Lack of Trust in the MSM and BO the Problem, Not the American People

So I’m watching (gasp) CNN last night.  Fox was running the school books story and the Mike Huckabee show with what’s his face Angelina Jolie’s estranged father in a loop and much as I love MH’s show and think Tucker Carlson is a welcome piece of eye candy, though I do miss his bow ties, I just couldn’t watch either yet again.  So I flip on CNN, and frankly, I’m pretty much appalled by what I see. 

They’re all over the “news” about Van Jones as if the story had just broken, and for them, I suppose it had.  Well, for their audience, anyway.  But you have to wonder about an audience who hears nothing about one of the president’s appointed czars being a communist racist freak bent on crafting a social revolution ala Charles Manson until he suddenly and due to “pressure from conservatives” resigns his position.  Isn’t the audience angry that they didn’t know what was going on and can’t they figure out that no one can be pushed from the White House without something other than pressure from conservatives (witness Bill Clinton).  But no, the way CNN spins it, you’d think Van Jones was 80 years old and was suffering persecution for youthful decisions made back in the ’50’s or that being a traitor is a wonderful quality to have in people who work in the White House.

It’s little wonder that CNN is losing its audience in droves, they are ridiculous, and you’d have to be a complete dolt to gobble up their version of “news.”  It doesn’t even make sense, but that’s probably because they can’t be bothered with pesky little things like facts (and I am not kidding, they actually expect their audience to believe that Van Jones was “framed” by conservatives digging into his past and airing only sections of his offensive comments.  Most of the clips I’ve posted here have been in full, though I do admit that I did actively look for shorter clips of some of the more well-covered offensive diatribes.  But let’s face it Van Jones is a truly horrible public speaker, and his tendency to repeat the same thing over and over and over in that weird self-satisfied way can only be listened to by the most devout in his audiences.  He’s certainly mastered the monotone shout, so I guess that’s something.). 

Of course CNN and the rest of the MSM simply blame Americans for their falling ratings, we’re all angry, apparently, and it’s got nothing to do with the fact that they crawled into BO’s rectum several years ago and refuse to leave.  It’s been said, and correctly, that a blogger covered the story better and did more reporting on it than any MSM outlet.  Sad.  Pathetic.  You’d think it would be embarrassing, right?  Humiliating to a so-called “news” franchise?  But no, they’ve learned the lessons of their leader well, and instead blame the blogger for their own incompetence.  Amazing.

Not only are they acting like they just heard of Van Jones in the middle of the night on Saturday into Sunday, but they are acting like the outcry about BO’s proposed speech to schoolchildren and its accompanying “curriculum” from the Department of Education is “silly” (as the Secretary of Education likes to call it and by extension, us).  Well, let’s look at it again, shall we? 

All summer we’ve listened to the President of the United States of America, his staff, and his allies call the average, workaday people of this country domestic terrorists, liars, pawns of the far right, cynics, angry mobs, and idiots.  BO is in constant campaign mode, and to him, we, the people, are his political adversaries, people to be taken down, insulted, denigrated, and dismissed.  Gee, and he wonders why parents don’t want him talking to their children?  Until this administration, no one would dream that a president would attack, berate, and belittle the American people in this manner.  Until this administration, you could expect a president to be . . . well, presidential.  And therefore trusted with the ear of your children.  No longer.  This man is toxic, and his hatred of his own country and the majority of its people (and conservatives are the majority, btw) becomes more evident each day.  Lucky us, huh, to have such a man as our president.  *shudder* 

After being constantly insulted, ignored, and rebuffed all summer, is it really any surprise that many Americans don’t want their children writing essays about what they can do to help BO?  Help him do what?  Be the most divisive leader this country has ever seen (and yes, I’m including George W. Bush here)?  Be a nasty piece of work who attacks the people he was elected to serve rather than listen to them?  Lie, peddle half and untruths, and be a complete hypocrite?  Um, no thanks, that’s not how many parents wish to raise their children, and you, BO, need to stay away from the children of this country.  Few people trust you, and you have only yourself to blame.

I have to admit that, back in the beginning, I actually liked BO.  A lot.  I never “got” the attraction he held for the American people but that was because I found his rhetoric empty (if quite lovely and compelling), because I didn’t think he had anything concrete to offer in the way of a platform (I didn’t know he would be so quick to set in motion a complete take-over of this country; I guess that kept him busy, too much so to pretend to have any concrete plans that might be democratic and Constitutional), and because I thought he didn’t have the experience to run this country (hell, Dan Quayle had been in the Senate longer than BO, and I didn’t feel Quayle was experienced enough to be vice president.).  But I didn’t see all the way through BO for quite some time and have only recently begun to realize what an absolute danger he is to this country, to our democracy, and to our Constitution.  It’s been a slow evolution, I suppose, and one that I should have made faster, sooner, but maybe some little part of me wanted him to be better, a better man and a better leader, than he is? 

No matter, the bottom line is that this man lies constantly, to everyone.  It goes far beyond the “usual politics” and into downright deception and trickery.  He’s an embarrassment to this country and to its people, and I cannot wait for him to leave the White House for good so that we can begin to undo the horrible damage he’s done to and in this country in a short eight months.


What say you?

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