More More of the Same: BO’s Team Completely Out of Touch

So BO’s sequestered in Camp David while Rome burns. His administration is so confused, so out of touch, and has such a tin ear for what is going on in America that word is he is actually thinking of writing his own government-run healthcare bill.  I guess the five or six circulating both Houses of Congress aren’t enough, and the public outcry is not loud enough for him to get it.  It appears he is still hypnotized by his own charm and charisma.  Even if many in America no longer are

I hope he does write a bill himself. I love reading his writings, always have. They reveal so much, particularly in the parts where he tries to use flowery language to hide the fact that what he’s saying is outrageous. I’ve said this before, but if people had had to read his speeches, rather than see him perform them, he would never have been elected.  So any bill he writes will be a lot of fun to read, like Where’s Waldo? only What’s the Catch? 

I can’t figure out why he can’t figure out that we don’t want to hear another speech, that we don’t want to have another healthcare bill that says the same thing (as it undoubtedly will, though I suspect he’ll back off on his cuts to Medicare in a useless effort to lull the elderly into supporting it).  Maybe he really believes his own party’s lies?  That the outrage and resistance to government-run healthcare is really manufactured by special interest groups?  Can the “flawless” campaigner and the best community organizer of all time (according to him, anyway) really not see and hear what is going on?  Did he really miss the basic reality that the American people do not want government-run healthcare.  It’s not hard to figure out.  Even if you are so bizarre and blind that you think people incapable of peaceful protest without being paid by some special interest group, all you have to do is look at American history. 

You don’t even have to look that far back.  We didn’t want it in the ’60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s, and certainly not in the 90’s, so why on earth would we want it now?  The same people who opposed it in the ’60’s are opposing it now, ditto the other decades, and some are new to opposing nationalized healthcare. In fact, I supported HillaryCare back in the ’90’s, at least she had a way to pay for it and didn’t throw the elderly and terminally/chronically ill under the bus.  So watching this man, seeing what’s happening, how he’s systematically dismantling the best aspects of America and replacing them (well, gearing up to replace them) with socialist (even totalitarian) policies, I will never support that degree of government control over our economy, our lives, and/or our country’s people. 

BO’s already lost much of his base, or if he hasn’t lost them, the young people who supported his campaign and poured into the streets with glee on election night are nowhere to be seen in this healthcare debate.  They did what they wanted to do, and now they are seeing that it was a mistake (and some are, many actually–Google it), moving on with their lives and just as uninterested in politics as they were before he arrived on the scene, or turned off by the highly partisan nature of the “debate.”  Furthermore, and not lost on many of this country’s young adults, is that fact that a national healthcare system would actually hurt young people because although they are young, healthy, and rarely need healthcare, they would have to pay the same (or more, it’s scaled according to income) and have the exact same insurance as the elderly who use healthcare much more often, in far greater numbers, and for much longer treatments.  Gee, wonder why our nation’s young aren’t lining the streets demanding the right to shoulder the majority of the nation’s healthcare costs?

But our Tin Ear in Chief somehow hasn’t realized that he’s lost that messiah touch (cue song from Top Gun).  No one wants to hear yet another freaking speech.  My God, that man is constantly talking, and he never says anything new (unless someone asks him a direct question, in which case, he’s happy to change his tune on the spot, along with his entire economic strategy.).  Regardless, BO’s plan is to trot out another speech, again (according to reports) trying to tug on our sense of morality and religious obligation; apparently he thinks he has credibility in the area of religion and moral obligation.  This, too, only shows how out of touch and completely deaf, dumb, and blind he is.  Mr. We Are Not  a Christian Nation has lied about abortions being covered, and he’s used God as a political pawn more times than I can count, not to mention that we all heard exactly what sort of “religion” he practiced for 20 years in Reverend Wright’s church.  I’m not sure what kind of Christian worships at the altar of hate, vengeance, and retribution, but apparently, that’s BO’s religion.  So he’s probably not a good candidate for preaching the Gospel to those Christian Americans who have a different view of God and Christ. 

He also plans to drag Ted Kennedy into the speech.  Um, hello?  Americans outside of Massachusetts and Washington don’t know who he is and don’t care.  Even people here in Massachusetts, I being one of them, don’t buy that twaddle.  Do it for Teddy, indeed.  Grumble, grumble. 

Has anyone ever been so out of touch, so strangely convinced of his own magic despite plummeting numbers and clear poll results that show quite clearly that he’s losing popularity fast and that his government-run healthcare system is even less popular than he is.  Keep beating that dead horse, Dude, it’s funny to watch.


What say you?

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