Ideological Differences vs. Deceit and Trickery

I was watching John McCain’s townhall today (yes, on Fox, but CNN didn’t cover it until the Q & A part started; I checked), and during it, I was reminded of what a gentleman he is. He refused to hear disrespect against the president and emphasized his belief that BO is sincere in thinking that nationalizing our healthcare system is the best thing for the country. Maybe he does. But if that is the case, then why not make that case? Instead, we have only his early statements (er, 2003-2006, but that’s “early” for BO given his lack of experience) declaring his vision for a single-payer, universal healthcare system. When that didn’t fly, he (yes, like most politicians) changed his tune. Even now, he keeps waffling and wavering and lying. I’ve read much of HR 3200, and it absolutely, without any doubt or room for doubt, paves the way for BO’s dream of a nationalized, government-run healthcare system.

Watching McCain today, I realized that one of my problems with all of this is that it’s not being done honestly, with transparency and all the bipartisan input that BO promised. I have no problem at all with anyone whose views are socialist or communist. Granted, I wouldn’t and didn’t vote for someone like that to run this country, but an ideological difference is one thing, complete deception and sly trickery is another. There is room for everyone to have their own opinion. But with the exception of Howard Dean (and a few lesser-known people on the far left), I’ve not heard anyone trumpeting the wonders of a government-run healthcare system. Instead, we keep hearing them promise that this is not what it is (even though the text of the document shows that it is).

This isn’t a debate about healthcare reform at all; it’s not even a debate about nationalizing healthcare. This is about intentionally deceiving the American people. If BO stood up and said, “hey, you know what, I DO want to nationalize healthcare, that’s what the bills are about, and here’s why.” I would have a lot more respect for him. But the problem is that he knows that we, the people (the majority of us, anyway, and this is still a democracy) do not want that, and even he doesn’t have the rhetorical skills or political capital to put it before us in a way that is going to change that. We do not want it. We never have, and I doubt that we ever will. It goes against every basic principle on which this country was founded, but that’s part of its charm to BO.

So when you go around the internet looking at sites or flip through the news channels discussing the healthcare debate, you see people honestly believing that BO is telling them the truth, that it is not what it is. And in the face of clear evidence to the contrary. Now, if you want this reform because you, too, believe that nationalization is the way to go, yay! you. Go for it. That’s fine, speak your mind, make your case, enter the debate on those terms. But if you do not support a government-run healthcare system for “all Americans” but support this legislation, then please stop listening to BO change his mind every day about what “will be in there” and “won’t be in there,” read it yourself. Trust your own two eyes. Otherwise, you are being coerced and tricked into supporting something that you really don’t. Who’s the fool then?

What say you?

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