surprised that he’s an utter failure. What did surprise me was hearing over dinner my dear friend and formerly-vehement Obama supporter say quietly that she’s “very disappointed” and “concerned” that perhaps she “made a mistake” in voting for him. Could have knocked me over with a feather. I was speechless, which was good because the last thing she needed to hear was “I told you so.”


3 thoughts on “Hey BO! Your Inexperience is Showing.

  1. Addendum: on the “ultimately genocide” comment. I don't think that will happen here because I don't think he'll be successful and because hopefully we learned something about allowing economic collapse lead to total government control by witnessing Hitler's (and others') rise and fall.

  2. i feel more cynical all the time. i just don't see things improving in this country, whoever is in charge. personally, i don't think there is a lot of difference between either party. i don't trust any of them and i think they're all there to serve themselves and big business rather than us.

  3. I know, Kerry, and I can't say that I blame you. I think that I am more scared of this guy than I am (er, was) of any other.

    But I definitely see what you mean. I just saw a clip from a Barney Frank (D-MA) townhall in which someone said that he felt like Frank was representing Washington to us rather than representing us to Washington. Lots of truth in that, I think, and for ALL of Congress and the White House!

    And as an aside to that, if MASSA-FREAKING-CHUSETTS is against the public option and other aspects of this crazy bill, that's a huge indicator that it's not going to fly (and if it does, 2010 and 2012 will absolutely go the Republicans across the country). I mean they are crazy liberal up here; I think that me and some guy out in Worcester are the only two in the entire Commonwealth who voted for McCain (hehe).

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