The "Trigger" Backdoor to a Government-run Healthcare System

So BO is going to come out and give yet another speech (I am very very weary of BO’s constant speechifying; it seems like he’s giving a speech somewhere or other every other day).  Sigh.  To what end?  Well, because the first hundred speeches he gave about healthcare didn’t work.  So let’s try that strategy again, shall we?  Isn’t that supposed to be the definition of insanity?  To repeatedly do the same thing and expect different results?

Well, the insanity doesn’t stop there.  Apparently, BO’s new and exciting way to cram government-run healthcare down our throats is by means of a “trigger.”  This essentially means that the “public ‘option'” (hmph! government-run, single-payer, nationalized, socialized healthcare system is far more accurate, if slightly more cumbersome to say/type.) will not be the “first option.”  Instead, they will write in a “trigger” that will establish the same exact government-run healthcare system when insurance companies fail to meet certain requirements in a specified time frame.  Because the government will be writing these “conditions” and “goals” that would trigger the start of government-run healthcare, we can be one hundred percent certain that the conditions will be unattainable or the timeframe unrealistic for attainment.  In other words, this “trigger” is merely delaying the government-run system by a couple years.  It’s doesn’t go away completely as the majority of Americans want and have been demanding in town halls across the U. S.  It is simply postponed. And to BO’s twisted logic shifts the blame the right will cast to insurance companies, while still earning him credit for it on the left.  Ugh.  He’s so nasty and sneaky-slick that he makes my skin crawl.

Now some people are pointing to the trigger in Medicare Part D as an example of the trigger option and how safe those of us who oppose government-run healthcare will be (um, sure, ok, and is that bridge still for sale?).  This one has not yet been “triggered” because the “conditions were set by the private market.”  Well, d’oh!   As the government would be writing this trigger’s conditions, the government will ensure that they cannot be met.  This is a no-brainer. In history whoever wins writes it, but in this case whoever writes it, wins.

So the insurance companies will have a “choice.”  We know BO’s idea of “choice” because we know how BO works.  Remember when he said that if people want to mine coal in the U. S. they can, but that he’ll make sure that there are so many taxes in place that they go bankrupt?  That’s his strategy with coal, and that’s his strategy with healthcare.  Make sure that anyone who “opts” out will be taxed and fined to the point that they have no choice but to take the government option (the taxes and fines are all in the bills in both the House and the Senate).  That is if the taxes and fines haven’t already deterred your employer from offering it in the first place.  Sure, you can keep your same plan/doctor . . . but it will cost you (and don’t forget that changes at the five-year mark).  The same principle applies here:  this “trigger” will essentially mean that private insurance companies will have the “chance” to meet the White House demands, but that they won’t be able to for some prohibitive loophole (like sure, go ahead and build that coal plant, see you in bankruptcy court.  This will be followed by the usual enormous, insincere smile and crazy bobble-head nod.).  You can have that, sure, but it will cost you so dearly that you’d be better off doing what I want.

Luckily, the American people are not as stupid and backward as BO and his team seem to think we are.  No one who has been fighting against the government takeover of healthcare is going to accept this.  It’s crystal clear what it is and what it means:  it’s the same thing, simply put off for a couple years to placate the “angry mobs” and the progressives.  He can put all the lipstick on that pig he wants, it’s still a pig.  Yet another idiotic move from a man who talks too much and says too little.


What say you?

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