Adding It Up: Is This Stage 1 of BO’s Transformation of America?

On its own, I don’t think that there is a problem with BO addressing the nation’s school children on Tuesday. So what?  He’s going to tell the kids that education is important and that they should work really hard.  It’s good for kids to see someone who succeeded from a lower or middle class background all the way to the White House.  They may realize that with hard work, they can do that, too.  Yay!  Even the accompanying worksheet that asks “what can you do to help our president?” and suggests that the students make up posters with all of BO’s best quotes about education don’t seem that bad.  Well, okay, I’m not crazy about this best quotes thing, but that’s because I don’t think that BO has the right ideas about education and after watching the debacle with his government takeover of healthcare am stocking up on popcorn and diet soda for when he gets started making over our K-12 education system in the image of that in South Korea.  That will be fun for the whole family, get your front row tickets now.

So there is a lot of conservative backlash about this presidential speech to school children that seems over blown and over wrought.  But only if you look narrowly at this issue, and the fact is, that few on the right are looking at the small picture, many seem focused on the whole picture.  And that is not a pretty picture; it is actually quite alarming.

I’ve mentioned in passing the BO czars, intending to get around to writing something one of these days, but yesterday’s developments concerning Van Jones, BO’s “green czar,” do all the talking for me.  Interest in Van Jones seems to have been stirred up by Glenn Beck, who let’s face it is usually an amusing nut job who says the most outrageous things, apparently for shock value.  He’s a kook for the most part, sniffing out vast left wing conspiracies and making “out there” pronouncements about everything from communist symbols in New York City archetecture to BO’s impending coup.  So it’s hard to take him seriously, just as it’s hard to take any kook on the left seriously.  They are just so far out in space that it’s like talking to the Sphinx.  All metaphors and riddles, all the time.

But Beck got it right on Van Jones.  No, really, he did.  Jones is a racist, a self-proclaimed communist, a “truther,” and a proponent of destroying the American system and replacing it with a . . . well, with another one that favors people of color and subjugates whites.  I’m not making this up.  Van Jones has said it.  All of it.  He talks of white people purposely poisoning minorities with pesticides, he signed a document demanding investigation into our government’s role in either allowing or actually perpetrating the 9/11 attacks on this country, he’s spoken of using the green movement to install minorities in key positions of power and remaking the system to favor them, and he’s called republicans assholes.  Well, okay, that last one doesn’t matter; we’ve all said worse about our political adversaries at one time or another.  But the other points, they matter.  Each of them alone should exclude him from the president’s inner circle, and together, they paint a picture of a dangerous, racist, anti-American communist who should not be allowed to enter the White House gift shop let alone sit in the Oval Office and snuggle with the president.

So what’s he doing there is the obvious question?  (though it seems that he’ll be gone before BO addresses America’s schoolchildren Tuesday morning)  What’s he doing there, indeed.  People are saying that he somehow “slipped through the cracks,” but that’s absurd.  The Secret Service and the FBI perform background checks on everyone who enters the White House; sure, he wasn’t vetted by Congress (that’s a whole OTHER kettle of fish concerning BO’s vast network of czars), but if a blogger can find all this with a simple Google search . . . , well, you’d think that the White House could, too.  The only logical conclusion is that BO knew about this man, his ideology, and his goals.  And approved.  Approved so much that he gave him a key position in his administration.

You have to wonder, if you’ve got a brain in your head, what is going on with the other BO czars.  Who are they and what are they hiding?  What is BO’s agenda in having such radical and controversial figures surrounding him, advising him, making policy for all of us and doing so well outside the checks and balances set up by the Constitution? 

Well, there’s John Holdren, BO’s Science Czar, who has a neato idea to control population.  Apparently, he’s a big fan of China’s forced abortion policy and even advocated putting sterilization drugs in America’s food and water supply.  He’s also said that forced abortions “could be sustained under the current Constitution.”  Um, okay, but don’t you think that’s a bit much?  And this man is in key policy position, unchecked by Congress or anyone else, advising the president of the United States.  He’s not in some think tank or university espousing crazy theories and philosophizing, he is actually helping shape American policy.  This is the problem, not his wacked out ideas.

Holdren apologists point out, correctly, that Holdren preferred “milder methods” of population control.  Um, okay, so what happens if the people don’t line up for population control abortions of their own free will?  Do you honestly think that if the government controls the healthcare system and Holdren or BO decide that “population growth” is a threat to either the environment or the economy/healthcare system that they won’t start limiting the number of children people can have, forcing abortion on those who’ve maxed their “quota”?  This sounds crazy, but what the hell is someone with crazy ideas like this doing in the White House if not to put those ideas in motion?  Again, the apologists say that these ideas were expressed in the 1970’s and as such are “dated” and not relevant today.  Another apologist angle is that the book presents a “theory” and does not recommend a “practice.”  Well, so did The Communist Manifesto.  Remember that nifty little book? 

Another fun BO czar is Mark Lloyd, BO’s Diversity Czar.  He’s a fun guy who thinks that Chavez’s coup in Venezuela was beautifully accomplished and that his control of use of the media should be emulated here in the U. S.  God forbid the people have access to anything that might be anti-BO.  I wonder how much he had to do with the “flag the fishy” campaign?  Anyway, he finds free speech rather pesky especially from the conservatives, having the unfortunate effect of allowing people to express their dissent.  The best place to stop free speech, according to this lovely man, is by forcing right wing radio off the air with 100% taxes on their operating costs; once that pushes them off the airwaves, their license will be handed over to a (liberal or progressive) minority group (this is where the “diversity” thing comes into play, I guess, you know making sure that all talk radio leans left.  Lots of diversity there.).  I never listen to talk radio, but apparently, there are far right discussions taking place on those stations.  So what?  If you don’t like it, don’t listen.  The people who are listening are obviously of the same mind, so shutting them down won’t do anything about changing ideology, it’ll simply drive people to the internet (if BO doesn’t declare an “emergency” and shut it down, anyway) or to Fox News (which I do watch).  At least until they figure out a way to push Fox off the air.  Again, though, not being able to see or hear views with which you agree does not change your own views, so I find this rather silly.  And frightening.

These people are scary crazy.  And they are BO’s close advisors.  We couldn’t look at Bill Ayers or Reverend Wright during the elections, but how can we possibly ignore this?   And what else is going on up there?  It’s not looking good to me.  We have actors pledging their servitude to BO, the National Endowment for the Arts hijacked to be used as a propaganda machine for BO, almost daily speeches by BO on either the internet or the television (or both), and BO addressing our children in the classrom.  Put all this together.  How long before we start seeing fifty-foot statues of BO erected around the country?  Or speakers set up all over to pipe BO’s endless speeches to us 24/7? 

BO has promised to “transform” and “remake” America.  If this is the framework of his transformation of our country, do we really want it?  Adding up his “mandatory volunteerism,” his “civilian national security force” intended to force his agenda, his control over communications (he kept illegal wiretaps, remember? and will soon have the power to shut down the internet if he detects a “national emergency”), his request to have citizens who don’t agree with him reported to the White House, and now, these crazy racist, fascist thugs in his administration, untouchable by any agency outside the White House, isn’t there cause for concern?  I mean if you look at the whole picture?  What’s taking shape here?  I’ll stop short of echoing Beck’s coup assertion, but only just short of it.  This isn’t adding up well for me.  Not at all.

3 thoughts on “Adding It Up: Is This Stage 1 of BO’s Transformation of America?

  1. mark was watching that video of the actors pledging whatever to the president. i hadn't really been paying attention till towards the end. the longer it went on, the creepier it sounded. it made me think of the stepford wives.

  2. It really is stepford sounding, Kerry! The combination of getting actors and the arts involved in pro-BO propaganda is very worrying. Who on earth pledges servitude to a country's leader? I mean, really? That is . . . well, what is it? I sort of understand now why people are calling this administration “nazi.” I don't like it, saying it or thinking it, but remember all the vids from high school of Hitler's propaganda machine and the people pledging their allegiance to him? Hell, we saw the same thing in Iraq before Saddam Hussein was taken out of power.

    We aren't servants to our president in this country; that's not how it works. This does not bode well. I really believe that things are changing and not in a way that anyone expected or voted for.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to add that I think all of this culminated in this speech to schoolchildren on Tuesday. In light of the “i pledge” vid and the behind closed doors plans to get the National Endowment for the Arts involved in creating propaganda that talk, and the questions about what they can do to help BO or what he has inspired them to do . . . *shudder*

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