When Does Bob Dylan Get His Presidential Beer Summit?

I am highly indignant on behalf of the great Bob Dylan. This artist, this icon of music, was . . . “treated like a complete unknown” by police! Un-freaking-believable.

He’s strolling around some neighborhood checking out houses (probably not clad in an Armani suit), and the police had the temerity to stop him and question him like he was some kind of common lurker. Imagine!! Those profiling idiots (was that the term BO used? Or was it just that the police “acted stupidly”?).

And what did this legend do? Did he screech and scream that he was a celebrity or that he was being picked on because he’s . . . I don’t know, short? (Is he short? I’m not even sure.) Did he resist questioning and act like a complete fool? Nope. He behaved with dignity and grace, and he cooperated with the police and agreed to accompany them back to the hotel at which he claimed to be staying. There, he was vouched for and all was well.

Bummer, though, I’m sure that the cops would have liked to go swill beer with the president and discuss their obvious lack of respect and blatant discrimination against possibly short, somewhat middle-aged icons.


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