Van Jones Resigned: BO, You Next, Please

Van Jones, BO’s “Green Czar,” has resigned.  This was announced in the dead of night over a long holiday weekend.  Hmmm.  Unfortunately, the Go BO! press cannot continue to ignore this issue, so they are putting a nice spin on it, as only they can. 

It’s not that Van Jones is a crazy racist, 9/11 conspiracy theorist fruitcake (waaaaay back in 2004), and a self-proclaimed communist with ideas for remaking our entire economy to lift up black people while dragging down white people (whom he accused of purposefully poisoning minorities, no less!).  No, that’s not a problem.  The problem for them is that people on the right didn’t appreciate his . . . um, what?  His NY Times best-selling book or his Yale law degree?  The two bizarre apologies he issued?  You know the kind, not I’m sorry that I’m a complete loser of a human being and am trying to get on the right (er, correct) path, but “I’m sorry if I offended anyone.”  Yes, very nice.  It’s clear from the videos that your purpose was never to offend anyone (look here, here, and here).  Or is the problem that conservatives didn’t like his “left-wing” views?  Um, left-wing is one thing, out there in crazy, racist, commie land and sitting in the Oval Office making policy decisions with the president of the United States is a completely different thing. But I can see how the tiny difference here might be impossible for anyone in the liberal Go BO! media and its audience to discern.

Anyway, with Van Jones gone (but how far gone?  His statement says that he will continue to work for the same goals over the coming months and years.  Scary.), can we now anticipate that all of the communists, radicals, and racists working to “remake” and “fundamentally transform” our country will be resigning?  BO, you next, please.  After all, you knew what this guy was, and you hired him . . . not “anyway,” but because of it.  Time to call your transformational plan a bust and move out of the White House.

What say you?

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