Campaign Mentality and Lies: BO Is Tanking Fast

BO’s tanking fast. Someone said that it has been the fastest drop in the history of the presidency, but I think that Clinton actually dropped faster (normally I’d check that out, but it’s early and I’m on my first cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter, anyway, the point is that he’s tanking, Fast.). In some ways, I’m surprised that he hasn’t tanked faster, but I think that a combination of people wanting to give him a chance and the media’s Go BO! coverage have held him up. But even that can’t hold him up in the face of an utter balls up in every area that he’s touched.

So what’s his problem? Well, in part, it’s his “campaign” mentality. He’s never actually run anything before, except a campaign, so it’s little wonder that he thinks campaign strategies are the way to go. However, once the campaigns are over, it’s time to do the actual work. And so far, BO is making a host of bad decisions, one right after the other, and he’s doing it so fast, that even people who are watching and blogging/reporting his every move are having a hard time keeping up.

This campaign mentality is evident in the way he bashes anyone who opposes him. The President of the United States of America should never disrespect the American people he serves, much less call them names and accuse them of lying and cozying up to special interest groups. We’re people–teachers, accountants, firefighters, psychologists, factory workers, policemen, laborers, stay at home moms, servicemen and women–we’re not politicians. We don’t engage in the sort of backroom, backstabbing politics that BO is used to in Chicago and Washington; we don’t live and breathe politics, and we don’t gain anything at all from expressing our views except the satisfaction of expressing our free speech as it currently appears in the Constitution. I have never in my life been to any sort of demonstration, nor have I ever done more with regard to expressing my views than babbled about them tipsily over dinner, blogged them, written to a few of my representatives (both state and federal), or as is the way of this country, expressed my opinion in the voting booth. To be accused of being some sort of back-dealing, paid political pawn is outrageous. To be told that I am lying or “fishy” because I have bothered to read the bill (okay, only half of it) and care about the direction this country is going is unacceptable. To be told this by the President of the United States of America is reprehensible. That should be Holding Public Office 101, but no, BO engages in personal attacks on the American people.

For all his composure and supposed rhetorical skills, no one can look like quite the complete mess that BO can. We saw this right after Palin was announced as McCain’s running mate. BO went off the rails. He was confused and babbling, and he even engaged Governor Palin in a strange back and forth that was rather shocking. When does a presidential candidate bother with the vice presidential candidate on the opposing ticket? It’s a stupid move, and it showed his inexperience, pettiness, and lack of grace under pressure. But it was only a glimpse, and one that many people ignored or defended. Shrug.

Now, though, he’s just bungling along like a blind bull in a china shop. We’ve had bailouts, takeovers of private industry, and this dangerous and frightening healthcare reform bill at the top of the news, but we’ve also seen a huge number of his appointments to key positions rejected for tax evasion and who knows what else. And those are just the appointments that have to be vetted by Congress. What on earth are his, what is it now 42?, czars hiding in their pasts? These political appointments are not vetted, they are not overseen by anyone outside the White House, and there are a LOT of them, many of whom are radicals, communists, or both.  Does no one think this odd? Or problematic?

But when anyone mentions this or suggests impropriety (as is certainly the case), then BO attacks them. He personally lambasts Fox News and anyone who watches it (er, that would be we, the people, Dude). Well, newsflash, BO, more people watch Fox news than any other cable news channel. I believe that’s in part due to BO’s amazing failure as a president and in part because the other cable channels stopped reporting news years ago. They are BO’s cheerleaders, and they bury anything that could shine a light on him, his agenda (the real one), or his radical leanings. They’ve done that throughout the campaign, and they are doing it now.

All we saw for seven years was constant “coverage” of the war in Iraq; how it was so awful, we shouldn’t be there, x number of American soldiers died this day, that month. It was 24/7 anti-war. Now, however, more soldiers have died in Afghanistan (BO’s pet war) this year than in any previous year. Where’s that being reported? Code Pink is freaking out over the escalations that this administration is adopting for Afghanistan–BO’s plan to send still more troops (between 20,000 and 100,000 I think),but where is MSNBC? Where is CNN? Still trying to save a failed presidency and ignoring it or giving it only a passing mention. If it were Bush, they’d dedicate a week to showing each and every soldier killed, interviewing their families, and covering anti-war demonstrations. Now, you’d think that no such demonstrations are happening at all, but they are. They just aren’t being covered. But one can surmise, looking at his tanking numbers and the shrinking ratings of these Go! BO “news” channels, that fewer and fewer people are still on the changeandhope high and are starting to take another look at this man they’ve elected to run this country. Wow, maybe we should have paid attention during the campaign to his shady connections and his suspect, racist, anti-America ideology? Better late than too late.

And what about BO himself? How’s he coping with the resistance to his government take-over of our country healthcare system? Well, like it’s a campaign. When he isn’t attacking the people of this country and blaming the republicans (who don’t have enough votes to stop any sort of healthcare bill, by the way), he’s picking through the garbage and looking for some juicy bits to toss into the press ring as a distraction. This works well in campaigns, right? But his purportedly “flawless’ instincts are off the mark. He drags up the investigation of the CIA agents who used enhanced interrogation on a handful of terrorists we caught–we caught tens of thousands, some say 12 were water-boarded, some say 3; either way, a very small percentage and only those who were known to be high up in the al Queda food chain. To hear BO talk, you’d think that we water-boarded everyone we saw who had a middle eastern complexion. What bilge. And it turns out that the techniques used were effective. Um, uh-oh. So now BO is trying to get support for investigating something that he himself said he would never re-open and trying to tell people that something that works, saved thousands of Americans, should be investigated yet again?

One of his administration’s complaints is that an interrogator blew smoke into a suspect’s face. Huh? That’s torture? Then I suppose when Senator Hatch, at Senator Kennedy’s memorial, was relating his experiences with Ted Kennedy in committee meetings in which they disagreed he was actually complaining that Teddy was torturing him? Senator Hatch fondly recalled times before smoking was banned in the Capitol building and Senator Kennedy would blow great plumes of cigar smoke at him, a Mormon non-smoker, when he was making a point with which Senator Kennedy disagreed. Oh my God! Call out the AG, we have a torture suspect to dig up and drag over the coals. Senator Hatch was clearly recanting an amusing anecdote that he felt showed how gentlemanly the late Senator was, not that he was some kind of ghoulish fiend bent on torture. BO gave his word that he wouldn’t dig this up, he did. And he did it because his healthcare reform is failing with the people. So now he’s added to the stew of his inadequacies and failure his own inability to keep his word; well, okay, we knew he was a liar, but still . . . to put it out there like that. A strange result of this misstep is that now Dick Cheney’s numbers are going up! Dick Cheney! Stop and think about that one for a minute.

Likewise, the Catholic church has realized that the healthcare reform bill will indeed cover abortions, and now they have withdrawn the support that they gave after BO, knowing full well that abortion would be covered, had the temerity to call out the God squad a couple weeks ago. He’s a real piece of work, isn’t he?

Apart from this campaign mentality and also contributing to his popularity ratings free fall is this disingenuousness. He lies to everyone all the time. He tells one group one thing, another group another. The result, of course, is that everyone is pissed off, feels betrayed, and loses trust in him (those who had any to begin with, that is). D’oh. He panders to the far left, he panders to the left, and he panders to the center. Verbally. What he’s doing “behind the scenes” or at least without any mainstream media scrutiny is another story, another blog post.

One thought on “Campaign Mentality and Lies: BO Is Tanking Fast

  1. Right on cue. The DNC has actually spent money on an ad about Dick Cheney.

    Someone really needs to give them the memo: the campaign is over. Dick Cheney is not running for office, and neither is the Campaigner in Chief. How about doing some actual work and stop grandstanding and wasting money on ads that serve no purpose.

    If it weren't so pathetic and completely out of touch with reality, it would be rolling on the floor hilarious.

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